Chapter 675 – 676: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 675: The Decisive Battle Began

Chaos spirit sword absorbed the Qi (vital energy originated from the body) of Linglong Pagoda, and the Qi fed back to Kris Chen was much more powerful than Tianzi sword.

“I think it is a good thing, isn’t it?”

Kris laughed, “after all, they can avoid a tough war, which means they can sacrifice less!”

After absorbing the power of Qi, Kris stood up and said, “let’s go and continue to do something good!”

Thanks to Demon Kris, he arranged the demon army ahead of time and therefore they could get intelligence in all major regions, which avoided his own investigation.

Kris now just needed to find the wined regions.

All the way to the southwest, Kris fully exerted his firepower, and collected all kinds of strange and unconventional detachment treasures.

Over the decades, Kris had captured thousands of detachment treasures.

At this moment, his inner universe had expanded to 300 trillion star regions, and his strength had also unconsciously soared to the normalization stage of the middle period, so as his divine spiritual power.

Physical strength grew relatively slowly, which would take a long time efforts, but with the accumulation of various resources, one tenth of his body had broken through the unification.

The effect of Qi on strength was awesome.

“Now people in every region are all in a panic, and they are becoming more sophisticated. Many people have sealed detachment treasures, so it’s very difficult to find them.”

Kris touched his chin. “I don’t know who leaked the news!”

Yuan Kris propped his forehead, one fifth of the detachment treasures in the chaos world of the other realm had been robbed by him. It was no such thing of leaking the news. People should know. They were not fools!

“That’s it. Go back, Demon Kris. We have collected a lot of detachment treasures!”

The demon army occupied 200000 great regions, which was equivalent to one fifth of the other realm. And this meant they could get another fifth of the detachment treasures.

Unconsciously, two fifths of the detachment treasures had now belonged to Kris.

When it came to the chaos spirit sword, the body of the sword was carved with endless creatures, which made it heavier.

This was the weight of the Qi, intertwined with chaos sword spirit. They could no longer be separated

The child of detachment had been born!

The power was greatly increased.

Only by one stroke, the space was broken. The space of the other realm was as fragile as paper.

This was only one fifth. If he swallowed another one fifth of the Qi, Kris couldn’t imagine how strong chaos spirit sword would be.

Kris galloped all the way back to the domain of the demon army.

Under the leadership of the demon army, the life of more than 200000 people in the region was getting better and better.

Without oppression, the world had become equal, and its power now was dazzling.

There was no guarantee that its strength had become the top in the world, but there was no doubt about its unity.

In the eyes of the people of the alliance, there were only two kinds of people, one was the liberated people, and the other was people without liberation!

“You are back?”

“Yes!” Kris couldn’t wait to ask, “Where’s the detachment treasures?”

“They are in the room for closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone)” answered Demon Kris.

Kris Chen nodded and strode into the room for closing door.

Many strange detachment treasures piled up in it, including swords, spears, axes, halberds, calligraphy and paintings, even brushes and black ink!

Whatever it was, they all could absorb the Qi.

As for these carriers, because they contained a lot of Qi, they also became the treasures with Qi of the acquired stage, with infinite power in them.

It couldn’t be better to reward them to the people below.

Kris practiced in closing door for another decade, and in the time barrier tens of millions of years had passed.

A single universe in his body held more than 600 trillion stars, reaching 800 trillion in total. Perhaps the increase of Qi had once again broadened the capacity.

Kris wanted to make a breakthrough in the world, but now he had to wait.

“Have you figured it out?”

“Well calculated, 15 trillion star regions!”

In other words, it was just more than half now?

Sun Kris propped his forehead!

How long would it take to break through? Did he need to devour all the detachment treasures?

“It’s a good thing. The bigger the world is, the more buffs you will get.”

“In fact, the mana unification of the later period has long gone beyond the category of unification. The same is true for divine spiritual power. Only one third of your flesh and cells have not been refined. Your strength now can crush everything, OK?”

“Be modest, modest!”

Sun Kris touched his nose. He was not used to praising himself.

The truth of the chaos world in the other realm was still buried deep, such as that ship! What kind of treasure was it?!

What kind of world was it in the realm of eternity?

Could there be any other stage above the detachment?

