Chapter 671 – 672: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 671: Losing Without a Fight

Demon Kris withdrew the Divine Spiritual Power, and this time the power of sun soul’s perception method came to the fore.

They could feel traps and see through everything in the world, but had absolutely no doubts about the spiritual opportunities and rays that existed in the universe.

Because that number was so huge that almost endless.

“Now, Plan B!”

Demon Kris said.

Dong Ji led the army to continue to move forward. The Nine Heavens Divine Thunder Talisman hidden in the void was cleared by him one by one, which took a little time, but did not affect the plan.

Sheng Ji attacked the southwest, Tao Ji attacked the southeast, and he moved toward the north—the weakest and most barren side, crucially, where there was an entrance to the Chaotic Silent Land.

And that seal was set up by their Ji family.

The army was approaching slowly, Xiu Chen and the others were slightly nervous.

In the Chaos World, the battle was not so exciting like this.

And with just a few soldiers, it would be stressful for them to divide the troops in three ways.

They had 300 billion on their side, two times more than the other side.

“Relax, we have Plan B.”

In the galaxies along their way on the planets, a large formation had long been laid down.

The Plan B could definitely hurt them.

It’s a way to kill the enemy a billion miles away.

By the time they arrived here, their morale must have dropped to the bottom as well.

The three armies passed through one galaxy after another without finding any problems, and the information also said that the Demon King’s army was standing by.

They’re also setting up.

After receiving the message, Dong Ji and the others were relieved that his God’s Eye

of Brokenness did not see any traps.


Although the previous Nine Heavens Divine Lightning Talisman Formation did not cause much damage, it had dampened their morale to a certain extent.

The vast number of warships sailed into the galaxy.

For the sake of safety, the ships were shielded with energy shields that could withstand the full force of a Fulfilled period blow!

Tens of millions of warships sailed into the galaxy.

“No, it’s too quiet, this galaxy is too quiet.”

“Don’t be too suspicious, our army is pressing, naturally, they are too scared to show


“That’s right, don’t worry. We have Ji family’s ancestor here, everything will be fine.”

The warriors on the warships all whispered.

Just then, the surrounding planets began to spin up rapidly.

A terrifying force blocked the entire galaxy.

The weakest of the soldiers on the battleship were the True God, so how could they not feel the danger.

“No, the attack is coming!”

After speaking, countless divine lights struck out from the galaxy.

This was the latest design of the Demon King’s army, the Divine Light Cannon.

It’s wonderful to use Chaos origin as kinetic energy.

“Boom boom boom!”

Tens of millions of planets fired divine light in unison, bombarded on the battleship, and the shields instantly exploded.

The worst thing was that some warships were blasted hundreds of times in a row, swept by the Chaos God Light, and finally turned into pieces directly.

The planets were actually okay, mainly the divine light cannon—it’s unexpected that this small divine light cannon had such a terrifying power.

Moreover, these divine light cannons were disposable, and after firing once, they would completely disintegrate.

Watching battleships exploding, the foremost Dong Ji burst into a fury.

He threw out a huge fan in an attempt to block the divine light.

Unfortunately, he was still too slow.

Although a small part was resisted, most of the attack had blasted on the battleship.

Millions of battleships exploded and tens of billions of people died in this one attack.

A wave of trepidation spread through the crowd.

It would still take a few days to arrive the Demon King’s army station, and nobody knew what traps they had laid on the way.

They might be dead before they even reached their destination.

It was really terrible!

The cadres of the Demon King army, who were hiding at the end, were unharmed and began to act as the established plan.

“How to fight? If attacks like this come a few more times, we’re all going to die.”

“The Demon King army is so strong that we would lose without even touching them.”

“We will definitely lose this time, instead of running over and getting killed, we should run away now and maybe have a chance to live.”

Gossip spread through the crowd, and everybody became scared when looking at the galaxies around.

No one knew from which direction the attack would hit.

The Demon King’s army cadres spread the news and immediately retreated.

“Ancestor, there are some very bad remarks in the army now!”

A Ji family disciple heard the soldiers’ discussion and rushed to report it.

Hearing this, Dong Ji’s expression looked awful.

“Indeed, the men who are not of our Ji family are not trustworthy!”

Dong Ji was also angry.

And this time, Ji family’ s disciples also lost a lot for this ambush.

“Give the order, if anyone says another bad word, I’ll take his head.”

“Let those reinforcements guard us around and firmly protect us. This great battle depends on our Ji family to achieve victory.”


That Ji family disciple hurriedly gave the military order to the crowd.

Unexpectedly, at once, the crowd was instantly clamorous.

