Chapter 667 – 668: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 667: The Outbreak of Uprising Forces

This day, the universe was trembling. And the world that was previously in chaos became clear. Countless masters with huge powers were excited to surpass their expectations, which meant all sides of the universe have got through the boundaries, and the world has become communicative.

Yuan Kris Kris controlled everything from God perspective. In the Early period, he was not accustomed to it, but he gradually felt better. The fights between the universe got increasingly frequent.

“It doesn’t matter. Everything competes to survive, which is the Principle. It will be fine only if the universe can change to what we want.

As for Kris Kris Chen, his will was at all above, but only thing at which he was annoyed was that energy consumption was hugely increasing.

It was a good news that Kris Chen usually put priority on strategies and then took actions. Numerous large domains were used to support himself. He would put less attention to this purely energy consumption.

A large number of resources were brought into the world, completing the based and original accumulation, among which only 1 out of 100 have been found. So its potential was boundless.

At the very beginning, Kris Chen went towards a different direction. More specifically speaking, he went for a world that different from what the world used to be.

His way to the universe was boundless and unlimited.

Above the Main Universe was the Supreme Universe. What was the Supreme like?

Kris Chen thought for quite a while, saying, “What do you think of boundless universe?”

“That’s good.”

Yuan Kris nodded. Any of the universes contained in Kris Chen’s body couldn’t be less powerful than the chaos world, no matter what the chaos realm was.

Take my Chaos World as an example, it could only cultivate 30 thousand chaos realms and then its potential tended to be exhausted.

Only one Kris Chen’s inner universes has developed up to more than 100 thousand realms.

Even so, the demand still exceeded supply.

The consumption only account for 1%.

“If I can achieve the main universe, can its power probably help me breakthrough into the Normalization stage?”

Yuan Kris showed his smile, “I will make my efforts to make those consumptions transfer into fighting capacity.

It was two years in the outside world, but in Time Barrier, it meant 200 million years. It was horrible to think of this.

“All right. Before I achieve the top of the main universe, I would break through the limit of Endless Stage.”

Countless treasures that could add inside foundations were transferred to Kris Chen. The daily thing Kris Chen did was to swallow or preparing to swallow these treasures.

One billion, two billion, three… almost 10 billion treasures almost have stuffed Kris Chen.

Kris Chen could not calculate how terrifying these foundations would be in terms of operational power.

Anyway, his combat power has been increased forty times.

He now had confidence in crushing the Normalization Stage in Later period and even the Fulfilled period.

But that was not enough!

“We haven’t reached the limit yet. Forty times are nothing, but it can be more!”

As he sat there, his breath was indescribably horrible, and any of his breath could almost crack the space.

As time passed little by little, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine years have passed in a flash.

Endless Stage was fixed in the Chaos World, and the combat power increased 70 times.

Only one universe could contain a trillion star fields.

The established limit was 500 billion, but now it has soared to 5 trillion due to the increase of the foundations!

His power and skills have early broken through the Endless Stage in Fulfilled period. Every cell in the body has also been promoted to the Middle period of Endless Stage, and every sun soul’s Divine Power has been as satisfactory as the Endless period.

How strong he was now! Even the Other Realm of Chaos World was vulnerable to him.

The sense of power explosion was so addictive.

“The Royal War is about to begin, and it’s time to do yourself more good.”

Kris Chen accepted quite few alters and incarnations, knowing all information about the world.

Demon Kris has completed all of its large domains, two-thirds of them have penetrated, and one-third was still in the period of holding their own.

But that was enough, and it was much easier for them to do it when they had the power.

As for the incarnations of the Chaotic Silent Land, Kris Chen did not recall them, but let them wantonly plundered Chaotic sources to seal the Chaos Specters.

The Chaos Specters was a good thing. They can greatly increase the fighting power of the Chaos Specters.

Chaos Spirit Sword, it was true of Hybrid Spirit Cauldron, even scarlet blood, behead demons. Now they have achieved the same level of existence as Hybrid Spirit Sword.

“Welcome General Lee!”

As soon as he went out, Wei Zhao came up to meet him.

“How long have you been waiting?”

“A little while. I’ve just come here!”

Wei smiled, and even though he was a prince, he could not put on airs in front of Kris Chen.

On the one hand, his wealth was all tied up in his own hands, and on the other hand, Kris Chen’s grip on the army over the years was evident to all.

