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“At Ingrid Hotel, this is our own hotel, I will come to pick you up now.” There was a surprised voice on the phone.

“No, I’ll come by myself! Also, it’s your hotel, not mine, please don’t talk about us!!” Chuck Cannon coldly hung up the phone.

He drove to that hotel, Black Rose followed vigilantly.

Black Rose was thinking, where is this guy going?

When she was driving, she felt her stomach and was a little hungry. She was thinking, when will she eat again, that delicious mung bean cake?

Forget it, don’t expect it, he is a liar who puts the dove.

Ingrid Hotel!!

Several members of the Lee family have already sat down and are waiting. Overlord Lee has not come, and the Patriarch of the Lee family will not let him. They do not want to be destroyed by Overlord Lee on this occasion.

“Chuck Cannon agreed to come,” the person who called earlier said in surprise.

“Huh, he finally agreed, I thought Karen would deliberately prevent her son from coming to see us!”

“I thought it scared me to death.”

The few members of the Lee family were in lingering fears.

“Then go pick him up!”

“Chuck Cannon said he would drove over by himself. I heard that he was still very repulsive. Alas, we were too harsh on Karen before. I now think… anyway, Karen is also our sister.” A man with half white hair sighed.

Several members of the Lee family were silent.

“It’s okay after Chuck Cannon comes over, we can just talk about it,” a middle-aged man said.

“Well, talk about it!”

“How to say, I am his uncle too, he still has to give this face,”

Several members of the Lee family agreed, but the head of the Lee family was a little nervous. After all, this Chuck Cannon was his own grandson, and he had never cared about it.

While they were waiting, another place in this hotel.

The young lady came by herself in the car.

Someone from the Ouke family invited her. Of course, she didn’t want to go to the Ouke family’s place at this time, so she proposed to choose Lee’s hotel.

In fact, the young charming lady came here because she wanted to break the cooperation with the Ouke family. In her opinion, Karen Lee was really angry this time.

This can be seen from the actions of Karen Lee in the past few days. She has dealt with the Ouke family very hard, and it is not because of the kind of little jokes they have done against her!

Young woman, Alice Luofu was also an extremely smart person. She was surprised by Karen Lee’s strength, and she also saw it. In the long run, she felt that the Ouke family had hit the steel plate this time.

Karen Lee will destroy the Ouke family in a short time!

This is terrifying!!

Therefore, the young charming lady is about to cut off the contact with the Ouke family, but she hesitated. In fact, she does not want to come, but she and a member of the Ouke family were friends, so she can come to see her!

She swayed her long legs and walked in.

In a private room, a beauty and a man looked at each other, their expressions were both angry and sinister!

“I didn’t expect Karen Lee to be so strong!” The beauty said angrily.

“Yeah, so I can’t rely on Alice anymore, take Alice to deal with Karen Lee together!!”

The beauty was worried, “I hope Alice will not blame me.”

“Weird? What are you still hesitating? Now that you have asked her to come over, knowing that something will happen, why are you hesitating?” The man was angry.

“I… she is my friend, after all, I… alas!” The beauty sighed.

“Huh, what?” The man was angry.

The beauty stared at the man, “Brother, don’t think that I don’t know what your calculations are. You have long been interested in Alice, so you proposed to do this with Dad, right?”

“Sister, what are you talking about?” The man hesitated.

“What else to say? Last year, I found out that you have thoughts about Alice, and when you look at her from behind, you almost drool, so I suggested, this time you fascinate her? Then use this to blackmail her?” The beauty was angry.

“So what? Who doesn’t like beautiful women? Especially she is the head of the Luofu family. Men want to conquer this kind of woman, not to mention that she is well maintained,” the man did not hide.

The beauty was angry, but there was no way. Karen Lee’s resistance was too violent. Her Ouke family was a little caught off guard, so she had to pull someone into the water. The Luofu family was the best choice.

“Sister, this is for my family!” the man said.

“Why are you, I know! Don’t pretend to me!” The beauty snorted coldly!

“Okay, I won’t pretend, I will let her drink later, she will definitely not want to, sister, you are ready, I have already put things off… sister, why are you so repulsive? You should think so, Alice, she’s your friend, but I’m your brother. Your brother wants Alice. You are the sister. Shouldn’t you help me??” The man laughed.

“Help you a ghost!” The beauty was angry, but sighed, “How many times have I helped you? Don’t beat her later!”

“I see, Alice is so good-looking, why should I beat her?”

“Do you think I don’t know your abnormal things?” The beauty said with a cold snort.

The man is embarrassed. “Got it.”


Someone is knocking on the door!

“Sister, go and open the door, she is here,” the man couldn’t wait!

This time he would fascinate Alice and then threaten her pull her into the water to deal with Karen Lee together!

This is also good. With Karen Lee gone, the Luofu family will also have great benefits!!

“Wipe your mouth, you are leaking,” the beauty hummed softly and went to open the door.

The charming young woman walked in beautifully, and the men looked straight.

As one of the four big families in Century City, he has no shortage of women at all. What beauty has he never seen?

He has seen too many people from America and China.

But some women, he still didn’t get it! For example, Alice is one of the women with a higher status than him!

The less one can get a woman, the more men think about her only. This is a common problem for men!

In fact, this kind of woman, whether she looks good or not, is married or not, and a man wants to get close, the only thing is to satisfy his own psychology!

Conquer a woman who is better than him, men will be happy!!

What’s more, Alice is originally well maintained, beautiful and generous.

The young woman Alice looked at her friend, of course, she didn’t look at her friend’s brother.

She also knew that the Ouke family was interested in shooting at this time, just trying to win over themselves!

She will not be fooled!

“Alice, I…” The beauty smiled.

“That’s it, I came here to talk to you about this, and try not to contact you afterwards. Karen Lee is not so easy to deal with,” the young lady Alice said solemnly.

To put it bluntly, there is no need to make a roundabout.

The beauty was angry, so direct? Then it’s no wonder me!!

“Oh, I… well, since you are so obvious, then it’s useless for me to force it. sister, drink this glass of wine!” The beauty poured a glass of wine for the charming young woman.

Alice, the young woman was also a bit unbearable, after all, the two have known each other for too long, and they were really good friends before.

However, the Ouke family did this to death. She is not an individual, but a family. She must be for the sake of the family, so she must separate the relationship.

“Alice, we have known each other for so long, now you don’t even want to drink the last glass of wine with me?” The beauty sighed and drank it herself first.

The man can’t wait, drink it!!

The young woman was silent for three seconds, picked up the wine glass and drank it, put it down, “I’m going back, if you want to live, then come to my house, I will save your life!”

This is the most charming young woman can do at this moment.

“You don’t need to protect me,” the beauty said with a sneer.

“Well, goodbye,” the charming young woman turned and left, but the man was already at the door.

The young woman frowned, “What do you want? Forcing me to take action?”

She touched the gun in her bag!

Just kidding, she must be a master of marksmanship in making arms in the United States! The shot is almost to the extreme!!

“Hehe, Alice, do you know that I have liked you for a long time,” the man smiled closer.

“I don’t want to hear such a thing, get out of here!” The young charming lady was about to take out the gun but felt dizzy, she was startled, “the glass of wine just now…”

“By the way, hehe, Alice, you have no choice now, you will fight Karen Lee with my Ouke family, won’t you believe it? Haha! When we will be together, then you will believe it!” Man Smiled hideously!!

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