These were all doubts in Kris’s mind!

“By the way, what happened to the other imperial regions?”

“It was very strange. People desire to fight, but they are also hesitated, as if they are afraid of something!”

“Do you want to say that they are afraid of me?”

“You are right. They are really afraid of you.”

Yuan Kris said, “No one wants to fight hard, but in the end, the benefits are taken away by others.”

“Are they still going to launch the royal war?”

Kris was speechless. He didn’t expect that things went this way.

Should he take the initiative?

“What does Demon Kris say?”

“He’s waiting for you to come out of the closing door!”

Kris nodded, going out of the room for closing door, and found Demon Kris.

“Yuan Kris should tell you the current situation!”

Demon Kris said, “Now we should take time. It’s better to let the ten great imperial regions start the war. That’s how things going on, so they can’t avoid it.”

Kris nodded, “OK, let us watch their performance!”

They just needed to be spectators now.

Once the imperial regions launched a war, they had better participate in it as well. Otherwise it would be too obvious that they just wanted to reap the benefits.

By the way, they could liberate some great regions.

Now the public opinion of the alliance was boiling, which should not be underestimated.

Kris agreed with this idea. He now went into the universe of self-chaos and began to accompany his family.

His parents, as well as Mary Su, were used to living in the universe of self-chaos, and they didn’t want to move around!

That was good!

Anyway, the universe of self-chaos was arranged in his inner chaos world, so he could control the velocity of time and space at will!

When Kris accompanied his family on a sightseeing tour, the ten imperial regions were like powder which was about to explode.

Ji family!

“It has been decades since the royal war began, but it is still like this, which is not very sharp, but neither stops. Now people’s hearts are floating, and some even think the war is over.”

“We can’t wait any longer. Once it lasts more than 300 years, the royal war will end automatically. If we want to get the ship tickets, we have to wait for another million years.”

To be honest, a million years was too long!

“It is imperative to launch the war!”

The Ji emperor roared in the Ji palace!!

Feng family!

As the oldest imperial family, Feng family was the most profound one of all the imperial regions.

“No more delay. Let’s start the war!” The Feng emperor ordered.

Jiang family, Ren family… And other imperial regions started the war simultaneously as if they had discussed with each other.

The core of the royal war was that big fish ate small ones.

The ten great imperial regions fought at the same time, so the chaos world in the other realm fell into chaos immediately.

At the same time, the alliance got involved into the war.

Different from pure occupation, every time a large region was captured, the cadres of the demon army would spread new policies.

With thousands of years of accumulation, the cadres of the demon army had become more and more capable to do their jobs.

Sha Mo’s efforts played an important role.

Demon Kris took North Kris and others to sweep the battlefield, while Kris’s task was very simple. He just accompanied his family and refined the detachment treasures.

Soon, a hundred years passed.

The chaos world in the other realm had now come to a decisive moment.

In addition to the ten great imperial regions, a new great region had emerged, the Wang family.

Although they only occupied 30000 regions, it also depended on who their opponents were.

The ten great imperial regions had been allied with each other!

It was really amazing that the Wang family could rise under the 11 major forces.

Especially its emperor, Lin Wang, a man of great talent and strength, but with a simple name.

No one dared to belittle Wang family, especially during the royal war.

Anyone was likely to be the winner of this war.

Since the twelve major forces had been formed, people all know that the next crucial time was coming. No one dared to act rashly.

Among them, the alliance regions occupied by the demon army was the strongest one, containing 300000 regions.

The other 11 forces occupied 700000 regions.

The Ji family and the Jiang family had the deepest hatred with the alliance region. So these two families united with each other, which was inevitable.

No one could win against the demon army alone!

Everyone knew that the leader of the demon army practiced the invincible mana, which meant that he was invincible to fight with people of same stage!

Not only that, the Jiang family also found Ren family. As one of the imperial families, Ren family was very embarrassed in this royal war. It only kept 50000 regions, which was reduced by half than before.

Even so, the three families together were still not as strong as the alliance, but they now had the ability of resistance to a certain degree!

Feng family, Xue family and Lei family united.

Yao family, Zhang family, Xuanyuan family and Wang family united.

