Chapter 67 – 68: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 67: I want your body (1)

Facing his doubt, Venus curled her lips and explained, “What kind of aim can I have? I’m just a little curious, for I don’t expect there to be such a magical thing in the world. Where did you come from anyway Alien?”


This woman said ‘magical’…

She was the first woman who hadn’t been intimidated by him. Instead, she was curious about him.

Also, she was the first woman who didn’t see him with peculiar eyes or insult him.

“Where do you go on when you’re not in this room? Have you been on a mission? What do you often do?” Venus asked curiously, wanting to know him as soon as possible.

Hearing her countless questions, which was quite clamorous, the purple-pupil man got a little impatient, “Why are you talking so much? Doesn’t it bother yourself?”

Faced with his question, Venus looked very dissatisfied and grumbled, “Because I’m lonely and bored. Since my brother had disappeared, I was forced to marry that bastard Kerry. There’s not even a person beside me to chat with…”

“What does any of this have to do with me?” The man suddenly growled out in a low voice.

Venus was stunned by his roar, looking at his angry face. She froze.

The exact same words she had heard from Kerry not too long ago!

Even their expressions at this point were very similar!

What was their relationship? Why were the two people so similar to each other?

And who the hell was he?

An immortal? That’s impossible!

“What’s wrong?” Sensing her absent-mind, the purple-pupil man asked in a low voice.

Venus focused on his face, not wanting to miss any suspicious expressions, and then quietly said, “You are Kerry!”

It wasn’t a question, but a statement.

The purple-pupil man was stunned and he looked a little awkward and surprised, “Who is Kerry?”

There was no panic and his expression was too natural to make Venus believe that she misjudged.

Venus found that she couldn’t find out any valuable clues from him, so she was quite upset.

“Have you met the male owner of this house? His name is Kerry!”

“So?” The purple-pupil man didn’t know her meaning.

Venus smiled and she patiently explained, “He looks exactly the same as you. The only difference between you two is the color of the eyes. Yours are purple while his blue.”

“Exactly the same?” The man with the purple pupil murmured. It seemed that he didn’t believe it.

Venus nodded. She seemed to make him get interested. She was excited and coaxed, “Yes. Exactly the same. Aren’t you curious? Why don’t let me take you to him, so you two can make a comparison?”

Unfortunately, she had been immediately refused.

The purple-pupil man looked calm and he only said one word, “No.”

Venus felt a little discouraged and upset.


The man with the purple pupil saw her upset and added, “At least not right now!”

Hearing his explanation, Venus was excited again, but a little puzzled, “Why?”

The purple-pupil man thought for a moment and said indifferently, “I can’t tell you right now.”

Damn it…Why did he always do this? It was like he didn’t say anything.

Venus sighed. The man’s identity was not clear, but he was quite smart. She had been trying for so long, but she still couldn’t get any useful information!

If she took him away, he wouldn’t leave; if she called for help, he had supernatural power… There was no way to deal with him.

What should she do?

Right at this moment, Venus suddenly noticed that the temperature in the room was a bit low, making her shiver and a conversation with Kerry suddenly flashed through her head.

— “Why can’t I enter that room?”

— “Someone had died in that room, right next to the table. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. If you’re not afraid of being haunted, go in there and have a try!”

Venus didn’t quite believe the ghost, so she entered this room for several times. And she saw this purple-pupil man.

Only, it suddenly occurred to her that since this man had been hiding in this room all this time, maybe he would know about something happened before.

Thinking of this, she immediately raised her head and stared at the man in front of her, asking curiously, “I heard that someone once died in this room. Are you the ghost of him?”

After the purple-pupil man heard her words, he felt a little amused. Then it made him want to tease her. He became helpless, “I think you’re right.”

“Ah!!!” Venus suddenly stared at him and cried out in surprise, “You… you’re not really the dead ghost, are you?”

The purple-pupil man curled his lips, “Yeah, I’m the dead… ghost…”

Hearing his own admission, Venus took a deep breath. She was subconsciously trying to step back while at the same time she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Then how did you die?”

Chapter 67: I want your body (2)

The purple-pupil man curled his lips. What a stupid woman.

He thought for a moment and said slowly, “I remember one night when the lightning and thunder were very loud, I was so frightened that I passed out. When I woke up, I found myself floating in the air and could do something unimaginable.”

After hearing his words, Venus stared at him. she couldn’t believe this was true.

Could thunder scare people to death?

Dead people could still wake up?

Gaining superpowers after waking up?

Was this Sci-Fi movie plot?

Venus still couldn’t believe all this.

After staring at his face for a while, she found nowhere weird, so Venus decided to trust him for now. She nodded and continued, “Then what superpowers do you have? Can you show me?”

The man didn’t reply. He then stretched out his right hand to wave. The original stationary teapot was like having legs, moving forward in a fast speed.

Seeing this with her own eyes, Venus was filled with astonishment and said in a dumbfounded voice, “It’s so amazing. What else do you have? One by one, show me. I haven’t seen something so amazing!”

Hearing Venus’s plea, the purple-pupil man was not stingy and then showed her quite a few, causing Venus to clap her hands in praise.

“By the way!” With her eyes fixed on the performance, Venus asked carelessly, “You still haven’t told me what your name is.”

The man looked stunned and slowly replied, “My name is Xiaozi.”

Erm… Xiaozi?

That name was just…

Of course, she wouldn’t dare to say anything about his name, for she knew the consequences.

