Chapter 663 – 664: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 663: Wei Zhao’s Ambition

Masters could be found everywhere in the Northern Region.

Except Half-step Chaos masters, there were also countless masters who were close to the Chaos Period or already reached it. They were either from noble families or directly controlled by royal members. What a magnificent scene!

The Northern Region was the most barren region among the five major regions. However, since it could have so many masters, what about other regions? There must be more.

Wei was also excited, if it wasn’t for Kris, he wouldn’t be qualified to come to such a grand competition. Many noble members came to chat with them on the way, he couldn’t imagine this before. Some even inquired him whether he was single or not. Their intention was obvious.

With Kris on his side, Wei became confident, noble families were not a big deal, he would marry one from the royal family.

But it would be difficult for General Li to win this time. However, as long as he could rank within a thousand, he would have the opportunity to participate the final round!

“General Li, don’t be stressful, just try your best.” Wei was already surprised by Kris’s strength.


Hearing this, Kris smiled, he never felt stressful, then he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll figure it!”

Wei nodded, although Kris was a bit overbearing, he was actually a nice person.

Soon, the competition began.

Tens of thousands of rings started at the same time.

The royalty and nobility were sat in the front, then the prestigious families, tycoons were sitting at the back. Some wanted to use this opportunity to find a good husband for their daughters. In such a cruel world with classes, this was the best way to become powerful.

As long as it could help their families, they were willing to let their daughters to be concubines, not to mention their wives.

Although Wei was a popular man, he was from the lower class.

Kris had defeated an enemy by his axe. Seeing this, Wei felt relived, “Fortunately, the opponent is only a Half-step Chaos.”

“If he can take ten rounds, then he can start the second session.”

The higher Kris ranked, the richer he was, and more possibility he would won the competition.

Kris defeated all his opponents in the following rounds. However, when he came to the eighth round, he met a powerful opponent who was a master in Chaos stage.

Wei felt very nervous.

He knew this bald warrior who was a follower of Young Lord. He was really very powerful.

“Can General Li win this battle?”

Wei didn’t knew the answer, however, seeing that Kris was standing there quietly, he calmed down.

After fighting for a while, Kris pretended to be weak and suddenly kicked the man off the ring.

Seeing this, Wei jumped up in excitement, he won the battle!

“General Li, you are so strong!”

Wei rushed to him.

“Well, he is powerful too!”

Wei was shocked by Kris’s strength in the following battles. Each time he pretended to be stressed, but often managed to win at a critical time.

“Finally, he enters the eleventh round.”

Wei took a deep breath, this meant that Kris had the chance to take the next session.


Wei bowed at him.

Kris waved his hand, “Don’t do this, if you have higher status, it’s good for me too!”

He was telling the truth, the higher Wei’s status was, the better he would be protected.

Wei was also accustomed to his way of talking.

After seeing so many hypocrites, he really liked Kris who was plain and sincere.

After a day of break, the eleventh round began!

This time, Kris’s opponent was also a king-level warrior at the early stage of Chaos, the man standing behind him seemed to be a royal member.

The royal member was the descendants of the ten Kings.

Although not knowing the exact generations, he was indeed more noble than others.

Someone once joked that the land of the direct lineage of the royal family was comparable to the collateral lineage of prince!

Although it was a joke, it directly pointed out the pain of those collateral relatives.

“Our master admires you, Wei can give you nothing, if you choose to surrender, we promise to give you a bright future.” Kris’s opponent said.

Kris frowned, “You’re taking nonsense.”

“What did you say?”

“Don’t talking nonsense, just get started.” Then Kris used his forces and rushed to the man with his axe.


In the blink of an eye, they fought violently.

“Since you refused me, I won’t treat you nice.”


Just at this moment, he was kicked off.

Kris clapped his hands, “How dare you to say that since you are so weak?”

The prince was shocked and couldn’t believe his eyes. His follower was defeated like this.

Wei was very excited, General Li had won again! He really had great potentials.

Although that man hadn’t reached the Middle period of Chaos, he was close to it.

Cultivation was like climbing, one step could brought more.

Although the prince was angry about his follower’s words, he could do nothing. The competition had its rules.

“Humph, what a reckless man, I’ll just see his performances.” The prince said angrily. He had made up his mind to give Kris a lesson after this.

After the morning competition, the twelfth round started in the afternoon.

This time, Kris’s opponent was a Middle period master!

Kris felt ashamed to fight with these guys for they were really very weak.

Even if he was just a Supreme Lord, he could defeat them easily.

“I see, there are also classes in the Chaos.” Kris simply took himself as the standard.

