Chapter 661 – 662: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 661: The War Of Generals

With the death of the chief and commanders, the army was defeated and began to desert. In the end, one-third of the million troops died, one-third became captives, and the rest fled; the Devil King won a great victory!

The whole galaxy cheered and jumped for joy, for this was a great victory that had never existed before.

After brainwashing the captives, Demon Kris and his army marched to other star systems near. Many barren and weak Star Realms surrendered after knowing the Demon King’s power, so the Demon Kris’ army expanded gradually.

A few months later, the news of Yang’s defeat spread throughout the entire Three-Rule Region; Family Zhao was also alarmed.

By the time they realized, the Demon King had conquered half the galaxy realm.

“My lord, that Demon King’s Army is coming aggressively; if we don’t prevent and defend it, I’m afraid a big disaster will arise.” The counselor came forward and said.

Ming Zhao shook his head and said, “It’s not a problem as long as the Demon King’s army don’t cross the border; just let the disaster arise in the east. Understood?”

“Aye, my Lord!”

House Zhao and House Yang were enemies to one another.

Ming didn’t care what the Demon King did, as long as the Demon King’s army wouldn’t step on Zhao Realm. Ming even thought that it was good for him that the Demon King’s Troops would get family Yang into trouble; besides, Ming didn’t think the Demon King and his troops would draw a significant impact on the overall situation.

In front of the real power, any scheming was vain. However, what Ming thought was exactly what Demon Kris wanted; after all, it was easier for Demon Kris to defeat one than many, for no one knew the real power of the others.

Demon Kris had dispatched several spies and began to unite the soldiers to form a siege; Although it had not succeeded, the clans in the star realm where he was then were united and ready to fight.

With the Star Realm to be the base, he could cuff off the two realms from the borderline step by step. And a thousand years was long enough for Demon Kris to grow strongly.

In the House Su, Chuyi Zhao went for the cancellation of the wedding spread out, and Lin Su then became the one being teased by people for this thing.

Because of Zhen Su, to win in the King’s Battle was also impossible for Lin now. It was hard to wait until coming the King’s Battle, for he wanted to get a higher position. If Lin couldn’t get a higher peerage, he would be a subordinate of someone who had a higher peerage than him or killed in the King’s Battle! No, he didn’t want to die!

“Steward.” Su asked, Prepare the gifts, and I’ll go to the Third Lord!”

“Yes, my Lord!”


Ever since Mary Su got expelled from the royal family, the Third Lord had become a disgrace to the royal family. The Third Lord was surefooted for every step for more than ten thousand years, so low-key that there was hardly any news coming from them.

“Father, uncle Lin is here!” Ming Su, Zhen’s eldest son, came over to inform.

Zhen put down the book, a trace of confusion flashed in his eyes, my fifth-youngest brother? He said, “Invite your uncle to the main hall. I’ll be there later.”

“Yes, Father!” Ming said.

After Ming left, Zhen frowned; for it looked like the two Houses were in a good relationship, but in fact, they were no better than enemies to each other after that incident.

“As the saying goes, ‘The tree may prefer calm, but the wind will not subside’ ” “well, let’s see what he comes for,” Zhen said and went towards the main hall.

Soon, Zhen saw that Lin was taking the tea, and when he saw Zhen, he put off the teacup and stood up, “Brother!” Lin said.

“Lin!” Zhen replied.

They hadn’t seen each other for a few years, so the visit was a bit cringeworthy.

After Zhen saw plenty of precious gifts, he said in a shocking voice, “Lin, these are?”

“Brother, I am sorry for not visiting you for those past years.” Lin said, “those are some gifts I brought. I hope you will enjoy them.”

Zhen nodded and thanked, but he was more confused. After a little chat, he asked, “Lin, if there is anything I can help with, please let me know.”

Lin pondered and then said frankly, “The Lord’s battle is just around the corner, and I want to be an ally of you.” he didn’t bring up the things that happened years ago.

The past is the past; they had to survive for the present.

All his other brothers were aggressively ambitious and wanted to be the king and start the King’s Battle.

Their king was old and had no progress on anything for a hundred million years. By the regulations of the House Su, the old king should have retired, and there was no reason for the old king to hold the throne for so long.

In the last King’s Battle, the former king got injured, so, after the war, the current king got the throne rightfully.

“Union, you mean? But how to do it?” Zhen asked calmly.