“Well…I want to ask, who gave you that name?” Venus tried to hold back her laugh and asked calmly.

The purple-pupi man looked at her and frowned, “You have a lot of questions.”

Venus laughed and was about to continue when the phone in her pocket suddenly rang. She immediately took it out and saw a message flashing on the screen.

Pressing the button, the content on it made Venus frown.

It was from her uncle, Changrui Mu. It said—

“Venus, we just received the news from America that Tianye Mu is in a critical condition. Please get a million dollars!”

Venus couldn’t help but sigh, filled with sadness. She knew it was urgent and she quickly replied—


Raising her head again, Venus looked anxious and uneasy, and hurriedly said, “XiaoZi, I have something very important to do right now. I’m leaving first. I’ll talk to you next time!”


Hearing his reply, Venus quickly turned around and left. She went out of the room and directly headed to Kerry Ye’ s study. She then pushed the door and walked in.

As soon as she entered the room, Venus saw Kerry concentrating on his work. She was relieved.

She had just suspected that the two were the same person, but Xiaozi couldn’t go through the wall to get here, so she must have thought too much.

Although Xiaozi looked cold, he was much better than Kerry. She didn’t want that kind of thing to happen.

Venus stopped thinking and strode to Kerry. Looking at his perfect side face, she said with some caution, “Kerry, I have something to say to you.”

Kerry raised his head with a hint of coldness in his eyes and indifferently asked, “What?”

Venus’s palms were sweating and she didn’t know how to speak, but thinking of her brother’s situation, she gritted her teeth and said, “Can… can you lend me some money…”

Kerry found she was anxious and asked indifferently, “What for?”

“This, I…” Venus paused and thought that she couldn’t tell him that the money was for his brother, so she said, “It’s important anyway, but don’t worry, I’ll pay you back as soon as possible!”

Kerry sneered, with his right middle finger slowly tapping the table and said indifferently, “If you don’t tell me, why should I lend it to you?”


Venus didn’t know what to say, thinking now she was begging him, so she had to adopt a good attitude, “That… Kerry, as long as I tell you, you will definitely lend it to me, right?”

Facing her question, Kerry languidly stroked his chin. His voice was cold and disdainful, “Venus, it’s you who’s begging me now, be nice!”

Fucking asshole!

Venus cursed him inwardly. She understood what he was saying. She had no right to bargain with him at all.

“Mu’s Company needs a sum of money, which is in a terrible situation. As a member of Mu Family, I need do something… so… “Venus pondered and answered.

“As I remember, the company is now controlled by Changrui. Should I say you’re noble for borrowing money for him, or should I say you’re stupid?” Kerry looked at her with an icy look and said sarcastically.

Venus was calm and said, “That company is my parents’ hard work. Besides, uncle is my relative and I should help him.”

Kerry was silent for a moment and asked, “How much do you want?”

Chapter 67: I want your body (3)

Venus felt hopeful and then pleased, but her face remained calm.

“A million dollars.” she said quietly.

Kerry was surprised at first, then smirked. He kept silent.

Venus looked at him, unsure of what he was thinking, so she became apprehensive.

“I know the money is too much, so I’ll find a way to pay you back as soon as I can, I hope…”She bit her lip and said nervously.

Kerry’s right corner of his mouth was turned up just a little bit.

“I’m not a philanthropist. If you’re going to borrow money, there’s always a deadline to pay it back. When do you plan to pay it back?” said he.

Venus clenched her nails tightly. She knew full well that it was less likely that she’d be able to save enough money for this with her abilities. Even if she tried her best to draw, it would be impossible for her to pay back the money in the short term.

But things had come to this, she couldn’t back out, so she gritted her teeth and said firmly, “Give me three years. I will definitely pay you back within three years.”

With her brother’s situation looming, she didn’t have time to hesitate.

“No. it’s impossible.” Staring at her anxious face, Kerry looked cleverly at her, “You only have three months.”

“What? Three months? How is that possible?”

Venus was so surprised that she yelled out, “Can you put yourself in my shoes for a moment. How could I pay back so money in three months?”

Kerry looked at her coldly and said arrogantly, “With your ability, even if you have three years, you won’t be able to pay it back. Didn’t you say the money was a loan to the Mu family? Isn’t three months enough for it to make a quick turnover?”

Venus froze. She smiled wryly.

“The money is for brother. If Kerry goes to the Mu family to get the money three months later and finds that it isn’t loaned to the Mu family? What should I do then?” Venus thought.

Venus had never felt so desperate. It seemed that she was suddenly surrounded by a wall and couldn’t escape.

“I…I’ll give it back to you as soon as I can. Please give me more time, please.” Venus was physically and mentally exhausted and her voice was weak.

Seeing that she wasn’t so obstinate anymore, Kerry smile slightly, but he said indifferently, “If that’s the case, then you can compensate me in another way.”

Venus immediately asked excitedly, “What method?”

“Use what you do best.” Kerry said in a cruel tone, “Use your body to please me.”

“You’re… despicable, Shameless!” Venus cursed in anger.

A hint of sarcasm appeared on Kerry’s face and he said coldly, “It’s not the first time you’ve done this. You don’t have to pretend to be innocent. Have you forgotten how you pleased me the last time?”

Hearing his harsh insult, Venus was very angry. She was trying to maintain her composure.

