Chapter 679 – 680: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 679: Defeating the Alliances

“You are risking your neck!”

Yu Jiang was furious and looked even more terrifying.

The Pingtian Mirror in his hand could connect the Shura Hell in Jiang Domain. Besides, it could convey many ghost slaves.

After millions of eras of aggregation, there were countless ghost slaves.

Besides, Yuan Kris was much stronger than him, even if he had the Treasure of Transcendence, there was no chance for him to win, so he must seek helpers or he would die.

As for Qianqiu, he didn’t think about that at all. Even though he had gained many divine forces, he was defeated.

Then he ran the magic power, the next moment, the Pingtian Mirror had connected the Shura hell in Jiang Domain. Then countless ghost slave come out.

The weakest one was in the Chaos Realm, while the strongest was in the Fulfilled period!

“Kill him!”

The ghost slaves headed to Yuan Kris madly.

But just at this moment, a flaring Buddha light shone and followed by a calm voice, “There should be eight parts of the kingdom in my palm, the Asura path should be one of them!”

Then the golden giant palm descended from the sky, tens of millions of ghost slaves were absorbed by the palm.

Seeing this, Yu was shocked, “How is this possible!”

Buddha Kris smiled and said, “Why not?”

“Just hurry up, you can continue releasing those ghost slaves.”

Buddha Tao was the enemy of Asura Tao and Ghost Tao.

These ghost slaves were absorbed silently, like drops of water into the sea.

Seeing this, Yu trembled. He was not an idiot. As long as Buddha Kris was here, his skill was useless. All he could do was run!

When seeing those killed members, he felt heartbroken, however, he had no other choice. Since the Pingtian Mirror could release ghost, it could also help him go back to the Shura Hell!

“Just wait there!”

Yu threatened Buddha Kris and then walked into the Pingtian Mirror and disappeared.

“He is lucky enough to run away”

Yuan Kris shook his head, it was careless of him to let Yu ran away. He wanted to kill him.

Bhddha Kris also scratched his head and said, “Sorry, I scare him away.”

“Well, that’s it.” After saying this, Yuan Kris joined the battle again.

And at this time, Qianqiu had used up all his trump cards including the Magic Power, the Beating God Whip. He even burned the Magic Power, which had released powerful strength. However, it was all in vain. No matter how powerful he was, his enemy could easily defeat him.

He finally knew that it was just their tricks.

Qianqiu felt angry and helpless. He wanted to give up.


At this moment, he heard a scream, when he turned back, he found that his nephew Duzun Ren was tortured by Xiu.

“Do you dare to boast again?”

Xiu used the spear to hit Duzun and shattered his bones and destroyed his sun soul.

“I really hate posers!” Then Xiu gave Duzun another hit.

“Ah ……”

Duzun screamed miserably, at this moment, his arrogance and dignity were destroyed by Xiu.

“Go to the hell!” Then, Xiu pierced through his head!

Duzun who was the God Spirit in Ren Domain then died!


Qianqiu was very furious, although he announced that Duzun was his nephew, but actually, he was his son.

“How dare you!” Then Qianqiu used the Beating God Whip to hit Xiu.

Although Xiu was invincible in the Endless Stage, he was not that powerful. Besides, Qianqiu was holding the Beating God Whip, which was a projection of the Treasure of Transcendence.

Even Demon Kris was hit at first.

Xiu had no time to avoid the Beating God Whip, however, at this moment, a huge palm grabbed the whip.

It was Demon Kris!

“Only bastard will bully a child.”

Demon Kris sneered and stopped teasing him.

Although Yu had the Beating God Whip, he couldn’t compare with Demon Kris, not to mention to resist his attack.

“Super Cosmic Explosion Fist!” Then the strength of sixty trillion cells were injected into one fist.


The Beating God Whip was smashed into pieces, Qianqiu was defeated. Time, space, cause and effect had all gone away! Qianqiu had no chance to be alive.

Besides, the power of the fist continued and many more enemies were killed.