“Fuck it, why should I rush ahead, do you think my life is nothing?”

“The Ji family’s scouts are all idiots, it’s unbelievable that they even didn’t discovery

such a trap, and cause us to lose so much.”

“No, why, why let me die in vain, no way!”


A general of the Ji family cut down the loudest soldier with one slash!

Then a large head flew up.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Whoever dares to disrespect the Ji family again will be executed!”

Seeing that everyone was stunned, that Ji General coldly snorted, turned around and


At this time, someone in the crowd roared, “Fuck you, you know what, I will leave, I

want to live!”

“Life is equal!”


This statement, as if a spark fell into the frying pan, instantly exploded.

“Life is equal!”

“Let’s rush out, the Ji family is so arrogant and treats us as nothing, but we also have

the right to live!”

“We are all human beings, why should they treat us like this, I will not follow them anymore!”

At this moment, the riots began.


“Ancestor, a big news, the reinforcements are rioting!”


When Dong Ji swept with Divine Spiritual Power, he saw the reinforcements were

slaughtering the Ji family and his eyes instantly turned red.

“Damn it!”

A huge fan covered the sky and pressed directly across the ground.

Countless battleships were instantly destroyed in smoke.

“The ancestor of Ji family is going to kill us, let’s run away!”

When Dong Ji stroke, in addition to Ji family’ people, other reinforcements thoroughly panicked.

They didn’t want to die!

“Run away!”

“To escape back is not possible, let’s go to the Demon King army!”

“My one cousin is a general in the Demon King army, and if we are sincere, they will

definitely take us in.”

“And my cousin also said that the Demon King army treats soldiers very well, and they are as close as brothers!”

“Then don’t wait, let’s go!”

There were 50 million warships here, and two-thirds of them were reinforcements.

Most of them would surely escape by fleeing away in all directions.

“Ancestor, why did you kill him? This is hurting ourselves!”

A Ji family general said with trembling.

Although Dong Ji’ s cultivation was high, he didn’t understand force suppression was

not useful in troops.

Even a seven-year-old child understand: the first time was fine, while the second time

would decline.

But the ancestor of Ji family did not understand!

Dong Ji looked very angry!

“Are you teaching me? Can’t you see that someone from the Demon King army mixed

in these reinforcements?”

He was furious, “Quickly, kill them, once let them defect to the Demon King army, our Ji family will be a joke.”

Although the Endless Stage general was very reluctant, he had no choice but to listen

to ancestor.

“All Ji family disciples, listen to the order, exterminate all these rebels!”


The disciples of the Ji family replied listlessly.

They were not fools. To fight with their own companions, so what if they wined the fight?

How could they fight with the Demon King’s army when they had lost morale?

Dong Ji also hastened to contact with Sheng Ji and Tao Ji.

Hearing them, Dong Ji’ expression turned more awful.

They suffered the same problem on their side.

Reinforcements riot, and the Demon King army ambush exposed, they were fighting


As a result, the Ji family army had lost.

They did not even arrive at the base of opponent, and had been scattered halfway.

He had nothing but magic power. Even if he was a Normalization Ancestor, he also felt helpless at this moment.

“Ancestor… The Demon King’s army is coming, there are many Demon King’s troops…”


Hadn’t the scouts along the way scouted clearly?

“They are civilians, they are soldiers in times of war and civilians in times of leisure!”

That Ji family’s general felt shocked.

This strategy was really scary.

Could they kill all these people along the way?

In that case, they would be a complete target.

Even if they were the Ji family!

“Ancestor, give the order now, we’ve lost!”

Dong Ji gritted his teeth in anger.

“We haven’t lost yet, if you lie about the military, I’ll kill you!”

He was the Ancestor in Normalization Stage in Later period. the old ancestor a rage

blood flow. When he was angry, he would make blood flow like the river.

“Ancestor, don’t be impulsive!”

“Get out!”

Dong Ji kicked him away. Looking at those soldiers fighting together, he fiercely waved the Emptiness Fan in his hand.


The cosmic hurricane was raging fiercely, and all the stars along the way were twisted

into a fine powder by the hurricane.


After he second fan, a wind blade paved the way to the sky.

It looked like those fleeing reinforcements were going to be wipe out.

Just then, a voice rang out, “As a Normalization Stage, you can only bully these little guys? Come on, play with me, if you dare.”


Then the terrifying hurricane blade completely dissipated.

A man in a black robe stood there, which dumbfounded the warring troops who had fled.

But those cadres of the Demon King army cried out, “The leader, it’s our leader coming to save us!”


He’s the leader of the Demon King’s army!

“We’re safe now, our leader has come to save us!”

