Of course, Brayden Stewart laughed. Stewart is a hidden family, second only to Hudson, the world’s number one family. How can it be trash that can be eaten?

One bite can kill him!!

Still, want to eat all?

He really doesn’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick!

“I have a big belly, you will know, but now, you still don’t understand your situation!” Chuck Cannon was meaningful.

Brayden Stewart was immediately angry. Of course, he knew what Chuck Cannon meant, and he was also panicked about this!

“Chuck Cannon, what do you want me to do, just say it! But don’t blame me for not reminding you that you can’t eat my Stewart!!” Brayden Stewart got up by himself.

The woman with him was already crying too much, Chuck Cannon’s word for word really scared her, she didn’t want to die!!

“I will tell you!” Chuck Cannon shrugged!


Brayden Stewart suddenly became angry, “Will you tell me? Ha haha! You really caught me off guard this time. The two losses I suffered in this life are in your hands, but there will not be a third time…, You seem to forget, this is my place!!!”

He sneered and joked!

Because he heard footsteps outside the door!


His own people were back, but some of the better bodyguards in the family were back now!

What if Chuck Cannon took a photo?

Just grab it with your own bodyguard!

The only thing Brayden Stewart feels regret is that Chuck Cannon cannot be killed now, because Heidi Hudson has said that Chuck Cannon’s life must be left!

He felt so jealous!!

Logan, whom he liked, actually went with Chuck Cannon, and Heidi Hudson, who he first liked, actually liked Chuck Cannon!

What is so good about this garbage?

“Your place?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“Haha, you forgot, are you overwriting? My bodyguard is back, now it’s time for you to beg for mercy!” Brayden Stewart laughed!


Three people rushed in outside the door!

Yes, the few bodyguards who went out to chase Black Rose just now, three have returned, and the others continue to chase Black Rose!

The three men stared at Chuck Cannon and the boss behind the scenes!!

Brayden Stewart was beaten, and the consequences would not be good. Fortunately, they are back now, otherwise?

Chuck Cannon pulled the behind-the-scenes boss behind him. He didn’t expect these people to come back so soon. It seems that Black Rose has done her best!

In this situation, what Chuck Cannon can do is to take the boss behind the scenes to leave safely. Anyway, what he wants is already in his hands. At that time, Brayden Stewart will come over and beg for himself!!

The boss behind the scenes was astonished. She was suddenly pulled by Chuck Cannon, protected by Chuck Cannon, and standing behind Chuck Cannon, she felt a sense of security!

She hasn’t felt this way for a long time.

She actually had a kind of surprise.

Yes, the boss behind the scenes suddenly felt that she hadn’t been protected by a man for a long time, and she tried again. . It’s still good, like first love.

“Elder, I’ll take you out!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, if you don’t take me out, I will also take you to take me out.” In a daze, the boss behind the scenes has a sweet feeling.

She must still care about him in her heart!!

“Hmph, why can’t you leave this time, you three, give me his phone! Then… Give him a slap in the face until I’m satisfied,” Brayden Stewart said grimly.

He looked at the boss behind the scenes, “As for her, hehe! Let’s do it first!”

“Yes, Master!!”

The three people stared at Chuck Cannon, their fists blasted over like a hammer!

Three fists!!

Where does Chuck Cannon dare to neglect?

There is no meaning to hide his strength. He knows that his strength has improved, and he is considered a master of fighting, but he also knows that he is unlikely to be an opponent of this kind of master. One may be possible, but three together, then hang Up!

But Chuck Cannon also knew better that he didn’t need to be afraid. There were still a few bombs in his hands. The big deal would be to throw the bombs out and then take the boss behind the scenes to leave.


Chuck Cannon just took out the dagger given by Alice and dealt with these three people, and it rang out with a muffled hum!!


Outside the door, a fist suddenly came in, with a ring on her wrist, made of special metal, weighing tens of kilograms!

Such a punch, right on the fist of a bodyguard!

The bodyguard was stunned, and then at a loss, why does this fist hurt?

When he was thinking about this, his body flew out uncontrollably!


She smashed his body on a table, and the table fell apart. He twitched and hit the ashtray with his head. When he got up, he was dazed to touch the bloody back of his head. After being shocked, he closed his eyes and fell to the ground not moving anymore.


The two bodyguards were dumbfounded!

Chuck Cannon looked at her, and was pleasantly surprised, “Mom!”

It was the mother who rushed over, Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, but the boss behind Chuck Cannon was a little far away from Chuck Cannon subconsciously, and now she can’t let Karen Lee know that she likes Chuck Cannon.

If she knows it now, the boss behind the scenes will really blush.

Brayden Stewart was shocked. “You. Karen Lee, you… what are you waiting for? You won’t call me yet?”

Brayden Stewart was angry, these bodyguards are rubbish!!

The remaining two bodyguards reacted immediately furiously!


Karen Lee’s expression was cold, and she rushed in. The fists that were punched out were hit twice in a row, and they came out in two circles!!

The two bodyguards were astonished because they felt that when Karen Lee hit with her hand, it hurts!

It’s the same as being hit by a hammer!

When they were astonished, their bodies had already retreated involuntarily and hit the wall. All the paintings hanging on the wall fell to the ground.

The two were shocked, vomiting blood, and couldn’t raise their arms!


Everyone just received a punch, but they couldn’t hold it. In the room, there was no sound again.

Silence as death!

Brayden Stewart was afraid, his bodyguard was rubbish? Was defeated so easily?

Black Rose then rushed in. She was panting. She did her best to lead these people out just now.

At the same time, she finally realized, why when she tried assassinating Karen Lee before couldn’t assassinate Karen Lee. It turns out that Karen Lee’s strength is still hidden!

Karen Lee closed the door.


Brayden Stewart knelt down as if he had been hit by a fist in the face. He thought he could subdue Chuck Cannon and then torture Chuck Cannon, but unexpectedly, he reversed instantly!

The woman with him was even more terrified!

“Mom, I’ve got it,” Chuck Cannon said.

Karen Lee smiled slightly, and at the same time glanced at the boss behind the scenes, who snorted.

Karen Lee didn’t say anything else, of course, she knew what Chuck Cannon meant by success.

“Let me go, don’t kill me!” Brayden Stewart begged, this is scary!

After all, the last time Karen Lee defeated the strongest bodyguard in his family with two moves, he still remembered this situation still fresh, and Brayden Stewart knew that he could not escape at all.

So only pleading.

Chuck Cannon was in charge of him. He walked over to beat and kick Brayden Stewart. Just now he wanted his bodyguard to beat him.

Chuck Cannon smiled, Brayden Stewart screamed, his woman was even more shocked.

After playing enough, Chuck Cannon walked back, “Mom, I am going to let Brayden Stewart do something so that he can tell us about the situation of Stewart at any time.”

You must ask your mom about this, because mom must have a plan in this regard.

“En,” Karen Lee nodded. In fact, her sixth sense told her that she could also roughly guess the movements of Stewart.

“Chuck, do you think that besides letting him tell Stewart’s movements, what else can he do?” Karen Lee began to train Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon thought about going, staring at Brayden Stewart who was fainted for three seconds, suddenly thought of it, and said in his mother’s ear, “Mom, or let him bring a bomb back and kill their traveler, will it work?”

Anyway, that kind of bomb can’t be detected, and it can be controlled remotely, but what is the only disadvantage? It is impossible to determine how many visitors from that bomb can be killed.

Because there is no surveillance on the bomb!

It can only be controlled by luck.

Karen Lee was shocked. This idea is actually good, but it is very risky!

“Mom, what do you think?” Chuck Cannon asked.

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