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Heidi Hudson confirms his thoughts!

Even if Chuck Cannon didn’t beg for himself last time, her desire for control made her want Chuck Cannon to beg her, Chuck Cannon already has a big place in her heart!!

She can’t deny it herself, she herself thinks that she is the first to be tempted by a man, she herself really likes it!

Therefore, Chuck Cannon, he will definitely be her own man!

Brayden Stewart only has more envy and hatred!

Heidi Hudson’s steadfast eyes made him jealous, Chuck Cannon, rubbish, can actually get Heidi Hudson’s favor?

You know, Brayden Stewart is the young master of the hidden family, the woman he can’t handle, actually likes a garbage that is far worse than him!!

Compared with Chuck Cannon, that is sh!t!

Brayden Stewart was sad and angry!

“Heidi Hudson, have you thought about it? If you want Chuck Cannon to be your man, your dad won’t agree.” Brayden Stewart said coldly.

Heidi Hudson’s father, definitely won’t agree!

“This is my business, you don’t need to care!” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

Brayden Stewart was angry, but Hudson is really stronger than his Stewart. Even if he is angry, there is nothing he can do. Now is not the time to turn his face!

“It’s your business,” Brayden Stewart compromised. This Heidi Hudson is no ordinary horror!

Heidi Hudson’s aura is the aura of the future hidden family Patriarch, so Brayden Stewart can’t hold it.

“It’s fine if you know! And! You are not allowed to let Chuck Cannon know about seeing me today. If Chuck Cannon knows, what the consequences are, I don’t need to tell you!” Heidi Hudson’s beautiful eyes fl!ckered coldly!!

I have to say that Heidi Hudson’s aura is really powerful!

Even Brayden Stewart’s expression changed. He was angry, but he couldn’t come out, “Okay, I won’t let him know, but I don’t want Chuck Cannon’s order, and his mother’s Karen Lee’s life, you shouldn’t interfere anymore, right?”

“Karen Lee is whatever you want, and I don’t like her. It’s best if all the people around Chuck Cannon die, that’s the best!” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

After hearing these words, the cold Brayden Stewart felt a hairy feeling in his heart.

Heidi Hudson is a bit too cruel!

“Okay, then you don’t interfere too much, I will listen to you,” Brayden Stewart shrugged.

“I’m done, think about it for yourself!”

Heidi Hudson shook her long legs and walked out, but when she reached the door, she suddenly turned her head and said, “Chuck Cannon, it’s not as simple as you think!”

This sentence has a lot of meaning, but in the eyes of Brayden Stewart, it is a mockery!

Sure enough, beauty is in the eyes of the lover!!

Chuck Cannon’s kind of rubbish, in the mouth of Heidi Hudson, has changed and become outstanding!

Chuck Cannon got lucky.

When Heidi Hudson left, Brayden Stewart was silent and cold here.

He thought of some methods!

You can t0rture Chuck Cannon first!

However, Brayden Stewart just saw the superb Heidi Hudson, plus he didn’t get Logan last time, he is really indescribable.

He took out his cell phone and called someone to get through.

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“What are you doing? He just fell asleep, it is not convenient for me to answer the phone.” The voice in the phone was so cautious.

“Come here! I’ll wait for you!”

“I can’t make it, he just drank and fell asleep,” the woman’s voice was still cautious as if she was sneaking.

“Come here! I miss you, come here.” Brayden Stewart said, the voice was a command!

“Miss me? You almost got married last time, do you still miss me?” The woman’s voice revealed great dissatisfaction.

“Aren’t you married?” Brayden Stewart shrugged, smiling strangely.

“Yes, I am married, then don’t hook me up!”

“Okay, I have something to meet and say, I miss you, come here!”

“Okay, okay, where are you?”

“I’m here……”

Chuck Cannon, the boss behind the scenes had already arrived at that place. Chuck Cannon looked at the place in amazement. It was really luxurious, and Chuck Cannon believed it. The boss behind the scenes really knew where Brayden Stewart was.

“Brayden Stewart likes playing so much, especially women. I hate such men,” said the boss behind the scenes.

“Elder, don’t you play often man too?” Chuck Cannon muttered.

What is a woman like the boss behind the scenes?

Amorous types.