All the masters in Ji family, Jiang family and Ren family were defeated.

The battle lasted ten hours.

“Yuan, Yu and Qianqiu are defeated, those who give up now have the chance to survive.”

The voice of Demon Kris was heard all over the field. The all the members of the Demon King Army yelled, “Yuan, Yu and Qianqiu are defeated, those who give up now have the chance to survive.”

The battlefield, which was noisy, quickly became quiet, as if a hand had pressed the pause button.

At this time, those hidden Demon King Army cadres found an opportunity and said, “I’m willing to surrender!”

“Clang.” The weapons were thrown on the ground. Then more and more soldiers intended to surrender.

The Demon King Army had won this battle

Soon, the news of the defeat of the three armies spread throughout the Chaos World on the Other Realm.

Ji family, Jiang family and Ren family had become losers. Especially Ji family, which was being questioned by Jiang and Ren families at this moment!

“How could this happen? There are altogether six trillion and more soldiers, how could the Demon King Army win this battle!”

The ambassador of Jiang family stood up and said angrily, his saliva was about to spew on the face of the Ji family’s Minister of War.

“It must be that Ji family have a traitor or how could we lose this battle? You must explain this to us.”

“That’s right!”

The ambassador of Ren Family said, “You have to explain this to us, or we won’t let it go!”

Seeing this, all those Ji family members kept silent.

Ji Emperor was furious too, he didn’t expect Dong to be the traitor. How could Dong use their Treasure of Transcendence to kill their people!

It was crazy! He was destroying Ji family.

If Ji Emperor didn’t deal this matter in a fine way, then the alliance of three families would collapse. Jiang family and Ren family would help other Imperial Clans.

As for Ji family, everyone knew that the traitors were from Ji family, nobody would accept them.

After all, no one dared to bet that whether there would be the third traitor in Ji family.

This plan was perfect, Ji family had no other choices.

“My emperor, I think there is something wrong!”

At this time, Shun Ji who was the king of Ji Clan suddenly said.

“Well, just tell me!” Ji Emperor looked at Shun, actually, all the people stared at him.

Then, Shun continued, “I think this Dong was a puppet.”

“Right! Why don’t we think of this!”

“Even Tao Ji and Sheng Ji may have already died.”

“Shun is right, this must be a conspiracy of the Demon King Army, it’s all their plot!”

People all echoed, even Ji Emperor nodded and said, “That’s right, I’ll ask someone to do an investigation.”

“Copy that!”

The Minister of War came out and said. He knew Ji Emperor’s intention, this Dong must be a puppet! Ji family had to act like a victim.

The ambassadors of Jiang and Ren family knew this, when they were about say something, Ji Emperor said, “Ji family is the loser but also the victim. So please tell Jiang Emperor and Ren Emperor, I’ll investigate this and explain this to them later.”

“Dismiss!” After saying this, Ji Emperor left before ambassadors could finish their words.

The ambassadors were furious but they could do nothing, so they just said in an angry manner, “We will definitely report this to our Emperor!” Then they left.

Seeing this, all those Ji family members all appreciated Shun. He used some simple words to make Ji family as a victim. How smart he was!

“Please investigate this and give the world an explanation!” Shun smiled and left.

As those ambassadors left, this meeting was spread throughout the Chaos World on the Other Realm.

Hearing this, Demon Kris looked at Dong and said, “From now on, you are a puppet!”

Dong replied indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, as long as I can create the Harmonious World, I can even risk my life!”

Demon Kris nodded, Buddha Kris’s brainwashing method was really strong. This was also the reason why they couldn’t find out any clues after Dong’s return.

In any case, Dong played a major role in this battle.

Then Demon Kris smiled, since Ji family said that Dong was a puppet, he would disturb their plan. Ji family would be the next target.

“My emperor, Ji family is playing tricks, he is not sincere at all!”

“Perhaps they have already colluded with the Demon King Army!”

“Please stop cooperating with them!”

Ji Emperor looked indifferent, Yu was the only survivor of this battle.