That’s awesome!

Under this force, he didn’t dare to disrespect.

Kris Chen didn’t debunk him either.

“Let’s go, the Grand Marshal is calling the roll,” he said.

Wei nodded and followed.

In the Heaven Star Domain, Wei dressed in lighting armor. “The Royal War has begun. We would try our best to help the Eighth King to be the ruler. Then they will attack other’s domain. The former went first and the latter would follow.

“Yes, the Grand Marshal!

Kris Chen was at the front of the first row, and there were plenty of such quirky, large domains as Zhao’s.

In the run-up to the Royal War, they tended to consume themselves, waiting for a new emperor to ascend the throne before aggressively attacking other realms.

That’s why the Imperial War was delayed for 9,000 years.

Because there was only one ticket.

He who could board a ship could testify the eternity.

Moreover, the star domain in which the emperor resides would be the strongest in the large domain.

So in the million large domains, ten of them were the strongest.

Wind domain, Jiang domain, Ji domain, Win domain…

This is the strongest and the most powerful domain in the chaos world.

This large domain almost controlled everything. So every time the Imperial War would be the chance to mark off spheres of influence again.

Like Yang Domain, Su Domain, Zhao Domain. These were three large domains in Ji Domain.

This was an opportunity for all large domains, and this has been the Principle of Chaos World since the Other Realm was created.

“Zheng Wu, you lead your army to the King Domain.”

“San Qian, you can lead a great army to the south of the Eighth King.”

“Chao Hou, you can lead a great army to the north of the Eighth King.”


“Kui Li, you lead your army to the border for the Soviet Union!”

“Yes, the Grand Marshal!

Kris Chen said, crossing his fist.

One command after another, Wei frowned and waited until Fu Zhao left. Then he said, “It’s a hard and tiring job for you to go to the border. It’s also very dangerous.”

“General Lee should remember to protect himself. It is better to wait until a new emperor is determined!”

Kris Chen agreed with Wei, knowing what he meant. The Royal War would not be very fierce at the very beginning until the new emperor was determined.

Fu arranged his confidants in the Eighth King domain, apparently to make them associate with the dragon king.

His patron was a prince who had just been ordained for a few hundred years.

He smiled, not caring. Zhao Domain was within his reach as long as he wanted to.

After all, Demon King’s army has already begun to attack Yang domain.

The tenth King was destroyed, and the Ten saved their lives by a fluke.

The Ninth King did not get any better. It was beaten to death, captured by Demon Kris Chen, and widowed all of its stocks.

The Eighth King, the Seventh King and the Sixth King were also miserable!

Now the whole Yang domain was under great threat, and the Demon King’s army led by Demon Kris Chen has won one battle after another.

In less than thirty years, it occupied more than half of the area of Yang Domain.

By the time Zhao Domain came to his senses, Yang Domain had completely occupied.

The strongest was the Emperor of Yang Domain, who fought Demon Kris Chen in the Later Period, and finally Kris Chen kicked him with a fist and killed him.

Since then, Yang Domain was lost.

To Kris Chen’s surprise, he has killed so many people, but there was no Causal Winding.

The Other Realm in the Chaos World was covered by pneuma of fatality.

What really delighted Kris Chen was the royal treasure house in Yang Domain.

These treasures directly extended the Inner foundations of Kris Chen’s to 1.8 trillion. The most important was the Inner foundation, which consumed only one percent. The Yin-yang and Five-Elements Universe were also wildly expanding, providing the origin of the chaos world.

The victory of Demon Kris Chen also inspired the armies of the Demon King in the vast domain.

Demon Kris Chen speeded up the reform, defeated the old power and gave all beings an equal opportunity.

As for resistance, Demon Kris Chen was only too glad to resist, and the more fierce the resistance was, the more they would gain.

The number of ordinary civilians was so large that everyone could see the dawn of victory, and the Demon King army was really thinking of them.

No one could destroy a hard-won victory.

It took 200 years to digest the whole Yang Domain, and then the fire of the uprising began to spread to Su domain, Wang domain, Qian Domain…

Greater profits must be made before the Royal War .

Wei was now in prison. He had no idea that his esteemed general Kui Li was a rebel.

He was a senior general.

Kris Chen looked at him calmly and said, “The Zhao clan is cruel. They didn’t care about common people’s lives. The purpose of our rebel army is to destroy them.”

