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Chapter 669 – 670: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 669: The Battle with the Ji Family

During these decades here, Kris had mastered the land of chaos energy and attached it to his Ancestral Universe. Thus he could get access to the land at his will. He had a sense of crisis that pushed him so hard that he didn’t dare to relax in his efforts. Now he was strong enough to protect his families, but Kris knew clearly that too much concern would spoil the younger generation in his family. Ambitious youth should get out of their comfort zone and trained themselves by tough fights.

Therefore, Kris gathered his family members and the senior disciples of Gengu No.1 Sect. They stared at Kris with admiration and waited for his eloquent speech.

“Hello, everyone! Today, I’m going to take you to a more magnificent world, where there is an earth-shaking war, which may last for thousands of years. I need your help now!” he uttered.

It seemed that they were quite looking forward to the coming war. Kris’s son and his excellent disciples would serve as his best soldiers when the battle calls sounded. Though few of them was the counterpart of the practitioners in the Other Realm of Chaos World, Kris had the confidence to train them into the first-class fighters with his precious magic books and rare tools. Combined with the time barrier, he could greatly shorten their training process.

“Fight with me in the broad universe!” cried Kris.

“Yes, we will,” they answered with the craze.

As for the residents in Chaos World, during the meeting with Kris, most of them show no interest in the war and they were released from the Chaos World. A few of them like Qiujian, the Supreme Lord with visions joined Kris’s force.

“Go ahead, these hundreds cities belong to us now!” said Kris with an ambitious smile. Then he went back to the headquarter of Demon King’s Troop to practice Taoist magic art alone. His incarnation would assign tasks of the war.


In the Ji City, residents in the Other Realm the Chaos World were all anxiously prepared for the coming war. The Ji Family, the winner of the 4th loyal universe war, had been the NO.4 among the greatest ten forces, though its host, the Ancestor Ji, however, had vaporized from the world long years ago. Each of the greatest ten forces occupied a giant city and most of them were engaged in the work of coming war. There were numberless cities affiliated to them, but only the leaders in the ten titans had the right to announce the loyal universe war.

A disciple of Ji family brought a new message about the coming war, “My lord, hundreds of big cities are seeking help from us now.”

“Make it more specific.”

“Yes, my lord. There is a force called the Demon King’s Troop which had occupied hundreds of cities. I think they will be uncontrollable if we don’t do anything about it.”

Yuan Ji, one of the three leaders in Ji family, looked curious about the message and asked, “Can you figure out who is the real boss behind the force?”

“Yes, but it takes time.”

“Then do it now. I guess it is a conspiracy of other greatest families.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Greed would never end itself. And it was not a rare thing that several greatest families conspired to seek greater profits during the war. But the Ji family had to ignore the rising force since they knew it was just a beginning of the real chaos.

The Wind City was the most ancient one among the ten greatest forces. It had a long history, and therefore, one could get much richer information about the pass of the world. The Wind Families were the earliest immigrants in the Other Realm of Chaos World, and few of them were human species. As for the coming war, they kept it a secret in their mind.

“This war must be fiercer than ever before.” Said the host of the Wind Family, ”What we should do is to protect our younger generation. And at the point when the war comes, I will take chance to compete for the ticket to success.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Other greatest family held the same attitude toward the war as the host of Wind Family.

During the thousands of years when Kris was practicing Taoist magic art alone, his soldiers had all made a breakthrough into fighters in the Chaos Stage. His troop had occupied over ten thousands of cities and arose the discontent of the greatest ten families. A messenger from the Ji family paid a visit for a negotiation and Kris’s incarnation-Demon Kris gave him a dry reception.

“I have one word for your family, take care of your own business, and no one can stop my troop,” said Demon Kris.

“You are bringing a disaster for yourself.” Said the messenger in an angry look. He then took out a golden book which bore the magic seal of the his lord. Obviously, the book was a space weapon with the capacity to confine practitioner. But that was only a little case for Demon Kris. “Poor guys, you should pay a price for your stupid words.”He sent the poor messenger to the hell and then slew these arrogant visitors from Ji Family. Now Kris and his incarnations were all about to make breakthroughs into a new stage. With the energy from soul, body and Taoism combined, Kris could make sure there was no rival to him in this world.

The news was heard by Ji family that its messengers were all killed. ”The the Demon King’s Troop has become a serious trouble for us, we must root it out from our lands.” Cried Yuan. As one of the word lord of Ji family, he had the wit to find something beyond the rising force. The slogan of the Demon King’s Troop was to liberate the poor and shut down the rulers of the greatest ten families. Because of this, they were well-received among the practitioners from poor families which meant the largest sum of the fighters in the world. If so, the Demon King’s Troop would be the 11th greatest family and become the winner of the coming war.

