Chapter 665 – 666: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 665: The Reverse Training Techniques

In Kris’s eyes, the ghost soldier was just a supporting character who didn’t deserve a name. It took Kris a hundred moves to knock him out of the ring.

Kris fought from the eleventh round to the seventeenth round of the competition and made it to the top 200.

In the 18th round, Kris’ opponent was a practitioner in the Endless Stage, a general of the Eleventh King. He was powerful, but there was no way he could beat Kris.

Kris had the power of billions of chaotic universes to support him. In terms of cultivation, he was in the middle period of the Endless Stage.

This time, it took Kris nearly ten thousand moves to defeat his opponent.

The moment the man was defeated, Wei Zhao could no longer restrain his excitement. When Kris came down from the ring, everyone greeted him and he was the center of attention. Everyone looked at him with admiration.

After Kris won, he could be the vice supreme commander. His status was even higher than Wei Zhao.

“Everything is as I expected. But the next dual is extremely challenging. I guess I can make the top twenty rounds at most.” said Kris.

The nineteenth round soon began, and the fight became tougher as Kris fought for more than 100,000 moves to take down his opponent. In the end, he made it to the top twenty rounds.

Even if he only made it to the top 20, he still got a lot of treasures like the Other Realm flower and the Eternal Life Spring.

The Other Realm flower grows in the chaos. Every Other Realm flower that matures represents the demise of a Chaos World. Then all the beings in the Chaos World will become the nutrients of the flower. No matter who eats this flower, he will get the power of a Chaos World.

Kris ate the two flowers without even thinking about it.

“What a great treasure.” Kris marveled. He made up his mind to let Demon Kris got some more of the Other Realm flowers.


Chaos does not keep track of the year, but the Chaos World of Other Realm keeps track of years. To be precise, Chaos is not immortal. After about a million years, Chaos will wither away.

This is why people in this world do not take Chaos World seriously, because sooner or later it will wither away. It’s better for practitioners to make it become their cultivation resource.

There are two kinds of Chaos Worlds. One is the man-made Chaos World, which has a slightly weaker foundation. One type of Chaos World is the one that evolves on its own by relying on the Other Realm. This type of Chaos World has a strong foundation and can produce superb warriors.

But even though the Other Realm Chaos World has millions of domains fighting Chaos World, it still can’t keep up with the speed of reproduction.

Kris thought that maybe it was a competitive mechanism, the law of selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior in the Chaos World of Other Realm.

“If that’s the case, what does the Chaos World of Other Realm rely on? The Eternal Realm?” he thought.

He instinctively felt that there were countless other worlds like the Chaos World of the Other Realm beyond this one. If so, perhaps there would be higher worlds beyond the Eternal Realm.

“Tao has no end. What is the point of endless cultivation like this?” Kris was puzzled. He then dispersed the doubts in his mind. There was no point in thinking about this now. “Anyway, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” He said to himself.

With the end of the War of Ten Thousand Generals, Kris also received a transfer order. Wei Zhao also became the general as he wished. He was in control of ten great generals, a hundred vice generals and thirty million warriors.

Kris managed to enter the center of power in the Zhao Region. His superior was a relative of the eleventh king. It is said that he is the great-great grandson of the Eighth King.

Wei took Kris with him to meet the supreme commander. His name is Fu Zhao, a practitioner in the half-step Endless Stage who is the sixth strongest of all supreme commanders. The first in the ranking is the king’s grandson. His strength is close to the Endless Stage.

Soon, Kris took his men to his war zone. After returning to the zone, Kris summoned his doppelganger to manage everything, and then began to cultivate.


By the time Kris awoke from practicing magic art, a hundred years had passed.

Every cell in his body was now at the Endless Stage. The Main Universe in his body had already accommodated 50 billion star fields, far exceeding the Main Universe of Chaos World.

He came out this time mainly for the Other Realm flower.

Over the years his power had spread to 80,000 great domains. The Chaos Universe he owned also exceeded one million billion. He now had billions of the Other Realm Flowers

Kris then threw all kinds of magic treasures into his Inner Universe.

Demon Kris spent hundreds of thousands of years inside the Time Barrier to absorb all the Other Realm flowers.

Kris even planned to use reverse training technique to improve his power, trying to make up for this entire previous stages.

Even Yuan Kris was shocked when he learned about his cultivation method.

“Your cultivation method requires a lot of resources. Once you succeed, your power can increase by more than ten times.” Yuan Kris said. “Likewise, the resources you have to consume should be multiplied by ten.”

“Demon Kris will find a way to raise the resources.” Kris said, “I’m thinking of spreading our forces throughout the Other Realm world before the War of King comes.”