To be honest, Kris was absolutely invincible in the same Stage.

These so-called Middle period masters were not that powerful. However, compared with former ones, he was better, but just better.

They didn’t say anything and directly fought together.

The Moon Scepter was not qualified to be a weapon of a master at his stage. He was weaker than the Supreme Lord.

Even the Supreme Lord could create a universe.

Kris totally lost his interest, after knowing his weakness, he directly kicked him off.

“Wonderful. General Li win again.”

Wei jumped up with excitement, General Li had already defeated many people, as long as he could hold for two more rounds, he would be promoted.

As long as he could enter the final competition, he would definitely win the battle.


The two eunuchs beside him hurriedly congratulated him.

When Kris had entered the eleventh round of the competition, the master of the collateral lineage immediately elevated his status. Although a bit lower than those royal members, it sounded better.

Wei didn’t need to act modest in the future. Kris had helped him a lot.

“Well, this is your award!”

Then the two eunuchs hurriedly thanked him.

In the thirteenth round, Kris also met Middle period warriors, they were more powerful than the former two. However, Kris still defeated them quickly.

The fourteenth round was just the same.

But at this moment, Wei was extremely excited.

“He can enter the final competition!”

Not only Wei, the two eunuchs were also excited, they didn’t expect to see such a powerful man.

If Kris could won this battle, then Wei would have a bright future. He could also be a prince! If this happens, they would really gain a lot.

“General Li, how about giving up the next competitions and just take the final one!” Wei asked in a polite manner.

“Why, this is good for my cultivation, I have to go on.” Then Kris waved his hands and said, “I have made up my mind, don’t worry, even if i fail, it’s not a big deal. Besides, if I win, we will benefit a lot!”

Hearing this, Wei nodded. The competition had its own rule and it was bad to disturb it.

The two eunuchs looked at each other and smiled bitterly, they didn’t know who was the real prince. However, they got used to this.

As for the one who wanted to take revenge on Kris, he gave up his plan directly.

Since Kris had entered the fifteen rounds, he was not qualified to take revenge on him. He was only one of those royal members.

“Well, I’ll just take it!” The prince said in his heart.

Kris also received many invitations. Although it was not good to do that, as long as they could succeed, that was enough. People were used to do such things. They were always greedy.

The one who played a decisive role was the king-level warrior!

Regardless of his ages, as long as he was a king-level warrior, that was enough.

Kris refused them all for they couldn’t give him what he wanted.

Those who entered the fifteen rounds were all king-level warriors, they were all trumps of those families.

Kris’s next opponent was also a Middle period warrior. He kicked him off as well.

“Top 500!”

Wei was shocked, Kris had just entered the Chaos, how could him be so powerful?

Then he remembered what Kris had done in Half-step Chaos, at that time, he also defeated his opponents one by one with the axe.

“He is invincible in the same Stage!”

This thought suddenly appeared in Wei’s minds.

If that was true, that would be great. He could probably win the battle. Wei started to imagining the scene that he was sitting on the Prince seat. Besides, if Kris became more powerful in the future, his status would be promoted. He could be the King of Ten Clans!

At this moment, he was buzzing

Chapter 664: Basic Moves, No Fuss

The sixteenth rounds began.

There was no superfluous nonsense. Kris Chen fought with the other freely.

Although the other side was only in the early stage of chaos, he was deep in the foundation. His cold look showed obvious confidence in his own strength.

With a sharp move, he put the magic power of Taoism into the sword, which was very powerful.

There were quite a lot of talents. Kris was also interested in competing with others to learn the essence.

The more basic it was, the more it could strengthen the foundation.

After a hundred thousand moves, Kris defeated the opponent in front of him.

Kris bowed his hands, not as rude as those people before.

“Thanks for showing mercy to us, General Li.”

This man was a person who could afford to lose. He took a deep look at Kris, turned around and left.

Wei Zhao came up excitedly, “General Li, you have entered the top 200.”

“Basic operation, no fuss.”

As Kris said that, he went to one side with an air of importance to restore mana and strength.

The number of people had dropped sharply, and the schedule of the challenge arena had been accelerated.

After half an hour’s rest, the 17th round of the competition officially began.

More and more later, the winner general would get more and more attention.

“At the beginning of chaos, ha ha…”

The comer was a skinny man, who was dressed in gold armor and full of dignity. Impressively, he was a king-level general in the Later Period of chaos.

Kris was speechless. He was afraid that the man was another arrogant man.

He suddenly said, “Gee, there’s a shooting star!”

