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Chapter 659 – 660: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 659: The Recruitment of The Zhao Domain

“I’ve been looking for the exit for almost a million years, finally I found it!”

Kris Chen was excited and breathed heavily, “Get out of the way, let me crack the boundary with one punch!”

“Cracking the boundary? Why crack it!”

Demon Kris said, “This boundary should be one-sided, easy to get in but hard to get out, it should be set to prevent the Chaos Specters from escaping.”

“Once we crack the boundary, it is likely to attract the attention of others, which will be very troublesome!”

The words of Demon Kris cooled Kris’s excitement.

Indeed, one ant hole may cause the collapse of thousands of miles of dyke, such being the case, he must be calm.

Taking a deep breath, Kris said, “Let me break the boundary!”

“Why do you need to break it, have you forgotten what my first natural aptitude is?”

Kris was stunned, yeah, the first natural aptitude of Demon Kris was Breaking Boundaries!

He patted himself on the head, how did he forget about this.

Hastily recalled these avatars and incarnations, Kris grabbed the hand of Demon Kris, he himself was unaware how strong the natural aptitude was when Demon Kris was in the Later period of Chaos.

“Breaking Boundaries!”


In the next second, they two arrived at a vast and endless starry sky!

“It’s out of bounds, this is out of bounds!”

Kris was overjoyed, and Demon Kris aside silently took out the boundary-defining compass to record the location!

Behind them was the deadly Chaotic Silent Land.

“Hiss, the gravity here is so strong, almost a hundred times that of Chaos, the child born in the Other Realm of Chaos, even a baby will be very strong.”

If the gravity of Devil Land was one hundred, then Main Universe would be one thousand, the Main Universe of Supreme Universe would be ten thousand, Chaos would be one hundred thousand, then here would be one million!

It was really more advanced than Chaos World in the Other Realm.

“The spiritual opportunities of heaven and earth are also very dense, and there are countless great Tao flowing, which can be felt, but difficult to comprehend!”

Good, we should be able to continue to get stronger here.

They sped along and flew east for several months before discovering the first galaxy with life.

The first thing he needed to do now was to figure out which domain he was in.

The Chaos World in the Other Realm had millions of Royal Domains, and above the Royal Domain there was the Emperor’s Domain, which was a more advanced and stronger Chaos Domain than the Royal Domain.

It was said that there was a more mysterious Eternal Domain above the Emperor’s Domain!

Every million of the Chaos Era in the Other Realm, millions of Royal Domains would launch a domain war to impact the Emperor’s Domain.

There were 100,000 Emperor’s Domain. The final winner of the 100,000 Emperors of the Emperor’s Domain would have a ticket to the Eternal Domain.

After months of lurking in this galaxy, Kris finally figured out that he was in the Zhao Domain.

This was also an extremely powerful Chaos Domain, the Zhao family was controlling this domain!

Zhao family?

Yun Su’s husband’s family?

Kris narrowed his eyes!

Although it was mentioned in the letter for just once, Kris remembered it very clearly.

This year, it was also the ten billionth Chaos Era in the Other Realm.

Within a thousand years, it would be the battle of the Royal Domains, and after ten thousand years, it would be the battle of the Emperor’s Domains, and they would fight out the strongest and then go to the Eternal Domain.

Every strong person who was crowned king was in Endless Stage, and the one who could win would definitely in the Normalization Stage!

The Normalization Stage was the ceiling of the Chaos Domain in the Other Realm.

After figuring it out, Kris began to calculate that more than 10,000 years had passed since he carried the flesh of Mary Su into Chaotic Silent Land in his previous life.

More than 10,000 years was not so long!

It was just a nap away.

Once the battle of the Royal Domains was set off in a thousand years, their attention would definitely all shift, and this was the opportunity for Kris.

It couldn’t work for solo fight, nor dependent on a certain power.

To stand out, you must build your own power.

Thinking of this, Kris smiled, it seemed he was born with the gene of rebellion.

He had no enmity with others, perhaps because of his distaste for Yun Su, he subconsciously had no good feeling towards Zhao Domain!

“Then let’s start with the Zhao Domain!”

Kris summoned Demon Kris and a group of incarnations, “Go, we have enough time to build our own power!”

Demon Kris and a group of incarnations nodded and flew away from the inn.

As soon as they left, noisy voices came from the street, “Everyone, come quickly, the Zhao family is recruiting clan soldiers!”