“I’ll give you a chance to join the rebellion and promise you a bright future.”

Wei was silent. At the moment, the Demon King insurgents had been inspired like a spark setting the whole prairie on fire.

Hundreds of the surrounding domains have been captured by the Demon King forces. Although Zhao was still fighting desperately, but all in vain.

It was only a matter of time before the Zhao was defeated.

“Well, I’ll join the rebels, and I hope General Li will spare my kin’s life.”

“That depends on what will you do for me.”

Kris Chen smiled and strode away.

All losses caused before would be liquidated this time.

Considering what Sue’s family had done, he would go to fight against them in person.

The Ten Kings of the Su family gathered in the palace.

There was an old emperor sitting in the hall, and many old ancestors also climbed out of Closing Door, practicing Magic Art Alone.

Looking ahead, they were the ones with strong power in Endless Stage.

Su Zhen sat beside him, saying nothing. At this moment, he had released his Endless breath without reserve.

There’s no need to hide.

The rebels were so fierce that half of the planet had been captured by the other side.

No one knew where the rebels came from.

They may come from the military, from the house, from all walks of life.

This organization was terrible, and by the time they got around to it, hundreds of domains had been completely destroyed.

People gathered together, were discussing the solution.

Lin Su stepped forward, “Father, now the only way is to request Ji Domain, only asking them to come in order to save our Su Domain.

After he finished the word, everybody showed his agreement.

“Yes, they won’t sit idly by if we ask for help from Ji Domain.”

The old emperor sat high in the throne room. “Who shall I send?”

“You suggest it, so go ahead.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Su also had intention to do so. “Yes, father.”

The uprising forces came in a fierce way, so Su Domain couldn’t stop them. Both Zhao Domain and Yang Domain were stronger than Su Domain, so they couldn’t be stopped, so Su Domain should give up his wishful thinking.

To escape was the best way.

It was like a lost dog, but it could be alive.

The Royal War didn’t matter anymore. To survive would be the most important thing.

Chapter 668: Kris felt Bitter

“Seventh Brother, you are weaker, it is better to let me handle this kind of dangerous thing.”

The one who’s speaking was the fourth brother, Wu Su.

Lin Su squinted his eyes, Wu Su has always been at odds with himself, would he be so kind?

In the end, he still wanted to escape from here.

How many of those who sitting here were fools?

What he knew could also be figured out by others.

“Fourth brother, this is our father’s order, let me go to handle it.”

How could Lin Su let go of such a good opportunity.

“Fourth Brother, Seventh Brother, I am the elder children in our family, it is better to let me handle it.”

Oldest brother Ji Su came forward and worshiped, “Father, now that the Uprising Army has surrounded Su Domain, it is very dangerous, I am the oldest brother, it is better to let handle such a dangerous matter.”

The old emperor looked at these sons of him, yet he laughed coldly in his heart.

What was the situation outside, he knew better than anyone else.

When the tree falls, the monkeys will scatter. Every man lives for himself.

If he wasn’t still alive, he’s afraid that these unworthy sons and grandsons would have fled away long ago.

The Uprising Army was raging and powerful, especially the terrific advance fighting power, so huge.

“Okay, all of you, stop.”

The old emperor waved his hand, “I’m delighted to see you brothers are so united, but I think I should be the one to handle it.”

Hearing these words, everyone was dumbfounded, Lin Su was even more confused.

And he resented Wu Su and Ji Su so much.

Zhen Su remained silent, he looked calm as if he didn’t even know what they were arguing about.

Just as everyone was arguing, an extremely terrifying aura was sensed by everyone.


The powerful aura instantly collapsed the top of the Golden Palace.

Numerous gold tiles and jade pieces fell from the top.

“No, the enemy is attacking here, protect the emperor!”

Several old eunuchs teamed up to block the scattered miscellaneous objects.

Hundreds of people in the hall flew up into the sky.

They were all the mainstays of the Su Dynasty.

“Oh, so many people, I don’t expect that.”

Just at this moment, a voice was heard.

When everyone looked over there, they saw two men in black robes standing still.

“You are the people of the Uprising Army?”

The old emperor looked at the two men and squinted his eyes; in fact, he knew their identities even if they did not answer him.

Only people from the Uprising Army would have the guts to be so bold.

“Rather clever.”

One of the men said.

