“Tortured me deliberately! I will come and get revenge!”

Black Rose snorted, but she remembered that when she dealt with Chuck Cannon, she also beat Chuck Cannon so many times. Yesterday Chuck Cannon took the opportunity to avenge her. Black Rose felt that the revenge was over, right?

“Next time if you’ll do this again, I’ll never finish with you!” Black Rose drove after Chuck Cannon’s car.

When she drove with her arm, she really didn’t feel any pain in her arm at all.

She herself was also strange, if she kept it in the past, she would never have a man press her to activate blood and remove blood stasis!

Black Rose thought about it and felt it had a result.


It’s because she can’t kill Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon had no fear, so he forced her to invigorate blood and remove blood stasis. She also resisted yesterday, and she resisted more violently.

However, it is useless to Chuck Cannon who is confident!

It was he who forced her to invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, and she resisted, well, that’s it.

Black Rose came up with such an analysis, and felt a lot better!

Chuck Cannon was originally taking Logan out to relax, so he drove to the casino that was being renovated and didn’t call Du Peixin in advance.

Because he only talked to Du Peixin on the phone in the morning.

Looking at Chuck Cannon now, it is true that his mother called a special person to come and decorate. There are hundreds of people who do the decoration alone. They work in two shifts day and night. Chuck Cannon was very satisfied with the progress!

It is already very large, and you can see the scale, design, and luxury of this casino at a glance!

He believed it will be ready to open in a few days!

Chuck Cannon was full of confidence, this was his first project in the United States, and the business empire will begin to expand!

Seeing that Chuck Cannon was happy, Logan was of course, also happy. This kind of industry, doing well, is really not what one can describe!

“Chuck, I think this place is very good. It will definitely make a lot of money.” Logan said sincerely.

She also has many companies, but she doesn’t have one in this industry, but from her point of view, this is very good!

“Thank Aunt Logan.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Logan said that and Chuck Cannon was very happy listening to that.

“What are you doing? How can you come in casually in a decorated place? What should I do if something goes wrong?” A foreman came over scoldingly.

“I’m looking for Du Peixin.” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug, the foreman was in charge.

“President Du? What are you looking Ms. Du for? Wouldn’t you be Ms. Du’s suitor!!” The foreman frowned and looked up and down, Chuck Cannon.

Since Du Peixin came here every day, Du Peixin’s superb beauty has attracted many men’s pursuits. Yesterday, three men driving sports cars came to send flowers!

It’s just that Du Peixin is so busy with work that she wouldn’t be called that kind of person at all.

In the eyes of these workers, Du Peixin, a supervisor, is really a workaholic.

Today, this man actually brought a superb beauty!

What is this for?

“No, I know her,” Chuck Cannon shook his head. It seemed that women like Du Peixin were welcomed everywhere.

However, Chuck Cannon also knows where Du Peixin’s focus is. She is a strong woman, and she is only second in her heart!

Career is always the first!

It can also be said that Chuck Cannon asked her to work with himself for five years, and Chuck Cannon also took a fancy to her professionalism.

It was the same as Yolanda, the square manager at that time.

Both women are career-oriented, so that’s great!

“You know? Don’t be kidding, Ms. Du is so busy, can you know?” the foreman questioned suspiciously.

“Of course I know, I am her…”

“What is Ms. Du? Don’t mess around, let’s stay cool,” the foreman waved his hand and continued to work.

“You…” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

At this time, an unexpected voice rang from behind, “Chuck Cannon, why are you here!”

The sound is a bit pleasant!

Yes, Du Peixin, who had just inspected a decoration area, went downstairs and saw Chuck Cannon. She was a little happy.

Why are you happy?

She didn’t quite understand, how to put it, Chuck Cannon’s trust in her, and letting her deal with it was one of the reasons that made her happy.

The second reason is not clear to her. Anyway, if Chuck Cannon were not there at that time, she would definitely be taken by the bastard.

This may be another reason why Du Peixin was surprised to see Chuck Cannon!

