Chapter 673 – 674: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 673: The battle of the Fairy Aura

It seems that all these giant Domains in the fight began to stop combating one another. Those who were ready to expand their domains also started to shrink their power.

The entire Chaos World on the Other Realm appeared abnormally tranquil.

However, nobody knew it was the forecast of a storm.

Honestly speaking, it didn’t have much to do with the Demon King, and the ten giant domains would come to him once they finished their fight with each other.

It is the elimination mechanism in which a quarter will vanish during the Royal War in the Chaos World on the Other Realm.

Kris Chen has already seen through the mechanism.

He wanted to refine the Treasure of Transcendence that needed the tokens of those giant domains.

For example, the Imperial Jade Seal and the Imperial Sword.

The Imperial War is not so much a fight of capacity as a fight for fate.

Those who wins the fight will transcend all others including the fate.

“It is time to go out for a trip after Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) for so many a year.”

Yang Sun smiled as Yuan Kris went into personal meditation in which he was controlling the whole universe.

Since the breakthrough of the Supreme Universe(the Main Universe), the single Universe has already contained more than 60 trillion star domains!

This is a super scary number!

Referring to the previous experience, the Supreme Universe is able to accommodate at most 600 trillion stars.

His power, with the blessing of the Power of the World, will reach the Fulfilled Period by then.

Gongsun Domain was also the domain with a history of more than 3 million eras.

The Gongsun Family has managed to survive in three Imperial Wars, without being merged by other Families.

And the Treasure of Transcendence of the Gongsun Family has already come into shape with the accumulation of three Imperial Wars.

It is a fight for fate in an Imperial War, and once surviving, the winner will gain the capacity to take possession of as many Treasures as they can to refine a Treasure of Transcendence.

Although acquiring the Treasure of Transcendence doesn’t mean a definite transcendence, it can at least keep their domains from being swallowed by others.

Gongsun Family, who has already occupied hundreds of neighboring giant domains, successfully demonstrated their overwhelming power.

As the only emperor of this Family, Li Gongsun was busy preparing for an engulfing plan.

Around them were about eight giant domains with comparatively lower capacity.

For example, the Nangong Domain and the Jiang Domain. Both of them are smaller domains which have just swallowed less than ten domains.

Gongsun Family and all the royal ministers gathered in the hall, each expressing their views.

“You Majesty, now is the peaceful and tranquil period. Whoever takes the initiative to provoke the war will eventually be regarded as the target to hit. Powerful as we are with several hundred giant domains in control, we’d better be the stander-by and reap the harvest from those in fight.

“I strongly oppose that. War is full of tricky strategies. We must end the war as soon as possible. Though we are formidable, we cannot conquer ten domains at a time, not to mention one of the armies we are facing is better than the Demon King.”

“In times of emergency, we should resort to special policies. We’d better be the loser in a brave fight rather than the winner without a battle.”

“I can’t agree more!


Sitting in the dragon chair in a higher position, Li heard all their arguments, but he nodded at the initiative of a brave fight. In the hope of a stand-out, Gongsun Family must take the initiative to wage a war and take every means to win the war.

“I oppose. We’d better be cautious at this moment!”

“It is only treacherous man who can talk like this!”

Looking at them arguing furiously below, Li shouted out, “Quiet!”

Hearing this, all people present returned to where they were, each holding a scepter board in hand.

“Transmit my order to all the army men that I will lead them to conquer the rim of our domain!”

Now that the emperor decided to do so, those conservatives stopped their refutation and bowed for agreement, “Yes, your majesty!”

The closest domain to Gongsun Domain is the Nangong Domain.

It has stemmed from Gongsun Family and is also the relative of them. However, instead of living together in peace, they have kept fighting since then, remaining no peace between each other.

In the name of rebellion, the Gongsun Family outrageously launched an attack against the Nangong Domain.

“The word came! The Gongsun Family was leading an army approaching our border. There’s a demand for reinforcement in our army!”

“The word came! The Gongsun Family has broken through the border region and conquered hundreds of our domains along the way. Now they are heading toward the Changgong Domain!”

“The word came! Our Zhenyuan Marquis has laid down his life for our domain!”

“The word came! Our Nanguo Duke has been reversed. At this time…”

Within a few hours, Tian Nangong has received dozens of defeated news from the front line.

The Imperial War is cruelty itself!

He stood up. “Guards, come in! Go and take my helmet and armor.”

There is no such thing in an Imperial War as chance. When we are confronted with our enemy, the only way to win the war is to fight bravely. Under the suppression of several old ancestors, the Gongsun Family advanced irresistibly just like entering the land of no one.

