“Chuck, nothing.”

Logan couldn’t tell at all, she was like that, she used to bury everything in her heart.

She just likes him silently, just sees Chuck Cannon’s happiness, the others are not important.

Logan couldn’t say a word at all with this character.

“Aunt Logan, you…” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“It’s nothing,” Logan smiled softly, now alive, so it’s best to keep this relationship.

Because she promised Yvette Jordan! Nothing can happen to Chuck Cannon.

What’s more, Chuck Cannon doesn’t like her and doesn’t have that kind of thoughts about her, so speaking out by herself will be of no use at all, and it will only make the relationship suddenly awkward.

Why bother?

“En, Aunt Logan, take a good rest.” Chuck Cannon helped her go to bed.


Chuck Cannon went out, Logan, who was lying on the bed, looked sad and sighed lightly.

“Chuck, it’s not that I don’t want to say, I especially want to tell you, I don’t know when I miss you, especially, like you, especially like you, but… there are some things that can’t be said because it will only change the relationship between the two of us. Now, if that’s the case, I’d rather be like this…”

After Chuck Cannon had eaten Yvette Jordan’s meal, he took a good day’s rest and began to work hard to learn fighting again and fell into fighting training.

Chuck Cannon’s talent was good and Chuck Cannon is also willing to work harder to learn to fight. His strength is improving every day!!

The world’s richest man, the strongest fighting, these are Chuck Cannon’s two ultimate goals!

On the next day, he asked his mother to pay 50 billion US dollars to Alice of the Luofu family. The charming young woman was very efficient and will soon be able to divide the money!

On Du Peixin’s side, she has been studying in her mother’s casino for a long time and Chuck Cannon’s first business can begin to “start”!

Chuck Cannon has asked her to choose a place, Betty Bernard has visited. Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan have also visited it.

It is a somewhat abandoned building, but it can be renovated directly, which can also save a lot of time. Du Peixin devoted herself to the work, decoration, and other designs. Chuck Cannon is also assured of her!

At the same time, he has high hopes for this first career!!

The road of his own business empire has completely begun!

When the casino opens, Chuck Cannon will let everyone in the United States know this!

When Chuck Cannon was full of confidence, he started training himself harder…

Lee family!

Patriarch Lee’s face was expressionless and he was even annoyed!

Overlord Lee, as well as the other core members of the Lee family, were angry!!

“Dad, the Ouke family is too much, it actually shot our Lee family, they are trying to pull our Lee family to die together!” Overlord Lee was heartbroken!

In the past few days, Karen Lee has begun to deal with the Ouke family seriously, this speed is amazing!

Even the Ouke family themselves did not expect that Karen Lee, who had never resisted before, resisted this time and turned out to be like a beast, it was terrifying!

In just two days, the counterattack was amazing!

The Lee family was shocked. It turned out that Karen Lee was so strong!!

Just when the Lee family was surprised, the Ouke family was angry and wanted to bring the Lee family in and deal with Karen Lee together!

But the Lee family was breached by Karen Lee last time, so where is that thought?

Of course, no one else has it, but Overlord Lee has it!!

Overlord Lee had already met the people from the Ouke family alone and initially reached cooperation, but there was a problem in the middle, which made him unexpected about the situation and he was completely affected.


Patriarch Lee slapped Overlord Lee’s face with a slap.

Overlord Lee was astonished and angrily touched his cheek, “Dad, why are you hitting me?”

The other members of the Lee family were stunned. What happened?

“What are you pretending? Others don’t know what you did secretly, don’t I know yet?” Patriarch Lee scolded, heartbroken!

Others stared in confusion, and Overlord Lee hurriedly said, “Dad, what are you talking about? Where did I secretly do something, don’t be wronged…”


A slap hit his face again!

Overlord Lee’s face was red and swollen.

“Asshole thing, are you still arguing?” Patriarch Lee was angry.