People all knew that the best way at this time was to get rid of the past and fight against the demon army and the alliance together!

Although they all understood, neither of them wanted to take the first step.

They both wanted each other to do that first.

Demon Kris was naturally happy. He set up the army and laid a lot of traps in the important regions.

They were like fishermen. No matter what, they would take action, and now they should wait to see who would be the first to fight with them.

The method of the alliance made the three united forces angry to gnash their teeth, but they didn’t have better solutions.

The angriest was the Ji family, who watched the demon army to grow up.

So Ji family attacked firs. Coupled with Jiang family and Ren family, their total was no more than 180000 regions!

With a total of 100 billion troops shared equally by three families, the troop reserve had reached one hundred trillion.

Three families respectively asked other united forces to consume the alliance region!

If they could consume the energy of the alliance. After a long time, the alliance region would certainly be broken.

However, they forgot a very important thing. That was, the alliance region owned the land of Chaos Nirodha, which was much larger than the other realm.

This was Kris’s back garden. The resources in it could be considered to be inexhaustible.

“What should we do as the enemy invades?”

“Kill them!”

“What if they try to destroy our beautiful home?”

“Kill them!”

“What is our mission?”

“Defend our home. Defend our people!”

Demon Kris was lecturing at the commanding platform. He was looking at the generals and soldiers, amid whom were full of talented ones. They had nearly 200 trillion reserve troops!

Demon Kris, North Kris, Yuan Kris, and Buddha Kris, all the seven incarnations were practiced the invincible mana. They could all repress everything.

In addition, they had a lot of high-end combat powers, including Children of the Chen family, the disciples of Gengu No.1 Sect and Nahai Sect, and the masters in the self-chaos world!

With Kris’s awesome acceleration of time, the accumulation of thousands of years and numerous resources had pushed them to the endless stage!


Demon Kris held out his hand and pointed to the distance: “let’s go!”

“Yes!” One hundred trillion troops shouted together.

This deafening sound should smash countless stars.

Chapter 676: Weapons of War

At the beginning of the war, every great region of the alliance was closely united and continuously supplied the front line.

Force was necessary, but the most important thing was to decapitate.

Only when one could eliminate the enemy with great power of the other side, the win would certainly come.

This time, Yuan Ji, the war minister of Ji family, was personally in charge of this battle. His armies were also beaten to pieces, with only several of them left.

He had to win one battle, otherwise, he would be fired from the position of war minister.

The Jiang family also sent the whole army commanded by a clan king.

The Ren family sent out a marshal. Although their positions were different, the status was the same. The people who controlled the whole army were the direct disciples of the three imperial families.

Over the years, they had also learned a little about the tactics of the Demon King Army, so they had made great efforts to renovate the interior, which had achieved certain results.

Dong Ji also participated in this battle to atone for his crimes by winning the war, and he was also leading a single brigade.

He looked at the boundless universe calmly, seemingly with thousands of thoughts in his mind. However, in Yuan Ji’s view, Dong Ji thought of what happened before!”

“Dong Ji, we were sure to win this time, so you will definitely wash away your grievances.”

Yuan Ji said: “If it is possible, you must take Sheng Ji and Tao Ji personally!”

Dong Ji nodded, “I will definitely take them down.”

They then were chatting with each other for some time. Soon, there was a violent explosion in front of them!

Even the blast waves came here.

“Damn it, enemy attack!”

The war horn came from the front, signaling the army to stop.

“It was not an enemy attack. It’s an ambush!”

Dong Ji shook his head. “It’s the way the demon king army always does, so we’d better avoid these galaxies as we go forward.”

Yuan Ji changed an expression, “no, detour will affect the morale of the sergeant, and… I suspect that people of the demon king army may hide in our army, once they spread rumors in the army…”

“If we don’t have other solution, why not just wipe out all the stars we see along the way?”

“They have buried a rune array in the void. Can we find ways to break them?”

“Yes, Jiang family had the treasure of transcendence, which is able to project and therefore to clear all the runes!”

Dong Ji nodded and stopped talking. Now that they had made plans, he just needed to watch.

“Boom, boom!”

All the stars along the way were blasted to pieces by warships.

“Run away, everyone. It’s too late if we don’t run now!”