A servant of the Zhao family carried a gong in his hand and shouted while banging in the street.


Countless people came here after hearing this.

The competition in the Chaos World of the Other Real was far more brutal than anywhere else.

The imperial families and royal families exploited people layer upon layer, as in the ancient feudal dynasties of Hiaxia, even more severe than feudal dynasties.

In ancient times, taxation was one-tenth of income, here was one-fifth of income, and there was so much taxation that made people want to cry!

From birth there was a breathing tax, and there was a toilet tax, even after death there was a death tax, with such exploitation but no one dared to resist, only because the royal family was the strongest power.

Common Practitioner either joined the noble families or join the royal family to become clan soldiers, which was the mainstream of the world!

Becoming a clan soldier of noble families and royal families not only exempted you from the harsh miscellaneous taxes, but also made you able to get a large amount of practice resources.

Here, the Sect simply had no ground to survive.

If the royal family did not die, the disasters would not vanish.

Such a harsh world environment was simply a heaven for rebels.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance. This was the eternal truth.

This was only the most remote galaxy in the Zhao Domain, and because of its proximity to the Chaotic Silent Land and its barren land, it was basically a place of exile.

The Zhao family had only set up a branch here!

Those noble lords were reluctant to set up the branch here, and those who came here were some small waning nobles.

A large group of people hurriedly followed behind the servant of the Zhao family.

“Please take me, I am in the True God period!”

“The True God period is nothing, I’m in Half Peerless Supreme period, I’m willing to join the Zhao family as a flaming front soldier!”

“Please, do me a favor and let me in!”

A group of True Gods pushing and shoving, and even a number of practitioners in the Genesis Realm!

This might seem absurd, but it was quite common.

Even the Little Supreme Lord and the Great Supreme Lord were only able to serve as ordinary military generals, and only the practitioners in Chaos Realm were able to serve as the Grand Marshal!

The Chaos World in the Other Realm had a frighteningly high ceiling!

Kris secretly sighed, these forces were able to push across the universe, but here they could only be cannon fodder soldiers, that was too exaggerated.

“No matter how powerful an enemy is, the best way to dismantle it is from within.”

He smiled and turned into a big man who was strong and powerful.

“Get out of my way, all of you, get out of my way, you’re blocking my way!”

“Get out of my way!”

The big man held an axe in his hand, and chopped down.


The large street was split in half, and nobody could tell how many people fell into the cracks.

Some people flew in the air, cursing and swearing, “Who just struck here?”

“It’s me!”

The big man put this large axe which was the size of a person’s height on his shoulders, “Whoever is unwilling to submit would fight against me solely!”

Some people stared angrily, some looked puzzled, and others frowned tightly.

But no one dared to go forward, because this big man’s breath was terrifying, and he was the Supreme Lord!

“Bah, a bunch of trashes, how can you block my way?”

The big man spat, but the crowd dare not speak because the big man was the Supreme Lord, he could crush them with just one finger!

The person of Zhao family was only in Later period of Creation Realm, the crack went to his feet, and stopped.

This big man’s control of power had reached the realm of perfection.

When that axe was chopped down just now, he thought he was bound to die.

The big man came over step by step and walked up to the servant of Zhao family, grinning, “I am Kui Li, can I be a general?”

That servant of Zhao family didn’t react for a moment, “What? You want to be a general?”

“Well? With my force, can’t I be a general?”

Kui Li frowned, the breath of the Supreme Lord was expressed, that servant of Zhao family was extremely frightened!

“Of course you can!”

He then came back to sense, how could he expect that there would be a Supreme Lord in such a barren place!

What a treasure!

His task was to recruit as many soldiers as possible, the higher the cultivation the better!

With this Supreme Lord, his task in recruiting this year was overfulfilled.

“However, as to whether you can be a general, you still need to be tested!”

“To be tested?”

Kui Li frowned, “lead the way quickly, or I will chop you with the axe.”

“Yes, yes, yes, please come with me.”

The strong people would be respected, it was a general principle everywhere.

“Eh eh, what about us, what do we do?”

“We also want to join the Zhao family and become the clan soldiers of the Zhao family.”

“Catch up with us, no matter who can pass the test, we will recruit them all!”

The servant of the Zhao family said.

Soon, a group of people followed that servant of the Zhao family flew out of the planet, and each of them got a number in their hands.

The largest planets in the galaxy, this was the true branch of the Zhao royal family.

