Chapter 657 – 658: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 657: The Chaos World in the Other Realm

After living on Earth for decades, Kris took his wives to travel around the universe.

They past through the black hole, enjoyed the sauna in the sun. Ten thousand years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Just as Kris said, people would feel bored with their lovers after staying together for too long. This phenomenon is quite common.

However, it didn’t mean that he had any contradictions with his wives. It was time to go on his undertaking.

“Well, I must go now, I’ll try my best to elevate you to the Great Juggernaut the next time I come back.”

“We know, just do your own business!”

“Don’t flirt with us!”

“If you dare to bring other women back, we won’t sleep with you anymore!”

Those women made countless demands, and Kris could only nod one by one.

He was too old to satisfy more woman. His family was already very big.

He had dozens of sons and daughters, and he didn’t want more.

“Well, I’m leaving!”

Kris looked at those women, although they pretended to be indifferent, they really didn’t want him to go. Some even cried.

However, Kris gritted his teeth and then left. The next moment, he entered the Chaos.

Yuan Kris and Demon Kris were accompany him, he only brought half of those incarnations produced by the Crystal of God Identity.

With Buddha Kris, North Kris and the incarnations of Yin and Yang, it was not difficult to break through the Chaos, all he needed was time.

Trillions of years outside was equivalent to 7,000 epochs in his inner world.

The Secondary Universe had expanded to 100 million Star Fields, and every Sun Spirit had been refined to the early stage of the Chaos.

Half of the sixty trillion cells in the body were elevated to the Later period of the Supreme Lord.

It was a long process. However, he was much stronger than he first entered the Chaos.

Since he was in such a stage, he could only elevate slowly.

The Chaos had a boundary, but this boundary was too broad. Actually it was a mustard seed space, in which every universe was like a grain of sand.

Thus there was no space or time in the Chaos, such notions were put forward after the emergence of the universe.

“Chaos Nodes should be right where that room is located, luckily I use the delimiting compass to record the location!” Yuan Kris said.

Kris pointed at the place where the delimiting compass had recorded, then a small hole appeared. The next moment, he entered in the form of Spirit Light.

It was then sealed with a boundary so that not a single breath could be leaked!

A long time later, Kris found a light and then left the Chaos Boundary. It was so thick that he spent decades to come out.

Then he arrived at the the Land of Chaos Nirodha!

Countless Chaos Worlds collapsed and disappeared there.

This place was full of death and destruction. You couldn’t imagine how many lives were there in the Chaos World.

So there were a lot of Nirodha Spectre, most of them were as powerful as the Great Juggernaut.

Countless Chaos Worlds were destroyed here. Instead of a Chaos Resume, it was more like a Chaos tomb.

Small and big Chaos had entwined together in an impermeable manner! Besides, those spectre were entangled with each other, they sounded miserable, as if they were sometimes far away and sometimes close!

He took out the delimiting compass to record the Chaos location and then covered it.

To be honest, his predecessor was at least a master as the Chaos King.

It was terrible that one could create Chaos in the Land of Nirodha and protected it for billions of eras!

No wonder no one dare to come to this place.

Even Kris felt a little creepy.

“Just take it easy, it may be a place of disaster for others, but it would be benefit to you.”

“These collapsed Chaos still have their origins!”

After thing for a while, Kris summoned Demon Kris.

Both Demon Kris and Yuan Kris were masters in the Chaos Realm, he should have no worry.

“Let’s act separately and collect as many resources as possible, the speed of cultivation is too slow, we must speed up!”

Demon Kris nodded his head and left with three hundred incarnations.

Soon Demon Kris and those incarnations had fights with those Chaos spectre, although there were powerful, they couldn’t defeat Demon Kris.

Demon Kris even sealed those Chaos spirits. They were really good materials for making weapons.

It was hard for Kris to take in the battle for he had no suitable weapons.

After grinding out the Chaos Spirit’s consciousness, Kris put it in the Chaos Spirit Sword so that the sword could absorb its strength.

Although the Chaos Spirit Sword was a Spirit Weapon, it had absorbed many powerful magic weapons over the years, so it was powerful enough to be a Spirit Weapon.

Demon Kris and other incarnations kept plundering the remaining Chaos essence with the Chaos Essence Method, as if the Chaos had become his private vegetable garden.

Although each Chaos World could only plant millions of magic weapons, it was already a large amount!

Thanks to those Chaos spirits, the Chaos Spirit Sword was upgraded to an advanced Chaos Spirit Weapon.

A hundred years later, Kris harvested the first wave of treasures, thus, the world was developing quickly again. Besides, the Five Elements Universe kept generating the Chaos Spirit, thus there was no need for Kris to absorb outer strengths.