“Ask Yu to see me!”

Seeing that Yu was embarrassed, Jiang Emperor said, “Yu, tell me everything you know!”

Yu nodded his head and truthfully told him the story of Dong’s behavior toward Yuan.

“Ji family are very ambitious and cruel, I guess that they have already colluded with the Demon King Army, maybe the Demon King Army is the force that they supported.”

After the words fell, people all became anxious!

“My emperor, Yu is right, Ji family is ambitious, it’s dangerous to cooperate with them! We should stop our alliance.”

“Ji family is really good at plotting, how dare they to act like a victim and then cooperate with the Demon King Army to attack us!”

Hearing the chaotic voices, Ji Emperor was annoyed and said, “Keep quiet, I’ll think about it.”

He also wanted to attack Ji domain. However, since there was no evidence, it was all in vain. Besides, the strength of Imperial Clans lied in the Treasure of Transcendence!

They shouldn’t fight against each other, or others would take advantage of this!

“Act normally and keep the today’s words a secret! Anyone who dare to reveal this would be killed.” Then he added, “Ask someone to fish for information from Ren Emperor!”



Meanwhile in Ren Domain.

Ren Domain had suffered a lot this time. Qianqiu had died, and so did Duzun. Besides, all those direct disciples were captured.

The trigger for defeat was Ji family’s rebellion!

But now Ji family announced that this was a conspiracy, and Dong was a puppet, he was actually a member of the Demon King Army!

It was really ridiculous!

No one could do that and acted normally in front of Ji Emperor and many ministers.

More importantly, the projection of the Treasure of Transcendence could only be used by direct disciples!

Chapter 680: Negotiate an Alliance

After the end of the war, the Other Realm of Chaos World met a short period of peace.

It was eerie and quiet.

Everyone was watching from the sidelines.

The Demon King army was so powerful that it had made all the powers afraid.

Some people even believe that the winner of the 11th Imperial War will definitely be someone from the Demon King army.

This is not an empty speculation. It can be realized in every Imperial War.

Perhaps the leader of the Demon King army is the one who owns the Treasure of Transcendence.

Just when everyone was secretly speculating, a piece of news spread throughout the world.

“Have you heard the news came out from within the Demon King army? Ji’s family has made cooperation with the Demon King army.”

“Of course I know, the Ji’s family secretly colluding with the Demon King, but pretending themselves as victims!”

“So the defeat is inevitable. The Ji’s family is the secret manipulator of everything!”

“I even heard from the grapevine that the Demon King army is planned by the Ji’s family.”

“Well, if that’s true, the Ji’s family is so aggressive. With the Demon King army’s power, the Ji’s family has already become a dominant force.”

People everywhere were talking about what the family did, especially in the large domains controlled by the family.

The number of gossip was still growing.

When the spy of the palace received the news, he reported it to Emperor Ji. As his complexion becoming pale with anger, the emperor said, “Go to get all the ministers here. Quickly!”

“Got it!”

Soon, all ministers and sons of the royal family arrived.

Everyone had a grave look on their faces, and knew the reason why Emperor Ji had asked them here.

“Tell me, how to settle this matter!” Emperor Ji said.

“Your Majesty, rumors are fiercer than a tiger. If we don’t control it, I’m afraid…”

“Say something useful. If I could control it, why would I call you guys here?” Emperor Ji was furious, “This must be a conspiracy of the Demon King in order to make Ji Domain a target.”

The minister shrank his neck and didn’t dare to say another word.

There were thousands of people in the big palace, but no one could give a solution.

Just then, Liang Ji, the Minister of War, came forward and said, “Your Majesty, I have three solutions. The best, the middle and the worst!”

Emperor Ji was happy, “Tell us.”

The group of ministers and royal children also looked at Liang.

“The worst solution is to fight the Demon King army to the death immediately!”

“The middle one is to befriend the far and attack the near. No matter whether we have collusion with the Demon King army or not, as the rumors are raging, it’s useless to argue any more. We can join hands with Xue’s, Feng’s and Ying’s family to battle the Yao’s, Zhang’s, Xuanyuan’s, and Wang’s team!”

