Chapter 677 – 678: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 677: The Beginning of the Battle

“Bang, bang, bang!”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

“The shields are barely covering us. We must reduce the power of the shells immediately, or the warship will be destroyed and all the men will die.”

“Please tell the Grand Marshal to come back to protect us quickly!”


The warship was instantly exploded and torn to pieces by several divine lights.

“Second attack! Fire!”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Now, the three army’s allied warships had become one target!

Tens of thousands of warships were destroyed, with numerous deaths and injuries.

Yuan Ji’s eyes turned red with rage, “No!”

“We can’t sit and wait for death like this, quickly run forward, or we will be defeated this time!”

Yuan said.

At the very center was their warship, with no damage at all. However, the outer ships were not so lucky as it.

It was like a hell on earth with broken or even destroyed ships and people wailing everywhere.

“Their divine light shells are stronger than ours, and we can only strike.”

Yu Jiang rushed up with an ashen face.

“Move. Endless Stage’s vanguard goes first, holding off the strike as long as possible and clearing the way for the warships!

Qianqiu Ren was still calm because they had prepared in advance, so after two rounds of attacks, their overall losses were not as bad as the first time.

Within the bearable situation, as long as they rushed, the war situation would instantly turn around.


Tens of thousands of Endless Stage vanguards were in front of them, each with their own magic weapons, smashing one divine light after another.

“Fuck, this divine light shell is so powerful that my hands are shaken numbed.”

“Stop fucking chattering and rush forward faster!”

“Demon King’s Army, you and I cannot exist together. Kill you!”

Tens of thousands of people rushed over!

Demon Kris coldly snorted, “Divine Light shell needs to be switched on the second gear!”

His style of doing things was very similar to Kris Chen’s. The divine light shells had a total of three gears, the first gear could shell a thousand times, the second gear a hundred times, and the third gear only ten times!

It was extremely energy intensive but powerful!

“Issue the order. Turn on the second gear of Divine Light shell!”

Soon, the order spread across the entire front line. The divine light shell turned on the second gear, and a large amount of Chaos energy was put into the energy groove.

It took longer to gather energy.



The first gear of divine light shell was only able to blow up the Chaos Stage, then the second stage was capable to threaten the Endless Stage!

If Endless Stage was blown up, it will be injured too!

The divine light passed through the universe void, moving at the speed of super light.

“Get the hell out of here!”

An Endless Stage front defender swung the Yanyue blade in an attempt to beat the divine light shell.

Yet this time he was reckless!

The power of the divine light shell skyrocketed by dozens of times and especially the piercing power became more destructive.


The Yanyue Blade in his hand was directly broken from the middle by the divine Light shell, and the violent explosion generated to injure him.

“This can’t be!”

He spat out a mouthful of blood and just felt the divine soul unstable.

The same happened to the other front defenders.

Some careless defenders were even swept by the divine light shell!

“Ah… My feet are broken!”


A Magical Practiser of Endless Stage was blown through the shield by a divine light shell.

“My fist…”

A physical body‘s hand of Endless Stage was broken by the divine light shell.

With the second round of attack, one percent of the front defenders suffered damage more or less.

As for the warship, it was even worse!

A shell could shake the heaven and the hell!

“Third round, come on!”

North Kris waved the banner in his hand, and the third round of divine light shell blasted out!


“Let’s retreat. Let’s retreat quickly. We can’t fight against the Demon King’s Army. Their fighting equipment is too good and powerful!”

“Why fight the Demon King’s army. This is looking for death…”

At this moment, the Three Armies Alliance’s military was completely disorganized, especially when the third round of shells destroyed numbers of warships.

They used their own powers on the warships to hold up the shield to protect their warships, but couldn’t afford many rounds of attacks.

Even if they succeed, they would have no other fighting power.

At last, they would still be at the mercy of the enemy!


Yuan ruthlessly smashed on the table, and had to take out the Projection Seal of the Turning Heaven Seal!

The Turning Heaven Seal was truly the Ji family’s Treasure of Transcendence.

Although the one in his hand was only a projection one, with one percent of the power of the Turning Heaven Seal!


The small golden seal in his hand began to grow a giant seal larger than a mountain in the blink of eyes.

The terrifying nine dragons twisting above the seal scared heaven and hell to shake.