“Brother, you and I ally to advance and defend during the battle together!” Lin said, “Only then can we survive this Lord’s battle and King’s battle.”

Every Lord’s Battle and the King’s Battle could be a purge of forces, a chance of entering the Chaos World, and even a death.

If you want to survive, you have to keep moving.

Zhen was silent, he actually had little interest in the Lord’s or King’s battles, and he was not the kind of person obsessed with power. Even so, he couldn’t help but plan for his own family. He had already lost a daughter, so he didn’t want to lose anything more.

“Ok, I agree!” Zhen finally said.

Zhen decided to ally with Lin.

Lin was over the moon and talked about the details of cooperation.

The two people just returned to get along with each other like ten thousand years ago.

It was quite a time before Lin left the Third Lord’s Mansion, and on the way to his Mansion, Lin sighed in his heart, “My brother was quite low-key, and he even broke through the Later period of the Endlessness Realm without making a sound.”

For Lin, he himself was at the middle period of the Endlessness Realm, but he felt good, for the higher the cultivation his brother got, the more benefit he would get from the alliance.

And Lin didn’t care his brother would suppress him, for the only thing he cared about was surviving in the Lord’s Battle.

As the news that Lin visited Zhen spread out, the other Lords started to make their plan.

“Pooh! Brother Zhen, who has allied with Lin, is good-for-nothing, just a wimp. Now two jellyfishes come together. What a perfect union!” One of the Lords said.

“The two incompetent people who brought shame to the Royal Clan!” another one spoke.

“Alliance against Lord’s and King’s battle? It’s useless, for everything is futile in front of true power.” another sound came from the crowd.

In the King’s palace, The king listened to the report of his subordinates and laughed in a hoarse voice: “It seems that my sons can’t wait to replace me.”

“Do they really think I am happy to sit on the throne? If they want it, then take it!

He was a king for so many years, and he knew better than them how cruel and brutal the King’s Battle was. Even the people at the Finishing Realm would die.

It was better to retire; at least he would not make himself get involved in that risk.

In Zhao Realm, a general named Kui Li got known for cruel manners, like disobeying and indiscriminately slaughter.

But all those rumors about Kui were exaggerated and spread by Kris Chen because he thought that could help him; at least, he thought he had got Wei Zhao controlled thoroughly.

He was in charge of hundreds of thousands of troops and had quite a lot of resources in his hands; although that meant nothing to Kui, that was good for enlisting people.

With his cooperation, more and more the Demon King’s armies got in. And along with his fame and achievements in battles, just in a few decades, Kui held an army of a million troops!

Kui used the goods of the Zhao family to empower his armies. What a smart guy!

Wei’s status was also naturally rising.

Even if it was hard to get Kui controlled, he was easy to talk to as long as not to provoke him.

The amazing thing was he could defeat a people at Half-step Chaos with no effort.

It showed that Kui was close to the Chaos and had power like generals; If he could break through the Chaos, he would have the fighting capacity like Lords.

Many people thought Wei had gotten lucky, for being sent to such a remote galaxy, Wei was still able to tap into a brave warrior like Kui.

With Wei’s elevated status, Kris Chen began to ask for a lot of cultivation resources on the pretext of his own repair.

Wei naturally would not be careless on this, for he would be the winner if Kui broke the Chaos.

“General Li, this is the Chaos Origin that the young master had a hard time begging for from the upper class, and there are ten copies of it!”

A man dressed as a eunuch came over and said with an envious face.

Although this Chaos Origin was only the size of a fist, it was definitely a treasure.

“Chaos Origin?” Kris Chen frowned, for he had a lot of that.

Nevertheless, he happily accepted it, “Well, it’s good, say thank you to Mr. Zhao for me.”

He swallowed all the Chaos Origin as soon as he took them. Seeing Kris Chen swallowing the Chaos Origin, the eunuch gulped saliva, and thought “if I can get one of them, definitely I can make a breakthrough to the Creation.” But in fact, he knew that was not going to happen.

When the eunuch left, a doppelganger walked in, “Now we have laid out on ten thousands of star realms and have eight billion troops in hand!”

“Far from enough, continue to expand. Now, first, we could get a hundred billion troops in hand!”

The Zhao Realm was far large, and that number of troops was not enough.

“Ask Demon Kris to speed up.” Kris Chen said.

