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Chapter 67 – 68: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 67: A man came to take your life!

This time, someone dressed like a worker drove a cement truck toward the road beside them.

“They seem to be repairing—”

Halfway through the conversation, Colin Ward saw the worker suddenly drove the truck toward him.

In an instant, Colin Ward turned around and grabbed Doris Lee. Both of them fell on the side of the road.

“Doris, are you okay?” Colin Ward pulled her up.

Doris Lee was about to answer, but when she looked up, her eyes widened. She was too scared to speak.

The worker who had just passed them stood behind Colin Ward holding a dagger in his hand.

The worker was surprised to see Colin Ward escaped. He returned coldly and tried to attack again.

Colin Ward looked at the worker carefully. He didn’t pay attention just now, but now he found out that the man seemed dangerous.

The man had tanned skin and tall, big built. At first glance, nothing seemed wrong about him, but if he looked at him carefully, his eyes were cold as ice.

In addition, the construction was surrounded by guardrails. They shouldn’t be driving a cement truck outside. Moreover, this man’s hand was clean. He didn’t seem to be a worker at all.

At that moment, Colin Ward reacted quickly because he was aware of the danger. Otherwise, the dagger would have been inside his body.

“Who are you?’ Colin Ward asked as calm as possible.

The man with sharp eyes and tongue replied, “The man who will take your life.”

Colin Ward grabbed Doris Lee’s hand, “Run!”

Doris Lee had been frightened for a while now. At that moment, when she heard the command, she ran out of impulse. Gladly, she didn’t stand still out of fear.

Colin Ward didn’t know where Gerd Ward was. Since he didn’t appear, it was estimated that he was not nearby. It was rather too hopeful to wait for Gerd Ward to save them. The only way now was to run.

The man looked at Colin Ward running, but he didn’t rush to chase him. It was too easy for him to chase both. Now, he decided to enjoy the Tom and Jerry game with them. He was not in a hurry.

Colin Ward lost his cool. He took Doris Lee to an abandoned building.

He looked around and behind and said, “Let’s go upstairs.”

Doris Lee followed Colin Ward frantically. Her brain had lost its ability to think.

Colin Ward thought that going upstairs could give them some time. If they ran fast enough, they might be able to hide in one of those houses. After all, it was a storeyed building with many rooms, it wouldn’t be easy for the man to look for them.

The man came to the building slowly. He looked at the stairs and smiled disdainfully, “Do you think you can escape this way?”

Upstairs, Colin Ward changed his mind. He gave up the idea of hiding in the room for hiding was the same with waiting for his death.

The finally decided to go to the rooftop. The rooftop was messy. It was covered in sundries, gravels, and carts.

Colin Ward let go of Doris Lee’s hand and she caught it again.

“Colin…” her voice was trembling.

He turned around to comfort her, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll find something.”

She nodded and reluctantly let of his hand.

Colin Ward, too, didn’t want to let go. It was rare of him to have the opportunity to hold her hand, but now, the situation didn’t allow him to think about other.

Colin Ward walked to the sided and pushed some carts over. Then, he took a tarpaulin, “Doris, come and hide here.”

Doris Lee quickly hid.

Colin Ward pulled some other carts and Doris Lee crouched down to hide.

But, Colin Ward didn’t intend to hide at all.

“Colin, why aren’t you hiding?” Doris Lee was worried instead of being afraid.

Colin Ward shook his head, “I’m the one he is after. Do your best to hide. When I fight with him, you should find an opportunity to run. Don’t look back. I will try my best to hold him back.”

“Don’t!” Doris Lee shook her head.

Colin Ward fretted in his heart, but the situation was critical, “Doris, I will be fine. You should go out and call the police. I’ll be fine.”

Her eyes reddened. Colin Ward thought of her even in such a critical situation. She was moved, way too moved.

“I—” Doris Lee wanted to stay, but she knew if she did, she would only be a burden to him. So, she endured and nodded her head.

Colin Ward breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly, he heard footsteps.


When Doris Lee heard this, she crouched back down and he hid her with tarpaulin.

