“Could it be, did the Ouke family do something to make Alice angry? So they voted for a gift!!” Karen Lee analyzed.

When Chuck Cannon went to see Lee’s family, he called her and told her about this, it should be the only way!

Otherwise, there is no other reason.

“This?” Betty Bernard was surprised.

This possibility is still much greater.

“Go and check…Forget it, I will call Alice to say hello.” Karen Lee took out her cell phone.

Alice did so suddenly, hitting Karen Lee “by surprise!!”

The phone rang for a while before connecting.


Here, Alice is entangled whether to pick it up. If she used to, she would definitely not pick it up.

But now she had an accident with Chuck Cannon. She felt guilty of Chuck Cannon and couldn’t face Karen Lee even more. Therefore, in her heart, she didn’t know when, silently, maybe she subconsciously took Karen Lee as her elder.

“You, hello.” Karen Lee was stunned, why was Alice suddenly so polite to herself?

How is this going?

She thought she had heard it wrong.

Betty Bernard found Karen Lee’s stunned expression, she was astonished, why?

“Hello,” Alice was nervous, which was a subconscious behavior.

“I, I want to ask, the bomb on the Ouke family’s side just now, you… asked someone to do it?” Karen Lee recovered.

Alice’s sudden politeness, Karen Lee thinks, maybe Alice has been hit by something, or maybe, Alice found her own strength, so she was polite.

“Well, I asked someone to do it, do you think it’s wrong?” Alice asked.

“No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it was wrong, but I was surprised why you did this…” Karen Lee was really confused again.

No, Alice is too polite!

“I, what the Ouke family did to me, so I did it,” Alice said this, it should be fine.

Otherwise, she can’t explain it at all!!

Sure enough, Karen Lee understood.

But Alice has done this enough, and now Karen Lee is going to take over the Ouke family with all her strength!

“Uh, can I ask you a question?” Karen Lee felt embarrassed herself.

“You ask!!” Alice was extremely polite.

“What are you doing so polite to me all of a sudden? It’s unnecessary,” Karen Lee couldn’t help but said out.

When she went to the Luofu family last time, Alice still looked arrogant. Why did she suddenly be like this?

“Because of me…” Alice said subconsciously, but then she covered her mouth.

“Because of what?” Karen Lee was even more surprised.

“Because I respect you, that, it’s all right, I have something to do, sorry,” Alice hung up the phone here and got nervous. Why did she feel a little bit like when she met the mother of her first husband when she got married?

She was busy calming her heartbeat.

“Hey, Alice, be careful, Ouke family…”

Here, Karen Lee looked at her cell phone by mistake, and she was stunned.

“Ms. Lee, what’s the matter with you?” Betty Bernard couldn’t help it.

“Alice is actually kind to me, I think it’s inexplicable,” Karen Lee suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry.

“You are welcome? Why?”

“Maybe afraid of me,” Karen Lee was speechless, she had no idea to accept the Luofu family!!

Not before, and even less now, after all, Alice and Chuck Cannon are working together.

It can be regarded as her partner of Karen Lee!

Betty Bernard was also speechless.

“Then what do we do now?” Betty Bernard asked this.

Karen Lee’s eyes flickered, and now he did not evasively act on the Ouke family directly, and to win at the fastest speed, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is to let Stewart of the hidden family know a little bit about Karen Lee’s strength!!

The downside is that the Stewart family might think that Karen Lee will be weak after hitting the Ouke family and they will take the opportunity to fight over.

However, Karen Lee felt that this possibility was unlikely. The hidden family was too arrogant, so how could this opportunity be seen in his eyes?

What’s more, the current situation of Adam Stewart of the Stewart family must be very poor, and all the descendants of the Stewart family must be moving now, desperately trying to treat Adam Stewart!!

They are also a bit lackluster!

Karen Lee’s eyes are accurate! See it thoroughly!

I would not dare to change to an ordinary person!

“Take the Ouke family as soon as possible!” Karen Lee said.