The worst onw is definitely not adopted. The Ji’s family has been defeated one after another, so the army’s morale is shaked. It’s no way to win when they fight against the Demon King army.

The middle strategy is still somewhat practical. The Demon King army is the strongest one in the four major forces.

The Xue’s family, Feng’s family, Ying’s family is one of the oldest emperor clans in the Other Realm of Chaos World. It must be very annoying for them to be trumped by the alliance.

What did Liang mean is clear: whether or not they are with the Demon King army, they can cooperate with it to defeat the alliance.

Many people nodded, “The Minister of War is so resourceful. This is a good strategy! It’s enough to divert the pressure that the Ji’s family is now bearing.”

“If we ally with them, Jiang Domain, Ren Domain will definitely not dare to make a rash act!”

Hearing people’s agreements, Emperor Ji said, “Liang, what about the best one?”

Everyone looked at Liang, not even daring to breathe.

Liang said, “The best strategy is to ally with the Demon King army!”

What? The whole room was in an uproar at these words!

“No. It’s as dangerous as conspiring with the tiger, isn’t it?”

“The Demon King army has killed so many compatriots. If we ally with them, how will we be perceived by our people?”

“Laing, be careful of your words!”

“Quiet!” Emperor Ji reprimanded and frowned, “Liang, tell us the reason!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Liang said calmly, “First, the Demon King army is the only strongest one in the north. It’s powerful enough to battle with more than one or two family.”

“Second, the Ji’s territory keeps shrinking, and we have lost credibility among the ten emperor clans, so no matter cooperate with which family, it will certainly be careful to guard against us.”

“Third, it’s dangerous to cooperate with the Demon King army, while is it also dangerous to do so with other families?”

“Fourth, the eleventh Imperial War is stranger than the previous wars, so I predict that after this Imperial War, it is likely to be a great unification!”

What, a great unification? Liang’s words shook everyone!

“A great unification, is that possible?” Everyone’s heart was in turmoil.

Emperor Ji was also silent, with his eyes flickering. Obviously, he’s thinking about Liang’s words.

“It’s impossible as the power of the ten emperor clans comes from the Treasure of Transcendence. With this treasure, the emperor clans will be invincible!” Someone said.

“Then, have you ever seen such a bizarre situation in the history?” Liang said, “Have you ever visited the great domain of the Demon King army’s alliance? Their system has far surpassed ours, both in army combat and in their control over the affiliated great domains.”

The number of domains that Ji’s family was able to directly control was only thousands.

It’s the flaw of the monarchy and the enfeoffment system. Once the leaders in the places become strong enough, they are the emperor!

But system of the Demon King army is different. There is no so-called royal family of the Alliance Domain, except for the Demon King’s leader!

The civilians there had been completely liberated and formed a powerful group.

Liang had a deep understanding of the reforms occurring in the Alliance Domain for which he was afraid. The Ji’s family had not stopped penetrating its power into the Alliance Domain.

But after so many years the truth is that their scouts have never been able to make any improvement because the Alliance army is a universal army and spies simply have no chance to survive.

From the General Marshal to the peddler, they are the strongest supporters of the Demon King army.

This reform dug up and even uprooted the roots of the royal family and the nobility.

They even have something called network that links all the great domains together so that an order spreads throughout the entire domain within half a day.

How could anyone not be afraid of such a control force?

“Liang, don’t cast spells on people!” A member of the royal family stood out, “Don’t forget, you belong to Ji’s family. You are betraying by asking us to ally with the Demon King army!”

“Your Majesty, this Liang is not the Liang we are familiar with. He must be sent by the Demon King army. Please make an order to kill him at once!”

There were even a small number of people who supported Liang, but more of people asked Emperor Ji to kill Liang by decree.

Emperor Ji’s face was cloudy. He was actually a man of foresight, and knew much more than they did.

