Chuck Cannon was confused, what does he feel?

He felt that someone was leaning against him. Chuck Cannon thought of Yvette Jordan. Because only Yvette Jordan could do this now, he hugged her…


Chuck Cannon woke up in a daze, looking at the strange room, he was puzzled, thinking about the dream last night, Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly, so he had a dream!

But he feels a little pain in his waist, he thought it may be because he slept for too long!

Chuck Cannon didn’t think much, got out of bed, opened the door and went out, and found out that he was still at Du Peixin’s home, and he drank too much last night!

Maybe the mood is not good, and I need to use wine to release it.

Chuck Cannon looked at the room next to him, then opened it and found that Du Peixin was still sleeping and talking in sleep.

This sleeping position is really hard to describe in one word!

Sure enough, even if she was a beautiful woman, she was all relaxed in her own home, Chuck Cannon didn’t look at it much.

The door was closed, he let her continue to sleep.

After all, she puts a lot of pressure on herself and needs a good rest. Maybe she was drunk this time and let her come here for so long. This is the first time to sleep in.

But there was a sound in the kitchen, and Chuck Cannon walked over curiously, where is Logan? Didn’t he come with Logan last night?

Logan was making breakfast?

Chuck Cannon went in and saw Logan. He was relieved as he was thinking that Logan had gone back by herself!!

“Aunt Logan,” Chuck Cannon felt hungry, as if he had done something last night, very tired!

“Well, breakfast is almost ready. You will eat more meat and eggs later,” Logan’s voice was particularly gentle.

“Well, Aunt Logan, why don’t you let go of your hair?” Chuck Cannon was surprised that Logan usually wears her hair when she is not fighting.

“Don’t let go, starting today, I won’t let go of my hair,” Logan said gently.

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon didn’t say much, anyway, Logan is pretty, she looks good no matter how she looks up, putting on her hair is the kind of supreme beauty, and she is really a woman with tied hair.

The indescribable feeling, anyway, just looks good.

“Last night, did you sleep well?” Logan asked, her voice intermittent for the first time, even a little nervous.

“Very good,” Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to say. He had a dream last night, but again, yesterday’s dream was real?

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand it himself. Maybe he drank too much. Is he sleepwalking? Yvette Jordan was not around, where does the sense of reality come from?

“That’s good,” Logan breathed a sigh of relief. Last night… something happened.

She doesn’t understand it herself, maybe she can’t help it!

Fortunately, Chuck Cannon thinks it is a dream and may think it is a dream that is difficult to express, so he was embarrassed to say it.

She didn’t want Chuck Cannon to know about this.

Because Chuck Cannon only used her as Yvette Jordan last night. If he thinks it is a dream, then let him think so!

Anyway, everything about her was given to Chuck Cannon.

“Aunt Logan, the egg is messy.” Chuck Cannon reminded, Logan was distracted.

“Hmm,” Logan was busy turning over with a spatula, but it was already battered, Logan shook her head, “I lost this, you can’t eat it,”

“Why can’t I eat it? Aunt Logan can eat everything she makes,” Chuck Cannon directly picked it up with chopsticks.

“Don’t eat its too hot,” Logan was helpless.

Chuck Cannon had already eaten out of breath, and there was nothing left.

Seeing Chuck Cannon being scalded, Logan really smiled naturally, “There is soot here, you go out and wait, it will be fine soon.”

“I’ll wait here.”

Chuck Cannon feels that Logan is different today. How to describe the feeling, it seems that there is an invisible thread in the invisible, connecting the two people together.

It’s very strange, but it makes people reluctant to feel that this line is broken.

“Good,” Logan continued.

Chuck Cannon had to replenish his body. After a while, the breakfast was ready. Logan made all the meat in Du Peixin’s home and gave Chuck Cannon to eat.

“Well, you go and ask Du Peixin to have breakfast,” Logan said.

“Aunt Logan, you are such a virtuous person. Whoever marries you is a blessing for eight years of cultivation!” Chuck Cannon really sighed that breakfast can be so rich!

The average woman can’t do it.