“Son of bitch, the Ji family. They kill civilians!”

“Run, run to the demon king army!”


Countless people flew out of the planet, and the divine light cannons hidden on the planet were also officially launched!


Hundreds of millions of divine light cannons were launched together, with their speed even faster than the speed of light.

It only took a few minutes away from a billion miles.

“Boom! Boom!”

“Put up the shield quickly!”

After a while the shield was put up, it was broken again!


As the huge explosion sounded, the soldiers on the warship fled one after another. Unfortunately, the explosion was too powerful, so the soldiers were injured and even some of them died.

How could they possibly win the demon king army? Yuan Ji doubted, so did the clan king Yu Jiang. Qianqiu Ren, the Grand Marshal of the Ren family, had a serious look, “Full speed and full fire!”

At the moment, there was only one way, which was to rush out of the encirclement as fast as possible.

These planets were so far apart that even their warships couldn’t reach so far. Nobody could tell how their cannons could do that.

What’s more, he even saw the attack coming from the end of the planet, with a distance of tens of billions.

How could they possibly win?

Even before they touch the demon king army, there had been casualties.

“Full speed forward and full fire.”

Yuan Ji and Yu Jiang immediately gave orders, “open the shield to the maximum!”


The speed of the warship had been increased by more than two times with blue shield protecting it.

Yu Jiang quickly took out the treasure of transcendence projected by the Ping Tian Mirror, and made countless miraculous lights. All the runes hidden in the void were swept away by these lights.


Powerful and brilliant explosion sounded in the universe.

The demon king army was too rich. They wasted so many runes like they were free.

In fact, these really didn’t cost money.

With the chaos origin method and Tao of virtuality and Reality, these runes were nothing for Kris Chen, since the Chaotic Silent Land had endless resources.

After generations of improvement, the power of divine light cannons was greater and their range was longer than before.

There was a saying that the truth existed within the range of the cannon.

Soon, the warships left the galaxy.

The runes were gone as well.


“Count the loss!” The commander-in-chief of the three armed forces looked terrible!

“Minister, we have lost 30000 warships, with more than 10 billion casualties!”

“Your Majesty, we have lost 40000 warships, with more than 10 billion casualties!”

“The Grand Marshal, we have lost 50000 warships and more than 10 billion casualties!”

The cold numbers casted a layer of dust on the bottom of people’s hearts.

Even if they didn’t see the troops of the demon king army, they were beaten and they couldn’t even pay back.

The demon king army was too cunning.

“We must calm down the commanders and the soldiers. If there is anything unusual, report it to me immediately.” Yuan Ji said.

He had to guard against what happened to Dong Ji.

This was an army of 100 billion. If there was any domestic question, it would be very troublesome.

In the army, the wounded cried all around.

Looking around, there were all people with broken hands and feet.

The divine light cannons were very terrifying. Not only was it hard to recover after being injured for a while, but it was also very corrosive.

Even it could corrode people’s divine soul and mana.

It was too terrible and absolutely the worst news for the war.

“Who can help me? I don’t want to die!”

“I’m so miserable. Who can help me?”

Many warships had become hell, and some generals were anxious to see them and arrange the accompanying military doctors for treatment.

However, there was nothing they could do.

It didn’t help unless they could use a very precious healing medicine. But everyone knew this was impossible!

“Marshal, I suggest to send back these wounded soldiers!”

“I agree!”

People understanding the situation knew that these wounded soldiers could not live any longer. It was better to let them go back and die for themselves than leaving them here to drag down the armies here!

Qianqiu looked terrible. Before fighting, he had already sent so many wounded soldiers back to Ren region. What would people there think of him?

Yuan Ji, Yu Jiang did not look god as well.

Both of them regret it, especially Yuan Ji. The alliance was like a hedgehog. No matter who attacked first, they would be stabbed in the faces first.

Even if they won by chance, it should be a tragic victory.

There used to be hundreds of thousands of galaxies here. Nobody knew if the demon king army would launch their cannon at any time.

But now that they had reached this far, it was impossible to go back.

If they retreated here, they would never defeat the demon king army and would live in the oppression of the demon king army all their lives.

Differently, it was very boring for the alliance army to station here.

The Chihou armies were probably deployed most frequently.