This also avoided entanglement with the other Chaos Worlds.

The Land of Nirodha was so big that it took Demon Kris and those incarnations a hundred years to clear out a single area of the place..

The Chaotic Royalty was only one royalty of the Chaos Worlds in the Other Realm, and there were millions of such royalties.

It was indeed a world of great diversity.

Kris needed to work harder to stand out among them.

A thousand years had past in a hurry, and Kris had harvested ten waves. Half of his incarnations were died and he had met several crisis himself.

In some powerful Chaos Worlds, some spectre became more powerful under the generation of the Evil Spirit. They might grow into the Spectre King.

The Spectre King was equivalent to the Chaotic Royalty, or the Endless Stage.

Kris would have died now if he ran a bit slower.

He could challenge the upper stage, but it was too difficult to cross a big realm.

And the further you went, the harder it was.

Kris had built a solid foundation in Inner Chaos World, but there were many stronger Chaos, which meant that there were more genius and powerful achievement methods.

It was scary to think the sparks produced by the collision of countless Chaos Worlds.

He was strong with one Chaos World as his foundation, he could transcend the Chaos World, but what about others?

For example, the Chaotic Royalty who had fought in Chaos and plundered countless Chaos Worlds, they must be more powerful than Kris.

This was the gap, and Kris tried hard to overcome this. The best the method were those spectre.

The Chaos Spirit Sword told Kris that when absorbing the Chaos Spirit, countless memories had appeared in its mind, including different achievement methods.

Hearing this, Kris was excited.

They had plundered all the wealth, but they forgot that the world left memories, and do did those Spirits.

It was unrealistic to let him absorb the Chaotic Spectre, but the Hybrid Spirit Weapon could serve as a transit point.

“Can it be divided into different categories?”

“Yes, master!” The Chaos Spirit Sword answered, “But most of these memories are incomplete, those left are their deepest obsessions!”

“Well, they have root, my incarnations will solve this problem.”

“Well, then I’ll sort it out!”

The Chaos Spirit Sword had absorbed tens of thousands of Chaos spectre, and it took him more than ten years in the Time Barrier to classify all the information and create a Sword Crystal so that achievement methods could be integrated in it.


Kris took the Sword Crystal and threw it to Yuan Kris, “You’ve done a great job!”

Yuan Kris smiled and said nothing, then he entered the deduction again.

No once could imagine that there were such treasures in a palace without ant spiritual opportunities.

This was the Land of Nirodha, but also the land of wealth for Kris.

Here was a universe full of undead, the more death it had the more powerful they were.

The Qi of Destruction was also a good thing, it was the favorite of the creatures in the Universe of Undead.

As long as it was a resource that Kris could use, he wouldn’t give it up. Kris also used this opportunity to cultivate its real body.

Yuan Kris had spent millions of years in the Inner Universe to refine and deduce the information of tens of thousands of creatures in the Chaos universe.

Most of them were very common, but they could also be perfected.

Some of them were much stronger than those of the original universe!

This can largely allow Kris to achieve a breakthrough. It would elevate Kris’s strength.

“Just do it yourself, then I don’t need to waste time on it. Just share the information with me when you finished.” Kris said.

Yuan Kris nodded his head, he was also used to it for it was his duty.

“How long should I stay here?”

Kris muttered, “Should I plunder all the region?”


The Other Realm of the Chaos World. It was Su Domain! It had trillions of Chaos Worlds, and was really a powerful Chaos Realm, and the Su Family was the actual controller of the Su Domain.

Lin Su was one of the ten kings in Su Domain! He was a super master in the Middle period of the Endless Stage, and could rank within the top five of the ten kings.


A man with a silver mask walked out from the Spatial Rift and knelt down on ground.

“Do you get any news?”

“I went to Chen Domain but found nothing.”

“You are useless!”

Lin was furious, “I’ll give you another thousand years, if you still can’t find princess, then you don’t need t come back!”

Hearing this, the man trembled, “Copy that!”

Since Yun was brought by Kris a trillion yeas ago, he couldn’t find her. He had already searched many places.

“It’s all because of that bitch!”

Lin hated his elder brother Zhen Su, if it wasn’t for his daughter, then Yun would still be in his side.

Zhen was originally expected to be the king. However, his daughter had made him lose the opportunity.


Lin’s son-in-law, Chuyi Zhao walked from outside.

“Why are you coming, sit down please!” Lin quickly smiled.

“Father-in-law, I’m here to discuss a thing with you.” Chuyi said.

After hearing Chuyi’s indifferent words, Lin frowned and asked, “What do you want to say?”

