“By the way, what to eat?” Chuck Cannon ran over and asked.


Black Rose has no idea, she just wants to eat the mung bean cake that Chuck Cannon brought for her last time.

“I don’t eat hamburgers.” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to eat this. He is Huaxia and must be looking for Huaxian dishes to eat. It happened that Chuck Cannon remembered that there was a restaurant opened by his mother nearby. He can go there and eat.

It has everything.

“Everything ordered casually,” Black Rose exasperated.

Chuck Cannon muttered, driving to this place, and Black Rose followed.

Two people arrived at the restaurant, Chuck Cannon read the menu, ordered three dishes, and then gave Black Rose to order her.

“Whatever you would let me say it several times?”

Black Rose was indifferent.

“Don’t be angry, what do you do when you are angry?” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“Who told you to be so long-winded?”

“This, that, all right,” Chuck Cannon casually ordered two more and let the kitchen cook.

“Master, Manager Betty Bernard said, there is a little yellow croaker, won’t you eat this today?” The waiter said with a smile.

When Chuck Cannon came to the restaurant, Betty Bernard was called.

“I won’t eat that today, I’m hungry. These five dishes should be served quickly,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, please wait, master,” the waiter went to the back kitchen.

The dishes came in a while.

Chuck Cannon ate immediately, but the Black Rose was very gentle and finished silently. After all, she didn’t eat it in the morning, and she also felt that Huaxia’s dishes were delicious.

Everyday burgers are very monotonous, where are they like Chinese dishes, so rich and varied?

After eating, the waiter smiled and asked, “Master, over there in the kitchen, I have prepared snacks for you, I will bring them right away.

“What snack?”

“Mung bean cake!” the waiter said.

“Mung bean cake?” Chuck Cannon was surprised, “Black Rose, do you want this?”

The Black Rose is annoyed, so she definitely wants it.

But she was embarrassed to say it.

“Forget it, you lost everything that was given to you last time. You don’t like to eat mung bean cake, so let’s do something else,” Chuck Cannon said.

“So what’s the trouble? Mung bean cake is mung bean cake,” Black Rose was annoyed.

Is this a fool?

“Um, okay.” Of course, Chuck Cannon has no opinion. He always thinks that mung bean cake is delicious.

“The young master waits a minute, I’ll bring it here,” the waiter smiled and went to the back kitchen.

In less than a minute, a plate of mung bean cake came over.

“Eat,” Chuck Cannon gave a piece to Black Rose.

“Don’t you take it, I will do it myself,” Black Rose opened Chuck Cannon’s hand, took a piece of it by herself, and took a bite. It still tasted delicious.

Chinese things are really delicious.

Chuck Cannon didn’t care anymore. He ate a few pieces and left it for Black Rose.

She actually finished eating, Chuck Cannon was shocked, “It’s delicious, isn’t it?”

“So so,” Black Rose said blankly.

“Do you regret it?”

“What do I regret?” Black Rose frowned.

“Didn’t you say that the mung bean cake I brought you last time, you just lost it. If you knew it was so delicious, you would definitely not lose it.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Why do you have so many words? Let’s go back,” Black Rose snorted coldly.

Chuck Cannon shrugged.

When the two came out of the restaurant, Black Rose asked, “Alice wants to fight your mother Karen Lee?”

Otherwise, why would she come and meet the Ouke family?

“No, she won’t.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. Chuck Cannon was not sure before, but now, he has a relationship with Alice. Chuck Cannon knows that Alice will not go against her mother because she doesn’t want to fight with him. Right!

You have an agreement with her, right?

Black Rose didn’t say much.

Chuck Cannon thought of Alice and sighed. This time there was no such anger as Kristen happened. In the end, he was a man and was comforted by a woman. Chuck Cannon didn’t expect it!

But he knows that Alice is actually a knife mouth tofu heart, she is actually very gentle.

When she comforted Chuck Cannon just now, Chuck Cannon realized this kind of tenderness.

