Chuck Cannon wanted to call, and the boss behind the scenes shook her head to stop him, “Don’t fight for now, but you don’t have to catch him this time. If you find a handle to Brayden Stewart, threaten him than catch him. It will be more effective.”

This is what the boss behind the scenes just thought of. She just analyzed it carefully and found out that she still underestimated the hidden family. The bodyguard next to Brayden Stewart may not be able to be solved easily.

Therefore, it is better to be cautious!!

Chuck Cannon thinks, all right! Just listen to her.

Chuck Cannon didn’t make this call, but Brayden Stewart suddenly came out. Who is this to see?


“Then we will pass now,” Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait to go.

To take the initiative, indeed to take the initiative!

“What’s the hurry? You made me angry just now,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, “Uh, then how can you not be angry?”

To be honest, he was accidentally with Alice last time, and Chuck Cannon was scared and even resisted being with other women.

What’s more, Chuck Cannon still feels that the boss behind the scenes is still deliberately teasing him.

After all, who could make him like a woman like her sincerely?

She was different from Yvette Jordan, Yvette Jordan is particularly loyal, and she often goes out to play.

This difference is obvious!!

“What do you mean?” The boss behind the scenes smiled charmingly, amorously.

Chuck Cannon thought about going and said seriously, “I won’t be tempted in any way!”

“Go to hell!” The boss behind the scenes patted Chuck Cannon’s forehead. This time, Chuck Cannon cried out. The boss behind the scenes disappeared and rubbed Chuck Cannon’s forehead. “Little lover, why are you so speechless this time? Up?”

Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“Okay, if you don’t like me, forget it, forget it,” the boss behind the scenes sadly drank a glass of wine, Chuck Cannon coughed, “Elder, you can stop making trouble, okay?”

“Who was arguing with you? Really, really, want to beat you, but I’m reluctant to beat you, behave, I’ll let you hold it again, this time I won’t ask about your heartbeat,” the boss behind the scenes seriously Commanded.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t refuse, he could only obey.


“Elder, you seem to be fat,” Chuck Cannon said truthfully.

“Go to hell!”

The boss behind the scenes struggled angrily and patted Chuck Cannon’s forehead, but when it was about to happen, she couldn’t bear it. She hummed, “Go, go, and see now.”

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, “Elder, even though I don’t like you, I still listen to you.”

“Listen to a fart, too obedient, I hate to know, don’t you? If I ask you to hug me, you really only hug?” The boss behind the scenes glared at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon was speechless.

He coaxed the boss behind the scenes before she agreed to come out.

Chuck Cannon called Black Rose.


“What are you doing?” Black Rose’s voice was cold.

What did you do after going in for so long?

Black Rose just waited to be upset.

“I want to go to a place with her.” Chuck Cannon said truthfully, after all, Black Rose is protecting herself.

“Just go and tell me what to do? Are you worried that I won’t follow you? Don’t worry, I will follow!!” Black Rose was annoyed.

“No, the place where I am going, Brayden Stewart is there.”

The angry Black Rose was astonished, “How do you know Brayden Stewart’s location?”

Chuck Cannon didn’t say much, saying that the boss behind the scenes had a killer who saw Brayden Stewart.

“This won’t work, you have to tell your mother Karen Lee, the people around Brayden Stewart are absolutely amazing, don’t take risks!” Black Rose has never been serious!!

After she was overpowered by Heidi Hudson’s bodyguard last time, she understood how terrifying the secret family’s bodyguard was.

Therefore, if Karen Lee is not present, Black Rose will absolutely disagree with Chuck Cannon.

“But I also want to train myself!” Chuck Cannon now has a few bombs in his hand, and his fighting strength has improved a lot compared to the last time he was in Stewart.

Chuck Cannon was confident but definitely self-aware.

Growth is to improve in danger. At the very least, Chuck Cannon feels it himself. After experiencing the desperate situation of the Stewart last time, Chuck Cannon felt that his strength was extraordinary.

It’s really not close to death, and he doesn’t know how much potential he has.