Betty Bernard nodded, and the other side was opened, and a quick fight must be made.

What’s more, still in this great opportunity?

Alice of the Luofu family suddenly gave the Ouke family a devastating gift, and caught the Ouke family by surprise!

Now the opportunity is right!

Karen Lee, Betty Bernard went out.

She saw Chuck Cannon coming back, and she smiled slightly, “Chuck, what did the Lee family say?”

“They just want to see me, and then…” Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to say this, because Chuck Cannon hates them now!!

Did something wrong and thought it would be the end of a sorry sentence?

Where is it so simple?

“Well, I know, did you bring my words?” Karen Lee said.

She saw that Chuck Cannon was in a bad mood.

“Mom, I brought it here. By the way, what happened, why was the earthquake outside just now?” Chuck Cannon felt this, so he asked.

“There is no earthquake, it is Alice of the Luofu family who gave a gift to the Ouke family.” Karen Lee smiled slightly.

Chuck Cannon was shocked. Alice did it!!

The Black Rose who came back together was also surprised, but she felt reasonable, because the Ouke family was like Alice, and the head of such a big family was almost insulted by one person. This anger is really not a joke!

“Well, what did you say to Alice?” Karen Lee asked a little bit.

“Me? I didn’t say anything to her.” Chuck Cannon trembled, and in front of his mother, he really couldn’t hide anything.

Karen Lee was surprised, “Chuck, what’s wrong with you?”

Why is Chuck Cannon a little flustered?


“No, mom, I’m a little uncomfortable, I have a headache.” Chuck Cannon found a reason.

“Headache? Betty Bernard, get the medicine soon.” Karen Lee said with concern. The medicine for the thousand-year ginseng taken last time has been researched by the doctor.

Betty Bernard ran back.

“Headache, then why don’t you come back soon?” Black Rose said indifferently.

Chuck Cannon is speechless, this is an excuse!

However, Chuck Cannon was very surprised when Black Rose actually said this!!

Chuck Cannon was thinking about Alice on the way, so he was absent-minded, and Chuck Cannon couldn’t help it.

After a while, Betty Bernard came back, took the medicine in her hand, and said very seriously, “Master, take this medicine three pills every night. You must finish all of them, don’t forget.”

She would ask Chuck Cannon every day because this thing is related to Chuck Cannon’s complete recovery.

“Well, mom, then I’m going to my room,” Chuck Cannon didn’t know what Karen Lee was going to do.

“Get a good rest, don’t go out if you have a headache,” Karen Lee couldn’t help Chuck Cannon.

“En,” Chuck Cannon took the medicine and walked over to the room, and after speaking, Chuck Cannon would really show his feet.

If his mother found out, Chuck Cannon felt that his mother will surely be going to kill him.

He hopes his mother never knows.

Karen Lee shook her head helplessly, “Black Rose, did Chuck see Alice just now?”

“He saw it.” Black Rose said.

“What the hell is going on?” Karen Lee asked, and Black Rose said everything.

When Chuck Cannon came back just now, he wanted Black Rose not to say anything, but he thought again, Black Rose did not see the others, so let Black Rose not say it, didn’t it make Black Rose suspicious?

So Chuck Cannon didn’t speak about it.

Karen Lee was stunned and angry and cold. “Those people in the Ouke family are really shameless! They actually treat Alice like that!”

Betty Bernard was also angry. As a woman, she was extremely angry when she heard such things!

What is the difference between this and the photo of Black Rose taken by Ouyang Fei at that time?


“Well, Chuck Cannon saved Alice, took her out, and asked Alice’s driver to take her back.” Black Rose said.

Karen Lee suddenly felt like this. Chuck Cannon saved Alice, so Alice was so polite to herself just now because of thanks.

Karen Lee didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to do this. She understood now, and the doubts just now disappeared. Then, Chuck Cannon and Alice will cooperate more smoothly.

Karen Lee was relieved.

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