“If I please you like I did last time, you’ll lend me money?” she asked coldly

It was hard for her to say that. She felt extremely humble. But she couldn’t retort this time; she had to borrow the money for her brother.

“You really are a slut. You’re willing to sell your body for money.” Kerry looked at her with disdain, “What are you waiting for? Strip yourself naked now.”

She keep trembling slightly and slowly undressed herself until her sexy, seductive body was completely exposed to the air.

Kerry’s eyes were filled with contempt.

“You really is born to be a slut.” He said with disdain.

Venus closed her eyes and heard his harsh insult in silence.

“Why are you still standing there? You don’t want a million anymore?”

Hearing his words, Venus took a deep breath. She tried to hold back her tears, and then she desperately walked up to him and kissed his cold, thin lips.

Her emotionless and tactless kiss did not arouse any man’s sexual desire.

Kerry pushed her away and said mockingly, “Do you show me this dying look on purpose? It’s like I’m going to rape you.”

Venus paused, feeling nervous. She was worried about upsetting him, so she beggared, “I can do anything to please you, please give me another chance.”

“You are so slutty. Do you have to let a man fuck you? I have never seen a shameless woman like you. You can’t even throw away your dignity for money.” Kerry said sarcastically.

She didn’t want to do so either, but she had no other way to get one million dollars. She had to have it for her brother’s sake.

Besides, it was Kerry who had trampled on her dignity wantonly. He had no right to blame her.

Venus was in a state of grief and indignation, but she remained calm and collected.

“Now can you lend me the money?” She asked.

Kerry had never hated a woman so much. Now he really wanted to strangle her.

Kerry glanced at the pen in his hand unintentionally, and then a cold smile appeared on his face. He slammed his right hand out the window. The pen in his hand finally disappeared into the vast night.

“Downstairs is a swimming pool the size of a football field. My pen is now in the pool. If you can find it, I will give you the one million dollars.” Kerry stared at her beautiful face, said disdainfully.

Venus was slightly stunned and then asked, “What you said is true?”

“Believe it or not, I don’t care.” Kerry said coldly, “but I want to remind you that the swimming pool is the size of a football field and the water is 3 meters deep.”

Venus didn’t think much, put on his clothes quickly.

“I will find it.” She said stubbornly.

Chapter 67 I want your body (4)

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Looking at her thin but determined figure, Kerry Ye’ s blue pupils were bright. He lowered his head to look down, only to see there was an erection.

Kerry began to recall her perfect figure. Elegant body fragrance and soft red lips…

It was so easy for him to get aroused by her.

“Shit!” Kerry cursed inwardly. He then stood up and hurriedly walked towards the bathroom.

Venus quickly ran downstairs and eventually came to the east of the swimming pool. She was so shocked when she saw the endless pool water.

She couldn’t help but complain inwardly—what’ the point of building such a big swimming pool? Isn’t it a waste?

After walking around the swimming pool and examining it, Venus was gradually relieved. The good thing was that the depth of the water was not like what Kerry said and it was no more than two meters.

She cautiously got into the pool and moved. It was at night and the water was a little cold, making Venus shivering.

When her feet touched the bottom of the pool, the water level of the pool arrived at the position of her chest. Venus was calm, but she then thought of a serious problem—the density of the pen is smaller than the pool water. If the pen fell to the bottom of the pool…

Thinking that she didn’t know how to swim, Venus got frustrated. What was she supposed to do?

After standing in the water and thinking for a while, Venus came up with a rather stupid, but effective method.

She took a deep breath and bent down into the water, not daring to open her eyes in the water, so she could only search around with her hands. It was dark and the cold pool water was going through her fingertips.

For about a minute, Venus felt her chest hurt for lack of oxygen, so she hurriedly stood upwards, trying to take in fresh air….

It was getting late and Venus couldn’t remember how long she’d been in the water. She felt her legs and feet were numb and she was shivering. Her consciousness was also growing weaker and weaker. She moved only by her strong will.


All of a sudden, her right foot seemed to have tripped over something and then she lost her balance and fell forward.

All this came too quickly, making Venus frantic. The cold water quickly poured into her mouth and nose and the suffocating feeling came. Her consciousness gradually blurred.

Kerry was lying on the soft bed, but he was unable to fall asleep. Although he tried to convince himself not to care about Venus, he was still a little anxious.

His bedroom was beneath the study and looking down through the window, he could see the swimming pool.

Kerry got up irritably and stood up near the window to look down, only to see that there was no one in the pool. He began to worry.

After returning to the bedroom after taking a shower, he had been paying attention to the movement outside the door and he could be sure that Venus hadn’t gone upstairs…

Hurriedly running to the first floor, Kerry looked serious and shouted, “Uncle Wang!”

Uncle Wang came and respectfully asked, “Young Master, what can I do for you?”

Kerry was in great anxiety and said indifferently, “Mrs. Ye has fallen into the swimming pool. Find her, everyone of you. Hurry up!”

As soon as Uncle Wang heard, he knew the situation was urgent, so he replied, “Yes! I’ll do it right away!”

In the large swimming pool, there were countless shadows, for Uncle Wang got all the servants of Ye family to search for her.

Kerry looked cold and calm standing by the side of the pool, but he was extremely agitated.

Venus, you were not allowed to die!

If you died, I would destroy Mu’s and kill your brother!

Didn’t you care about them? So just hold on.