Yuan could not tolerate the Demon King’s Troop’s bold act and he said, ”Call the other two world lords here, tell them we are going to have a battle with the Demon King’s Troop.”

Three thousand years after a good preparation, the troop of Ji family matched toward the headquarter of the Demon King’s Troop. The troop of the Demon King’s Troop now were enlarged by the local poor and those who wanted to fight against the established. Their enemy was twice stronger, but with the strong desire to the social justice and equal right, they would fight to death with a high morale.

“The world has been decay, let’s turn it over and reshape a new one for us. Kill them. ” cried the soldiers of the Demon King’s Troop. To lead the troop, Kris’s incarnations stood in the front row, and Demon Kris cried with his soldier, ”Only by ending the rulers can we establish our own home. Draw your sword and fight for our justice. Kill them!”

It was a tough fight with no rules and tricks. Soldiers drew swords toward their enemies, and generals joined the battle to hunt their counterparts. Xing Ji, the general of Ji’s troop, charged with his troop. Demon Kris was his prey and his spear approached Demon Kris within a blink. Xing was a fighter in the Fulfilled period of Endless Stage. His attack was so fast that one could not behold it with his n***d eyes. However, Demon Kris showed no fear at all and the spear was blocked by his iron fist. The spear didn’t make a wound on his skin ever. As for Xing, however, the recoil force echoed back and sent a burning pain on his palm.

“No way! He must cover his fist with invisible boxing gloves. That’s why he can block my stroke with his fist.” Murmured Xing. His spear was the precious weapon given by the ancestor of Ji family. It didn’t make sense that he could not even leave a wound on Demon Kris with the spear. At this point, however, a giant shadow covered the sky. It was a large palm of Demon Kris which caused an eclipse and paused all energy of the great Tao in an instant.

Xing turned a solemn look at once. His figure became a giant, and he threw out the spear with all his strength.

Chapter 670: The War was Nearing

The spear carried a sharp aura of killing, which seemed to destroy the world.

However, what Xing Ji did not expect was the spear in his hand, the magic weapons he was so proud of, did not even last a second. Instantly this end of his spear was snapped off by Demon Kris with a slap. Xing did not even have the time to counterattack. By the time Demon Kris’s palm lifted, he was already dead.

Demon Kris used three moves to defeat Xing and exterminate him. This was also the rule of combat set by Kris Chen. That allowed Demon Kris to defeat his opponent within three moves without having to make a fourth move.

“Brother!” Shuan Ji’s eyes widen in shock as he shouted at Xing. However, Xing did not respond to him, as his body and soul had been extinguished.

North Kris used his own magic treasure oven and covered Shuang Ji under it. The endless divine fire scorched him. After three seconds, the armor on Shuang’s body was burned away by the divine fire. In the fourth second, his skin was scorched. In the fifth second, his flesh and bones melted away. In the sixth second, his divine soul was destroyed and his Tao collapsed.

In just six seconds, Shuang, whose cultivation was at the late stage of the Endless Stage, was completely destroyed.

Seeing his two brothers die in battle one after another, Hao Ji was terrified. He thought he couldn’t defeat the Demon Kiis’s army. At this moment, he only had one thought in his mind. That was to escape. He would rather lose the battle than die in battle. He thought about escaping back and seeking help.

He pulled out his magic treasure, the Dayan Thunder Rune. This item was extremely powerful when it exploded. No one could survive wherever it went.

Taking advantage of the moment of explosion, Hao Ji once again took out another magic weapon from the Storage Ring, the Shield Rune. It is refined from the skin of the Chaos Beast. Once it was used, it could carry a person tens of thousands of miles away instantly. So he disappeared from the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

Jin Kris, who was fighting against him, froze, “He escaped. I should have killed him before he pulled out his magic treasure.”

“Forget it, just let him escape.” Demon Kris said.

Demon Kris and Jin Kris teamed up to fend off the blast, so Demon Kris’ army suffered very few casualties. However, Ji family’s army suffered heavy casualties. Instead of being killed by Demon Kris’ army, they were killed by the magic treasure Hao Ji used to escape, which was very ironic.

“Your general is dead. If you surrender, I can spare all of you.” Demon Kris shouted. “Ji family doesn’t give a damn about your lives. The vast majority of you died because of your master’s Dayan Thunder Rune. This is ridiculous.”