Du Peixin’s surprising appearance made the foreman astonished. Really know him?

The foreman was envious in his heart, but he didn’t expect this to bring a superb beauty to him, and he actually knew Du Peixin who was also superb!!

They are all men, so why is this gap so big?

“Come around and take a look,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, you should ask them to call me directly when you come over.” Du Peixin said.

The surprise on her face faded, but in fact, she also had the feeling of meeting her deceased in another country.

After all, she rarely went abroad before, this time should be considered the longest, and in the next few years, she should be in the United States.

The real acquaintance is probably only Chuck Cannon.

So this is one kind. . Familiar feeling far away! It is also the unique intimacy of Huaxia people.

What’s more, she has been in the U.S. for so long, and there is no one with whom she can talk. Chuck Cannon has come, and she can talk.

“Um,” Chuck Cannon glanced at the foreman.

Du Peixin instantly understood, and said with a cold face, “What are you doing? You recognize it, this is my boss, this place is owned by him!!!”

“What?” The foreman was startled!

The investment in this place is a lot of billions of dollars. He thought it was the big American boss who invested it. Now he is such a young Chinese?

He felt incredible!

“Ms. Du, I don’t know. How did I know that he is the boss? Boss, I’m sorry!” The foreman hurriedly apologized to Chuck Cannon with a look of fear.

He took over the renovation project, but compared with this big boss, what is he doing?

Can he let him go at any time?

Chuck Cannon waved his hand, “It’s okay, you go and do your job!”

This foreman is responsible, so Chuck Cannon doesn’t need to know him more.

“Won’t you thank the boss?” Du Peixin said with a cold face.

“Thank you, thank you,” the foreman burst into gratitude and didn’t know him. This is really a good boss, he is really not good-looking!

But he hurriedly went to work on his own, where would he dare to stay here anymore, what if Chuck Cannon was so uncomfortable with him?

“Let’s take a look here,” Du Peixin nodded to Logan, saying hello.

Logan nodded likewise.

Du Peixin wondered, why is such a superb woman next to Chuck Cannon?

Seeing Logan, Du Peixin’s self-confidence was also a little unnatural. After all, Logan’s figure and appearance were better than Du Peixin’s.

Chuck Cannon came here to take Logan to relax. Of course, she nodded and agreed. Du Peixin carefully introduced the decoration process, and Chuck Cannon nodded with satisfaction.

Logan also thought that Du Peixin has a very good working ability!!

After turning around, Du Peixin said that she would go to eat nearby. Anyway, all three of them were hungry. Chuck Cannon asked Logan.

Logan smiled. “I will listen to you.”

Anyway, where Chuck Cannon goes, Logan will go.

Everyone got in the car, and Chuck Cannon called Black Rose, “Hey, let’s go to dinner, shall you come together, or shall I bring it for you?”

“Don’t worry about it, I will solve it myself,”

After speaking, Black Rose hung up and hummed, “Why do you want to ask me? Bring it if you want, and ask me deliberately…”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, Black Rose’s temper is really changeable!

Too lazy to care about her.

Du Peixin has been staying here recently, so she was more familiar with this side. The restaurant with meals is also a good Chinese restaurant.

Anyway, the three of them were all Chinese. Of course, wherever they go, they all eat Chinese food. Those steaks are not used to Chuck Cannon’s own taste.

When they arrived at the place, a few people ordered food, Logan went to the bathroom, and Chuck Cannon asked Du Peixin, “How do you feel?”

“Very good, I am very happy, I care about my career, nothing else matters.” Du Peixin said.

This is true, and she does not regret that time and promised Chuck Cannon to work for Chuck Cannon for five years.

Now she is finally reused by Chuck Cannon!

“That’s good, you can tell me if you have anything, you can tell me what you need,” Chuck Cannon said.

For his employees, since Du Peixin is following him, this aspect must be in place.

“Thank you, I… there is nothing needed,” Du Peixin shook her head.

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