Overlord Lee was stared at by his father. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to look directly at him, “Dad…”

“Say, what did you do? Didn’t you secretly meet someone from the Ouke family? Promised to deal with Karen together?”


“Won’t you speak yet?”

“I said, Dad, don’t be angry, it was a member of the Ouke family, but I didn’t expect that they would actually shame me and drag me into the water, I…” Overlord Lee looked angry.

“Bastard! Karen had already let us go last time, so want her to deal with us again?” Patriarch Lee was trembling with death.

“Brother, what have you done?”

“That is, Karen’s strength, even if we deal with her with the Ouke family, we can’t ask for anything!”

The core members of the Lee family sighed! You said one sentence, I said one sentence.

Since the last time Karen Lee rushed to Lee’s house at night, coupled with Karen Lee’s two-day counterattack, they know that Karen Lee’s strength is too strong!

Already surpassed the Lee family!

In this case, what is the use of joining forces with the Ouke family? Hasn’t they been used as a gun by the Ouke family?

Overlord Lee was annoyed, but he didn’t refute it!

He did not expect that Karen Lee’s strength was so strong that even the Ouke family of the four major families could not hold it back.

But he was strange. Why did Karen Lee, who had always chosen to be silent before, suddenly counterattacked the Ouke family crazy in these few days?

What is Karen Lee worried about? Otherwise, why did you resist so suddenly?

He couldn’t understand this.

“What should we do now? Let Karen come and hit us again?” a middle-aged man said with lingering fear.

Seeing Karen Lee, he was afraid of her last time.

“Dad, or else we should take the initiative to let Karen come over and tell us about this, Karen will forgive us,” someone suggested.

“Forgive?” Patriarch Lee was bitter, he had regretted it a long time ago, and he shouldn’t have driven Karen Lee out.

“Yes, Karen will forgive us,” another person said.

“When you are dealing with others, someone stabbed you in the back, will you forgive that person?” Patriarch Lee sighed.

“I…” The person who just proposed was speechless.

How can he forgive that person?

“Then what should we do now? Will Karen kill us regardless of family affection!” Someone was worried.

“Oh, I’ll beg her.” Patriarch Lee sighed.

He knew that Overlord Lee still had a lot of grievances in his heart because of the death of his son, so if he asked Overlord Lee to say that he would definitely make a mistake!

For the Lee family, in order to calm Karen Lee’s anger at being stabbed, only he can come forward.

He has such little confidence. After all, Karen Lee is also her biological daughter. Whatever the father does, as long as he bows his head, Karen Lee, who is a daughter, should give him this face.

“Dad, you…”

“Dad, if you ask for forgiveness, how can we do it?”

Someone objected.

“Then what can we do?” Patriarch Lee reprimanded coldly!

He also didn’t want to, a father, begging his own daughter, but as a last resort, how could he not take this step?

They were speechless!

Overlord Lee thought coldly. He said, “Dad, I think it’s better to see Chuck Cannon first.”

“You mean seeing Karen’s son?” Patriarch Lee was taken aback.

This is also a good way. In fact, after he regretted driving Karen Lee out, he always wanted to see what his daughter’s son was like.

After all, it is also his own relatives!!

Everyone else looked at Overlord Lee by mistake.

“Yes, Chuck Cannon, let Chuck Cannon and Karen Lee say that they should be stable.” Overlord Lee sneered in his heart.

But also angry, Karen Lee, Overlord Lee bowed his head to you this time, but only this time!!

Afterwards, he will take revenge! How could his son death be in vain?

Certainly not, Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon, you two will eventually die in the hands of me, Overlord Lee!!

Patriarch Lee was silent for three or four seconds and felt it was okay. First of all, he talked to Chuck Cannon, then it’s better to say something. Second, he still wanted to see Chuck Cannon.

Let Chuck Cannon talk to Karen Lee, so he don’t have to lose face and beg Karen Lee. This is better.

“Okay, you go to arrange, I’ll come to see Chuck Cannon… and my grandson,” said the Lee family Patriarch.

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