Chuck Cannon has been nervous after training these days because there was no movement at all in the affairs of Stewart which makes Chuck Cannon feel that something is wrong!!

Why didn’t Stewart start dealing with his mother?

And his mother has been busy dealing with the Ouke family these days.

The “quietness” of Stewart towards the treatment of his mother, all this, the situation is really wrong!

Chuck Cannon saw the problem and couldn’t wait any longer. He went directly to the Luofu family again, which made the charming young woman very annoyed.

Asked with a cold face why Chuck Cannon came again?

Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to tease her, so he said he was anxious.

The young woman Alice wanted to send the bomb over, but she didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to come by himself. She angrily asked Chuck Cannon to wait. After a while, she brought four bombs over. Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, although it was better than the original boss gave. It may be that the technology in a certain area is not in place and it is too urgent, Chuck Cannon understands.

But, it’s actually enough, anyway, no one else knows it.

But, Chuck Cannon regrets that half of the people in Stewart should have been killed at that time. Anyway, they have turned their faces, so what are they afraid of?

Chuck Cannon put it away unceremoniously, “Alice, how much are these?”


The young lady snorted coldly, the bomb Chuck Cannon brought over, she studied a few techniques that she hadn’t conquered before, so there was no need to give money.

These, she can still distinguish clearly.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Alice, you look angry, so…”

“You say one more word, let me know if I tell Karen Lee!” The charming young woman was angry, Chuck Cannon actually dared to molest her?

Chuck Cannon had no choice and he dared not say more in a hurry. He didn’t have the guts.

But, seeing the charming young woman in a dress, where is she going being dressed up?

“Alice, where are you going?” Chuck Cannon walked over and asked.

However, the beauty of the young lady is really perfect, with the unevenness, and the dress really entrusts her to be beautiful and generous. After all, she has money, won’t she have any maintenance?

“Where am I going, what does it matter to you?” The charming young woman snorted coldly.

“Well, then I’m going back,”

“Quickly go!” The charming young lady was going out too.

As for her daughter Emily, she has found a place to learn to fight, and she said that she must come back and give Chuck Cannon a surprise, she is even more innocent. She also has no choice but to protect her with this wayward daughter. Just rest assured.

At the same time, she was even more annoyed when she saw Chuck Cannon because what her daughter became like this now, it was all because of Chuck Cannon!

She was uncomfortable seeing Chuck Cannon now.

“Where are you going, I have no problem, but the Ouke family, don’t go too close to them these days,” Chuck Cannon reminded.

His own mother is dealing with the Ouke family, so if she from the Luofu family approaches the Ouke family, it will be difficult.

After all, he and she are partners.

“Your mother Karen Lee does her thing, and I do my thing, it has nothing to do!” The charming young woman shook her head coldly and said.

“Then what do you mean, now the party you going to is of the Ouke family?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“You’re right! A good friend of mine invited me, shouldn’t I go?” The charming young woman said angrily.

“That should go, but I remind you, don’t…”

“You’re so annoying! Hurry up!” The charming young woman chased the guests.

Chuck Cannon felt that something was wrong. The Ouke family is now being beaten up badly by his mother. Why would they suddenly invite a young woman to a banquet?

“Alice, don’t lose yourself,” Chuck Cannon reminded.


Young woman Alice threw something over, “Go away, do you hear?”

Chuck Cannon ran out in avoidance.

“Little bastard! Still, saying that I would be deprived? Didn’t I have been deprived in more than ten years?” The charming young woman became angry.

The fire is at its extreme!

Chuck Cannon came out and saw that the charming young lady had taken a Rolls-Royce out, and he still felt wrong, but let’s go, this woman is the head of the family, how could something happen?

However, at this juncture, does the Ouke family want to win over the Luofu family of charming young women? Want to deal with mom together?

This possibility is very high, and Chuck Cannon feels that he still needs to follow her.

Although Chuck Cannon believed that this charming young woman would not fight his mother at this point, he still felt wrong.

He called Black Rose to ask for advice, but Black Rose answered indifferently, “Whatever you want!”

The meaning is self-evident, that is, wherever you go, I will go.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, is this Black Rose particularly unhappy with him?

They’ve known each other for so long, and she still speaks so coldly.

But Chuck Cannon is also used to it. He got in the car but the phone rang, it was a strange number!

Chuck Cannon was puzzled and answered, there was a special voice inside.

“Is it Chuck Cannon? I’m your mother’s brother, that is, your uncle. Do you have time to sit out? Your grandfather wants to see you.”

“Grandpa?” Chuck Cannon frowned. He already knew that the Lee family had driven his mother out. How could he meet?

“Yes, Chuck Cannon, your grandpa wants to see you.”

“Forget it, I don’t have his kind of grandpa, he kicked my mother out of Lee’s house! I don’t have an uncle like you either! That’s it!!!” Chuck Cannon hung up.

Chuck Cannon also knew something. Betty Bernard said that when his mother was dealing with the Ouke family, the Lee family got involved.

Of course, Chuck Cannon knew what the Lee family meant, and found that his mother was too powerful and not enough to fight, so they wanted to “retreat” to show good to his mother through himself?

Chuck Cannon is certainly not stupid, he can think of all these things.


The phone rang again, and Chuck Cannon didn’t listen at all. It rang several times in a row. Chuck Cannon was annoyed and cursed when he answered the phone. Now, my uncle and grandpa are here, where did you go before? When you drove my mother out of Lee’s house, you forgot?

There was a few seconds of silence on the phone, which was dumbfounded for a few seconds. This call Karen Lee called, “Chuck, you…”

“Mom.” Chuck Cannon was startled and busy explaining.

“Well, I see, I called, I want you to stay at home, don’t go out,” Karen Lee said solemnly.

“Well, I just went to Alice and asked for some bombs, so…”

“You call her name directly?” Karen Lee was surprised.

“Uh, mom, I’m back now,”

“Chuck, you have cooperated with her but they are older than you. You must respect her and try not to call her by her name, you know?” Karen Lee asked.

“Uh, I see,” Chuck Cannon sweated his scalp.

“Well, are you going to see your grandfather?” Karen Lee felt that she couldn’t reluctantly force this kind of thing, and only let Chuck Cannon choose.

After all, the matter between her father and her was a matter of the previous generation, and it had nothing to do with Chuck Cannon.

“No, what did I see him for?” Chuck Cannon was annoyed. The last time he learned about this, he was really annoyed.

“En? Chuck, see you soon, tell him, don’t force me!” Karen Lee knew what his father meant!

Knowing this too, it should be that Overlord Lee did not give up! He knew that a smart person like Karen Lee knew everything when she thought about it.


“You suggest, would you see you or not?” Karen Lee said.

Chuck Cannon considered and wanted to know why the Lee family had to drive his mother out!

“Well, I will see mom, I’ll go see them,” Chuck Cannon considered it clearly.

“Well, my words are simple, tell them, just don’t force me!”

“Well, I will say it,” Chuck Cannon was about to hang up, but he thought about the charming young woman just now, “Mother, I have something to tell you.”

“Say it.”

“Alice…, she just went to see someone from the Ouke family, I’m worried about her…”

“Don’t worry about this, she will consider it clearly, and against me, it will not do her any good, otherwise she wouldn’t have agreed to cooperate with you, but at this moment, see what the Ouke family might want to do, you call to remind her.” Karen Lee analyzed.

“Well, mom, I’m hanging up,” Chuck Cannon hung up.

At this time, just after hanging up, someone from the Lee family called again, “Chuck Cannon, your grandfather is already waiting for you, come and see him!”

“Well, where? I will come now!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

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