“How dare you.”

One of the Su family’s ancestors scolded, “You can have a bright future, yet you choose to seek for death.”

The Uprising Army only sent two men here, was it humiliating for the Su Dynasty?

The man looked at him and flexed his finger, “Noisy.”

A terrifying divine light blossomed from his finger, and before people from the Su Dynasty could react, that Su family’s ancestor was already diminished under the divine light, nothing could save him.

This scene made everyone’s heart tighten, a click from his finger could kill the ancestor in the Later period of Endless Stage, what kind of strength is this person?

Normalization Stage?

“Let’s go together, don’t give them a chance to kill us alone.”

The old emperor ordered hastily, the Uprising Army was so reckless, they must be confident in their own strength, otherwise they would not be so rash.

Absolutely no chance should be given to the Uprising Army.


Hundreds of people surrounded the two enemy.

All kinds of magic weapons blocked the heaven and earth.

Endless flames, thunder, poisonous water, and cold winds surrounded the two.

“Attack the enemy together, don’t give them a chance to live!”


The fierce attack could shatter thousands of galaxies, but when the wave after the attack dispersed, the two people were totally unharmed.

Not even the corners of their clothes had moved.

“You do have quite a lot means, but your strength is too weak.”

The two men clenched their fists and blasted away in different directions.

One punch of magic weapons can slash everyone, two punches can shatter the divine power!

Three punch can make Endless Stage fall apart, four punch can kill eight kings out of ten.

The fifth punch killed the old emperor, the sixth punch, only two people left in hundreds of people.

One was Lin Su, and another was Zhen Su.

Looking at the two people who easily diminished everything, Li Su sat on his knees in fear, he scared out of his pants.

Zhen Su was calm, “If you want to kill me, do as you wish.”

He did not feel that he could survive, but only felt slightly strange in his heart, why the Uprising Army only left the two of them unharmed.

“I just want justice today.”

The man looked at Zhen Su, “If you live a new life, would you still stop Mary from being with him?”

Hearing these words, Zhen Su trembled, “You… Who the hell are you?”

The man took off his hat and the mask on his face, a familiar face appeared in front of Zhen Su.

“It’s you, Kris!”

Lin Su, who was kneeling on the ground, was even more terrified to death.

It was Kris, how could it be Kris!

After that incident, he played a lot of dirty tricks behind Kris, he was dead, he was totally dead.

He never thought that Kris escaped into the Chaotic Silent Land but still managed to come out alive and became so powerful.

“I never thought Uncle Su would still remember me.”

Kris smiled.

Zhen Su took a deep breath, “Where is Mary?”

“Dead, but she’s saved by me again.”

Kris stopped talking nonsense to him, he crooked his finger a little, a divine light flashed into Zhen Su’s mind.

After a long time, a complicated and heartbreaking look appeared in Zhen Su’s face.

Looking at Kris, he said, “Countless reincarnations, only for her?”

“I’m… I’m sorry, I was wrong back then!”

“What I said before? I will overthrow the Su Domain.”

Kris looked at Zhen Su, “But you, I will not kill you, although Mary had nothing to do with you long ago, a lot of disciples from your lineage have helped me.”

However, Lin Su was not so lucky, he was directly blown to death by Demon Kris with punches.

“This world is so rotten that even the air I breathed is dirty.”

Kris glanced at him, “Be a good and ordinary person, cherish your day when you’re still alive.”

After said that, Kris left with Demon Kris.

Since the time his Inner Universe broke through five trillion star fields, his strength had peaked.

Whether Endless Stage or Normalization Stage, they are just nothing in face of him.

Whether it’s a conspiracy or an overt conspiracy, it’s all vain in front of absolute strength.

He set up everything just for he could have a further future.

Zhen Su looked up at the sky, normally, he ought to hate Kris, but he could not be ruthless.

He still felt that the Su family deserved it.

Looking at the face of Seventh Brother’s dead body beyond recognition, he felt both resentful and sad.

If you knew you were going to die horribly, would you play those dirty tricks behind him?

Gathering the bodies of his relatives, Zhen Su took the direct disciples of the Third King left, and disappeared ever since.

The Su Domain is done.

Kris suddenly felt very lonely in his heart.

He took his revenge just like that, he didn’t feel a slightest pleasure in his heart.

He even felt some kind of boring.

Lonely, so lonely.

He was a little homesick.