He quickly walked to the other side, far away from her, so that the man didn’t suspect that she was hiding there.

Colin Ward immediately took his phone and dialed Gerd Ward’s number, but as soon as he dialed it out, the man came up.

The man looked around and saw no woman. He frowned and looked at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward put his hand on his back trying to delay time, “Who is sending you to kill me?”

“Sorry. This is a private business. I can’t tell you.” the man said coldly.

“Who are you?” Colin Ward asked again.

The man snorted, “It doesn’t hurt to tell you, you will die anyway and death will make you understand.”

“I’m the first hitman in Jingcheng.”

“What?” Colin Ward was stunned.

The first hitman in Jincheng came to kill him?

Colin Ward took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

Since he was the first hitman in Jincheng, he must be skillful. Maybe, even Gerd Ward wouldn’t be able to handle him.

He couldn’t control the situation, so he could only try to delay the time.

“Can you tell me why your employer want to kill me?” Colin Ward asked.

The man frowned and answered, “Because you’re in the way.”

Colin Ward’s face sank. He was in the way?

He didn’t know anyone in Jincheng. He was sure that he didn’t stand in anyone’s way. Or, was it related to his own father?

At this thought, Colin Ward seemed to think of something. He knew something.

“How much money does he pay you? I will double it!”

The man glanced up and down, “I have my principles.”


Colin Ward was in a hurry. He couldn’t handle the hitman, so he tried to waste his time.

The hitman asked coldly, “Are you trying to waste my time?”

“It’s no use. Your man is not on my level.”

As a hitman, it was only natural for him to find out who his target was. The hitman found out who the people around him were. Otherwise, the business could have loopholes and was prone to accident.

Colin Ward was surprised. It happened that Gerd Ward was not even on his level.

The hitman continued, “The man, your right hand, does he think that he is invincible? I’ll tell you something. I’ve been learning this since I was a child. I have more than 20 years of experience.”

He was better and it went without saying.

“Do you know Xiao Lin?”

“Xiao Lin?” Colin Ward’s heart jumped.

“Yes, the Xiao Lin you wanted, the Xiao Lin who won freestyle kickboxing championship, I killed him.”

Chapter 68: It’s a pity that you don’t have one

Colin Ward gulped. The situation was critical beyond measure.

The man was not in a hurry to kill Colin Ward, “Actually, I sympathize with you. We share the similar destiny.”

Colin Ward frowned, “What?”

The man sneered, “I was just a country boy with no money nor potential. I went to Jingcheng and married a woman hailed from a wealthy family. At first, because I was good at kung fu, I thought I was useful and that everything was okay for me. But, later, she gradually abandoned me, the man with no job, no money, and no background. She hooked up with Xiao Lin.”

Colin Ward took a deep breath. He could feel this person’s rage when he talked about Xiao Lin. The rage was terrible and suffocating.

Colin Ward still had some doubts, “Didn’t Xiao Lin jump off the building and die?”

“Oh, that’s just his assistant’s statement to save his reputation.”

Colin Ward was shocked. He even killed someone like Xiao Lin. He and Gerd Ward must be nothing in his eyes. However, he still had to do something to save Doris Lee.

After thinking about this, Colin Ward hung up the phone and said, “I didn’t call him just now. I called the police.”

The man sneered, “Police? They’re just a bunch of rubbish. Is there anything you want to say? I will do it now if you don’t have anything left to say.”

Colin Ward was speechless. Did he need to remind him before he kills him?

His heart was tight and suddenly rushed over.

“Do you want to die?”

The man looked at him coldly. When he saw Colin Ward coming, he didn’t make much movements. He just dodged sideways.

Colin Ward almost fell to the ground because he charged in too fast. The man didn’t give him any chance to rest, he grabbed his by his collar and directly took his dagger.

Doris Lee watched the scene from her hiding. When he saw the man pulled a dagger, she shouted, “Don’t!”

She lifted the tarpaulin and rushed over.

Colin Ward was moved and worried when he heard her voice.

Doris Lee charged in despite the danger. She rushed over and tried to pull the man away.

But, the man looked at her with disdain. He didn’t let go of Colin Ward’s collar.

