Karen Lee feels that this is no problem, but it is a difficult problem as they can’t control how many people will be killed!

Therefore, Karen Lee felt not to do this for now.

“Chuck, the method you said is fine, but are there other?” Karen Lee asked.

Chuck Cannon thought again, “Uh, mother, I can’t think of it anymore.”

“Well, then, don’t you have Brayden Stewart’s handle in your hand? You are like this…” Karen Lee’s voice became quieter, and Chuck Cannon was shocked after listening!

Sure enough, his mother’s ideas are much more mature than his own, so he still has to study more!!

“En!” Chuck Cannon nodded.

Karen Lee didn’t say much, just looked at the begging Brayden Stewart, her eyes narrowed.

“You can let me do anything, don’t kill me.” Brayden Stewart was desperate, Karen Lee is too strong, and the bodyguard he usually trusts is so vulnerable to Karen Lee!

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Why would I kill you? Waiting for my good news, yes, don’t expect to ask me for a mobile phone, because after I go back, I will copy the video in my hand and then copy it again. Maybe if you intimidate me, I may forward it to your family’s mobile phone, you don’t blame me then!!!”

“No, don’t do that!!” Brayden Stewart was afraid.

This is what he fears most. To be pointed out by the people in the family!

“I won’t do it, then you continue, we won’t bother you, remember to turn on the phone at any time, I will contact you, if you don’t turn on, then I can only call your home, then you don’t blame me… “Chuck Cannon said.

“Don’t worry, I will absolutely turn it on. As long as you don’t show things to people in my house and don’t let them know, I will listen to you,” Brayden Stewart said in panic.

“Remember what you said, then you can continue.” Chuck Cannon shrugged and walked outside.

Karen Lee, the boss behind the scenes, and Black Rose all went out.

Only people left in the room were the three bodyguards howling, the desperate Brayden Stewart, and the woman who was crying in fear. “Brayden, you took the phone back or let the people at home know that and we are dead!”

The woman was scared, her makeup was washed away while crying.


Brayden Stewart slapped the woman’s face in anger, and the woman screamed and fell to the ground.

“Shut up, after you go back to me, be honest, if you show a little bit of trouble, I will be the first to kill you!” Brayden Stewart said grimly.

The woman nodded in fear and was very flustered. Where would she dare to speak out?

“Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon! Me, Brayden Stewart was overcast by you!” Brayden Stewart was full of regret. What exactly does Chuck Cannon want to make himself?

He was uneasy.

The wailing of several bodyguards made him more and more angry. He took two wine bottles and smashed them on the heads of the two bodyguards.

“Trash, you trash all go to death!”

Brayden Stewart’s metamorphosis has become ferocious, and the anger he has just received, at this time, he wants to find it from these three people.

The two bodyguards were holding their heads, and they didn’t dare to resist. They screamed more and more, and the woman was even more frightened. Why was he seduced by a perverted person like Brayden Stewart?

She fell into regret…

Chuck Cannon was waiting in the car. By this time, he had arrived at the house of the boss behind the scenes.

Mom and the boss behind the scenes are talking about something, while Chuck Cannon and Black Rose were waiting in the car.

“You didn’t get hurt just now?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Black Rose’s complexion was not very good, after all, so many people have just been led out, more or less she would have been hurt!

It’s just that Black Rose silently, didn’t say anything, she got used to it.

When she was alone before, she was used to no one caring.

So she would never reveal these expressions.

“No.” Black Rose was indifferent.

“How could it not? Look at your hand, it’s unnatural, is it hit?” Chuck Cannon was concerned.

“No,…Hey, what are you doing? Chuck Cannon, believe it or not I will shot you to death?” Black Rose was annoyed, and Chuck Cannon was actually checking her arm.

Yes, just now because there were too many people, Black Rose was punched with a fist and got hit on her shoulder. At this time, she had no sense in her shoulder.