The giant seal hit the white light curtain violently trembled.


Dense cracks appeared on the light curtain.


The giant seal hit again!


The curtain shattered!

The protective shield was completely broken!

Qianqiu also no longer hid his treasure. He had a golden whip in his hand, called the Beating God Whip, also a projection of the Treasure of Transcendence!

With a light wave, countless divine light shells were stopped!

Jiang Yu held the Ping Tian Mirror to sweep and extinguished across the divine light shells of the Endless Stage seriously!

Demon Kris stood up, “Fight!”


Under the cover of the Divine Light shells, the eight trillion armies marched out!

“Right now. Run!”

Yuan was angry with red eyes and roared loudly. They had suffered heavy losses until now, and finally fought at close quarters.

“All the warriors now listen to the order. Fight!”

Yu waved his hand and the generals of the Jiang family rushed out in unison.

“Warriors, take your weapons with me. Fight!”

Qianqiu sat on top of the divine horse and waved the Beating God Whip in his hand.

“Fight, fight, fight!”

With a flick of the whip, he made the divine soul of tens of thousands of warriors perish!

Yu also exerted his might, and all those who were shot by his Ping Tian Mirror were detained as ghosts under the mirror!

Even the Endless Stage did not have much power to resist.

The emperor clan could resist because they had a treasure.

The projection in their hands was so powerful, so how strong the Treasure of Transcendence itself was.

Xiu Chen led Chen’s boys to rush in a rampage!


The lance in his hand had killed many enemies along the way!

Mu Chen and Cheng Chen stood behind them to prevent sneak attacks from the enemies behind them.

Kun Chen transformed into his original body and stirred his wings fiercely to scrape many people away.

Buhui Chen shook the bell in his hand, the Dream Entrance Avatar made hundreds of thousands of people instantly fall into a dream and kill each other!

The seven Supreme Lords of the Big Dipper were strong as well!

They had also broken through the Endless Stage, and were actual Emperor-level warriors!

The Jade Butterfly in the hands of the Hong Supreme Lord was unpredictable, and the 36-grade lotus platform under his feet was capable of escaping the gods and demons!

The Pan Supreme Lord swang his axe. A single stroke could destroy all the worlds. Many warriors were split into two by his axe!

Everywhere Supreme Lord Yan went with dense flames and rolled heat waves.


Su also brought his own family to conquer the war!

The Demon King army was so strong in the battle that billions of miles of enemies had been beaten into a patch of sand.

Yuan, Yu, and Qianqiu all turned gloomy.

Even if they had more Normalization Stage warriors, but also not shown an overwhelming strength!

“Super Cosmic Explosion Fist!”

Demon Kris blasted a fist on a Normalization Stage who attempted to sneak attack, directly killing his body and divine soul permanently.

“Rubbish, dare to attack!”

“I lack a guardian of the Buddha’s kingdom, and I find you are the right person!”

The golden palm pressed down, and another Normalization Stage was caught into his Buddha’s kingdom.

“All Dharma of the Body, the Twilight of the Gods!”

The law of North Kris was the way of all dharma, and likewise the law of Invincibility!

“The Great Grinder of Cathode and Anode!”

“Five Elements Universe!”

One after another Normalization Stage died under their push.

“Where the hell do these people come from, and why are they so strong!”

Yuan was a bit chilled. Like killing a dog, there was no hint of difficulty in killing a Normalization Stage!

Just then, Dong sighed quietly, “I do know a little about these people… They practiced invincible law, kind of the invincible Stage!”

Hearing this, Yuan felt chilled. Next second, a sword pierced through his heart from the back!

Dong suddenly exerted the divine power to stir up his heart, his internal organs, and even his divine soul!

The Ji family knew well about each other’s weaknesses.

Yuan turned back and looked unbelievably at Dong, “You… You rebel…”

“Don’t blame me. Ji family is short-sighted. The world is undergoing unprecedented changes. If you insist on unchanging, sooner or later you will be beaten into the dust!”

Yuan died completely.

Those Ji family’s boys behind Dong were indifferent to Yuan’s death which was a major blow to the other Ji family’s boys.

Because there was no leader for the group!

Only Ji’s family could launch the Turning Heaven Seal which was also controlled by Dong.

Yuan’s death changed the war situation completely.

Yu was furious, “Bastard, who the hell are you!”