The large square was already crowed with people.

There were no less than a million people as far as the eye could see.

Several hundred offspring of the Zhao royal family were recording information there.

“Shit, I came all the way over here and need I stand in line?”

Kui Li grabbed the man’s collar, “Is there any way to jump the queue?”

Jumping the queue?

The servant of Zhao family had a bitter look on his face, “Hero, there is a national law and a family rule, if we rashly jump the queue, I’m afraid…”

Before he could finish his words, Kui Li pushed him away, “Trash!”

While speaking, he held the big axe in his hand and walked forward step by step.


The servant of the Zhao family slapped his thighs, this reckless man, would he want to jump the queue? The one who was at the front was Consul Wang, if Kui Li offended Wang, how could he have good results?

“Hero, wait a minute, hero…”

But the big man was so fast that with less than several steps, he came to the front of the line.


A huge axe smashed on a wooden table made of 10,000-year-old sorrel wood.

This kind of wood was known for its hardness, but at the moment it was overwhelmed by this huge axe and was cracking.

“Test me!”


When he finished his words, the whole audience was in an uproar.

That man who was recording information was the disciple of the Zhao family’s royal partial lineage, although the bloodline was thin, but indeed the offspring of the royal family.

“How bold!”

That man of the royal family stood up with his eyes full of anger.

How dare you act recklessly in front of the royal family’s offspring, this was really a major crime that no one could bear!

“Come here, arrest this reckless man.”

Then more than a dozen of big men running here fast, all were strong Supreme Lords.

“Ouch, that’s the end of it!”

That servant of the Zhao family slapped his thigh, and he was helpless. If he could predict the future, he would not bring this reckless man here.

He was putting his own finger in the fire.

“I’m here to be a general, why should I join the queue?”

Kui Li disdainfully looked at the more than a dozen Supreme Lords and waved his axe in his hand!

Those people were instantly cut down to the ground.

“Pfft, pfft…”

One by one, they fell to the ground, each was chopped a deep gash in their chests, with blood soaring.

“Oh, how weak they are, how dare they come up here?”

Kui Li sneered, people aside were dumbfounded!

Especially the disciple of the Zhao royal family was stunned.

These clan soldiers were sent to protect him by Zhao family, each was the Supreme Lord in Middle period, even in the the Other Realm World, the Supreme Lords were not weak. In a war, the Supreme Lord would be the mainstay, the cannon fodder like True Gods and so on could not be compared.

“Who the hell are you?!”

A trace of trepidation flashed in the eyes of the disciple of the Zhao royal family, could he be the assassin sent by Yang domain!

Chapter 660: Are They More Superior Than Us?

The Zhao royal family and the Yang royal family had always been at odds and had been fighting with each other for millions of years.

But no matter how hostile they were, they would not send assassins to assassinate the royal family’s children, which would make everyone resentful.

Once the rules were broken, Yang family would definitely become a target of public criticism.

“I am Kui Li, can I be a general?”

This Kui Li was who Kris Chen had transfigured into.

If he had joined the queue honestly, he would definitely not have been noticed, and even if he passed the test and became a general, he would at most be just a minor general.

“Can I?”

Kris put a huge axe on the neck of the disciple of the Zhao royal family, and a group of consuls next to him were so scared that their legs went weak.

“Bold villain, stop now.”

Wei Zhao, although he was only a disciple of a partial branch of the Zhao royal family, was more powerful than the ordinary people.

If something happened in their domain, they would definitely be seeking death!

“What are you shouting for!”

Kris picked his ears, “I just ask you if I can be a general!”

Wei Zhao was extremely terrified in his heart, Kui Li’s aura firmly locked him, and the huge axe in Kui Li’s hand almost overwhelmed half of his body.

“Yes yes yes!”

He nodded repeatedly, this man was superb in battle and had defeated those of his guards with a single axe.

Could he be a Supreme Lord in Fulfilled period?

Or a Half-step Chaos?

If so, it would be easy to become a general!

“Fine, that’s what you have said, if you dare to lie to me, I’ll chop you to death with an axe!”

Kris grunted and removed his axe.

Wei Zhao’s pressure was relieved, “Someone come quickly, this strong man has passed the test and is included in the alternative general column!”

“Well, you are wise!”

Kris patted Wei Zhao on his shoulder, “When I become a great man in the future, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of benefits!”

And after finishing his words, he swaggered in!

Without that axe, he would have been beaten to death by the crowd at this moment.