Now the Ji family’s army was disorganized. They also didn’t expect that they would face a crushing defeat when the battle had only begun. But instead of losing to the enemy, they were killed by their master.

Just then, a general of the Ji family’s army came out, “Everyone, we fought for the Ji family and in the end we ended up in this situation, what are we doing for?”

Then he dropped his weapons, stepped forward, and knelt down on one knee, “I am willing to surrender.”

Then the others also dropped their weapons, got down on one knee and surrendered.

Demon Kris looked at them and smiled.

A long time ago, Demon Kris had already sent someone to infiltrate the Ji family’s army as an undercover agent. The general who surrendered first was Demon Kris’ man.

“I hereby swear that as long as you join my army, you are part of the army. You will be treated the same as others.” Demon Kris promised.

An earth-shattering battle ended in this way. Billions of warriors died in Demon Kris’ army in exchange for tens of billions of new members.

Soon, the news of the Demon Kris’ army returning from a victory spread. So the Feng family, the Jiang family and the Ren family hated Demon Kris’ army to the bone and vowed to destroy them.

The Ji family in particular was furious. Several of Yuan Ji’s sons died in the battle. Then he gave the family’s demon-slaying order.

It is said that the Ji family’s demon-slaying order has only been launched twice so far. The first time was because of the rebellion of the royal family, and the second time was to suppress the people who tried to split the Ji family. And this time was the third time. And this time the rebellion was started from the bottom. It was started by an army of civilians whom they valued the least. But this t rebellion made Ji family afraid.

Yuan Ji sent people to poke around the area controlled by Demon Kris’ army, but the news that came back shook him to his core.

Demon Kris advocated that his army would only kill the nobility, destroy the lineage, and give all the lower class an equal place. And this in the eyes of the Ji family and other big families, Demon Kris was digging up the roots of all the nobles, and even the royal families.

Demon Kris and others established the allies and they continued to encroach on these territories of noble families. The first to bear the brunt was Ji family.

Ji family’s ministers gathered together. Hundreds of them discussed for a day, but none of them thought of a countermeasure. They had been in charge of the empire for several million eras and their ideas had been entrenched. So the army led by Demon Kris looked more like a heresy to them.

The Royal War continues, which was even fiercer than before. Great domains encroach on other domains. Hundreds of families confronted each other in the War.

Ji family’s people did not think of a way to deal with it, but the people agreed on the elimination of the Demon King’s army. This time it was the royal family that went to war. They sent three masters of the Normalization Stage to destroy Demon Kris’ army.

Soon, Ji Family started the war. In addition to the domains where Ji Family was located, the great domains under its jurisdiction also received orders to mobilize troops.

The Ji Family controlled 80,000 great domains below. In addition to the several thousand domains that were occupied, tens of thousands of other great domains sent out troops. More than seventy thousand great domains sent troops at the same time. In total, there were three trillion war warriors together with Ji family’s warriors.

These three trillion warriors then divided into three ways to attack the great domains controlled by Demon Kris’ army.

And at this time, Demon Kris had also long been prepared to meet the battle. They also divided their troops into three directions and led the Chen family’s children and warriors to kill them.

And at this time Kris was still in practicing magic art alone, and he knew what was going on in the outside world. With Demon Kris around, he wasn’t worried about anything at all.

However what the Ji family army did not know was that they had made a big mistake. They didn’t know that there were a large number of Demon Kris’ undercover agents inside these big domain support warriors.


“Here they come.” Someone called out.

Demon Kris received the message and immediately ordered, “The first attack begins.”

The people in command hurriedly sent messages to the others.

Soon billions of miles away, countless explosions rang out. This was the nine Thunder Runes buried in the spatial rift in advance, and the explosive power was considerable. Although it couldn’t kill masters in the Endless Stage, but all under the stage of Supreme Lord would be killed.

Those Demon Kris’ undercover agents also received the information long ago, so they hid in the army of Ji family.

The overwhelming battleship was impacted by the explosion. Ji family’s army also suffered damage.

The warriors drew their accompanying weapons and flew out from the battleships. However, they did not see any of Demon Kris army

Dong Ji looked at the starry sky in front of him covered with the nine Thunder Runes. “Pass the order. Lay a trap towards the front.” shouted he.

“Yes, brother!” Sheng Ji stepped forward and said.

“Demon Kris is too cunning. The more they play tricks, it means the more they are afraid.”

Tao Ji, the third brother, nodded, “Brother, you have a point.”

“Let’s split our troops from here.” Dong ordered, “Anyway, we must win this battle.”

“Yes.” Sheng and Tao said. Then they passed the order to divide the troops.

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