Within just ten days, some of the giant domains around the Nangong Family have been occupied by the Gongsun Family.

A trillion of troops have surrounded the Nangong Domain.

At this time, people in the Nangong Domain were so much panicked, and countless people who were afraid of death, began to surrender themselves to Gongsun Family by volunteering to showing them the way.

Staying with Nangong Family at the moment of crisis?

Oh, forget it. Nothing is more important than their lives!

These damned crafty sycophants! Our family has never mistreated them.”

Numerous royal family members shouted at those traitors, but what they didn’t know was that those who served for the imperial court have always put their family in the first place, even before their country.

“Summon all the soldiers who can fight in our domain, and wake up the sleeping ancestors. Nangong Family is at a critical juncture of life or death. If we can win the battle, our Family can continue to be brilliant and illustrious, but if we fail to do so, there is nothing left!”

While speaking, Tian glanced at all the people present.

“Got it!”

The order coming down to everyone, a horrible atmosphere emerged from every corner of the imperial domain.

“Has the Imperial War begun after solely millions of eras of peace?”

A withered arm ripped open the earth, and a man who reeked of decay came out of the ground.

One after another ancient breath in the four sides of the imperial domain echoed with each other at a distance.

“I’m your unfilial descendant Tian Nangong. I feel sorry to wake you up, my ancestor. Please pardon me!”

While he was speaking, he showed enough politeness.

“Don’t panic, my majesty. Since the war is about to erupt, it is time to manage for that.”

The one speaking was one of the third ancestors of Nangong Family, whose cultivation was in Fulfilled Period, and who was also among the chief manipulators of Gongsun Family at that time.

“Is Gongsun family so eager to strangle us?”

“If you are determined to do so, let’s start fighting!”

Hundreds of rays of light penetrated toward the sky, heading directly toward the edge of the Nangong domain.


With the Sword of the King in hand, Tian led an army of trillion soldiers to the border of the domain. Those armies were all the Nangong Family have cultivated in millions of eras!

Millions of warships sailed out of the imperial city, and countless royals and nobles took up their swords at this moment, so as to guard their homeland!

Soon, the battleships approached at the edge of the domain, with a scale of ten times larger than the Gongsun Family.

Even without a fight, the Gongsun Family was overwhelmed by the momentum of the Nangong Family.

They were forestalling the opponent by a show of strength!

But the overwhelming number of the army men didn’t decide everything, after all, the Sword of the King was a powerful weapon!

“Nangong Family has betrayed its forefather…”

A court eunuch, with an imperial edict in hand, declared the crime of the Nangong Family. He then added,“No one of Nangong Family will be pardoned to death if you insist rebelling.”

“hahaha… Let me know if you want the Sword of the King in my hand. Our Nangong Family has been independent of the Gongsun Family for more than millions of eras.”

Tian sneered, “Why did you choose today, not any other date, to accuse of our “crime”? Your wild ambition is thoroughly exposed!”

“This is the last time I ask you to plead your guilty and hand out the Sword of the King.”

Enguang Gongsun said in detestation.

“No way! We’ll never give you the sword.”

“Very good!”

Enguang was so furious that he burst into a vicious laughter, “Kill them all!”

The war broke out in accordance with his order.

Several old ancestors of Nangong Family started to unveil a battle.

Seeing this, Enguang frowned deeply, but soon recovered calm at the thought of their adequate fighters and armament.

The number of those in Normalization Stage was up to five hundred, which was sufficient enough to suppress the Nangong Family.

“I will deal with the Tian Nangong! The rest of the Nangong Family was for you to handle.”

After issuing his edict, he had a streamer of Mr. Bone in hand, within which there sealed plenty of souls who were ferocious ghosts of the Endless Stage and Chaotic Stage.

Once stirred, those noble spirits grew so wildly. They were shouting and roaring, and in an instant, the domain became a place of ghosts.

Tian repeated sneering. The Sword of the King in his hand bloomed radiantly. This was the light of humanity, also the light of the fate.

For a while, those ghosts were hard to get close to.

“With the sword of the King in hand, one can clean up all the wrongs!”

As the sword cut out, the ghost domain appeared a huge crack. Numerous ghosts were strangled with their spiritual shapes vanishing.

Not expecting that Tian was to be killed in such a way, Enguang reinforced his stimulating strength.

Even the King of the Ghosts of the Normalization Stage showed up.

Hundreds of Kings of the Ghosts led their ghost soldiers to form the Battle Formation.

Tian felt so much pressure in such a circumstance.

This was a magically powerful weapon. And he would have been destroyed without the protection of the Sword of the King.