“The Chaotic Silent Land is enough for me to improve my power.” Kris continued, “I need you to help me with your reverse deduction technique.”

At this time, Kris also did not suppress the evolution of the beings in the Main Universe of his body. Many had reached the later period of Chaos .His Great Tao also had three hundred million.

“Fine, but I need tens of millions of years to prepare the reverse training technique.” Yuan Kris said. He has hundreds of millions of Chaos Worlds to back him up, and the reverse deduction technique was not difficult for him, but it took time.

Kris nodded his head. At the same time, he gave orders to his doppelgangers to collect more treasures that could enhance his stage.

While Yuan Kris was working on the reverse training technique, Kris’s doppelganger began to lurk in the main regions, taking control of the main locations.

Soon Yuan Kris was also ready for the method of reverse training. This would help Kris to reverse his training to the acquired stage, so that he can improve to the extreme in every stage

Kris started to train himself from the acquired stage. Although the acquired stage was easy to practice, it consumed a lot of his treasures.

It took Kris several hundred years to re-train from the innate-power stage, the return-to-nature stage, to the back-to-self stage. So his strength increased by about twenty percent.

The twenty percent increase also brought Kris closer to the later period of Endless Stage.

He spent another million years cultivating from pill formation, primal spirit, accumulated spirit, to actualized spirit. Then his power increased by 60%.

He continued to cultivate from Holy Realm, the True God, Creation, and Supreme Lord. After reaching the stage of Supreme Lord, the bottleneck of Endless Stage shattered.

Every cell in his flesh was also elevated to the early stage of Endless Stage. The single universe in his body held more than eighty billion star fields.


Soon eight hundred years had passed in the world of the Other Realm, and the whole world began to become turbulent. There was also more and more friction between the great regions. Everyone was waiting for the amazing war in two hundred years. Meanwhile there were more and more revolts everywhere. But no one was concerned about these revolts. They only cared about the greater good.

Demon Kris’ army had already covered all the great regions. He had people all over the world.

He also became the supreme spiritual leader. He was waiting for the opportunity to reach the Endless Stage in two hundred years, when he would also have reached the stage long ago.

Now he also cultivated the reverse training technique, and his strength reached the middle period of the Endless Stage. Only he himself was not sure how strong he was when he used his full strength, so today he rushed directly into the center of the Yang Domain in order to find out his true strength.

Yang Domain is not as strong as Zhao Domain and is comparable to Su Domain. There are a total of ten kings here. They outwardly claimed that all ten kings were masters in the stage of Chaos Realm, but such nonsense would only fool the ignorant. They are definitely masters in the Endless Stage.

Demon Kris was a little surprised when he looked at the majestic king’s palace in front of him. It’s not so much a royal palace as it is a royal city. There are millions of people living in it, all serving only one person. The extravagance of the royal family is evident.

“Hello, People of the royal family, get out now.” Demon Kris called out. He was wearing a black robe and a mask on his face. He concealed his breath to prevent the other party from detecting his Divine Spiritual Power.

Chapter 666: Kill the Normalization Stage

A great power arose in the kingdom, and countless people flew out.

Looking at the man in black over their head, people in the palace were all furious, “How dare you stand above the palace!”

“Go to hell! ” Many people performed magic power at the same time, with countless fierce attacks directed towards Demon Kris.

But he just gently pointed to them, all their attacks were cracked into ash. “You trash, was that all you can do? ”

Seeing that Demon Kris had easily cracked their attacks, many people felt distinctly uneasy.

Among them, many were the royal disciples of the Chaos Stage. Even if the man was at later period of the Chaos, it still should be quite hard for him to resist their attacks.

“Who are you? ” At that time, a young man stood up. He was the hundredth son of the Ten King, Qie Yang, who had achieved cultivation in the later period of the Chaos.

“I am your father! ” Demon Kris clenched his fist, and immediately attacked towards them, “Today I’m gonna flatten the kingdom! ”

The boundless divine force burst out, in front of which all people felt that they were so small and weak, and that thousands of chaos worlds would be cracked into ash by that punch.


With just one punch, half of the kingdom collapsed and hundreds of thousands of royal disciples died.

This punch completely shocked the kingdom.

A terrible atmosphere arose from every corner of the kingdom.

The later period of the Chaos, fulfilled period of the Chaos, half-step Endless Stage, and even the super powers of the Endless Stage were all shocked.

Different powers were interwoven and even the sky would be crushed.

Demon Kris laughed scornfully, “That’s it? Is that all your royal family has? ”

“Damn it! ”

A giant palm covered the sky and slapped from above.

A huge sword that seemed to cut everything off came across.