“I won’t marry Yun.”

What? Hearing this, Lun was shocked and quickly asked, “Do you heard something?”

Chuyi shook his head and said, “When Yun left a trillion years ago, you told me that she went to find Uncle’s daughter Mary, however, she was kidnapped by Kris, right?”

Chapter 658: Leaving the Land of Nirodha

“Who told you about this?” Lin said angrily.

“Uncle Su, this is just my speculation.”

Chuyi remained calm, “I have waited for Yun for ten thousand years, that’s enough. The reason for her absent is no longer important.”

“So you don’t want to marry her?”

Lin grew sullen and asked, “Is this your intention or Zhao family’s intention?”

“It’s our intention.”

Chuyi smiled and took out the wedding letter, “I return this you, although I can’t marry Yun, our families are still the closest allies.”

Zhao Domain was also a strong force which was more powerful than Su Domain. Besides, Chuyi was also the son of a master in the Endless Stage of Zhao domain.

It was a humiliation to let Chuyi come alone. Besides, he even refused to marry Yun.

However, Lin could say nothing for what Chuyi said was true.

Chaos World was infinite, ten thousand years in the other realm was equivalent to trillions of years outside. He didn’t even know whether Yun was still alive.

If she was still alive, she must be married and have many children.


Lin accepted the wedding letter and then left.

He wanted to curse but he couldn’t. It was not good to offend an ally at this moment.

Everyone wanted to be the king, the helpers were really very important.

Chuyi bowed respectfully to Lin and then left. Without such connection, it would be hard for Su family to seek their help.


In the Land of Chaos Nirodha, Kris had collected millions of achievement methods in Chaos World after trillions of efforts, he kept elevating himself.

Even a small amount of Inheritances were enough for Kris to cultivate.

Yuan Kris and other incarnations had also tried their best.

Ten million years in the Time Barrier was equivalent to a hundred years in the outside world, then Kris opened his eyes. He could see through the world this time.

“Is the Secondary Universe still elevating? It had surpassed the the average Main Universe, my universe seems to be a bit different from others!”

Kris turned the achievement methods he learned into inheritance crystals and then put them into different universes.

The strength of the universe was increased.

The Spirit Light of Yin and Yang had changed into Chaotic Spirit that connected universes. Thus those gaps between universes began to evolve towards Chaos.

“It’s more like the Inner Chaos.”

Kris smiled, it was really hard for him to elevate. He spent more than 10,000 years in the Land of Chaos Nirodha to reach the Middle period.

It was true that the further he went, the harder it was to raise his cultivation.

He needed more resources, thus Kris began to create a large number of incarnations. In this way, he could use his incarnations to defeat those spectre. The quantity was more important than strength.

Of course, in addition to the Chaos spectre, there were all kinds of monsters.

“Well, my foundation is not solid enough, I still have to improve myself.”

Kris kept one of his incarnation in the Self Chaos to prevent accidents.

A hundred thousand years had passed in the snap of a finger!

There was no time flowing the Land of Nirodha, so he could only refer to the speed of time flow in the Inner Universe.

After absorbing the strength of 80 million Chaos World, Kris’s strength was terrible. His cultivation had reached the Later period.

Chaos Spirit Sword had also absorbed enough energy. It had become an upper Spirit Weapon. Besides, Kris had gained many treasures.

Finally, Kris felt bored, so he made a Hybrid Spirit Cauldron, which was much lager than the one in Gusu.

Then, he directly put the Chaos World into the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron to refine the impurities and turn them into the purest Chaos Origin.

After years of refining, the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron was improving little by little.

“After absorbing these origins, we should reach the upper level of the Secondary Universe!”

Kris opened the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron, and billions of Chaos Origin wanted to escape.

“No way!”

Kris quickly grabbed them and swallowed in!


The Star Fields in the Inner Universe had exceeded ten billion. It had reached the limit of the Main Universe, but it was still growing by leaps and bounds!

Billions of Supreme Lords were advancing towards half-step Chaos, which brought huge benefit to Kris.

There were already one billion Great Tao, and Kris began to refine them.

However, it was still a difficult work to refine them into one.

As for the Great Tao, quality was more important than quantity. Excellent refinement could increase its strength.

After a long time, the Inner Universe stopped growing. Did he reach the limit of the Secondary Universe?

“Fulfilled period!”

Kris’s physical body had endured the attack of the World Strength. The cells were elevated quickly and soon Kris had reached the Chaos Realm!

Kris didn’t dare to imagine the power brought by sixty trillion Chaos cells, it was definitely more powerful than the Chaos Realm. Maybe it was equivalent to the Endless Stage.