He felt the danger and struggled to back away.

The man froze. His face looked terrible.

“I really look down on you.” the man thought that Colin Ward was a coward. He didn’t expect that he could break free.

As soon as Colin Ward struggled free, Doris Lee ran toward him and with trembling voice, she called out, “Baby…”

Colin Ward was surprised.

“I’m fine.” Colin Ward sighed.

Doris Lee was relieved. After seeing the man, she lost all her courage for a moment. Now, she was holding his arms in fear.

Colin Ward stepped in front of Doris Lee and said, “You’re after me, don’t you? Let her go!”

“Don’t even think about it.” when the man came up, he didn’t see Doris Lee around, but when he was talking to Colin Ward, he found that something was wrong with the corner. He guessed that Doris Lee was hiding in there and so she was.

“Your target is me, not her! Does your employer pay you to kill two people?”

The man said coldly, “My employer said that this should be done quietly. I couldn’t let her go.”

Colin Ward rushed over and pushed Doris Lee away. He wouldn’t let anything happen to his wife.

Doris Lee was pushed away and the dagger stabbed Colin Ward in the stomach.

“Colin!” Doris Lee screamed in horror.

Colin Ward didn’t feel like dying, it was very painful.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he found out that the dagger only stabbed him a little. Someone was holding the dagger back. His blood dripped to the ground.

“Gerd Ward!” Colin Ward suddenly had a little hope.

However, he didn’t expect that Gerd Ward was so fast.

The hitman too was stunned.

This time, Gerd Ward lifted his foot and kicked the hitman fiercely.


The hitman hit the ground.

He stood up holding his stomach, “Why are you here? It’s no use! I didn’t expect you actually come! Now, you shall wait for your turn to drop dead!”

After that, the hitman charged in again with his dagger.

Gerd Ward charged in for a fight.

Colin Ward stepped backward. Doris Lee ran toward him holding Colin Ward nervously, “Are you okay?”

Colin Ward shook his head. He looked at Doris Lee’s worried eyes, held her arm, and nodded again.

She was so worried that she didn’t know what to do. She trembled and asked, “What should I do? You’re bleeding…”

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have rushed out…” Doris Lee blamed herself. She should have been hiding. But, when she saw the hitman was about to kill her husband, she couldn’t help herself. Now, everything was a mess.

“It’s okay.” Colin Ward touched her hand, “It’s my fault.”

If it wasn’t for him, this wouldn’t happen in the first place.

Doris Lee shook her head, but she didn’t speak. It was her fault.

Gerd Ward and the hitman was fighting.

The man stretched his bones and muscles, “You’re stronger than I thought, but of course, just a little stronger.”

Gerd Ward looked at the man with cold eyes.

The man suddenly asked, “You know you will die anyway, but you still come over. Is it because you’re too loyal or—”

“I am!” Gerd Ward didn’t give him a chance to continue talking. He swung another punch to his face.

The hitman quickly responded. He dodged and punched him back.

Gerd Ward was faster. He grabbed the hitman’s wrist, pulled him forward, and kicked his knee.

The hitman saw it and blocked it with his arms. It was painful, though and he frowned for a moment.

Gerd Ward missed a blow. He grabbed the hitman and lifted him up.

“What the hell?!” even Colin Ward was shocked by the scene.

Doris Lee froze.

There was a bang and the killer was thrown to the ground again.

He got up and stared at Gerd Ward in shock.

“That’s impossible!”

“That level is impossible to reach in only a few years!”

He had learned for more than 20 years, but compared to Gerd Ward who had only learned for a few years, it was self-evident that Gerd Ward was better, both in speed and explosive power.

Gerd Ward looked at the man and said with a straight face, “Talent is a good thing. It’s a pity that you don’t have one.”

The hitman’s eyes widened. Gerd Ward charged in again.

In an instant, Gerd Ward rushed in. when the hitman saw this, he immediately crossed his arms over his chest, but the push was to strong.

The hitman was pushed back three meters.

Before he could react, Gerd Ward came up again and grabbed him. He pinned him on the wall and smashed his body with a punch.

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