“Crack now!”

He slashed with the sword in his hand, only to be hindered by the ghosts. Those that died under his sword were only some unimportant ghosts.

The Gongsun Domain has been controlling the Chaos World, where those ghosts were innocent sacrifices only!

“It’s useless. My streamer is blessed with Treasure of Transcendence. Powerful as your Sword of the King is, its capacity is far from that of the Exquisite Pagoda of our Gongsun Family!”

With only one word, Enguang said, “Forget it. It’s no use telling you this. Go to hell!”

As he swallowed the other ghosts, the Kings of the Ghosts gradually grew their ferocity and all of a sudden, they reached the Fulfilled Period. Facing hundreds of Kings of the Ghosts, Tian was somewhat uncompetitive.

It was obvious that Tian was gradually losing his strength.

At this time, with a strong force penetrating the ghost domain, it was completely attacked.

All the Kings of the Ghosts were destroyed to disappear by this blow.

The streamer was originally the treasure of his life. Once badly wounded, he immediately vomited blood.

After a short period of elation, he finally realized it wasn’t any ancestor helping him.

Just as he was about to flee.

One figure as quick as a streak of light, which was not able to be captured by his Divine Spiritual Power, flashed him in a split second.

After a second look, he found the sword has disappeared from his hand.

What the hell with that?

Tian was so frightened that a gust of chill overwhelmed his entire body.

“You’re welcome. The Sword of the King is the token of my gratitude for you.”

“By the way, you are probably still in danger. I will continue to help you out.”

After the voice disappeared, the outer world was shaking violently,

An enormous fist fell from the sky.


It suppressed both time and earth!

After he escaped from the ghost domain, he was shocked to mute.

He saw the army of Gongsun Family defeated badly. Those army men were like fire sparks scattered all around. And even if they were still alive, nine out of ten they were on the edge of death.

Not only did he was greatly shocked, but the others were even dumbfounded!

They didn’t know what happened with the fist from the sky!

Enguang was shivering all around. The fist has suppressed the trillions of armies, which consisted of hundreds of thousands in Chaotic Stage and several thousand in Endless Stage, as well as several hundred in Normalization Stage.

How power the fist was!

Who was the person? Was he the helper of the Nangong Family?

“We must retreat right now! We are not his competitive opponents.”

Enguang was scared to death. The Nangong Family was unable to be defeated, and their army men were either died or wounded.

But for the Nangong Family, they still got hundreds of billions of undamaged fighters.

Tian immediately wake up to his consciousness. His mind was full of complicated thoughts, but he couldn’t reveal the news that the Sword of the King was reaped by others.

And he was also sure that the one helping them, though not a friend, wasn’t an opponent of them.

He could take the chance to win over the army men.

Chapter 674: The Exqu isite Pagoda

“Kill Li Gongsun!”

Tian Nangong said in high spirit, “The one who has just helped us is one of my bosom friends. No one is allowed to enter our domain!”

After he finished speaking, all the soldiers of Nangong Family were greatly elated.

How powerful the anonymous man was to put down trillions of soldiers with only one fist!

Neither the Gongsun Family nor the ten emperors of the giant domains couldn’t make it.

Wait! Could it be some anonymous master within the ten giant domains?

It must be that!

“Long live the Nangong Family! Long live your majesty!”

The cry of the soldiers shook the sky. Every one was holding his weapon, marching toward the Gongsun Family.

No one has predicted the outcome.

No wonder that Tian was so calm, because after all, he has prepared everything for the war.


The soldiers of the Nangong Family advanced in a menacing manner. What they were facing were only wounded enemies. It was a piece of cake for them to kill them all!

It was nothing but a one-sided slaughter!


Enguang Gongsun was bleeding seeing such a scene.

The loss was disastrous, not only in the army men, but also in the Streamer of Mr. Bone. Even the military plan was totally collapsed.

Enguang could imagine how angry Li would be on hearing the news that he didn’t get the Treasure of Transcendence.

But as it was, he couldn’t sacrifice more soldiers here.

All the troops were retreating in defeat.

Useless struggle was nothing but a cost of innocent lives.

“We won the battle!”

The Nangong Family couldn’t believe they won the battle. They felt like dreaming.

“Long live Nangong Family. Long live your majesty.”

Even the ancestors of the Nangong Family appreciated Tian’s ability.

It seemed as if he were the only center of the universe.

But unfortunately, the Nangong Family has been completely defeated this time in the Imperial War.

“Forget about it. This is the best outcome of our Family. What else can we expect?”

Smiling as he was, no one knew exactly what he was thinking of.

“So, this is the Treasure of Transcendence.”