With time passing by, Kerry became more and more nervous. When he was about to lose his patience, a shout came from the west of the pool, “Young Master, Mrs. Ye was here. But she’ passed out!”

Kerry relaxed and coldly roared, “Quickly bring her up!”


“Uncle Wang!”

“Yes? Young Master.”

“Call Dr. Han. Let him arrive within ten minutes!”


Uncle Wang turned around to leave. He was praying for Dr. Han while walking. He at least needed 30 minutes to drive here, but young master let him be here in ten minutes…

Looking at the unconscious Venus on the bed, Kerry felt there was an inexplicable emotion coming up and he was unable to control it.

“Hasn’t Dr. Han arrived yet?” Kerry asked coldly, “Call him again. If he can’t get here within five minutes, he will be over!”

People next to Kerry all kept in silence. They didn’t want to make any mess.

“I’m coming… After I received the call, I sped up to 200 miles, running three red lights, and my car was almost impounded. Don’t forget to pay the fine for me!”

Chapter 67: I want your body (5)

Dr. Han could feel his anger, so he hurriedly entered the room.

Kerry glanced at him coldly and said indifferently, “Shut up! Hurry up!”

Dr. Han shrugged his shoulders and walked forward his medical kit.

After checking Venus, Dr. Han found that there was a lot of water in her chest, so he immediately reached out his hands to do the CPR…

“What are you going to do?”

Kerry suddenly shouted at Dr. Han and Dr. Han was scared. He immediately withdrew his hands, grumbling, “What can I do? Come on, I’m trying to save her. There is a lot of water in her chest and if it doesn’t drain in time, she will die of suffocation!”

After hearing his explanation, Kerry curled his lips and said indifferently, “Then why do you stop? Hurry up!”

Dr. Han really didn’t know what was proper for him to do and he complained inwardly, “He is so arrogant!”

Dr. Han’s hands skillfully pressed on Venus’s chest, and because of the pressure, Venus spat out a large amount of water…

After this, Dr. Han relieved when he saw Venus’s face was ruddy.

After sorting the medical box, he turned back to look at Kerry, saying with sympathy, “Young Master, I need to say something. Since Mrs. Ye married you, she’s always got sick. Her health actually isn’t in a good condition, and if you keep treating her like this, she’ll probably die young.”

Hearing his grumbling, Kerry didn’t want to care at all. He said with cruelty, “Shut up. It’s none of your business.”

Kerry deliberately aggravated the last sentence, causing Dr. Han to tremble, so he said in a pleasing tone, “Well, well, OK. What I said is out of a doctor’s professionalism.”

“Oh? I didn’t see you so concerned about anyone when my men were injured in the past.” Kerry questioned.

Dr. Han curled his lips and continued, “They’re men, not the same as Mrs. Ye. Isn’t it normal for them to break an arm? Mrs. Ye is definitely not the same.”

Kerry didn’t say anything, but then he looked at the bed. He was thinking a lot while looking at her pale face.

“Young Master, I must remind you. If something like this happens a few more times, I’m afraid that it’s will not be good for her health. You should care her more from now on…”

Faced with his nonsense, Kerry began to get impatient and didn’t want to listen anymore, so he said in a gloomy tone, “Uncle Wang, Dr. Han is leaving!”

Then he left.

After a while, Venus slowly opened her eyes, but her consciousness was still vague. After shaking her head for a while, she finally found this was her room.

“You’re awake?”

The familiar voice came, making Venus’s body stiffen. Only then did she notice Kerry who was standing on the balcony smoking.

Venus tried her best to calm down and said faintly, “Mm.”

Kerry casually threw away the cigarette butt and he put it off with his high-grade leather shoes stamping on it and said in a low voice, “Are you hungry? I’ll have Mrs. Qin send some food to you.”

Venus didn’t reply and stared at him carefully, feeling he was very strange at the moment. Shouldn’t he normally be sarcastic? And now he was caring about her!


“Oh God, I almost forgot!” Venus froze and quickly got up and got out of bed. She then put on her shoes and walked to the door.

Kerry noticed her and went forward to stop her. He asked unpleasantly, “Where are you going? Why don’t you care about yourself?”

Venus looked anxious and said urgently, “I haven’t found the pen yet. I’ll go now. please give me more time!”

Kerry was even more unpleasant and stared at her fiercely, saying indifferently, “Venus, do you know that you almost died last night? Why risk your life for one million?”

Venus looked startled and immediately remembered what she should do. She said calmly, “Don’t care about me. I really need that money. Don’t worry, I’ll find it this time!”

“Idiot, if you meet any danger, I’ll have to mobilize everyone to save you! Venus, you really are the most troublesome woman I’ve ever met!” Kerry said irritably.

His words caused Venus to stop. She turned around to look at him, saying with resolution, “I really need the money!”

Looking at her stubborn expression, Kerry said coldly, “Wait for me here!”

After saying so, he left the room.

Venus was very puzzled about his words and after pondering for a while, she still decided to go, but she met Kerry at the door.

As they looked at each other, Kerry said in an annoyed voice, “Venus, why not listen to me? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me in the room? You want to be punished for disobeying my orders?”

Faced with his overbearing and arrogant attitude, Venus was somewhat speechless, “I’m not your doll. I have the right of freedom and even you have no right to interfere!”

Kerry didn’t expect her to retort he smiled wryly and tugged her arm towards the bed. Just when they were less than a meter away from the bed, he threw her to the bed.