The man was stunned and immediately looked up to the sky.


At this moment, the giant axe in his hand flew out at ten thousand times supersonic speed.


Before the man came his senses, his body flew up in an instant and bent into a bow in midair.


A mouthful of blood burst out. Then he fell out of the challenge arena, losing movement.

There was an uproar in the audience.

“Sneak attack, it is a sneak attack!”

“Shameless, too shameless!”

“Being a fighter means that you have to be crafty, which is called catching by surprise.”

“That’s to say, he was being careless in the challenge arena, so he deserved to be knocked down.”

The audience in the stands discussed with each other immediately and lively.

“Axe, come to me.”

Kris shouted, and then the giant axe flew from one side.

Looking at the giant axe, Kris went step by step to the stage.

“Win, win again!”

Wei jumped up excitedly. Although the winning this time was not so honorable, winning was winning still.

Kris made it to the top 100.

He knew clearly what it meant to advance to the top 100 in the northern region.

He was one step closer to the position of king.

“General Li, this is the source of chaos. Mr. Zong gave it to me a few days ago. Please take it quickly.”

The source of chaos in Wei’s hands was high-grade goods, even if it was not as good as that of Kris refined himself, it was about the same.

He glanced at Wei, this man was indeed willing to make an investment.


After taking over the chaos source, Kris stepped aside and closes his eyes for rest.

The morning passed in a flash. In the 18th round of the competition in the afternoon, Kris successfully made it to the top 50. So far, he had won 17 rounds in a row. At present, he was one of the top 10 with the highest popularity.

“Come on, Black General. Kill him. I’ve put a bet of 100 chaos sources on you. If I win the bet, I’ll give you half…”

People in the stands roared one after another.

Naturally, their chaos sources were low-grade goods, which Kris didn’t appreciate at all.

“How much is your bet?”

Wei inquired.

One of the eunuchs said, “Lord, we bet 10,000 chaos sources in total.”

“It’s not enough, put everything I have on it. General Li will win.”

Maybe it was Kris’s successive victories that gave him the confidence, he always felt that the general could make it to the top ten.

“Yes, lord.”

The old eunuch ran to make another bet.

Kris examined the man in front of him. A suit of black armor couldn’t cover his muscles at all.

“Oh, from the ancient god clan?”

He looked at the man in front of him with great interest.

The ancient god clan devoured the stars for practice. It was a strong tribe, belonging to a branch of the True God.

This man held a mace in his hand and put it on the challenge arena, and dense cracks spread around.

It was very heavy.

Kris thought of what Gusu said.

Wasn’t it made of magnetostar?

Was it a kind of public threat?

Kris also put his axe on the challenge arena.


The challenge arena was directly divided into half from the middle.

From the beginning to the present, no one had beat him in strength competition since his debut.

His giant axe was made of the hardest and heaviest chaotic rock, which was thousands of times heavier than a magnetostar.

Not surprisingly, the ancient god’s face changed, and there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

The black-faced man looked powerful.

“Do you want to fight?”

Kris touched his ear, looked at him and carried the axe on his shoulder. “If you don’t start it, allow me.”

“Let’s fight!”

The man waved the mace, like a bombardment of billions of stars.


Kris blocked it with the giant axe. Great power came through the weapon.

Not bad, but it didn’t hurt Kris at all.

The physical strength of Endless Stage was terribly powerful.

“Let you have a taste of my attack.”

Kris smiled, and the giant axe cut down.

With a “Zi”, the mace was cut off from the middle. The axe hovered above the man’s head.

The shocking scene dazzled everyone.

“I lose, I can’t even take a single axe attack.”

The man was frightened. He was the ancient god. The ancient god always dominated through the flesh.

“Sorry, I didn’t control the force well all of a sudden.”

As speaking, Kris kicked him in the stomach. In the surprising eyes of the crowd, the man flew out of the challenge arena.

“Win, we win, he enters top 20.”

This time, Wei didn’t get carried away as complacent as before, as if he had expected the result.

The black general had a profound foundation, invincible at the same Stage.

Absolutely a king-level senior general.

Being able to enter the top 20 in the region, he was an absolutely powerful fighter in the whole Zhao area.

He was the only qualified for the position of king.

He clenched his fist and his ambition swelled.

In the 19th round, Kris shot down the opponent with a hundred moves.

In the 20th round, after a hundred moves, he successfully entered the top three.

In the 21st round, Kris beat the opponent with a thousand moves.

Up to now, the Black General won 21 consecutive victories and won the first place in the northern region.

Looking at the essence of chaos source in the hand, Kris nodded, it was not a waste of time after all.

