The sound of pulling the trigger rang!!

In a hidden place outside, a spark appeared in a flash, appeared, and disappeared!

The bullet came out!


Cut the air!

Unstoppable got into the body of the bald head!


The bald head was shocked. The blood on his shoulders ran without pain, but Karen Lee actually hit him!

“Karen Lee, you are looking for death!” The bald head was busy looking for cover.


The sound of pulling the trigger rings again!

The bullet pierced the sky!

The bald head who was hiding was astonished and immediately sneered. It seems that he looked at her highly just now, and could only shoot himself!!


He was stunned because of simplicity!

A killing machine hiding next to him, dazedly touched the blood-spraying head, appeared in horror, and then the man lay in a pool of blood and convulsed!

The bald head was stunned!

“Keeping your life doesn’t mean you have a lot of ability, but I want you to see that the people around you die in front of you one by one.”

Karen Lee’s voice came in!

The entire Ouke family was in a panic!

How did Karen Lee achieve this?

How did she get in?

How to do it, without any bullets?

Gun god?

The bald head shivered, “Karen Lee, you and her…”


The bullets continued, a bullet came out, and someone fell to the ground in fear!!

Once or twice, seeing his brothers being shot one by one, the boss of this killing machine was bald.

What’s the point of not having any pain after taking so much bitterness and being injected with so many medicines?

In the end, they couldn’t resist it, a hundred bullets!

The Ouke family fell into fear, many people died!!


When the bald head was at a loss, a bullet came over, he was terrified, the bullet hit his hand, with a snap, the gun in his hand fell to the ground!!


One by one came in, dressed in black, all expressionless and well-trained!

The headed person is a woman, Karen Lee!


The people of the Ouke family are instantly scared!

They are surrounded by groups!

Being pointed at by many guns, scared in their heart, some people even slumped on the ground begging for mercy!

The Patriarch of the Ouke family was stunned. Is he dreaming?

It was only half an hour. He thought Karen Lee would die today, but he didn’t expect that it was he himself who is going to die…

He was powerless to sit on the chair and his eyes were blank. What he didn’t know was that instinctive fear had quietly spread on his face!

At this moment, he regretted, why did he deal with Karen Lee?

He regretted, why he underestimated Karen Lee’s strength?

He regretted that he became Karen Lee’s enemy…

“Forgiveness, forgiveness, I am willing to follow you!” The bald head begged to kneel down!

He was a proud killing machine, but Karen Lee’s shot was hit by a gun, and he was the only one left.

This is really the kind of horror!!

“I keep your life till now, not to ask you to beg for mercy, but to let you know that I can kill you!” Karen Lee looked at him indifferently.

Bald begged, “Don’t kill…”

He didn’t say one more word, his eyes widened because Karen Lee shot him and the bullet went into the center of his brow!


This is a feeling he hasn’t felt for a long time, it hurts…

“I, I…” The bald head fell into a pool of blood.

Regret to the extreme, the hardship he has suffered was useless…

The Ouke family was in fear!

The Ouke Family Patriarch trembled, “Karen Lee, I lost…”

“Yes, you lost. Forgot to tell you. If you lose, you will die!”

Karen Lee raised his hand, and someone walked over and shot him. The Patriarch of the Ouke Family screamed in disbelief and slowly fell to the ground, bleeding from his body.

The bloody smell of pungent nose permeated again.


Fear of descendants of the Ouke family! Looking at Karen Lee in horror.

“Betty Bernard, take over the Ouke family!” Karen Lee said.

“Yes!” Betty Bernard immediately started to deal with it!

The Ouke family is one of the four largest families in the world. It is still more troublesome to take over, but how could this stump Betty Bernard!!

Karen Lee narrowed his eyes, staring at the people who had just talked about killing her and Chuck Cannon, these people…

In the restless night, the sunrise finally ushered in!

Its daybreak!!

A family found a problem, and the Ouke family seems to have disappeared. What is going on?

Isn’t the Ouke family gone?


Yesterday they were fighting with Karen Lee. They were given a firework in the morning. How could it disappear overnight?

Americans cannot imagine!!

The Luofu family!

Alice was sitting absent-mindedly in the room. She didn’t really want to go out anymore. She also felt that this huge room was out of space and there was no one. It would be fine if there was a man here.

There was a person in her mind, a Chinese, his name was Chuck Cannon…

“Mom, mom…” Emily rushed in.

Alice sorted out her emotions, “Emily, what’s the matter with you!”

“I have a friend who said that the Ouke family’s industry has been taken over by one-tenth overnight!” When Emily heard the news, it was an indescribable shock!!

What happened last night?

Alice was shocked and muttered to herself, “Karen Lee was so fast that she actually destroyed the Ouke family last night…”

“What? The Ouke family was destroyed by Chuck Cannon’s mother?” Emily was shocked!!

You know, her Luofu family is the four major families, and the Ouke family is also the four major families. Karen Lee has destroyed the Ouke family. Isn’t that the Luofu family can also be destroyed?

“Well, she did it,” Alice also didn’t believe it. It was only overnight, but the facts were before her eyes.

“Ah, why is Karen Lee so powerful? Mom, will she destroy our house?” Emily worried.

The last time Karen Lee was empty, she was shocked. One night, several bases in her home were destroyed!

This kind of strength is really serious, so it is estimated that his family will not last long, mainly because Karen Lee enters and exits such heavily guarded places, such as no one, which is terrifying.

The family members are killed, doesn’t it mean that the family is over?

“No, he… why would he let his mother Karen Lee deal with us?” Alice murmured.

She believed in Chuck Cannon. She lowered her head and wondered, will Chuck Cannon ask for her own Luofu family one day? So, would she give him?

Alice was caught up in random thoughts and couldn’t help herself.

And Emily was in shock…

“What did you say?”

Patriarch Lee was trembling, shocked, his eyes widened!

The members of the Lee family have received the news. The Ouke family has not moved. The morning is too calm, and the Ouke family’s things have been transferred…

Who else can do this besides Karen Lee, who is now fighting against the Ouke family?

“Karen has accepted the Ouke family!” The Lee family also trembled.

It’s incredible!

You must know that they thought that Karen Lee would fail if she left the Lee family, but they did not expect that Karen Lee was capable of destroying the Ouke family. What does this mean?

It means something clear, that is, Karen Lee can also destroy the Lee family that night!

It’s just that Karen Lee didn’t do that.

Everyone in the Lee family snorted coldly behind them, and they felt lingering!


After being shocked, the head of the Lee family muttered to himself, “This is my daughter, this is my daughter!”

A bit of pride appeared on his face!

The Americans have received the news. The news is too big. The Ouke family has disappeared from today. This means that the four major families have become empty and have become the three major families, and this one has risen in the past ten years. Karen Lee may already be above the three major families in the world!

Shocked here, and a hidden family traveler!

Constantly sneer!

The Ouke family is gone. For their hidden family, it is just a small piece of news that makes them barely interested!

There are dispensable families, even small families whose annual income can’t be matched by their own family are destroyed. What is there?

Brayden Stewart smiled viciously, “Well, the Ouke family was wiped out overnight. It seems that you want to strengthen your own strength, but I don’t want to give you this opportunity!!”

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