The doppelganger nodded and turned to leave.

Whether Yang, Zhao, or Su, all those three realms were Kris Chen’s targets.

No matter Lord’s Battle or King’s Battle, Kris Chen wanted to get involved in both.

Kris Chen wanted to see where the Eternity World was.

“Is there really an Eternity world? For even the Chaos World would die,” Kris Chen thought.

He was scared, for he was afraid of another Other Realm would appear after he left the Other Realm, which would drive people crazy.

From Earth to the Gods and Demons Universe, the Main Universe, the Main Universe, Chaos and the Other Realm in where he was, but it was said that another world– Eternal Realm, was found; as if one world after another was strung together.

Whether the Other Realm world or the Eternity World, what Kris Chen only wanted was to transcend, completely, and be free.

After ascending to the Endlessness Realm, it was harder for Kris Chen to cultivate; even though time acceleration then had exceeded a million times, it was still hard!

The accumulation was not enough for him.

Whether to the Chaos Realm or the Endlessness Realm, it was from accumulation to breakthrough, not cultivation to breakthrough.

He had no alternative but asked Demon Kris to take hundreds of thousands of incarnations and doppelgangers to the Land of Chaos and Silence, where the space-time passed slowly with the millionth of speed here. So it was enough for him to complete the accumulation from the Endlessness Realm to the Finishing Realm.

Once he broke through to the Finishing Realm, he would reach the ceiling of this realm!

After the Inner Universe expanded and broke through the Main Universe, it currently held more than ten billion Star Realms and more than a million Chaos Realm beings.

Apart from the physical power, his full outburst of World Power was also very terrifying, and he should be able to defeat other people at the same level.

When Kris Chen was practicing Taoist magic art alone, the Great War of Ten Thousand Generals in the Su Realm was beginning.

The so-called War of Ten Thousand Generals was to select ten main commanders and one hundred vice commanders! The Zhao Realm was too big; so, there was a need for the main and deputy generals apart from kings.

After Wei received the news, he immediately made Kris Chen on the list, which was an excellent opportunity for Wei to reach the top. With his power, Kris Chen might be able to get the title of vice general.

“You tell Kui that he only needs to cultivate hard to level up his stage in the next ten years, and the resources will be covered by me!”

“Yes, my Lord!” said the guard and left.

In addition to the youngest king in Zhao Realm, there were tens of thousands of other related clans, so if Wei wanted to stand out from these people, Kris Chen could be the key person on his way to success.

Chapter 662: The Competition In North Region

“The Battle of Ten Thousand Generals? That’s impressive!” After hearing the news, Kris Chen laughed. A few minutes ago, he was thinking of further expanding his power, and now he could take advantage of the War of Generals. “What an opportunity!”

In addition to ten commanders and a hundred vice commanders, there were a thousand generals, ten thousand vice generals, and a hundred thousand generals! One carrot and one pit, one can make as many as one wants.

Kris Chen didn’t have much of anything, but many treasures and incarnations.

Yuan Kris deduced the method of a thousand changes, which could change the fluctuating state of Sun Soul; so there was no need to worry about revealing the air, and that was also the reason why Kris Chen was so reckless.

“Wait! what a good idea, and I can use this same method in Yang Realm and Su Realm!” Kris Chen tapped his head like he was self-condemned.

Not only the three realms, but he could also continue to further clone. There were a million large realms, and Kris Chen thought it was reasonable to take up one percent of that; beside, that was also a means of plundering resources! In this way should be able to enrich his base in a short period and improve strength.

It was quick that ten years had passed, and in the first five years, Kris Chen was frantically creating incarnations, and he had enough Chaos Origin to create incarnations at the early stage of the Chaos Realm.

The Chaos Origin he used was not the low grade like Wei Zhao sent him, but one represented a silent Chaos universe. The consumption was large, but it was still within the limits of acceptance.

While in the second five years, Kris Chen frantically refined the resources and absorbed the underlying essence.

Ten years was like ten million years in the Time Barrie, so every time Kris Chen finished practicing and out the Time Barrier, he felt that a brand new world was ahead to see.

“General Li, it’s time.” A eunuch stood at the door and shouted.

“Coming!” Kris Chen carried the big Xuan Axe and swaggered his way out of the Practicing Room. The stateliness on him was strong, and the spirit he showed made the eunuch tremble.