Chuck Cannon didn’t think much and went straight home, and Black Rose followed…


The water splashed on Alice’s head.

She let the cold water wash down, and it took a long, long time before she came out of the bathroom.

She was sitting on the sofa absent-minded and confused.

How could this be?

What was just now was a dream, she should forget it!

But why can’t she forget it?

Alice was shocked, uncomfortable, and confused.


The phone rang.

Pulling the confused Alice back, she answered.

“Patriarch, the woman you mentioned, I have killed her with a single shot! The body has also been processed, leaving no traces!”

“Okay! Where’s her brother?” Alice’s beautiful eyes shot cold light, this matter must not be let others know.

“Her brother, was killed by Black Rose, the Patriarch, what should I do now?”

The cold light in Alice’s beautiful eyes is full, “How is the Ouke family’s situation?”

“Karen Lee’s strength is too strong, forcing the Ouke family to be very dangerous!”

“Dangerous? I’ll make it more dangerous! Blew up all the companies of the Ouke family!!” Alice said coldly.

“Patriarch, this?? You think twice!” This person was shocked. Is this going to be mixed in?

“I thought about it twice, blow it up for me!” Alice said coldly.

“Yes, don’t worry, I will do it to your satisfaction.”


The phone was hung up, and Alice fell into the cold. If nothing happened today, she would not attack the Ouke family, but what happened today angered Alice and she must do it! !

But after she was angry, she became confused again, “I was actually with Chuck Cannon…”

She muttered to herself.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” Emily opened the door and came in. Seeing Alice’s face blank, she was astonished.

“It’s okay,” Alice came back hurriedly, blowing her hair herself.

“Mom, I’ll help you,” Emily came over coquettishly, blowing her hair.

“Did you finish?” Alice asked.

“How can it be so fast? I want to defeat Chuck Cannon, and teach him a lot. I must learn a little longer. I want to surprise him!” Emily vowed.

She has found a particularly powerful fighter who taught her how to fight. She must defeat Chuck Cannon. This is her goal.

Because if she defeated Chuck Cannon, her impression in Chuck Cannon’s heart would be improved.

“Emily, what would you teach him? He saved you,” Alice shook her head, unconsciously serious.

“How could he save people? Whoever saved people, knocked others out, didn’t show up. Even more uncertain whether I was saved or not, so I ran away, how could he save people like that!” Emily hummed.

But in her heart, she occasionally thought of this and felt a little happy.

It satisfies her hero’s plot to save the United States beauty. Although the situation was not satisfactory at the time, it felt the same.

“Then he also saved you, who told you to treat him that way?” Alice said.

“Mom, why did you speak for him today?” Emily acted like a baby, also feeling incredible.

Her own mother, hasn’t she been uncomfortable with Chuck Cannon? Nothing suddenly helped him speak?

No reason!

“I… I didn’t speak for him, this is one yard into one yard,” Alice was a little flustered, but calmed down.

“I know, but I don’t really want to teach him, I just want to beat him,” Emily said very seriously.

She didn’t think of anything, and it was even more impossible to think about what has happened to Alice and Chuck Cannon.

Why would she think about that?

“That’s good,”

“Mom, why did you speak for him?” Emily is more curious about this, what’s the situation?

“I haven’t.”

“You have,” Emily said.

“I didn’t, really didn’t.” Alice had no confidence. In this case, she also unknowingly spoke for Chuck Cannon.

It may be because of guilt!

I don’t even want to see Emily do anything to hurt Chuck Cannon again.

Emily was surprised, “Mom, what’s the matter with you?”

“It’s okay,”

Alice shook her head, sighed in her heart, and said seriously to Emily, “Daughter, I have no objection to you learning to fight, but I am now cooperating with Chuck Cannon. He is a partner of our family. Don’t do this to him. What is it, can you promise this to me?”

“Mom, you…” Emily was surprised, “Mom, I didn’t want to do anything to him, I just wanted to beat him.”

“Well, that’s fine.” Alice sighed in her heart, and she felt relieved a lot.

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