Venus’s frowned, and before she knew what was going on, Kerry’s hot and strong body was pressed on her, shocking her so much that her eyes suddenly widely opened and hurriedly asked, “What are you doing?”

Looking at her clear and beautiful face, Kerry smiled with charm and coldly said, “There is only one thing a man and a woman can do when they are in bed!”

Chapter 68: The woman of that night (1)

“No!!!” Venus Mu tried to stop him, “I’m going to get the pen. I don’t want to do that with you!”

Kerry didn’t care and sneered, “As long as I want, I need to get it. And also, you don’t have the right to refuse!”

Saying that, he kissed her.

“N-no, N-no… Kerry, you bastard! I’m still sick. Aren’t you afraid I’ll infect you?” Venus was struggling.

She was now desperate for that pen, so she really didn’t have the time or energy to deal with him. She just made an excuse, wanting him to stop.

However, Kerry was not an ordinary man. He gazed at her, with his blue icy eyes filled with lure. He said indifferently, “I’m glad that you’re sick, so you won’t have any strength to resist me!”


Venus was speechless. What a monster.

So as Kerry’s wish, they made love.

Venus exhaustedly lay on the bed and she was too tired to lift her fingers. Her vagina also hurt. However, Kerry, was refreshed. Venus complained inwardly.

Why after making love, men were cool while women were about to die of exhaustion. Why?

However, at that moment, she felt a coldness on her face. Venus took a closer look and it was a bank card!

Turning around and looking at Kerry’s handsome side face, Venus asked in surprise, “What does this mean?”

“This’s your reward for serving me.” Kerry said harshly.

Venus was startled, trembling with anger. She stared at him, wanting to kill him.

What did he think of her? A prostitute who wanted money when she had done?

“How can you do this? Kerry, how could you humiliate me like this?” Venus was furious and yelled. Because she was sick, she felt dizzy all of a sudden.

Faced with her accusation, Kerry laughed and said coldly, “If you don’t want it, then give it back to me!”

Venus threw it back to him, firmly and toughly, but she was nearly desperate as she listened to his following words!

He said, “I was sympathetic to see you’ve drunk a lot of water in the pool, so I just threw a million dollars to you, but you don’t want it instead! Venus, brilliant!”

Venus regretted immediately and she hurriedly said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Give me my money back!”

Looking at her anxious expression, Kerry smiled wryly, “Of course, I can give it back to you, but what can I get?”

Not waiting for Venus to react, Kerry pressed her again, causing her to shout in anger, “Ah, Kerry, asshole!”

After fucking, Venus felt like she was falling apart. She took the bank card that Kerry threw over and fell to sleep.

When she woke up, Venus remembered the entire process and she was angry with herself.

Had she known that he would end up fucking with her, she shouldn’t have foolishly jumped into the swimming pool and made a mess for herself, and had to endure the pain of getting sick!

Venus, what a fool.

Kerry was a completely asshole!

The next morning, Venus came to Mu family, finding Changrui Mu and giving him the bank card given by Kerry.

Changrui looked at the card in his hand, grinning and saying hypocritically, “Venus, you did a good job this time. Don’t worry, I will send the money to America as soon as possible. With this money, I believe your brother will recover soon!”

Venus nodded and she finally relieved and said sincerely, “Uncle, thank you.”

“We’re families. We should help each other.” Changrui was hypocritical and said in a caring way.

Venus looked at him and asked in a gentle tone, “Uncle, do you have a picture of my brother here now? I miss him, so if you have one, please give me, or let me make a video call with him!”

Changrui’ s face stiffened, but he quickly returned to normal. A look of grief appeared on his face as he sighed and said, “Your brother has been seriously injured and is still lying unconscious in a hospital bed. How about this, when your brother wakes up, I’ll send someone to take some photos of him and bring them back to you, okay?”

Hearing him saying so, a bright smile appeared on Venus’s face, and she said gratefully, “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.”

After saying goodbye to Changrui, Venus took a taxi directly to school.

Today was the day that the school held the ‘Fashion and Soul’ design competition and the venue was temporarily set in the school’s music room, where was not small and could accommodate no less than a thousand people.

“Venus, hurry up. The competition is about to start!” Xinyou Qiao looked a little impatient and hurriedly urged.

Venus followed behind her in strides and her pace was easy and steady. She said in a gentle tone, “Xinyou, don’t be in such a hurry. There’s still half an hour. We won’t be late.”

Xinyou curled her lips and she looked a little disdainful, and said with discontent, “Of course I know this! The aim of taking you there was to make you get to know the selectors for this contest, which is important!”

“Why?” Venus didn’t understand.

Xinyou knocked her head, slowly leaning to her ear and said in a low voice, “Of course it’s about making good relationships in advance. Compared to the quality of the work, personal relationships are more important!”

Mavis looked stunned and nodded, though she didn’t completely understand her.

Chapter 68: The woman of that night (2)

Looking at Venus’s confused look, Xinyou Qiao was filled with contempt, feeling like she was nothing but a better designer than her!

It’s so unfair that she didn’t even know basic interpersonal relationships, but Kerry Ye still chose her.

At this moment, Kerry came with a large group of bodyguards.

Xinyou was excited, tugging Venus’s arm and saying excitedly, “Venus, Young Master is here!”

Venus raised her head to see Kerry coming this way, and next to him was Nangong Hao!

“What are you guys doing here?” When the four of them gathered together, Venus looked at them and asked curiously.