Sun Soul Spirit was much stronger, each idea was comparable to the Fulfilled period!

Five Elements Universe was also spreading infinitely and evolving as fast as it could.

“It’s time to get out!”

Kris had already gained much these years. Although he wanted to break through the Endless Stage, but he didn’t know how much time it would take.

He stayed in the Land of Nirodha for hundreds of thousands of years, it would be much longer in the Time Barrier.

There were many Supreme Lords who wanted to break through the Chaos in the Inner Universe! Fortunately, the inner Chaos was large enough for them to do so.

Trillions of the Chaos World was under his control. He could gain countless materials and treasures.

“Demon Kris, have you found a way out?”

“Not yet, it’s really a big place, and in a previous life, the reason for its location here is probably to avoid search.”

Demon Kris smiled bitterly, “How about cultivating while looking for a way out!”

Kris sighed quietly, “Well, we have no other choices.”

When could they walked out since it was really a large place. Well, he could test his strength here. Those evil spectre were really good opponents.

“There’s a Chaos Spectre in the Endless Stage 800 million miles away, and a monster that occupies a million Chaos Worlds 500 million miles away.”

Demon Kris shared the information he recorded with Kris. The delimiting compass was a treasure, Kris had found another useful function called Locating Transfer.

It could transfer you to any place that you had once been to. It was really a effective function.

“Why didn’t I find it so useful before?”

“Well, we just take it as a GPS before!”

After finding the route, the next second he moved to eighty billion miles away! Then he saw an octopus-like Chaos spectre with tens of thousands of Chaos Worlds hanging on its tentacles.

These Chaos Worlds were its food.

Chaos spectre were not living creatures, they were gathered by grievances.

“I’ll test my power!”

Kris gave it a punch, “First gear!”

Then he used the strength of ten trillion cells in the Earlier Stage.

Boom! The next second, half of its body was destroyed.

“Well, it seems that my physical body is powerful!”

As soon as he said this, the octopus instantly returned to its original form.

“It’s quite strong!”

“Second gear!” Then Kris gave the second punch.

At this moment, the octopus was completely destroyed. Even those Chaos Worlds had disappeared.

Theoretically speaking, a master at the Early stage of Chaos could destroy Chaos. However, a punch of Kris was equivalent to the strength of twenty trillion Chaos masters. It was terrifying!

Ridiculous! How could the Endless Stage be so weak? Kris felt that he didn’t use all his strength.

“Wait, although these Chaos spectre are strong, they move slowly and don’t like fighting. The only way for them to elevate is to absorb strength.”

“What’s more, in a world without self-awareness, those ideals can’t gain self-awareness.”

“It would be very terrible if these Chaos spectre can gain self-awareness.”

“However, only a few people can be here. Many incarnations are killed in the World Collapse formed by the explosion of the Chaotic Collapse.”

If wasn’t for Kris’s incarnations, he wouldn’t have been here so smoothly.

“It seems like I can’t leave here in a short time. I’d better cultivate myself.”

Kris sighed, and then his breath became many incarnations.

“Although these incarnations are powerful, they are still in the Early stage and can only protect Kris for a while.”

“Continue to explore the path!”

“Copy that, the original soul!” Then those incarnations flew away.

Kris asked Demon Kris and other incarnations to find way for him, while he kept cultivating and improving his strength.

One hundred thousand years, two hundred thousand years…… Kris had walked in the Land of Chaotic Nirodha for a million years.

He was about to go crazy. No one would come to such a remote place.

Kris rubbed his brow and thought that he was making trouble for himself.

The Inner Universe had elevated to the Main Universe, besides, the original soul of Kris had broken through the Endless Stage.

One billion Great Tao had condensed into one hundred million Great Tao.

Every single idea was comparable to a half-step Endless Stage, and every cell was elevated to the Later Period of Chaos! He had consumed too much Chaos Essences.

By now, one Chaos Origin could only refine five to ten cells, which meant that the mount of Chaos Essences was huge in quantity.

He would be crazy if he still couldn’t find the path.

This feeling of loneliness could drive people crazy! It was not one year or two, but billions of years of loneliness!

The breakthrough of hundreds of thousands of Supreme Lords couldn’t make him happy.

The emergence of hundreds of thousands universes and amplifications wouldn’t make him feel excited. He only felt bored and lonely.

If he couldn’t leave here, then he was just a walking dead.

“I find the exit!” Demon Kris said.

“What?” Hearing this, Kris was very excited, then he rushed to Demon Kris.

“Look, there’s a boundary here.”

As soon as Demon Kris touched it, the ripples appeared!

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