“Chuck Cannon, exercise, I won’t talk about it, but in the case of life safety, if you die, what else would you exercise?” Black Rose’s voice was not cold, but it softened a little bit.

“Well, then you can tell my mother about this, I will go with the boss behind the scenes now,” Chuck Cannon compromised, and Black Rose was right.

It’s better to talk to his mother, at least if he really can’t solve it, his mother can do it again, otherwise, there is only one life, and if you die, there will be nothing.

“It is good.”

“And something more,”

“What else?”

“You just told me so much, did you care about me?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Caring about you? Do you think there is a problem with my brain?” Black Rose was irritated.

“Um,” Chuck Cannon was busy hanging up the phone, yes, the indifferent woman like Black Rose can protect him, and it’s completely in the face of his mother.

If one day he surpassed her, she would definitely leave without hesitation.

How can she care about him in this situation?

He was thinking about it!!

But then, Chuck Cannon felt a bit strange, that is, the last time he saw the black rose photo, she…

Uh, what is he thinking about!

Chuck Cannon took the behind the scenes’ boss’s car, but Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to look at her because the boss was driving. After all, she was pretty.

Here, Black Rose immediately called Karen Lee and said this, of course, Karen Lee agreed and said to come right away.

Only then did Black Rose feel relieved, snorted, and drove to follow. Of course, if she knew, she just forced Chuck Cannon to remember about her photo, she would run away immediately!!

After all… After being with Chuck Cannon for so long, Chuck Cannon didn’t mention that. Black Rose herself had forgotten her own photo that she was seen by Chuck Cannon…

Luxurious room!

Brayden Stewart was waiting, who was he waiting for?

Heidi Hudson!!

The door opened and Heidi Hudson came in.

Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, “Please sit down.”

“What are you going to do?” Heidi Hudson asked indifferently.

The way she thought of was to force Chuck Cannon into a desperate situation. Then Chuck Cannon would definitely beg for herself. After all, she felt that the last failure was because Chuck Cannon’s desperation was not enough!!

“This is confidential, but Miss Hudson asked me to meet. I am very happy. Would you like to have a meal? Together?” Brayden Stewart invited with a smile.

Heidi Hudson frowned, “I don’t want to hear such words again.”

Brayden Stewart was angry in his heart, but he could only hold back his anger because Hudson’s strength was really stronger than his Stewart.

“You asked me to come over, it seems that you really have a crush on Chuck Cannon!” Brayden Stewart was very upset!

What does Chuck Cannon have?

He was able to make Heidi Hudson, who he could not get, fall in love with him.

Why is Brayden Stewart jealous?

Seeing the perfect Heidi Hudson, Brayden Stewart envy and hate!

Such a woman should be obtained by him. Chuck Cannon, rubbish, is also worthy of?

“Yes, I fell in love with him. From now on, he will be my man and will change his surname to Hudson!” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

Brayden Stewart snorted, “Hmph, then he’s really lucky, you let me come, won’t you let him go? You have also seen what he did in my hometown, let me travel home with majesty. Damage, Chuck Cannon, absolutely dying!”

“He can’t die, because he will be my man. I haven’t said clearly enough?” Heidi Hudson’s voice fell cold.

“Then what are you doing? Telling me to let him go?” Brayden Stewart was furious! !

“I don’t want him to die!” Heidi Hudson said, sitting lazily on the sofa.

“What do you mean? What are you trying to say?” Brayden Stewart was annoyed, but he suddenly understood and sneered, “Oh, I see, you want me to make a whole plan, right? Then you come out to save him? “

“Wrong! I won’t save him, he will beg me obediently, understand?” Heidi Hudson said indifferently.

Brayden Stewart was surprised, “Understood.”

“It’s up to you, you should know how to do it.” Heidi Hudson was not interested in staying.

She got up straight and walked outside.

“Heidi Hudson, you are so worthy? He is just rubbish, not worthy of you!!” Brayden Stewart said jealously.

“He is not rubbish, he is my, Heidi Hudson’s, man,” Heidi Hudson suddenly became indifferent again.

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