Looking at the Sword of the King, Kris Chen could feel the intense fairy aura of the sword.

Good staff!

After a second thought, Kris took out the Chaos Spirit Sword and ask it “Can you swallow it?”


The Chaos Spirit Sword was in great eager and replied, “It will help me a lot to swallow it.”

“Well, swallow it.”

Kris was looking forward to seeing it swallowing.

The Chaos Spirit Sword blatantly attacked and cut the Sword of the King into pieces.

Good as it was, the Sword of the King was only the carrier of the fairy aura.

A gust of intangible fairy aura was gradually inhaled by the Chaos Spirit Sword.

A few minutes later, the Chaos Spirit Sword gave a burp.

Then a mysterious force fed back into Kris’s body.

“Wait… is this the gift of the fairy aura?”

Kris was so astonished that he couldn’t believe it was true.

“Yes, the power of the fairy aura can greatly increase the speed of practice,” said Yuan Kris in a voice message.

Kris started to mediate into the universe, where he saw it explode in growth as it expanded by swallowing thousands of stars in the blink of an eye, at no loss for the speed!

“Good Staff. The force of the fairy aura can also greatly enhance the strength of the cosmic wall.”

“Perhaps the Imperial War is our best chance,” said Yuan.


Kris nodded his head while speaking. They had previously liberated two hundred thousand domains, which, in theory, also possessed the Treasures of Transcendence.

But they didn’t notice it that time.

“Ask Demon Kris to gather the scattered Treasures of Transcendence. I will make great use of them.”

Through a quick meditation, both his incarnations and doppelgangers received the information from Kris.

“Ok. Let’s keep advancing.”

“The Imperial War was no more than a Treasure of Transcendence that aims to reach the Fulfilled Stage by swallowing all the other Treasures of Transcendence.

Although Kris Chen had the confidence to break through his current stage and reach the transcendence with the power of the world, the power of the fairy aura was even more appropriate!

“Let’s move on to the Gongsun Domain!”

Kris Chen chuckled and went to Gongsun Domain in the shape of light.

At this moment, Li Gongsun has already learnt the news that Enguang Gongsun was defeated.

“Crap! How shameful are those trillions of soldiers who were returning defeated?”

Li tore all the things he could see in front of him into pieces.

“Your majesty, the word came that the Grand Marshal, enguang Gongsun has sent a message to you.”

“Give it to me!”

Li took up the paper from Enguang and read it deliberately.

As he read the paper, he frowned even more.

An anonymous man suppressed the trillions of army men with only one fist?

Sitting there seriously, Li kept his fingers banging on the table, eyes full of uneasiness.

“Is the information accurate?”

“Yes, my majesty. Every one present can be the testimony.”

Hearing this, he remained silently. He knew that Enguang couldn’t lie to him about this.

If it is true, then they should be cautious about this anonymous guy.

The cultivation of the mysterious man must be quite scary. Maybe… he was a member of the ten domains!

However, why did the ten domains got involved in this war?

“Send my message to the front line ordering them retreat to the border for defense!”

He didn’t dare to take any risk this time. Once they were defeated, all the neighboring domains would know their defeat.

“Got it, your majesty.”

At this time, a gust of scary atmosphere was lingering above the Imperial city of the Gongsun Domain.

Li was so frightened that his face soon turned pale. “Is he coming?” asked Li to himself.

He raised his head; his eyes were fixed at an anonymous man in black who was perching in the middle air.

“Hurry up, ancestors!”

Li shouted loudly as the exquisite Pagoda showed up in his hand.

“Who dares to invade the forbidden land of the imperial city!”

Voices of the authority rang out.

The ancient existence suddenly appeared in the middle air.

The breath of the terror seemed to drag the heaven into hell.

But all this became pale before the man in black!

The man in black gently stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers.

All of a sudden, without any other movement, everyone present felt all the divine power were destroyed under his fingers.

Even the air was still peaceful.

It astonished everyone here!

How could he make it?

Kris smiled in his heart, revealing his endless Spiritual heritage, strength and Divine Spiritual Power. Although he has just broken the Normalization Stage, he had paid no attention to this stage before he reached it.

“I’m just a passer-by, who has been maltreated by you. Now that you are unkind to me, I’m repaying to you the same!”

Kris smiled and his voice was indifferent. However, his words shocked everyone hearing it. Mr. Bone stands in shock.

One after another figure jumped off to the sky and perched before him. They said reverently while bowing deeply and saluting extensively to Kris, “Don’t blame us, my dear friend!”

He was talking nonsense, but at the same time his ability was irresistible.