They killed a lot of Chihou armies on the front line.

Because the alliance made concerted efforts to study all kinds of war weapons, the Chihou armies of the demon king army were well-equipped and could escape even if their cultivation was not as high as their enemies.

They did care the runes of star domain diversion shield, the runes of break space, and the runes of Jiuxiang thunder. Running away was the most important thing.

“Report, Ji’, Jiang and Ren armies will reach the battlefield with 100000 galaxies left!”

“Report, the three major armies have suffered heavy losses. Now the morale of the army is floating. Will the next round of plans be launched?”

“Report, three armies are now 50000 galaxies away…”

Demon Kris stood up and said, “Give my orders. Everyone, cheer up, the war is about to start!”


All the soldiers held their fists in their chest.

Eight trillion troops had drawn a long line of defense in the star regions.

One after another, divine light cannons had been placed on the planet, which were absolutely not the weapons that broke in one use.

However, due to the great power, divine light cannon would collapse after 1000 shots.

There were tens of billions of divine light cannons. Their black muzzles were aimed at the void, which brought great fear.

Any enemy who dared to offend the alliance would be torn to pieces!

Finally, in the second hour, the warships gradually came from afar like overwhelming locusts!

The speeds of the warships were very fast, ten thousand times faster than the speed of sound. In addition, the blue shields were also very strong. As long as the strength did not exceed the middle period of the endless stage, no one could break the shield, and the shield consumed the power of the source of chaos.

As long as there was a continuous source of chaos, the shield could always protect the warships!

“Be alert and ready for war!”

“Lift the cannons!”


Tens of millions of warships fired together!

The shells tore the void and hit the demon king region’s border.

A volley contained tens of billions of shells.

“Turn on the shield!”

Demon Kris squinted at the front and gave orders. In the void, the white light curtain blocked the shells.

This was the great defensive array. Every site in the void had cost a lot of money to protect soldiers. For Demon Kris, every soldier was a treasure.

Resources were dead, but people were alive!

What! Shells were blocked!

“Keep shooting, give them a serious bombardment!”

Qianqiu showed a terrible look, “I want to see how many waves you can defend.”

With the power of tens of billions of shells, even Normalization Ancestors would die, not to mention the great defense array!

“Boom! Boom!”

“Boom! Boom!”

In the blink, there were dozens of rounds of bombardment, but the white light curtain was still strong and did not be damaged at all.

“How could that be?”

Yu Jiang bit his silver teeth hard. He couldn’t even break their great defensive array. How could he possibly win the war!

“At my command, increase the power of the shells to the maximum, regardless of all costs to shoot them!”

“But in this way, the shield will be affected…”

“Just shoot them. Go!”

The general had some worry in his eyes, but finally he left with a bow.


Sure enough, the power of warship shells with full fire increased several times!

The white light curtain became turbulent under intense bombardment!

Dong Ji and Qianqiu did the same to promote the power of warship cannons to the highest level!

Tens of billions of shells hit on the white light curtain, which was already turbulent, as if it would be broken in the next moment.

“Leader, the shield was going to fail!” The soldier came forward to report.

Demon Kris nodded, “Give me the order, fire!”


At this moment, tens of billions of divine light cannons gathered energy at almost the same time!

The power of divine light cannons was strong, but they consumed a lot. The chaos source of fist size could only support ten shots.

There were tens of billions of cannons here, which would consume billions of chaos sources in one round of shooting. Fortunately, Kris family had made great achievements. Only because they could rely on the Chaotic Silent Land, could they dare to consume recourses like this!


After three breaths, the divine light cannons gathered a lot of energy and launched together!

Tens of billions of divine lights tore the sky and hit the warships through the light curtain.

Even if many of them were crooked, more than 80% of the divine light cannons accurately hit the warships.

“Ha-ha, since you have weakened the power of the shield, you now should enjoy the cannonball feast I give you!”

Demon Kris smiled. The technology kept pace with the times. The reform of war weapons was doomed to change the war situation.

For example, now that he had set up 10 billion divine light cannons, which meant if the gods blocked their way, they would kill the gods, and if the Buddha blocked their way, they would kill the Buddha.

How many people could break in? Even if they could break in, then how many could leave alive?

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