“I am Dong!”

Dong looked at Yu, “But I am the one of the Demon King but not the Ji family!”

The crowd was in an uproar after hearing this.

The generals of the Ji family who were killing in the distance were also struck, “Ancestor, are you crazy? Why are you killing the war minister!”

“Go to hell, traitor!”

A Normalization Stage ancestor of the Ji family attacked from one side and was about to hit Dong when the huge Turning Heaven Seal came down and directly knocked him to the ground.


With just one blow, the divine soul and body were shaken and seriously injured.

“You’re wrong, you’re all wrong!”

Ji Dong coldly looked at them, and behind him gathered more and more Ji family warriors who rebelled together with him.

“This world is not the world of one family, or not the world of the royalty, but the world of all!”

“Dong, don’t forget, you are also a member of the royal family. You are digging up your own family tree root!”

An ancestor of Ji family looked at him painfully. If Dong did not control the Turning Heaven Seal, he would not say so much!

“No need to say so much. To settle the outside forces, we must first eliminate the internal problems. Marshal Ren, let’s kill him!”

Qianqiu was full of anger to speak anything!

The god beating whip in his hand was clenched tightly.


Just then, a man rushed over. Who else could it be except for Demon Kris!

“Power play? Shameless?”

Demon Kris said, clenching his fingers into a fist!


The fist and the whip clashed together!


The starry sky shook as endless divine power exploded, and it was unknown how many people were swept by this power.


They cannot resist even the aftermath of power!

Qianqiu was terrified.

So far, no one had been able to resist the God Beating Whip in his hand!

Chapter 678: The Balance of Victory

But Demon Kris held on and the anti-force made his hand numb.

He even suspected that the Treasure of Transcendence in his hand was false!

In front of outsiders, Demon Kris never shows his real face, so the outside world doesn’t know what the leader of the Demon King Army looks like.

Demon Kris shook his numb hand.

He was slightly surprised, not because of Qianqiu Ren’s strong power, but because of the Beating God Whip in his hand.

Was this the power of Imperial Clan’s Treasure of Transcendence?

Demon Kris became more serious. Sure enough, there was a reason why these Imperial Clans had been in existence in the Chaos World of the Other Realm for millions of years.

According to the information from Dong Ji, what they held in their hands should be projections.

Projections alone were so powerful. What about entities?

Fortunately, they didn’t act rashly at first, but step by step.

If they acted rashly, they might fail.

“Who are you?”

Qianqiu stared at Demon Kris alertly.

“I am the man who will kill you!”

Demon Kris didn’t want to say nonsense. He directly went to hit him with fist.

Qianqiu was not a weak man either. With the help of the Beating God Whip, he and the Demon Kris fought back and forth, although he was still the underdog!

“Your opponent is me!”

Yuan Kris gave a slap and shook Yu Jiang away. The Ping Tian Mirror in his hand was also very powerful.

Yuan Kris turned his hand, and the Demon-Beheading Sword appeared in his hand.

At first, the Demon-Beheading Sword was only a Spirit Weapon of Rules. Later, Kris Chen re-refined it in the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron and it became a Spirit Weapon. After devouring lot of Chaos Specters, it had become a Normalization Spirit Weapon.

After his reform, Qiujian’s Nameless Sword Tactics improved a lot.

Everything could be smelted.

Even the Divine Spiritual Power.

“Dong, you go help others, let me deal with this man!”

Yuan Kris said this and Dong nodded. Then Dong rushed to the battlefield with Turning Heaven Seal.

The battlefield was now a meat grinder.

Tens of trillions of soldiers fought in the starry sky. Their cries and blood were everywhere.

One soldier after another died.

Their bodies fell into the starry sky, into the Chaos World. Maybe in a few years their resentment would turn into the Chaos Specters.

On the other side, Xiu Chen also met a strong enemy.

This man had great strength and was waving a pair of big copper hammers made of Zijin. They fought for thousands of rounds, and it was hard to stop them.

“I know you; you are the little overlord of the Demon King Army.”

That man had eyebrows like swords and his silver armor was impressive.

Xiu raised his eyebrow and blocked the fatal blow.

The enemy was strong, and his stage at least was at the Fulfilled period of Endless Stage.

This pair of big copper hammers made of Zijin may be heavier than thousands of Chaos World.

