Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, this woman, he has gotten for a long time, what does a man like?

Men know it all.

“I should go back, or he will wake up,” the woman blushed.

“You said that he is drunk, how could he wake up so easily, even if he wakes up, he won’t doubt you, because, in the eyes of my cousin, you are a standard good wife and mother of husband and child. How could he think that you, a good wife and mother, have been obtained by me?” Brayden Stewart laughed.

The woman blushed and stared at Brayden Stewart fiercely, “You bastard made me like this. You are my little friend.”

Women are helpless when they are angry.

Although his husband is also a descendant of the Stewart family, he is naturally innocent and would not please women. The reason why this woman got married was for money.

But after marriage, Brayden Stewart was so sweet, where can she hold it?

In a few days, he fell under the sweet words of Brayden Stewart.

She was also helpless!

Because Brayden Stewart pleases women.

“Haha!” Brayden Stewart laughed.

“By the way, Logan, do you still miss her?” the woman asked.

“Yes, of course, I did, I want her to die!!” Brayden Stewart had a trace of bitterness in his eyes!

His hatred for Logan was very deep!

If he was allowed to catch Logan, he would do everything possible to torture Logan!!

“Why do you miss her? I’m by your side, do you still miss her?” The woman was jealous.

“Haha, miss her, miss you!” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly.

However, at this time, suddenly the door was kicked open!

Brayden Stewart was immediately annoyed, “What are you doing? Don’t you know I’m inside? Don’t get out… Ah, it’s you bastard, what are you doing with your phone?”

When Brayden Stewart was furious, he suddenly saw Chuck Cannon kicking the door and rushed in with his mobile phone.

He was irritated, and then he was shocked!

He is a fool who knows what Chuck Cannon is doing at this time!

The woman turned pale with fright and kept screaming!

He was busy covering his body with a quilt, but Chuck Cannon came too suddenly, and he had already photographed two people lying on the bed, enough.


Chuck Cannon slapped Brayden Stewart in the face!

Brayden Stewart screamed, Chuck Cannon hit too hard with this slap, he was furious, “Chuck Cannon, do you dare to shoot me?”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and put the phone away. This trip was really worthwhile, and he really grabbed Brayden Stewart’s handle.

The look in his eyes at this time, if there is any panic that can’t be concealed!


Brayden Stewart was really panicked!

Because this was originally a sneaky thing, he found excitement because of this, but if this kind of thing is known by the traveler, it will be so miserable!

Not only is it impossible for him to have the right to inherit the Stewart, but he may also even be driven out by the Stewart!

Because let alone him, it is something that family does not allow anyone!!

Do not deceive your friend’s wife, let alone your cousin’s wife?

“Chuck Cannon, don’t you want to die, give me your phone, give it to me!” Brayden Stewart rushed over like a mad dog, Chuck Cannon’s fighting strength improved again, and he kicked him to the ground with a kick.

Brayden Stewart clutched his stomach and screamed to the point of fainting!

“Ah, Chuck Cannon, give me your phone!” Brayden Stewart’s painful face was pale in panic.

“Dare to do it?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Me, Chuck Cannon, how much do you want, I’ll give it to you, all I need is a mobile phone!” Brayden Stewart said hoarsely.

This phone was related to his own future!

“Do you think I want money? I don’t want your money,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

Glancing at the scared woman on the bed, this woman was scared, “Don’t look at me, cell phone, please give me your cell phone,”

The woman crawled out of the quilt in fear and climbed to Chuck Cannon begging.

She is a lucky woman. When Brayden Stewart’s cousin was out for a trip, she was taken in favor of her, and she got married naturally.

She knows the strength of Stewart, and also knows what the shooting just now means, she will be executed by the people of Stewart!!

She was scared, horrified.

“Please, please.” The woman cried.

Chuck Cannon frowned, “Put on the clothes, I am not targeting you!”

Chuck Cannon aimed at Brayden Stewart, but this woman was caught for not observing women’s way.