Kerry said indifferently, “The person in charge of Nanhua, invited Hao and me to be the guests of this competition.”

Venus was surprised and she heard Hao gently said, with a warm smile, “Venus, I heard that both of your works have been selected, so I’ll have a chance to appreciate later!”

Venus softly said, “We’re not the only ones. The works of other students are also great.”

Watching them happily chatting, Xinyou was jealous and said, “I just said that whether I had the chance to meet the judges in advance, but it now seems I’m lucky. Young Master Ye and Young Master Nangong, please pay more attention to us!”

Kerry looked at her, recalling the entry list and the results of Henry Zhang’s investigation had come out, confirming that the author of the piece was Xinyou Qiao!

Only then did he finally believe that the woman that night was her.

When Venus heard Xinyou’ s words, she was a little embarrassed and smiled, “Xinyou is joking with you guys. Don’t be embarrassed. Do what you have to do and don’t give any priority to us, otherwise it’s not fair to others!”

Obviously, Venus didn’t agree with her and now Xinyou was really furious.

She wasn’t sure who the judges were before, so she was thinking about how to talk to them, but she didn’t expect the judges to be Kerry and Hao. With Venus’s relationships with them, she could somewhat get some benefits, but she didn’t expect this bitch ruined everything!

Kerry noticed Xinyou’ s displeasure, pondering a little and said indifferently, “I’ve seen Miss Qiao’ s work. It’s good.”

Venus was startled, for she didn’t expect Kerry to say so and she felt a little weird, but she didn’t say anything else.

Xinyou was so happy, for she never thought that she would be praised by Kerry!

With a bright smile, Xinyou said pleasantly, “Thank you, Young Master.”

“Mm.” Kerry nodded.

Xinyou was happier. Although the work wasn’t created by her, her name was written there!

Venus felt a little uncomfortable. It was not because he praised Xinyou, but because ever since they got married, apart from endless quarrels, he had basically never be nice to her, and now he was praising others, and it was her own designs, which made her a little unhappy for no reason.

He could be gentle to everyone, but not her.

“I like Venus’s work, not only thoughtful, but infectious!” Just at this moment, Hao, who was beside her, suddenly spoke.

Venus raised her head, looking at him with gratitude and said gently, “Hao, thank you so much!”

Watching she smiled to Hao, Kerry was a little unpleasant and said coldly, “It’s about the time, hurry up to the competition venue!”

Worried about being gossiped about, the four of them entered the competition venue separately.

Kerry and Hao were invited to the judges’ seats by the school leaders, respectfully, while Venus and Xinyou came to the contestant chairs on the west side of the stage, along with the other eight participating students.

The south of the stage were spectator seats, which were also crowded at this time. They were all students who had come to watch the competition.

The east of the stage were the judges, besides Kerry and Hao, there were two other people who were the heads of other well-known companies and were also invited.

The college president fist delivered a speech and introduced the competition rules. Then the ten participants drew to decide the order of entry, and they would talk about the inspiration and ideas of their works.

The score was given by the four judges. Each one was 10 points, so the full score was 40 points.

“Venus, I didn’t expect you to be the last one!” Xinyou curled her lips, somewhat gloating.

The ones who drew to come early were luckier, because at first it was easy to attract the attention of the judges and the audience. The more works you saw, the more visual fatigue would occur, and the results would generally not be too good.

Venus just nodded, but she didn’t care too much about it. Do what you could and left it to fate.

The competition began. The first participant was a boy, whose final score was 34 points.

Following the order, it was soon Xinyou’ s turn. Only to see her standing on the stage with confidence and gently said, “Hello everyone, my name is Xinyou Qiao. The concept of my work comes from nature, because it is nature that made us and offered us such a beautiful home. It has raised generations of life with its own resources, so I feel that it is where our souls belong. And I add with some current fashion elements…”

Xinyou’ s speech was only 10 minutes long, but the applause she received was 5 minutes, and as the judges scored, they all praised her for her thoughtfulness and even Kerry agreed so.

“Whew… I was so nervous on stage just now, did you hear that, Venus? The judges gave me 38 points! Fantastic!” Xinyou said with an excited face as she returned to her seat.

Venus had a happy smile on her face, not expecting her work to get such a high score. In fact, the design concept Xinyou had just said was also the source of inspiration she had gained in the early stages of her creation, which she had told her.

Time flew by and finally it was Venus’s turn. The highest score was Xinyou’ s 38 points.

Standing up, Venus was ready to get on to the stage and she heard Xinyou say, “Venus, take it easy. Go.”

“I know.” Venus nodded and walked to the stage.

Standing on the stage, Venus could feel everyone was focusing on her, making her a little nervous.

She looked down at her work and her body seemed to be infused with energy, and she gradually calmed down. She said with a confident voice, “Hello everyone, my name is Venus Mu.”

Chapter 68: The woman of that Night (3)

Venus Mu held up her works, “I named my work ‘Spirit Sea’. The inspiration comes from a pair of deep purple eyes. We look our eyes as the window of soul. It can reflect the good and evil of people’s hearts. It is like a magical mirror reflecting people’s souls.”

Kerry gazed at her, his blue eyes showing appreciation.

After her speech was finished, the audience then burst out in applause. The constant applause was so loud that Venus couldn’t believe it.