The cadres of the Demon King’s army hastily shouted with overjoy in their eyes!

With Demon Kris, Buddha Kris also come. He came from the void, and the shining

Peerless Supreme Buddha’s light warmed people’s heart, which made them can not

help but want to convert to Buddha.

With Kris’s huge base of living souls and endless faith, Buddha Kris was surprisingly

the first to break through Normalization, even faster than Kris Chen.

“Are you the leader of the Demon King’s army?”

Dong Ji was a little nervous, because he felt a long-lost sense of danger from these


“Ji family all come over!”

After a command, disciples came together from Endless Stage and Chaos Realm,

surprisingly no less than tens of thousands people in tot al.

It was a very powerful force.

But Demon Kris just did not care about them. If a large number of people was useful,

then why did they need to practice invincible method?

“This old man is your, and I’ll deal with the others.”

Demon Kris laughed loudly and swept straight away as a black shadow.

“Wanna fight?”

Buddha Kris stretched out his hand, and the Buddha kingdom in his palm was launched brazenly.

At that moment, Dong Ji had a strong sense of oppression.

“Get the hell out of here!”

The giant fan changed into a large sword.

The sword light cut through and decimated countless Buddhist beings!

“Well, it’s not a good habit to kill beings.”

Buddha Kris narrowed his eyes, but there was a raging anger in his eyes, “I still need

a fighting protector in my Buddha kingdom, you are quite suitable, so just convert to

my Buddha!”

Then, Dong Ji was covered by the huge golden palm directly.

Chapter 672: The Imperial War Began

The endless power of faith bound Dong Ji, and he had no chance to escape.

“Release our chief, now.” A group of Ji family members shouted.

“Now you can’t even save yourselves. You are still in the mood to care about others?” Demon Kris laughed coldly. They had long been surrounded by the sword formation, and it was simply impossible for them to escape.

“I’ll give you guys a choice. Surrender or die!” Demon Kris said. These people were still useful to him, and they were the ones he could use to infiltrate the Ji family.

However, these people of Ji family were simply unwilling to surrender.

Another huge palm of Buddha Kris slapped down, directly crushing them to the ground.

“It seems that you are stronger than me.” Demon Kris said with a smile.

Buddha Kris stroked his shiny head, “We are all one. If I’m strong, then you’re strong.”

“Haha, you’re right.”


Part of the Ji family’s three trillion army escaped, but none of the Ji family’s important people escaped.

Demon Kris now had an army of two and a half trillion, of which five hundred billion were Ji family members. They would be assigned to the other star for transformation.

Finally Dong Ji finally submitted to Demon Kris.

Demon Kris decided to let Dong flee back to the Ji family with several hundred members of Ji family in order to work undercover.

Ten days later the Ji family received the news of Dong Ji’s fiasco, which completely shocked everyone.

“Dong, give me an explanation.” Huang Ji sat there, expressionless.

“Demon Kris’ army is large in number and he has several major powers behind him to help them.”

“You mean that people from other domains support him?”

“That’s right!” Dong said, “We’ve all fallen for his trick. Actuality, Demon Kris is just a puppet. The people who really manipulate the army are from other domains and also some people of our Ji family.”

What Dong said was what Demon Kris had told him in order to split the Ji Family internally.

“There are internal traitors?” said a man.

Huang Ji frowned, “Do you have proof?”

“Yes.” Dong gritted his teeth and said, “Sheng Ji, Tao Ji is the internal traitor.”

Those Ji family members who came back with him had also long been washed away their memories and put back in with new memories. Even if Ji family’s members tortured the souls of these people, all they got were memories that had been altered.

“It’s my fault.” Dong said regretfully. His subordinates also knelt down.

No one had expected that the truth behind the defeat would be like this.

Huang had a lot of doubts in his mind at this moment, but considering that Dong was in the Normalization Stage, he said, “Reflect on yourself and do not go out in a hundred years. This matter will be discussed later.”

Ji family lost twice in a row, which was a big blow to the Ji family. They had lost a lot of royal children in a row. The rebellion of the two cultivators in the Normalization Stage was an even more fatal blow to them.

“Why do they rebel? If there are other domains behind them as their backers, why are they doing this?” Huang really couldn’t understand.


The news that the Ji Family had gathered an army of three trillion against Demon Kris had spread thoroughly. The other domains had also received the news. In their opinion Ji family’s demon-slaying order that was launched had now become a joke.

While the people of the other empire domains were laughing at Ji Family, they were also on guard. In particular, there was a rumor circulating in the domain that Demon Kris’ army had several major imperial domains to support him.