The Royal War is still going on, Kris has already set out on the road to go home.

With Demon Kris around, he can just follow the plan.

Any stumbling blocks will be stepped on by them.

Including the top ten domains.

Kris dived into the Chaotic Silent Land and took out the boundary-defining compass, which had absorbed a large number of the Chaos Specters and became stronger and stronger.

He found the Visible that hid in the Chaos World, and after a second, Kris appeared there.

After all, he didn’t have the time to walk around for a million years.

Kris has been very careful with the time flow rate of the Chaos World, and after he came out for a long time, only tens of thousands of years past inside.

He could accept that.

After all, it was the Chaos World left by his last life, so he received it without the slightest hindrance.

He plunged into the Chaos World, cut through the chaos, and came to the Eternal Star.

Now the Chaos World was extremely fragile in his eyes.

Everything was just like paper tiger, he could exterminate it in a second.

All these years, when Kris’s women were missing him, they had turned their thoughts into motivation for cultivation.

Although they couldn’t improve much in the ten thousand years, they could alleviate their longing for Kris.

Seeing his family, Kris felt a surge of motivation injected into his tired heart.

“Dad, Mom!”

Tianyao Chen and Fang Gu, one was enjoying tea and bathing under the sun in the garden, the other was nailing the soles of their shoes while watching the latest TV series with their brand-new projector.

They didn’t look like the parents of the Great Juggernaut, but rather more like civilians and ordinary people.

When they heard the voice, they thought it was their young son and daughter who had returned home.

Turning around, they saw that it was Kris.

Fang Gu couldn’t help but cry in a second.


Tianyao Chen also stood up, although he did not say anything, his eyes were also red.

Kris has gone for eighty thousand years, which meant more than 20 million days and nights, how could his parent not worry about him?

Although Kris’s avatar has always been there, but a mother will always worry about her son when he’s not home, Kris doesn’t return home for a day, they are worried about him for one more day.

“Sorry, I’m late!”

Kris had a guilty face.

How much did he miss in eighty thousand years?

“No need to apologize, we all know that you are doing great things outside.”

Tianyao Chen said, “We can’t help you much, we can only help you keep the home clean and not cause you any trouble, we think that would be the biggest help.”

“Come on, tell mom how you’ve been doing these years.”

Fang Gu didn’t care whether her son was the Great Juggernaut or not, she took his hand and kept asking him questions.

Kris didn’t feel annoyed at all, instead he felt warm inside.

There was nothing dangerous in the Chaos World of the Other Realm, so there was no harm in telling them.

Hearing Kris’s description, they realized that there was a big world beyond the Chaos, a magnificent world!

“Then since you came back home, what are your plans this time?”

Tianyao Chen asked.

“To take you with me, the flow of the two worlds is too big.”

Kris thought for a long time, and he thought this was the best way.

He already had made his way in the Other Realm, so protecting his family would not be a problem.

Of course, the Self Chaos universe, he had to take it with him.

These were all minor matters.

“This is good.”

Tianyao Chen nodded his head.

“If you don’t come back in eighty thousand years, I will disown you as a son!”

Fang Gu said somewhat angrily, but more than that, she was still worried about her son.

“Mom and Dad, don’t worry, this kind of thing won’t happen.”

Kris said with a smile.

“It’s good that you understand!”

Fang Gu hummed, “Go on, go to check on them.”


Kris nodded his head and got up to leave.

Soon, the news of his return spread out.

Mary brought her sisters out in unison and pulled Kris and just punched him.

Countless delicate fists fell on his body, while Kris’s women were mad at him, they all cried.

“Damn you, eighty thousand years, you have not come back for eighty thousand years.”

“That’s right, brother, I won’t forgive you this time either, you’re so cruel.”

“Brother, do you know how much we miss you? They ask about you every day, day after day, but they just don’t see you.”

“Bastard, have you hooked up with other women outside and are you having fun?”

“Sisters, arrest him and serve him with great punishment!”


His women vented their discontent one after the other.

Kris let them vent their anger on him.

He thought in his heart, they haven’t seen me for eighty thousand years, but I haven’t seen them for tens of millions of eras!

One million years in the Chaotic Silent Land equals to one thousand year in the Other Realm Chaos World, he spent 99% of the time in Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone.

These years he has been cultivating like crazy, he should be the one who’s bitter in his heart!

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