It was only after about ten minutes that the applause gradually disappeared. Offstage, Xinyou Qiao looked at Venus with a jealous look. She was so angry that she pinched her arm fiercely with her nails. This time Venus stole her thunder again. She was going to go crazy.

However, the applause of the audience did not mean the judges’ recognition of her work, so Xinyou thought she still had a chance. As long as Venus’s score was lower than hers, then she would be the winner today.

Venus looked at the four judges calmly in front of her.

However, none of the judges raised their cards this time.

Venus was a bit confused, just at this moment, she heard Hao Nangong say, “Venus, before telling your scores, I have a question for you.”

“Yes, please.” Venus looked stunned and said.

“The theme of this work is ‘Fashion and Soul’. Your speech just now showed us the soul of your work. May I ask where the fashion elements in your work are?” He said gently. A smile lifted a corner of his lips.

His question made Venus ponder a little, and then she said with a steady voice, “In my mind, fashion is more than some popular elements, such as clothes, shoes, and bags. I think fashion is people’s attitude toward life. It can be everywhere and it even hide in our eyes.”

As soon as Venus finished speaking, audiences broke into applause again, and unlike earlier, even the four judges also applaud, including Kerry.

The four judges raised their cards at the same time, and four identical numbers came into view, and then Hao announced that she got a perfect score.

Venus was filled with joy and received the first place certificate from Kerry.

“Thank you.” Venus smiled and said to Kerry.

As she bowed to show politeness, Kerry’s deep voice suddenly sounded in her ear, “You are great today.”

It was the first time he praised her.

Venus was surprised and immediately looked up at him, but all she saw was his back.

“Was that an illusion?” Venus was still in shock.

When Kerry was back at the judges’ table, he looked at Venus on stage surrounded by people. He hadn’t expected her to win first place.

He remembered that a few days ago, he treated her like dirt. He didn’t expect her to prove herself with her works in just a few days.

Hao looked at Venus tenderly. But he also noticed Kerry’s distraction, and then asked, “Kerry, what do you think of Venus’s works?”

“She’s talented. Her designs are thoughtful and unique.” Kerry said lightly

Hao stroked his chin. A smile curled the corners of his mouth.

“Whose work do you think is better between them?” He asked.

Kerry furrowed as the two works came to his mind. He fought some similarities between their works. Both of them used abstract forms to support the theme of their works.

In terms of differences, Xinyou Qiao’s theme was novel, while Venus’s was more focused on the theme of the subject than on the work itself.

“Their works have their own characteristics. Venus’s is more relevant to the theme.” Kerry said coldly.

After listening to his words, Hao’s expression froze, then returned to calm.

“I thought you were more interested in Xinyou’s works.” Hao said.

Hao asked Kerry to express his views on the work deliberately. He wanted to know whose works Kerry agreed more with. What he didn’t expect was that after Kerry knew that Xinyou Qiao was the woman that night, he didn’t pay more attention to her.

Not only did he give Venus a higher score than Xinyou, but also he favored Venus in his heart.

Hao suddenly felt worried. He was afraid that Kerry would fall in love with Venus. To prevent things from getting out of his control, he felt it necessary to meet the woman.

Kerry glanced at Hao and felt strange. He felt Hao’s tone was a little disappointed.

“I just expressed my opinions objectively” Kerry replied indifferently.

After the design competition was over, the audiences quickly left. Venus was pulled by Xinyou, and they two came to sit down on the chairs next to the school playground.

Looking at the certificate awarded to her by Kerry in her hand, Xinyou was very jealous of Venus.

“Venus, congratulations. I know you must be the number one,” Xinyou said deliberately.

Venus smiled and said softly, “Thank you.”

Xinyou’s expression was full of coldness, and said, “This is your own hard work.”

Venus nodded and smiled, “Fortunately, I have your company. Otherwise, I don’t know if I can hold on to it.”

Since the death of his parents and his brother’s accident, Venus had become unsociable. Even for a long time, she did not associate with others. It was Xinyou’s company that made her regain confidence, so Xinyou was her best friend in her mind.

Xinyou pretended to be very moved, and said, “Good friends should encourage each other. That’s what a friend should do. Besides, you helped me a lot. Without your works, I don’t have a chance to attend the competition.”

Xinyou’s words were true. She was very clear about her ability. If she didn’t use Venus’s work, it would be difficult for her to even be shortlisted.

But she took Venus’s help for her for granted. Since Venus married Kerry, she was often blamed by her classmates that she deliberately approached Venus for impure purposes.

Every time she heard her classmates talking about her, she was so angry that she hated Venus even more. She was like a down-and-out princess whose prince was snatched by Cinderella, but she vowed that she would take her prince back.

“Xinyou, I can help you once, but it’s impossible to help you every time. You have to work harder. This will be good for you in the future.” Venu said earnestly.

Xinyou hated Venus preaching to her. She interrupted her impatiently, “I know.”

Now Hao was behind a tree not far away from them, he was shocked when he heard their conversation

“Could it be that the woman that night was not Xinyou Qiao, but Venus?” Hao thought.

Chapter 68: The woman of that night (4)

After the competition, Hao Nangong wanted to congratulate Venus Mu on her excellent performance, but Venus had already left the venue. Hao guessed that she returned to her classroom, so he went to her class to look for her. As he passed by the playground, he saw her here.

When Hao planned to walk toward her and talk to her, he heard Xinyou Qiao said, “Thanks to your works, I can make the finalists.”