Wei was also waiting outside, and when he felt Kris Chen’s breath, he was shocked, “General Li you…”

Kris Chen interrupted and patted Wei’s shoulder, “Thanks to your resources, now I’m on a higher level.”

What! Wei was excited, “General Li, you mean that you have achieved the Chaos?”

“Well, almost, just broke through, so it is still a bit unstable!” Kris Chen replied.

With Kris Chen’s confirmation, Wei jumped to his feet in excitement, for that meant Kris Chen had the fighting capacity of a King, and he didn’t expect to get a warrior with a King’s fighting capacity! For Wei, Kris Chen now was like the jackpot he got, so his eyes looking at Kris Chen were full of excitement and happiness!

“Go take all the resources to General Li to stabilize his Stage!” Wei said.

Wei was also a man of courage, and resources were nothing to him; as long as Kui would win in the Battle of Ten Thousand Generals, all the investment on Kui would be worthy, and he would make a good fortune, as well!

Kris Chen looked at Wei, and he originally wanted to take advantage of him but didn’t expect Wei was so good and respectful to him. So Kris Chen decided to save his life when Wei encountered danger.

Soon the eunuch took out all the resources, and it was generous, although it was nothing to Kris Chen.

“Thanks, watch me well in this battle of Ten Thousand Generals.” Kris Chen patted Wei’s shoulder.

“We all depend on you now!”

Although it was called the Battle of Ten Thousand Generals, the number of participants was several hundred million people, all of whom were at the General Level.

The competition was composed of Galactic war, Star Realm War, the Regional Contest, and the final. Participants would get the corresponding title according to their ranking in a competition, and it was a little complex.

There were regulations that the participants could be injured and disabled, but not killed; for every general at the very least was the creation level of the strong, and they would be of use in the King’s Battle so they couldn’t die.

Soon Kris Chen stood on the ring of the Galactic Competition, and as far as his eyes could see were average warriors for him, and even the strongest was only at the half-step Chaos! Kris Chen could defeat them with no effort.

“Kui Li versus Da Wang!” Kris Chen stepped onto the stage, and his opponent was a burly, tall man with the bloodline of the monster race.

“It’s said that your ax is incredibly powerful, and no one has been able to resist your ax since your debut.” Da looked at Kris Chen, “I don’t believe it, so I…”

fore he could finish his sentence, a shocking ax light shot from the side, “Poof” the ax light penetrated his body and directly cut off Da’s arms and legs, “Bah, why people like you be a general and on the ring. ” Kris Chen spat, turned around, and jumped out of the ring.


The crowd under the stage was in an uproar, and General Da was a super person at the half-step Chaos, but he couldn’t resist Kui’s strikes, and those who supported Da were also booing. Da didn’t die, but it was even worse than killing him. Without his arms and legs, he was disabled and could only roll around the ring by his head.

“Brother Wei, your people are too ferocious!” Xiong Zhao looked at Wei and spoke unkindly.

Wei looked at his cousin, who had always been at odds with him, and laughed lightly, “They are on the ring, and if it was a battle between two armies, would the enemy give you the chance to nag?”

“And General Li has been merciful and in line with the rules, how could you say ferocious?” Wei insisted.

“Instead, my dear cousin, you should be good discipline your people; if they were in battles like they did today on the ring, it would be easy for them to be defeated.”

Xiong was furious, for Wei meant that his people were useless, vulnerable, and would definitely fail in the battles.

Although Xiong wanted to refute, that was true that his people lost, so he snorted, “Is that so? I hope he can go further on the stage.”

Xiong still had quite a few talents that could be of great use, and one of them was already infinitely close to the Chaos Stage, and he thought that guy could definitely defeat Kui.

After a while, the eunuch on the side shouted again, “Kui Li vs. Ding Zhang!”

Xiong smirked, for Ding was the one who was infinitely close to the Chaos Stage, and he could not wait to see Kui’s miserable defeat under Ding’s sword.

Ding stood in the ring, looked at Xiong, and nodded slightly.

Wei looked at Ding seriously, but he didn’t panic at all. Although Ding was infinitely close to the Chaos Stage, General Li was at the Chaos Stage, so even ten thousand people like Ding all together would not be a match for him.

“Wei, how about we make a bet?” Xiong said.

“Oh, a bet?” Zhao Wei asked.

“I bet Ding win; if he wins, you shall send Kui to me.”