When Chuck Cannon touched, the corners of Black Rose’s eyes were beating, and she was hurt.

“Don’t move,” Chuck Cannon said.

He doesn’t know anything else. Seeing Black Rose’s shoulder being beaten, then rubbing it to invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, Chuck Cannon still understands this.

At least Black Rose won’t be so uncomfortable!

“You stay away from me, or I will shoot you to death!” Black Rose was angry.

“It’s okay to kill me. I don’t mean anything else, just press it to make you feel better.” Even if Chuck Cannon was pointed at by a gun, he did not stop, because Chuck Cannon knew that Black Rose would not shoot.

“You!” Black Rose was furious, and she couldn’t shoot either!

But Chuck Cannon! Actually!!

She was so angry.

“Oh, you got a punch here, right? wait, I will help you invigorate blood and remove blood stasis,” Chuck Cannon seriously found the redness and swelling on Black Rose’s arm. This punch was very heavy!

Before Logan taught Chuck Cannon the basic rescue techniques, Chuck Cannon handled it in accordance with Logan.

“You, hurt, lighten it! Will you do it, don’t torture me!!” Black Rose was annoyed, and Chuck Cannon was annoyed. How could Chuck Cannon promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis? It is simply torture. Take the injured place and use it as a soft persimmon?

“Yes, you bear it a little bit, are you afraid of pain?” Chuck Cannon said.

Black Rose stared at Chuck Cannon with beautiful blue eyes, gritted her teeth, “I am not afraid of pain.”

“That’s all right? I will help you deal with it soon.” Chuck Cannon continued to deal with the injury, the injury was still serious.

Black Rose closes her eyes and endures, this bastard!

Are you using me as a test subject?

How long will it take? It hurts!!

“You…” Karen Lee was outside the car, she wanted to ask the boss behind the scenes something.

“What are you? I am going back to sleep,” the boss behind the scenes didn’t want to say much, and went straight into her house.

“Wait, thank you.” Karen Lee said.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished and looked back. “Why thank me? This is not your character!”

“You have never understood my character. This time Chuck was able to catch Brayden Stewart’s handle. It was you the reason, so thank you.” Karen Lee looked serious.

Behind the scenes the boss was silent for three seconds, “No need!”

“Wait, what are you doing in such a hurry? I still have something to say.” Karen Lee came over.

“Then say it!” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

“You gave Chuck the bomb?” Karen Lee asked.

This important thing was actually given to Chuck Cannon by the boss behind the scenes. .

“Yes, I gave it, I like to give it to him, okay?” The boss behind the scenes was angry, what is this, questioning?

Why do Karen Lee question me?

“Well, then I hope you just like to give it to him, not for other reasons.” Karen Lee was meaningful.

The boss behind the scenes was angry and understands Karen Lee’s meaning. This is to remind herself not to hit Chuck Cannon’s attention.

“What if I have other reasons?” The boss behind the scenes was angry.

“Yes, that is your business. I have no right to interfere with you, but I can interfere with my son.” Karen Lee became serious this time.

Is the boss behind the scenes really interested to Chuck Cannon? Is it possible?

“How can you interfere? Hit him? Scold him? Still not let him come out? If you do this, I will never finish with you!!” The boss behind the scenes was angry.

“I won’t beat him, I won’t scold him, let alone detain him, I need to tell him about this, he will know how to do it, so…” Karen Lee stopped.

“Stop, I see!” The boss behind the scenes looked cold.

Karen Lee was stunned, there was a strange expression in her eyes, she was quiet for three seconds, “You, real strategy, have… ideas? Are you serious?”

“I’m serious or not, what is your business?” The boss behind the scenes was angry and went home.

Karen Lee was stunned for three seconds, then gave a wry smile, “Of course, it has something to do with me…”

Karen Lee looked back and saw that Chuck Cannon was treating Black Rose’s wounds. Karen Lee was helpless, “This child is kind to others accidentally, but he doesn’t know that he needs to control his distance…”

She didn’t know whether it was joy or sorrow, so she could only sigh.

“Okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore, right?” Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m numb and tortured by you.” Black Rose hummed.

Chuck Cannon was speechless and didn’t explain much, “I tried my best…”

“You really did your best just now,” Black Rose pointed out. If you don’t try your best, it will make you sore.

Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly.

At this time, his mother came back and Chuck Cannon asked, “Mom, what did you tell her?”

“Nothing, go back first.” Karen Lee said nothing, and drove back.

Chuck Cannon didn’t ask much, and Black Rose said nothing.

In the house!

The boss behind the scenes saw Chuck Cannon leaving through the window. Her beautiful eyes were sad. Karen Lee reminded her to be ashamed!

She also feel that this will not work, but she finally have a person she like!

How did that happen?

The boss behind the scenes was absent-minded and couldn’t sleep at all, only drinking alcohol…

After returning home, Chuck Cannon went to Yvette Jordan’s room, where Black Rose was resting.

Protect Chuck Cannon at any time.

In fact, Chuck Cannon wanted to ask his mother, now that Brayden Stewart has the handle, how likely is it to deal with Stewart?

Anyway, after thinking about it for a few days, Chuck Cannon made a decision. If he really can’t deal with Stewart, then he has to find Heidi Hudson himself.

After all, you can’t hurt your family!

One cannot only live for oneself! There are still many people around you who care about yourself, so you have to be considerate of these people!

But Chuck Cannon didn’t ask about this, because his mother was very worried.

As for making Brayden Stewart do things, his mother will tell herself what to do, and Chuck Cannon doesn’t need to rush.

Anyway, Chuck Cannon also thinks that Stewart will make a big move recently.

Chuck Cannon sighed and went to see Logan when he came out to take a drink. Seeing Logan resting quietly, he also felt relieved. He went back to the room and fell asleep with Yvette Jordan in his arms.

The next day, Chuck Cannon got up and exercised, but Yvette Jordan was obviously absent-minded, and she went out to deal with the affairs of her house.

After working out in the morning, Chuck Cannon received a call from Du Peixin, saying that she wanted to let Chuck Cannon go over and take a look at the decoration side.

Chuck Cannon said that he didn’t have time and told her to handle it by herself.

On the casino side, soon it will open soon. Then, the opening ceremony will be held!!

Let Americans know that a new casino is about to open!

Chuck Cannon’s answer made Du Pei happy and she worked harder to deal with the decoration of the casino.

Chuck Cannon is now considering the casino, only after the decoration is completed, he can choose a good day to open.

Yvette Jordan went out. After Chuck Cannon exercised, he went to see Logan and found that Logan was much better. Chuck Cannon wanted to take her out to relax. After all, Logan had been in the ward for a long time, so she should go out and walk.

Logan didn’t refuse, she agreed with a smile, she was actually almost better.

She also looked forward to getting along with Chuck Cannon.

Of course, it was when Yvette Jordan was not present. If Yvette Jordan was present, she would definitely keep a distance from Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon brought Logan out. In fact, after Logan recovered well, the gentle smile from before appeared again. Chuck Cannon felt comfortable and wanted to stay with Logan.

It’s just a pity that you are about to deal with Stewart now, and you may be defeated, and even go to marry Heidi Hudson. So, Chuck Cannon’s heart was very heavy.

That’s it, but Chuck Cannon didn’t have any other places to go, so he said to go to the renovated casino to have a look. By the way, what’s going on!

After all, Chuck Cannon still has great expectations for this casino? !

Of course, Logan will not refuse, “En, Chuck, we will go wherever you will say to go.”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and drove Logan with him.

Black Rose still followed, expressionless, anyway, where Chuck Cannon went, where did she go, but she looked at her arm beautifully, after last night, it really didn’t hurt, Black Rose muttered, “So hard, it hurts me to die, you did it on purpose! Humph!”

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