“No, I’m scared, please give me your phone, you can do anything you want me to do, you just need to mention it!” The woman cried and shed tears, she was terribly afraid.

She can think of how miserable her end will be.

Stewart will torture her to death!!

“Anything is fine? Haha, that person, why don’t you have such a good consciousness?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Brayden Stewart stared at Chuck Cannon in horror, “What do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do, you should know? Asking knowingly!” Chuck Cannon said.

“You are delusional!!” Brayden Stewart got up.

He knew Chuck Cannon’s mind that he just wanted to prevent Stewart from dealing with Karen Lee. He couldn’t do this, nor could he do it alone.

At this time, Patriarch Adam Stewart is still alive or dead!

“Vision, then you continue, I won’t bother you, but ah, those who visit your home later will enjoy the video just now, it’s high-definition! Do you think I treat you well?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“You and her!” Brayden Stewart was so angry that he rushed to hit Chuck Cannon, but how could Chuck Cannon let him hit?

With a punch on his stomach, Brayden Stewart knelt down, howling in pain.

“Tsk tusk, you are too ignorant to praise, then okay, you go on,” Chuck Cannon turned to go out.

The boss behind the scenes hates staring at Brayden Stewart. This kind of thing can be done. It is conceivable that this is a person who has no bottom line like Ouyang Fei!!

“No, Brayden, you promise him, I will die if the video just now goes out. Brayden, woohoo…” the woman begged and wept.

She was really scared.

“Hmph, he dared to send it out, as long as he dared to send it, I will kill him!” Brayden Stewart was furious.

“Um, you seem to have made a mistake in the order, and the video has been sent out. It seems that you are the one to die first!” Chuck Cannon despised.

Brayden Stewart twitched his face, yes, as long as someone in the family sees him, even if other people in the family let him go, but his cousin is greened, he will definitely kill him desperately!

The more he thinks about it, the more he got afraid.

Brayden Stewart became more afraid, “Chuck Cannon, give me your phone, and I promise you!”

“Hehe, here you are? Do you think I’m stupid?” This is a handle. If you give it to him, what a handle!

Of course, Chuck Cannon will not give it, “You tell me first, what do you guys plan to do!”

“My grandfather is seriously ill and we’re still saving him.” Brayden Stewart said in fear.

“That Adam Stewart is sick?” Chuck Cannon was shocked. He didn’t know that Karen Lee injected something into Adam Stewart.

“Yes, my grandfather’s situation is not very good, everyone in the family is waiting for grandpa to wake up, and then let grandpa personally give orders to the family!”

Chuck Cannon understands, that’s no wonder. It turns out that Stewart has been calm these days because Adam Stewart is ill. This disease is good!!

“I answered everything you asked me to answer. What do you want me to do before you give me the phone?” Brayden Stewart was extremely anxious!

With this handle in the hands of this rubbish Chuck Cannon, he would have trouble sleeping and eating!!

“Well, it’s not difficult, as long as you listen to me, I will give you the mobile video,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

It seems that we have to consider the long-term plan!

The boss behind the scenes said, “Little lover, or ask him for a sum of money first,”

Stewart has a lot of money, but there are also sums. If you can ask for a part, then Stewart’s strength will still have a little impact.

“A sum? Elder, do you think my appetite is so small?” Chuck Cannon shook his head, Brayden Stewart is one of the descendants of the Stewart family, how much money can you have?

It must have minimal impact on the entire Stewart, so it is better not to.

“Little guy, do you want to swallow the whole Stewart?” The boss behind the scenes was surprised, too surprised!

She didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to have such a big appetite!

“Yes, I want to be the richest man in the world! Of course, I will eat Stewart! He provoked me!” Chuck Cannon vowed!

Behind the scenes, the boss’s beautiful eyes turned, “Little lover, you surprised me again!”

“Eat my Stewart? Humph, you have a big appetite, but your belly is not that big!” Brayden Stewart couldn’t help but mock!

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