People who were hit by them would either get hurt or die.

“But I don’t know you!”

Xiu yelled and his spear was like a dragon.


He made the enemy flew away with his spear.

“Never mind, you will know me soon, because I will kill you, I will prove to others that who are the real little overlord!”

Although the man was smiling, he was not happy at all and there was only coldness in his eyes.

He is Qianqiu’s nephew Duzun Ren. He practices Invincible Techniques.

He has a good foundation and it takes him only three million years to reach today’s stage.

It can be said that he is the best person in the Normalization Stage.

In the Normalization Stage, he is invincible. Even there was a man who nearly reached the Normalization Stage, he couldn’t beat Duzun.

But, there is a man who overtook him.

That man is Xiu.

Xiu belongs to the Demon King Army which is hated by the ten Imperial Clans.

He has fought many times and never failed.

People call him little overlord respectfully.

Duzun always wants to fight with Xiu but he doesn’t have the opportunity.

Now the opportunity has come.

Divine Tao bless the Ren Family.

Divine Tao bless the whole area ruled by the Ren Family, even the Domain of Vassal.

All this is because of the Ren Family’s Treasure of Transcendence——Beating God Whip.

It can be used not only for war, but also for other purposes.

For example, it can bestowed people god spirit!

The god spirit bestowed upon Duzun is the god spirit of sky!

With the help of divine force, Duzun became more powerful!

“You will die now!”

That pair of big copper hammers made of Zijin left Duzun’s hands and was threw at Xiu in a fast speed.


The moment the silvery spear and copper hammers made of Zijin collided with each other, strong divine force get into Xiu’s body along the silvery spear.


Xiu flew downward like a ray of light.

“You can’t escape!”

Duzun couldn’t help laughing. Xiu was not the little overlord, he was just a weak man.

It’s true that Xiu didn’t feel good. Although he had well prepared, he didn’t expect that Duzun’s strength increased so much.

But Duzun would be wrong if he thought Xiu was defeated.

With the guide of Kris Chen, Xiu also practiced the soul, techniques and body at the same time.

Kris Chen also taught him reverse training techniques, and now Xiu had reached the stage of Supreme Lord.

“Reverse with magic power!”

Xiu had abundant strength in his body now.

The strength of sixty trillion cells appeared.

This was Demon Kris’s Body Tao.

That’s the power!

Xiu looked at Duzun who was running toward him. Xiu even could see Duzun’s malicious smile.

For all this time, he was just honing his fighting skills.

He and Kris Chen had different ideas on this point.

It’s really cool to defeat the enemy directly, but what if one day you meet someone who is as strong as you?

Even if you think you won’t lose, you have to be strong.

Honing your fighting skills can even make you defeat those who are stronger than you.

In these years’ fight, Xiu also created his own fighting method!

His strength doubled, tripled… and it stopped increasing after it increased to 30 times!

“Come on, have a good fight!”

Xiu’s body swelled like a balloon. He became a muscle man!

“Bang bang!”

“Bang bang!”

They fought fiercely.

Duzun was also surprised, but the stronger Xiu was, the more excited he was.

As the god spirit of sky, the Divine force blended with mana, forming a unique divine mana.

It is stronger than normal mana and it has the characteristics of divine force.


Two fists collided, Xiu retreated three steps, and Duzun retreated five steps!

“Your strength is good. In Endless Stage, you are the first one who can force me to use so much power to fight for!”

Xiu said without emotion.

These words made Duzun angry, “I must kill you!”

“Then come on!”

They fight again!

On the other side, Buhui Chen also met a powerful opponent.

This opponent was an important person in Jiang Domain and his stage was at the later period of Endless Stage.

Jiang Family is good at Ghost Tao. And this man practices the strongest Tao in the Ghost Tao—— Asura Tao!

During the fighting, there was no way to find his trace.

He was probably the most difficult opponent that Buhui had ever met.

Ten Imperial Clans are ten Imperial Clans. They are really strong!

The Ji Family was easily subdued, mostly thanks to Dong.

By the way, Ji Family practices Tao of Weirdness!

Those so-called immortals, demons, Buddha, ghosts and monsters appeared in the Self Chaos World could be found in the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

To be exact, Kris Chen of the previous life created them according to them in the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

Ji Family’s Turning Heaven Seal is powerful and it suppressed others for an era.