Previously, many people were discussing the strategy of Demon King’s army, and they could not figure it out. But once this rumor came out, the Chaos World of Other Realm was in a panic. Several major domains had also begun to suspect each other. This was exactly what Demon Kris wanted to achieve.

Since Sheng Ji and Tao Ji also became commanders in Demon Kris’s army, this completely confirmed the rumors.

Demon Kris took only a thousand years to control the 50,000 domains and became the eleventh largest power.

Kris eventually reached the stage of Normalization Stage successfully. Force washed his flesh over and over again. All of his Great Tao coalesced together. His cells were also slowly beginning to improve.

Soon, a thousand years and another thousand years passed. Demon Kris had mastered 150,000 domains.

But the most miserable had to be the Ji family. Its 80,000 domains were now only half left. And the Ji family, Ren family and the Jiang family can only survive by cooperating with each other.

Ji family had suffered successive defeats, so Dong get the reuse of Huang after he practiced magic art alone more than 2,000 years.

The Ji family’s secret weapon is the treasure seal (Treasure of Transcendence) left by the Ji family’s ancestor. Even the cultivator in the Normalization Stage is not a match for this treasure. This is also the reason why Ji family and the major domains have been able to exist.

The Royal War was about to end and the Imperia War was about to start.

“Hold on as long as you can until the imperial war arrives.” Huang Ji ordered. He had mastered the Treasure of Transcendence and he was in the Fulfilled period of Normalization Stage, so he wasn’t afraid that he would lose.

To destroy the Treasure of Transcendence, one has to possess the power of Transcendence. Only the Son of Heaven will have such power. And there will always be a Son of Heaven in every epoch. Even if there is no Treasure of Transcendence, a person of transcendence will appear finally. This was the case with the Ji family’s ancestor.

“Demon Kris’ army only looks strong on the surface. Once the Imperial War comes, those who support him will definitely betray him for their own interests.” Ji analyzed. However, he could not have thought that this was purely a ploy of Demon Kris.

Kris was just trying to get more cultivation resources, so he incidentally liberated these civilians who had been oppressed for millions of eras.

These people at the bottom have an incomparably huge potential that the royal nobility may not have thought of.

In just a few thousand years, the domain under the control of the Demon Kris’ army was achieving rapid development. A new system was taking root. Civilians from other large domains went to the areas controlled by Demon Kris. Wherever the Demon Kris’ army went, they were welcomed by the civilians.

Demon Kris also promised that the Royal War and the ensuing Imperial War would not affect the civilians, so he got the support of many civilians.

“Kris has reached the Normalization Stage, and we have to try to reach this stage before the Imperial War comes.” Demon Kris said, “Getting the support of 200,000 great domains is the limit of what we can do.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

The Imperial War would definitely set off an even bigger war. The ten major domains and other domains would definitely deal with them together. And it would be difficult for Kris to suppress the Chaos World of Other Realm alone. All they have to do was to work hard to develop their allies’ national power and work hard to improve their cultivation. Only when Demon Kris, Yuan Kris, Buddha Kris, and North Kris all reach the Normalization Stage, they would be able to help Kris more.

They also understand that the reason why the ten imperial domains were fearless was that they had the Treasure of Transcendence.

Kris had three powerful magic weapons: the Chaos Spirit Sword, the Boundary-defining Compass and the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron, any one of which was capable of suppressing the universe. But he was not sure if he truly possessed the Treasure of Transcendence.

Just when everyone was trying to practice magic art alone to cultivate, Kris finished his cultivation. Now he had enough Stages, and it was difficult for him to break through the existing stage in a short time, so he stopped practicing to spend time with his family.

For another thousand years, Demon Kris’ cultivation ended. In the following centuries, Yuan Kris, North Kris, and Buddha Kris also reached the Normalization Stage.


Gusu was now also a powerful person in the late period of Chaos stage and he was also married. He had lived for millions of eras and never thought of getting married. But when he saw the happy family of Kris, he was envious of Kris. With all these years of hard work, he also set up a big family.

His three sons patrol the great domains as special envoys of the Demon Kris’ army. Wherever there was injustice, there were the three of them.

Since countless races of beings in millions of great domains despised each other, Sha Mo had been a pioneer of reform to bridge the gap between the major races.

He also wanted to help Kris and conquer the other domains, but he knew he was not strong enough and there was no shortage of powerful cultivators around Kris

Now what Kris lacked was political talent to handle internal affairs, which was why he was willing to be a pioneer of reform. Seeing the allied countries getting better day by day, he felt that everything he did was worth it.

Just when Sha Mo was busy with the reform, the Royal War had been going on for thousands of years, and the Imperial War began.

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