“This man is powerful, and those who are powerful all have tempers!”

Wei Zhao said, “Tell the other side, I’ll take this man!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

As for the servant of the Zhao family who brought Kris here, his mood was also like taking a roller coaster ride.

“That was really threatening but not dangerous!”

He patted his chest, not daring to take credit for it, and slunk away while no one noticed him.

Kris passed the test and came out with more of his imposing general’s armour, especially the oversized axe on his back made everyone frightened.

But this guy had a really black face.

“General Li!”

Having taken in a great master, Wei Zhao wasn’t interested in looking at anyone else.

“Something wrong?”

Kris turned his head back, “So it’s you, thanks a lot, although I am a reckless man, I know good and bad, I remember this favor.”

He said and gently hammered him on the chest.

His gentle blow was a heavy blow to Wei Zhao.

It almost knocked his overnight meal out of him.

It took him a while to get back to sense, this guy was too scary, right?

With this monstrous strength, no wonder he used such a heavy weapon.

With this in mind, he distanced himself from Kris subconsciously

“General Li is so brave and fierce that even without me, you can still come out on top.”

“Ha ha ha… The noble sons like you speak in a literary way, and it sounds great!”

Kris laughed, “Say, why did you come to see me.”

Wei Zhao was going to talk in a roundabout way, but he didn’t expect Kris to be so frank. Thinking that Kris was a reckless man with a straightforward personality, he was afraid that if he talked in a roundabout way, it would make Kris dislike him.

“General Li, let me introduce myself first. Wei Zhao, a direct descendant of the eighth thousandth generation of the Zhao King.”

The Zhao family had ruled the Zhao Domain for more than ten million eras and had prospered for hundreds of thousands of generations, and it was good enough for him to be ranked in the ten thousandth generation.

“I would like to ask General Li to be my Grand Commander and join me in the heavenly battle in a thousand years!”

“Want me to be your Grand Commander?”

Kris curled his lip and said, “Can you defeat me?”


Wei Zhao’s complexion changed, of course he couldn’t defeat Kris.

“Of course I can’t.”

Kris smiled, but did not have a sense of sarcasm, “Forget it, originally according to my temper, if you can’t defeat me, it is absolutely impossible for me to follow you. Though I’m not a knowledgeable man, I know the truth that a drop of water is rewarded by a spring.”

“It’s fine to be your Grand Commander, don’t trouble me every day, I’ll make sure you’re safe when the great war comes, and even help you accumulate military merits.”

Wei Zhao had thought it was hopeless, but it was unexpected that Kris would agree with him.

Although his words were not very pleasant, at least he had agreed!

In fact, Kris originally wanted to refuse, but on second thought, if he switched to a more powerful son of the Zhao family, it would be easily seen through.

Just this kind of weak talent was easy to control.

“Yes, I can make an appointment with General Li!”

“Good,, I like it!”

Kris smiled and clapped his hands with Wei Zhao for three times.

On the one hand, Kris had managed to penetrate Zhao family’s inner circle, although it was only on the fringe, but it was still a good start!

On the other side, Demon Kris, with a group of avatars and incarnations, made the long journey to the border between Zhao Domain and Yang Domain, which was a ungoverned place.

Because of the constant warfare, this area was the severely afflicted area.

And there were many resistance groups here!

On this day, Demon Kris gathered a large number of people and rose up in Da Zexing, chanting three times, “Are those who are called kings and generals more superior than us!”

These words made many people’s blood boil.

In the Chaos World of the Other Realm, these words are as powerful as an atomic bomb, as if the divine thunder was clearing the universe.

“Are those who are called kings and generals more superior than us!”

The crowd shouted.

Demon Kris stood on top of a high mountain, incited by a group of actors, “Tyranny is fiercer than a tiger, these bullshit loyal families are depriving us of the right to live, they are oppressing our common people, let’s stand up to fight against them and build a world of equality that belongs to us!”


“I revolt, fuck him!”

A man in his forties used the sword in his hand to cut off his hair, “Today I will cut off my hair to indicate my ambition, and I will not die in peace until I exterminate the royal family!”

“If I don’t break the royal family, I won’t die in peace!”

The emotions stirred up were terrifying, and tens of thousands of people followed Demon Kris to a relatively barren galaxy between the two worlds.

Within three days, thanks to the efforts of Demon Kris and the incarnations, the galaxy was completely taken over!