Fierce flames flew up from the bottom. That was the chaotic fire, and even the Endless Stage would peel off once touched it.

What followed was a series of mighty attacks.

“Oh, here comes the starter! ”

“Invincible Cosmic Explosion Divine Fist! ”

In the face of these, Demon Kris only gave one punch, no matter what boundless divine force, or an extremely fierce magic weapon you have, all will be destroyed into ash under his iron fist.

“Boom! ”

The attacking magic weapon hit the fist and instantly collapsed and turned into flying ash!

Countless royal disciples vomited blood.

The huge fist, hit hard on the ground, directly appeared a bottomless hole.

“You are all losers. Does your royal family just has so few people? Where are your Endless Stage and Normalization Stage? Come out! ”

Everyone looked at Demon Kris in horror, wondering where this astonishing troll came from and when the royal family provoked him.

Hundreds of Endless Stages fight him at the same time, but still could not withstand his one punch.

“Where’s our father? Isn’t he in the kingdom? ”

“No, he went to uncle Eight King’s home. ”

“Hurry up to notify father. ”

An immediate disciple of the royal family shouted loudly. “Old ancestor, help! ”


The kingdom split, a skinny hand stretched out from the crack, and a strange and ominous black air escaped from it.

What came after was an atmosphere of terror.

“Who dares to offend my kingdom. ” A hoarse voice sounded from the ground, as if in the sky, and as if close to the ear.

“Sure enough, there is a normalization stage superpower!” Demon Kris was serious. He felt a strong power, even a trace of it could freeze the Chaos Realm.

The suppression on this Realm will become more severe as it goes on.

“Try my second gear first! ”

“Serious Invincible Cosmic Explosion Divine Fist. ”

Demon Kris did not give him the chance to come out. This fellow was like a living dead climbing out of the grave.

The black divine light flew out of the crack and hit Demon Kris’ fist. The light was full of filth and even wanted to penetrate through his skin.

“Is this the Great Tao of Normalization? Even the most common Erosion Tao is so strong! ”

Demon Kris secretly frightened, but this little trick didn’t deserve to be taken out to show off.

He simply destroyed the black light, and linked up 30 trillion cells in the body!

“Super Serious Invincible Cosmic Explosion Divine Fist. ”

This blow has gone beyond the Fulfilled period of Endless Stage. Can it reach the Normalization Stage?


The second hand reached out from the inside and happened to hit Demon Kris’ fist.

The huge shock wave instantly shattered the buildings in the kingdom, turning thousands of miles into a phantom.

The huge hand was obviously dented.

Demon Kris nodded, the third gear was already able to hurt this old guy, but he just didn’t know which period of the Normalization Stage the old guy belongs to. Early, middle or later period?

“Damn it! ” An angry roar sounded and a huge head emerged from the inside!

“What a turtle head! ” Demon Kris started the fourth gear, “You get back. ”

“Go to hell! ” The old guy suddenly grabbed his hands. A little thing in the Endless Stage dared to jump in front of him. He himself was a superpower in the middle period of Normalization Stage.

If he hadn’t been seriously injured in the last imperial war, he would definitely be able to exert his full strength.

Now he was just at the early period of Normalization Stage.

“Go away! ” The fifth gear broke out with a fist against the palm, and the fifty trillion Fulfilled periods of the Chaos hit with all the strength. At this moment, the quantitative change caused a qualitative change.

The power that could wipe out a complete Chaos World hit the palm without reservation.

“Clack! ” The palm was pierced and hit directly on the head of the huge turtle.

After arduously crawling out from deep in the earth, the old guy was hit back again.

Demon Kris probably tried out his own strength. So no need to keep something for himself anymore, and he directly started the sixth gear.

“Go to hell! ” Three hundred million Great Tao were entangled, and the sixth gear was outrageously launched.

Within a millionth of a second, the kingdom was pierced through, then was the huge planet. And the next second, mountains fell, the earth split and all the planet collapsed!

A large number of royal disciples were killed or injured.

Within tens of thousands of miles, it was difficult for the practitioners of the Chaos Realm to survive, and within thousands of miles it was difficult for Great Supreme Lords to survive.

The planet that was ten thousand times larger than the Dubhe was now crushed into powder, with 99% of the power hitting on the old guy.

The Normalization Stage was so aggrieved and died in Demon Kris’ hands.

“It’s time to slid away. ” Demon Kris tried out his own strength and hurriedly tore the Spatial Rift and left.

No sooner had he left than a middle-aged man appeared at the place where he left.

Looking at the vanished kingdom and countless royal disciples who were killed or injured, the man was furious, “who did it on earth? ”

Lang Yang looked up at the sky and roared. To his surprise, the old ancestor also died.