“Can an apologize make up everything?”

“So, what do you want from us? We promise to offer you whatever is reasonable!”

One of the ancestors in the first generation said firmly.

“Is it true?”

Kris felt embarrassed to fleece them, thus changed his tone and said, “Well, how about lending me your Treasure of Transcendence?”


The ancestor of the first generation put on a long face and said seriously, “It’s no funny saying so!”

It is the carrier of all expectation of the Gongsun Family. Without it, how can they achieve transcendence?

“Ancestor, he is a man of wild ambition who has planned to get our treasure!”

“We are not afraid of fighting with you. You are alone, but we are a group.”

“We can definitely defeat you!”

Hearing what people were talking about, Kris said indifferently, “Can you? I’m standing here waiting for your attack!”

“Go to hell!”

The ancestor of the third generation couldn’t stand him anymore, issuing a fairy light that was powerful enough to penetrate the universe of thousands of stars.

This is the Great Chaos Divine Light!

While everyone expected him to dodge, he didn’t. He stood there allowing the light hit his body.

“He is hit. He is doomed to die.”

“What did you think he was? A man of great conceit!”

“Wait! Look… he remains sound.”

One of the ancestors said in astonishment.

“It’s good,” said Kris, tapping his chest. “It’s powerful enough, but far from hurting me!”

Even Kris himself has no idea how strong his body is!

His body is composed with 60 trillion cells, each in the Fulfilled Period of the Endless Stage


The ancestor of the third generation almost popped his eyes out on seeing this. “It’s impossible!”

“Do you have any Treasure of Defense Transcendence?”

“If you think I have a shield to make you feel better, think I do!”

“If you could feel better thinking that I have the Treasure of Defense Transcendence, you may as well stick to your guessing.”

“Alright. Now it’s my turn!” said Kris with a vicious smile on his face.

He stretched out his fingers, on which boundless light was radiating.

In just one millionth of a second, the divine light blasted, hit the ancestor of the third generation on the heart, and soon penetrated through his body and a number of other people. The divine light eventually hit the center of the earth till it penetrated through the core of the earth.

The ancestor and those who have been hit by him and began to perish, and this annihilation was irreversible.

“The ancestor of the third generation was dead!”

Chaos erupted in the crowd, and the face of the ancestor of the first generation turned angrily pale and twisted, but he was indeed fear in the heart

He must be a member of the Great Domains, because after all, only the member of the Great Domains could be so strong!

“Kill him! Don’t leave him any chance to survive!”

As the ancestor shouted loudly, he threw the best of his martial techniques onto Kris.

The ancestors of the second and fourth generations began to participate in the battle in succession.

Above the imperial city, the space was shocked greatly by the dissipation atmosphere which collapsed countless buildings and killed numerous people.

This kind of battle was inappropriate for ordinary people to watch.

Taking out the exquisite Pagoda, Li felt extremely nervous.

The exquisite pagoda that had swallowed hundreds of Treasures of Transcendence possessed the ability of a true Transcendence.

It was the hope of the Gongsun Family.

Unable to withstand him anymore, he flew to the sky and drove the Exquisite Pagoda to absorb Kris in it.

The time the Exquisite Pagoda showed up in the air, a voice came from the hit center, “Treasure of Transcendence, I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

Hearing this, Li was filled with a sense of a foreboding. As he was about to take back the pagoda, a giant hand had already grasp it! He couldn’t shake it off!

“Very good. It’s much better than The Sword of the King. It’s a good treasure!”

“No, he’s got the pagoda!”

“Let go of my pagoda! “

Numerous attacks hit the giant hand.

But the hand was still intact.

“Well, I’m tired of playing with you.”

While speaking, his voice got even colder. The reason why he hadn’t fight back was to test his true strength, which was then proved to have surpassed the Normalization Stage.

But he didn’t know for sure whether he has reached the transcendence.

It was perhaps that he hadn’t reached the transcendence yet.

“Super Serious and Invincible Cosmic Bang!”

It is well-known that the longer the name of the technique is, the more powerful it will be.

A simple left hook demonstrated thousands of martial techniques which could easily blast those ancestors!

But there was no need to kill them, because after all, he has occupied their treasure.

“Don’t get involved in the Imperial War so that you could save your lives. By the way, don’t feel appreciate to me. You are lucky enough for I was born a good man.”

Kris sneered as he disappeared with the exquisite pagoda!

Those ancestors of the Gongsun Family who had been beaten to death were also reuniting their flesh again.

Though very angry, they could do nothing!

Li looked dispirited, thinking to himself, “God damn it! Our Family will lose our chance in the Imperial War again!”

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