“Little guy, did you talk back to me? I haven’t really played, and I feel sick when those men touch me,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Yes, although she let the man be with Ouyang Fei last time, she herself said that if a man touches her, she will immediately turn her face!

It was the same as seeing Chuck Cannon for the first time.

“Well, I misunderstood you.” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“Know you misunderstood me? Are you guilty?” The boss behind the scenes smiled charmingly.

“Uh, guilty.”

“Don’t worry, you are my little lover now, so I will defend you like a jade, don’t worry,” the boss behind the scenes smiled slightly.

Chuck Cannon is even more speechless, what is this all about?

Don’t say anything.

“Elder, can I go in?”

Chuck Cannon can’t wait, it’s better to be able to catch some handles of Brayden Stewart, which is equivalent to putting another spy in Stewart, then there is a breakthrough!

“What’s the rush? The bodyguards around Brayden Stewart are powerful. You can’t get in rashly. You have to wait. After he comes out, find a chance to get in.” Of course, the boss behind the scenes has experience in this area.

Chuck Cannon nodded, but the boss behind the scenes suddenly gave a hey, took out a telescope and looked for a few seconds, “Hey, there is such a thing?”

“What’s the matter?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Watch for yourself.” The boss behind the scenes gave Chuck Cannon the telescope.

Chuck Cannon took a look and found a car coming and stopped in a place. A beautiful woman with a particularly good figure came down, wearing sunglasses and a mask, sneaking.

“Who is this beauty?” Chuck Cannon hasn’t seen it, but the telescope can see this woman’s figure, perfect to the extreme!!

Must be a big beauty?

This is beyond doubt!

“If I said it is the wife of a cousin of Brayden Stewart, would you be surprised?” the boss behind the scenes said in disgust.

“Uh, delicious but dumplings?” Chuck Cannon is really speechless, Brayden Stewart is okay with this?

What a sc.umbag!

Rabbits know that if you don’t eat grass at the edge of the nest, Brayden Stewart not only ate it, but also ate grass from a relative.

This is also a piece of the Three Views, and Chuck Cannon hates such things.

“Yes, that’s the sentence.” The boss behind the scenes said.

Chuck Cannon thought about going, this should be regarded as a handle for Brayden Stewart, right? Knowing this is really better than catching him.

“It seems that we have come well this time, and happened to encounter such a thing,” the boss behind the scenes smiled slightly but soon got serious.

Yes, if you let the people of Stewart know, then Brayden Stewart, let alone inheriting the Stewart, maybe beaten by everyone of the Stewart!

This is really a big deal!!

Chuck Cannon was excited and immediately called Black Rose to talk about this, and Black Rose came over quietly.

Black Rose also has disgust on her face, and Black Rose’s concept in this regard is particularly positive. She really dislikes such things.

“Then we will go in later, first of all, regardless of the three seven twenty-one, just take pictures! Take their pictures as a handle!!” Chuck Cannon said.

He also wanted to see how funny this Brayden Stewart looked terrified!

Black Rose frowned. When she talked about taking photos, she thought of Ouyang Fei hurting her and taking her photos!

This is her pain!

After discovering that Black Rose’s face was not very good, Chuck Cannon certainly thought of the black rose being photographed, so he kindly said, “What’s wrong?”

Black Rose was annoyed, “Do you dare to mention it again, I will k!ll you with one shot!!”

The boss behind the scenes is not happy anymore, “Hey, Black Rose, why are you being fierce to him?”

“No, Chuck Cannon, forget about it,” Black Rose was indifferent.

Chuck Cannon nodded but smiled bitterly in his heart. How could this matter be forgotten? After all, Black Rose’s figure is so good, she is perfect.

How can this be forgotten? He’s a man who can’t forget it!

“Chuck Cannon, what are you thinking about?” Black Rose saw Chuck Cannon’s disgusting expression, and she had a point. Memories, and even aftertaste, she suddenly became angry!

“I didn’t think about anything,” Chuck Cannon shook his head hurriedly, and Black Rose was going crazy.

“Oh, I know, I know,” the boss behind the scenes is a smart woman. Just now Chuck Cannon mentioned taking photos, and Black Rose turned her face away, then…

“It turns out Ouyang Fei took your picture, so you want to k!ll her, right?”

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