That is his only ace in the hole for the kingdom to survive in royal wars!

What to do? The next royal war is just two hundred years away, but he is nothing more than a fulfilled period of the Endless Stage, yet one step away from the Normalization Stage.

How can this step be made in 200 years? He was angry, but helpless and did not even dare to chase after him.

From the time he received the news to the demise of the kingdom and the old ancestor, it was a time enough for only a cup of tea. The man who was able to complete all these in such a short time was definitely a master of the Normalization Stage.

The later period of the Normalization Stage? Is it possible that he is also an elder in royal wars or even imperial wars?

He trembled all over and thought to himself, if he hadn’t gone to Brother Eight King, would he have died?

He thought carefully for the most likely person to commit the crime. It can’t be Brother Eighth King. Is it Brother Third King? No, he can not be so insane to that extent.

He analyzed his ten brothers, none of whom had this ability.

If this is the case, then the royal war will be meaningless. What we should do is yo directly admit defeat.

If a man who can kill an old ancestor of the Normalization Stage in such a short time, then we need do nothing but to obey him.

Finding a fortunately survived royal disciple, he asked, “Quickly tell me what happened. ”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I was cultivating, and then I was alarmed by the violent explosion. When I reacted, our king star had been gone. ”

Lang Yang looked for a few more people and found that what they said were similar.

He didn’t stay long, and didn’t even say such things as rebuilding the king star. He felt that nowhere was safe now.

“Right, I should go to the palace to find father! ” Lang Yang suppressed his fear and tore the space away.

On the other hand, Kris Chen already knew about that Demon Kris had killed the old ancestor of the Normalization Stage.

“That means I now have the ability to kill an old ancestor. ” Kris nodded silently, but he was relatively conservative.

The royal war in a million domains will last for thousands of years. The higher the strength, the stronger the survivability.

At first, Kris Chen came here just to fulfill his previous wish that to destroy the Su Domain, but now he wanted more.

What is the Eternal Domain on earth? He must get the ticket.

“It is a bit difficult to break through the Normalization Stage in two hundred years, but it should be no problem to break through the half-step normalization. ”

It took him 500 years for these two stages, Great Supreme Lord and Chaos Realm, and 500 million years in the Time Barrier.

Yuan Kris should have his combat power been increased by ten times, but actually it was forced by Kris Chen to increase to fifteen times.

And as Kris Chen’s strength increases, this combat power will double.

He now thought nothing of the middle period of Normalization Stage. Even the later period or fulfilled period of the Normalization Stage, he could defeat or even kill them!

The main universe in Kris Chen’s body had broken the shackle of 100 billion star fields over the past years, but there was no sign of being promoted to the Supreme Universe.

Yuan Kris estimated that it should have something to do with the increase of Kris Chen’s strength. Moreover, Kris Chen had practiced the reverse training techniques, so the upper limit of the main universe increased.

If it is conservatively estimated that there are 300 billion star fields. If not, there may be more than 500 billion.

Kris Chen had 129,600 universes in his body, including countless creatures. Such an estimation indicated how much pressure he was under.

Moreover, it did not count the newly opened universes in the Chaos and the secondary universes attached to the main universe.

These new universes and secondary universes were more than 100 times that of the main universe, although they could also provide a large amount of bonus to Kris Chen.

But in essence that still should be supported by Kris Chen.

Where did these creatures get the mana to open up the universe? It was from the Chaos.

Whose treasures were in the Chaos? They were all Kris Chen’s !

Fortunately, the origin of the Chaos in Kris Chen’s body was profound. Even if these worlds are 10,000 times larger, there is no pressure.

The Yin-yang and Five-element Universe is continuously supplied, and countless origins of the chaos have been cast into the seven universes.

Had it not been for the fear of running out the origins, Kris would have extracted the origin from the seven universes.

Originally, he wanted to be promoted by breaking through the World Strength of the main universe, but it was not that simple.

“However, it is good to have the Main Universe to become bigger. The bigger the world, the greater the World Strength. The bonus to me is not as simple as one plus one. Maybe I can get a great mana before I break through the Normalization Stage. ”

After thinking about it, Kris Chen began to Close Door.

More than half of the creatures born outside the world had become the superpowers of the Chaos. They all lived in the Chaos.

At first Kris Chen did not intend to let the universes to communicate with each other.

But this time, he intended to race against time. He decided to open up the Chaos and connect the universes.

That may accelerate the ascension of the universe.

Yuan Kris sighed quietly, “We should have done this long ago. ”

Kris Chen smiled, “We still have enough time. We will be fine in the royal war. And the imperial war is thousands of years away. It’s enough for us to improve! ”

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