Xiong liked Kui, and he thought even if Kui was not as good as Ding, he was definitely a fierce general; such a person, he wanted more.

“Brother, I don’t think it’s a good idea, is it?” Wei showed a little panic, and Xiong captured that subtle change in Wei’s face, so he was sure that Kui was not as strong as Ding.

“What? Are you afraid?” Xiong asked.

Wei gritted his teeth and said, “Not at all!”

“Good. So bet or not?” Xiong said again.

“I choose to bet!” Wei added, “If Kui wins, I want Ding!”

“No problem.” Xiong agreed without even thinking about it, for he thought there was no chance for Kui to win Ding.

Receiving Xiong’s message, Ding looked at Kris Chen, “General Li, I respect you as a fierce general, and why don’t we agree on three moves, I’ll take three moves from you, you take three moves from me, if you can’t take them, you’ll lose?”

Kris Chen smiled, “Good!”

“But I’m a person without patience, and three moves are too much, so how about one move?”

“One move ?” Ding said in confusion.

Ding looked at Xiong, and Xiong nodded slightly. with the permission of Xiong, Ding said, “Okay, one move.”

Ding held the blade in his hand and got ready to use full of his strength and power to strike.

“Swish!” One slash, then ten thousand Taoist energy exploded!

Kris Chen smiled and then threw out the ax he was holding.


The ax broke through the air, smashed the Blade Light, and collapsed ten thousand Taoist energy, then finally stopped in front of Ding’s feet, which made the audience gulp.

Ding was dumbfounded, and everyone in the audience was dumbfounded, except for Wei. Wei laughed and said, “Brother, thank you!”

Kris Chen walked over and put the ax on his shoulder, “Oops! It looks like I won!” After saying that, he jumped out of the ring!

At that moment, the thing Ding could feel were death, horror, and he found that Kui was further stronger than him!

Xiong also realized and looked at Wei, “You tricked me. You knew that Kui would win, right?”

Wei said with an innocent face, “My brother, that doesn’t make sense. It’s you that proposed the bet, not me.”

“And I really didn’t know that General Li Kui could win,” Wei added.

“You!” Xiong was angry and gritted his teeth but could do nothing. “Humph, watch your ass.” After saying that, he left angrily, for he felt ashamed to stay here, and a few royal members near him sneered when they saw this, “What a fool, lifting a stone to smash his own feet, he not only didn’t get the fierce general, but he lost his most strong general!”

“Young master, I…” Ding said aggrievedly.

“Go away, you punk!” Xiong bellowed and left in a hurry.

Being scolded in front of so many people, Ding felt awkward, humiliated, and finally, he said ruthlessly, “You think I’m a punk, well, I won’t follow you anymore!” then he strode in front of Wei, kneeled, “Nice to meet you, Young Master Wei!”

“Come on. It’s very nice to have you here on my side, General Zhang.” Wei said with joy in his heart.


Nothing was exciting about the Galactic Competition, and the top ten were soon decided; there was no wonder that Kris Chen won the first place, and Ding also ranked within the top ten!

Then Wei led a group of people to the center of the border Star Realm, The Great Worlds, hundreds of times larger than the Devil Land! At this time, the center of the Border Star Realm was crowded with millions of people!

The battle lasted for several months. A hundred were finally selected, and Kris Chen entered the Northern Region competition directly with first place in the Border Star Realm Competition.

Wei was so happy, for even if Kris Chen failed in the Regional Competition, it would be easy for him to come back and be a Boundary Star Realm General again, so his status would be further enhanced.

It was said that someone in the clan had already paid attention to Kris Chen; what’s more, that man had a reputation in the clan and expected to inherit a peerage.

To Wei, Kris was like the rising tide that lifted all the boats. Everything was thanks to Kris Chen, and Kris Chen became his precious treasure; whatever Kris Chen wanted, he could offer him, as long as Wei had.

There would be rewards for the people who won first place in competitions, whether the competition in the Galactic System or Border Star Realm. The award would be even more generous if they won first place or the top ten in the regional competitions!

Chaos Origin Essence was countless times more precious than the Chaos Origin. It was said that hundreds of thousands of the Chaos Worlds were needed to coalesce a fist-sized Essence of Origin, and it could be a good of use!

“Chaos Origin Essence, right?” Kris Chen smiled, “It will be mine!”

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