“You will die now!”

Jun Jiang’s face clouded and he had a chain in his hand. This chain is called Asura lock, and it can even imprison Normalization Ancestor.

Buhui didn’t speak. His character has always been calm. Usually, he doesn’t say a word in the fight, but constantly analyzing other’s weaknesses.

Jun had ghost’s smell which had strong corrosiveness. Besides, it was hard to find Jun. They had fought for tens of thousands of times and Buhui suffered several losses.

Buhui is not like his father. His father is superior in strength and the Invincible Techniques is invincible only when his father uses it. No matter how strong the enemies are, his father can beat them with one punch.

The enemy can’t escape!

If Kris Chen knew what he was thinking, Kris Chen would tell him the reason.

There are countless creatures in Kris Chen’s body. When Kris Chen punches, space, the Time River, cause and effect… everything is suppressed and sealed. It’s hard to escape.

A light punch seems simple, but the Great Tao in it is powerful.

Other people’s practicing time is not long. Compared with Kris Chen, they are much worse.

And Kris Chen’s practice method is only suitable for himself, and no one else can practice in the same way.

However, Buhui was born with a strong Divine Spiritual Power, so his Dream Entrance Magic Power could influence others unwittingly.

Like this time!

“Everyone can brag! You were just bragging! You will die today!”

Jun gave a sneer, and his look showed that he thought he was right.

In an instant, the chain in his hand turned into a huge net, blocking Buhui’s way.

“You’re so mean, you made a sneak attack!”

Buhui said in surprise and anger.

“There can never be too much deception in war. No matter what means are used on the battlefield, as long as they can win, they are good means. “

“I will turn you into a ghost slave, and then you will follow me honestly to help me kill more people in the Demon King Army!”

Jun sneered and began to draw the net in.

Seeing that Buhui was still struggling, he said, “It’s no use. Even Normalization Ancestors can’t break away from my chain in a short time, it’s impossible for you to escape. You should give up and be my ghost slave!”

After he said that, the Asura Lock firmly tied Buhui. Jun was about to fly over and strangle him. Suddenly, he could only see darkness and then he lost consciousness.

Guess what? The Asura Lock should have been tightly tied to Buhui, but now it was tightly tied to Jun.

Buhui’s sword was dripping blood. He even didn’t look at Jun. In the end, the truth proved that his Dream Entrance Magic Power was stronger than Jun’s chain.

This was an aptitude. After his past and present life woke up, he could use it

Even Kris Chen was unwittingly trapped, not to mention them.

“Be a good man in your next life!”

Looking at Jun who had become an ugly Asura, Buhui said simply.

“Brother, please help me!”

Kun Chen was fighting a general of the Ji Family.

This man was very strong; he and Kun were of about the same strength.

The key point is that Kun is at the early stage of the Endless Stage and his enemy is at the Fulfilled period of the Endless Stage. It’s great to be able to fight to a standoff.

Not everyone is that good.

Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird) is precious in Devil Land, but in the Chaos Universe it is not precious.

“Here I am, second brother!”

Although they had found their ancestors and returned to the clan, Buhui still habitually called Kun second brother!

Of course, when Xiu and others were there, he would not call Kun second brother.

“Yin Yang Upside Down!”

Buhui liked Kris Chen’s this magic power very much, especially because that Kris Chen strengthened it in the later period.

He put out a finger and then the heaven and earth reversed!

After finding the enemy’s weakness, the two brothers kill him with join hands!

“Thank you, brother!”

Kun Chen said wearily.

Buhui patted him on the shoulder, “Follow me!”

Kun nodded. He had been fighting continuously, and now he was close to the limit. He would be safer to be with Buhui, and he can take this opportunity to recover his strength!

At this time, the situation of the war became more anxious.

Dong, with the help of Turning Head Seal, cooperated with Buddha Kris to implement the decapitation movement, and they achieved great results.

The balance of victory has gradually tilted.

After this war, they should understand that the Demon King Army cannot be provoked!

On the other side, Yuan Kris, holding Demon-Beheading Sword, fought with Yu Jiang and gradually dominated the fight. Looking at Yu’s violet expression, Yuan Kris couldn’t help saying: “You are so ugly. No wonder women in the Asura Race are unwilling to marry their own people. You are so ugly!”

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