Hao stopped for a moment and hid by the palm tree behind his, listening intently to their next conversation.

At this moment, Hao understood the truth of the matter. It turned out that the woman that night was really Venus, and Xinyou Qiao just happened to be the owner of the works.

If that was the case, the woman who had sex with Kerry that night was Venus.

Hao felt as if he was being pressed by a stone and he was very uncomfortable. He tried to remain calm and turned around to leave quickly. He was going to find Kerry Ye and asked him the details about that night.

As soon as Kerry returned to the company, he received a call from Hao. Hao said that there was something that he wanted to ask him, so Kerry told him to come directly to the office.

The office door was opened. When Hao came in, Kerry looked up and found he was different from his usual calmness. His hair was a little messy. The forehead oozed some sweat.

Kerry put down the pen and looked at him, puzzled.

“You are just out of the gym? Do you need to use my bathroom for a shower?” Kerry teased.

Hearing his ridicule, Hao quickly adjusted to his emotions. He was worried about being seen through by him. He wore an evil smile on his face again, crossed his legs, and said carelessly, “No, thanks. don’t you think I look sexier now?”

Kerry only found it funny, “You should ask your bedfellows this question.”

“Boring.” Hao said.

“We only have ten minutes to talk. I’ll have a meeting later.” said Kerry seriously.

Hao’s look added a hint of seriousness and he said, “I wanted to know where you had a one-night stand with the woman who left her design that night?”

Kerry was silent, confused, and said, “Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

Hao shrugged and said, “I’m just wondering if there are any other places suitable for flirting other than restaurants and cafes. Then I think of the hotel.”

Kerry laughed and said, “As a good friend, I suggest you better control yourself. Otherwise, one day you may die because of woman.”

“It’s also an honor to die in the arms of a beautiful woman.” Hao said, “Tell me the place of your one-night stand.”

“Room 1026 at the CK International Hotel.” Kerry answered truthfully.

“It’s that place.” Hao was filled with despair. It was as if he was in an endless sea and couldn’t see any hope of life.

“Don’t you remember what that woman looks like?” Hao took a deep breath and asked.

Kerry shrugged, “When were you so interested in my personal life?”

Faced with his question, Hao said with some impatience, “I’m just worried about you. I heard you say that you were drugged at that time. I regretted why I didn’t stay with you that night.”

If he had been there that night, everything would have been different. Hao was so frustrated when he thought about it.

Kerry stepped forward and patted his shoulder, saying softly, “You shouldn’t blame yourself too much. It wasn’t actually as bad as you think.”

“Then how did you get into room 1026?” Hao asked.

“There were so many rooms in the hotel he didn’t enter, why did he happen to enter this one?” Hao thought.

Kerry’s mind floated back to that night and said slowly, “I was being chased by the Green-Dragon Gang at the time, and I went in when I saw that door open.”

Hao clenched his fists tightly and tried to maintain his composure, “What else did she leave other than that design?”

“No.” Kerry said.

After they finished their conversation, Kerry glanced at the hands of her watch and stood up with a gentle demeanor, “I have a meeting in a few minutes. Will you wait here for me?”

Hao shook his head and said slowly, “I have something to do later, so I’ll go first.”

Kerry nodded and said jokingly, “You’re not meeting a pretty girl, are you? Joanne? Or Lena?”

Hao didn’t reply. He was serious, looking tired.

“Bye.” He said and then left.

Kerry thought his reaction was strange, but he didn’t think much of it.

Hao left Yehuang International Group and got into his car. He drove so fast that he didn’t even slow down when he reached the intersection.

Walking into his house, Hao went straight to the storeroom, took out a bottle of whiskey, opened the bottle and drank it straight. Spicy and bitter liquid gushed into his mouth, choking him with a violent dry cough.

He wanted to get drunk. It was better for him to get drunk than to be in pain at the moment.

He once again recalled the events of that night. At that time, Zihang Lyu told him on the phone that things were all arranged. Zihang Lyu texted him and told him Venus’s location.

Venus was at Room 1026 of the CK International Hotel.

He remembered that he got into the car quickly, intending to get to the place as fast as possible, but when he passed an intersection in the middle of the road, he was going to run the red light.

At that moment, a truck suddenly appeared in the middle of the road. In order to avoid it, he swerved the steering wheel. Due to the high speed, his car crashed directly into the green belt beside the road.

The car was badly damaged, and he was unconscious because his forehead hit the steering wheel. When he woke up the next day, he found that he had been taken to the hospital by the people passing by.

He thought that Venus would quickly leave room 1026 of CK International Hotel if she didn’t see Zihang Lyu, but he didn’t expect that Kerry happened to get there.

Hao was extremely angry, and yelled out, “Why? Why did things become like this? “

If he didn’t want to see Venus right away, he wouldn’t have run the red light. If he didn’t run the red light, he wouldn’t have had an accident. If there hadn’t been an accident, he would have been the one who had Venus that night.

All in all, it happened because he wasn’t careful. Since it had already happened, there was no use regretting it, he could only choose to accept it.

“It’s not too late.” Hao kept consoling himself.

“Xinyou Qiao happened to become the author of that design, and Kerry also thought that Xinyou Qiao was that woman. As long as he stays with Xinyou Qiao and divorces Venus, Venus will still be mine in the end.” He muttered to himself

“But will Kerry divorce Venus?”

Hao felt that he had to do something. He needed to have a talk with Xinyou Qiao.

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