Such a small ball was better than the thousand chaos source he refined.

He didn’t know if he could use the method of chaos original source to refine it.

“Yuan Kris, analyze it well.”

He threw the essence of the original source to Yuan Kris and walked to Wei. “When will you go to the central region?”

“Set out tomorrow and arrive in three days.”

Wei said.

Kris nodded and did not ask more. After going back to his room, he closed door and began to practice Taoist magic art alone.


On the second day, Kris followed Wei to central region, which was the center of Zhao area and also the most prosperous place.

More than 100,000 talented generals stood out and gathered in the middle of Zhao area.

The challenge arena was directly put in the void.

Was this for them to do their best?

However, it was two days before the competition. Wei and Kris strolled around the central region. This time, Zong directly gave him a quota for the rank of fight king.

As long as Kris was able to win the position of deputy general, the position of king would be his.

There were 10,000 deputy generals, that was to say, Kris only needed to make it to the fifth round.

As the king of the northern region, the fighting power of Kris should have no big problem in entering the top five.

This deputy general’s position was not ordinary, who could at least control hundreds of thousands of star domains. As long as Kris went up smoothly, it could bring unimaginable gains to the clan.

This was a down-to-earth benefit.

No wonder Zong was willing to give him the throne of king.

To put it bluntly, it was all about interests.

Wei was calculating secretly in his heart, and Kris knew it.

What was a deputy general? If he wanted, the general was his.

Well, never mind about the general. Deputy general was OK. Too exaggerating would attract unnecessary attention.

He just wanted to make more profits.

Demon Kris was on the move. His avatars and incarnations were also on the move.

The resources delivered daily were horrible.

It could provide hundreds of thousands of chaotic region resources at the same time, and he could use them at will.

And this share would only increase as time went on.

Endless Stage required too many resources. He could only make a qualitative change through accumulation of quantity.

“Look, General Li is going on the stage!”

Said the old eunuch in a shrill voice.

Wei smiled and didn’t pay much attention. In the first round, no matter what, Kris could advance smoothly.

Sure enough, after fighting with others for a hundred moves, he shot the other sides down.

Kris entered successfully into the second round.

After that, Kris made it to the fifth round like the style of autumn wind sweeping fallen leaves.

“Yes, the position of the king is completely stable.”

Wei raised his fist excitedly


From a child of ordinary branch of the royal family, to the lord, and then to the king-to-be, it only took him more than ten years.

Becoming a king, he could start a government, even a governor was not impossible.

The kings in the Zhao region were innumerable like cattle hairs, while the governors were only less than 100,000. That was the gap.

In the fifth round, Kris still remained stable and solved the opponent within a hundred moves.

The sixth round…the tenth round, Wei was getting short of breath.

Chris had entered the tenth round of the competition. The general under his command had become a great fighter.

He had already guessed that Kris would get a good place in the final, but he didn’t expect that he was so tough.

This was indeed a great fighter!

Only a thousand generals were set up in the whole Zhao region, which was for the king’s war in a few hundred years later.

The strength and discourse power they could master was greater.

Even the old eunuch jumped up with excitement.

The king who had generals had boundless prospects, which was absolutely an existence for various forces.

They were going to be famous.

This time, they would be totally famous.

On the surface, Kris remained indifferent, but on the inside, he was still peaceful.

Even later the opponents got stronger, it was not a single move to defeat the enemy for Kris.

Especially when he broke through the middle period of the Endless Stage, it was even more obvious.

After the Endless Stage, it was unification. After unification, it was detachment.

Over the years, his influence had reached far and he knew a lot of information.

Zhao region, Yang region and Su region were the strongest. It was said that there were many endless stages. There must be normalization stages, but not knowing how many.

So before he broke through unification, he chose to keep a low profile.

When the battel for the king came, it was the time for him to show off his strength. These royal families had fought chaos, so they must seize many good things.

Thousands of accumulations, it was terrible just to think about it!

Kris stepped into the challenge arena. The opponent of the competition was a general of the fulfilled stage.

He could use the mixed golden hammer, with a sturdy body, a ghost face and tusks. It turned out to be the general of the ghost clan.

The opponent was like a ghost, giving people a creepy feeling and making their hair stand on end.

What a fellow, as if he was shooting a horror movie, no special effects needed.

Kris had contact with gods, demons, Buddhas and monsters, but he had little contact with ghosts.

Those who could make it to the top ten were not ordinary people.

As soon as Kris got on the stage, the other side rushed over.

Kris liked this combat mode, fighting a quick battle to force a quick decision.

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