This was a great victory, and the fact that they did not disturb the people and did not loot people after taking over the galaxy set a bright flag among the bandits.

“The devil king is great, the devil king comes, then we don’t have to pay taxes!”

The words flew through the galaxy, making the crowd into a frenzy of excitement.

Then they fight against the nobles, shared land and resources together, Demon Kris made all these come true.

This gave the crowd hope for equality.

By the time Zhao Domain and Yang Domain reacted, Demon Kris had already completed the occupation of the galaxy with the revolutionary army of the Demon King.

Keeping the Demon King’s guidelines in mind, it took them only a year or two to establish a world of relative equality!

All this led to a sense of gratitude from these oppressed civilians.

“Report, Demon King, the millions of people from the Yang Domain have arrived!”

Demon Kris stood up from his throne and looked at the crowd, “Brothers, someone wants to take our happy lives away from us, what shall we do!”

“Defeat them, kill them all!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

“Good, take action!”

Although in the Later period of Chaos, he was able to fight against practitioners in Endless Stage.

Those royal families were preparing for the battle of the Royal Domains in a thousand years’ time, so they don’t care about such trivial matters as borders.

From the moment the Chaos World was formed in the Other Realm, resistance was everywhere.

It didn’t matter, no harm done!

And it was a good opportunity for the soldiers to practice, why not?

What they didn’t expect, however, was that this time they ran into a super team that was organized, disciplined and had supplies.

How could they give up hope when a group of people living at the bottom suddenly saw hope?

And then there was the sentence, “Are those who are called kings and generals more superior than us!”

This sentence had completely aroused everyone’s fighting spirit.

The fact that they had not lost any of the thousands of battles they had fought in had strengthened everyone’s confidence.

Although the opponents had a million soldiers and they only had half, they believed they could win.

Because behind them stood countless people and comrades!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

It was clear that the other side only had soldiers more than half as many as their own side, but the momentum the other side shouted out was so much stronger than their own side.

Their eyes were firm and there was a sense of determination in them.

The leading general, Li Yang, also sensed that something was wrong.

In previous years, many rebels had occupied the galaxy, but after they had done so, they would soon fall into enjoyment.

By the time the soldiers of royal families came, they would have been ruined long ago!

And this time, he actually saw the hearts of the crowd be united as one.


“Kill without pardon!”

With a wave of Li Yang’s hand, millions of soldiers swarmed out.

There were no battle tactics, all schemes or tricks were rubbish in the face of absolute strength!

“Invincible Cosmic Explosion Divine Fist!”

Demon Kris hooked up the power of 100,000 cells in his body and punched out, thousands of soldiers were instantly crushed into powder.

He actually wanted to outburst, but he just didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself, their side was still too weak and needed more great battles to build their self-confidence.

“Long live the Demon King!”

“Long live!”

The two sides fought and were soon in a bloody mess, then a huge meat grinder battlefield formed.

“Are you the head of these rebels?”

Li Yang was half-step Chaos, when he looked at Demon Kris, he thought Kris’s cultivation was the same as his own.

Holding his Fang Tian Painted Halberd in his hand, Li Yang forged straight ahead.

That was the way it was in combat, no one will tell you, it was best to kill the opponent in one hit!

“Sneak attack?”

“Get out!”

Hooking millions of cells!


Looking at his opponent’s simple fist, Li Yang’s hair stand on end, as if heaven and earth were pressing down towards him.

“No, I’ve been fooled, this person is not…”

The immense power instantly crushed him into pieces, and before he could finish his words, he was dead completely.

Taking the Fang Tian Painted Halberd in his hand, Demon Kris shouted, “The general on the other side has been dead, those who surrender will not be killed!”

The avatars and incarnations lurking among the soldiers followed, “The general on the other side has been dead, those who surrender will not be killed!”

The battle had barely begun when the main general had been killed by the other side.

How the hell could we still fight?

“Everyone, don’t panic, this is a scheme of the other side, we can’t be cheated!”

The deputy general shouted, attempting to stabilize the army.

“Dead, General Yang has been dead, I saw him be hammered to death with my own eyes.”

“Run away, if we don’t escape we will all end up here today.”

The crowd fled in droves, with the first person, the others would also flee frantically.

“Bastard, those who escape without permission, die!”

The deputy general grabbed one of the escapees and chopped off his head with a slash.

But at that moment, a huge fist went down, “Die!”


The deputy general’s head was instantly blown off!

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