He knew that Liang was right, but he was unwilling to bow down as they were the emperor family clan after all.

“Liang, do you admit your guilt?” Emperor Ji said in a cold voice.

“One who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find a stick!”

Liang took off his hat and knelt on the ground, “I dedicated myself to the country. I have no regrets in dying. If the death of mine can wake up all the officials, then please decree the execution, Your Majesty!”

After saying that, Liang kowtowed to the emperor.

At that moment, Shan Ji, another Minister of War, also stood out and knelt on the ground, ” Your Majesty, kill me if you want to kill Liang.”

“Ji’s family is surrounded by enemies on all sides. Jiang’s and Ren’s are probably about to send troops. We at this moment are the only supporter of ourselves and have become a thorn in their eyes, a pain in the neck!”

“I second that!”

“I second that!”


Courtiers stood out one after another because Shan’s words had touched them.

Indeed, the Ji’s family had become so dangerous now for thousands of the great domains, betraying, defeats, low morale and people that were tired that it was the best target to attack.

Not to mention the other families, even the Jiang’s and Ren’s families would not miss such a good opportunity.

They would have enough reasons to send troops as long as they got hold of Dong Ji’s matter.

For the first time in his long life, Emperor Ji was at his wits’ end, even if he was the emperor and possessed the Treasure of Transcendence.

The Demon King army’s plot was really vicious!

“Get up, Liang is bent on serving the country so I grant the title of Loyalty Marquis to you, and the alliance with the Demon King army will be fully entrusted to you.”

Emperor Ji stood up, whose interest somewhat was flagging. He knew that Ji’s family in this Imperial War had been pushed aside and even had no chance to win. “Retreat!” the emperor said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Liang bowed down respectfully. “Long live Your Majesty!”

After the court, Liang looked at his younger brother, “Do you know how reckless you are today? By only one mistake, you will surely die.”

Shan smiled a bitter smile, “How can I not know the bitter hatred in your heart since our eldest brother was killed while you still need to encourage His Majesty to ally with the Demon King army. And this is indeed the best way at the moment. If the Demon King army agrees, not only Jiang’s and Ren’s are no longer threats, but also Ji’s family is able to get a temporary respite.”

Liang shook his head, “Let’s go. Go with me to the Demon King army!”

“Yes, my brother!”

“Brother, is this the Demon King army’s station?” Shan looked at the majestic building in front of him where Divine Light Cannons faced the sky, flickering with a ghostly terrified and cold light.

“If only Ji Domain had such a war weapon.”

“I have already ordered to develop it. I’m afraid it will take some time.” Liang said.

Just the two of them came his time, and Liang carried in his arms the holy decree that had been stamped with the Heaven Turning Seal.

“Who are you?” A pair of soldiers on patrol stopped them.

“General, I am the Loyalty Marquis of Ji Kingdom. I come here to ally with you!”

The squad captain looked at Liang and Shan who had a strong aura, and at first glance, they were in Endless Stage and in high position.

“Well, Ji’s family just sent the two of you here?”

The captain snorted coldly with his hand gesturing behind his back, and then a sophisticated soldier hurriedly went in to inform their lead!

“You should behave well as you are defeated!”

Liang and Shan were the Ministers of War so naturally they are generous enough not to be angered by his words. Although they were in a bad mood, they had to bear it.

This place was the forefront so there were fierce fighters. Once they raised a hand to strike, they would certainly die.

“This is a small token of my regard. Please inform your lead of our arrival!” Liang said, taking out the Chaos Origin that he had prepared.

“What are you going to do?”

The captain suddenly took a few steps back and looked at him with a wary face.

The soldiers behind him also pointed at them one after another with their spears.

“This two are offering bribes in public. Arrest them. I suspect they are spies!”

A group of people surrounded them.

Shan’s face turned pale and he was afraid of the way the Demon King army ruled the army.

“General, we are really not spies but the ministers of Ji Kingdom. We are here to negotiate an alliance.” Liang said with some regrets, thinking that he should have brought more people if he had known.

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