Logan smiled softly, but her beautiful eyes were gloomy. It’s a pity that you can’t marry me…

But enough, I gave it to you last night.

Chuck Cannon went to ask Du Peixin to have breakfast. He remembered that it was not locked just now, so Chuck Cannon pushed the door directly in.

Just getting up inside, Du Peixin who was about to change clothes was shocked, “You! Ah…”

Chuck Cannon was also frightened and quickly covered her mouth with his eyesight and hands.

“What is your name?”

Du Peixin was shocked, why would Chuck Cannon be in his own home? Did something happen with Chuck Cannon last night?

Du Peixin has a headache, how could this be?

“What did you do to me?” Du Peixin sighed. If anything happened, it was a drunk matter, and no one was responsible.

“No, you made us drink last night. You were drunk first, and I was drunk later. Aunt Logan took care of the two of us. With Aunt Logan, what can I do to you?!” Chuck was also speechless, what is Du Peixin thinking about?

Du Peixin was astonished, too, Logan is here, what can Chuck Cannon do to herself?

This is impossible. If there is only Chuck Cannon and her, then it is very likely, but there is Logan, then is it possible?

This is impossible!

“Huh, you can let me go.” Du Peixin felt relieved, but it was a bit strange.

How should she put it, if you are from a foreign country, if you really tell what happened, this may be entangled for Du Peixin, but it is also a comfort?

Du Peixin thought to herself that she would not be angry, she might only choose to forget.

It hasn’t happened now, so, isn’t the plan you made just now for nothing?

A bit at ease, but also a bit lost!

Du Peixin didn’t understand it herself, why did she lose?

No need!

Chuck Cannon let go of her. As long as she didn’t bark, she would definitely not cover her. It was just that Logan had misunderstood.

“Going out for breakfast, Aunt Logan has already made breakfast.”

“Well, I will come out when I change my clothes,”

Chuck Cannon didn’t wait much, and went straight out. After all, Du Peixin was wearing pajamas, and it was not convenient for him to stay here.

Du Peixin changed her clothes and came out. Seeing the rich breakfast on the table, she felt ashamed. After all, she was all a woman, so she couldn’t do this.

Not to mention being in the United States, even when she was at home, she went out to eat breakfast by herself and never made it herself.

However, Logan, who has succeeded so much in her career, has actually cooked good dishes, so she is a woman!!

She also had a question, who would marry a woman like Logan?

Du Peixin admired and sat down to eat.

It’s delicious after eating it!

She is beautiful, she has a good career, has a good temper, and cooks deliciously. This is a perfect woman!

“Chuck, eat more,” Logan clamped meat to Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon also felt weak, so he ate a lot. After eating all of them, Chuck Cannon felt strong.

Then, after drinking yesterday’s wine, Chuck Cannon felt that there was no need to stay any longer, so he went out with Logan.

Du Peixin said that she would continue to supervise the work.

However, seeing Chuck Cannon and Logan leave, Du Peixin was still a little strange. She said, “I was very relaxed last night. The wine last night was very good. If you have time, I will drink together.”

Because of a foreign country, Du Peixin now only knows Chuck Cannon, and only trusts Chuck Cannon, so when she feels uncomfortable, she can only find Chuck Cannon for a drink!

Otherwise, if it was like yesterday’s situation, and if she was drunk and replaced with another man, she would definitely be ruined.

“No problem, Aunt Logan would come together then.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

Logan was in a much better mood. It seems that he took her out to relax yesterday. This decision was good, especially since she drank last night and slept well, but she was a little tired. Presumably, Logan drank last night. She should have slept well!

“En.” Logan did not refuse, and could not refuse.

But if what happened last night happens again, Logan is willing, but can’t let Chuck Cannon know.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s OK, Du Peixin, call me if you have anything to do, and I will bring Auntie Logan over for a drink.”

“Okay,” Du Peixin felt relieved. At least one person can vent her emotions by drinking!

Du Peixin drove to the decorated casino, Chuck Cannon Logan went back in their car, but Logan was astonished because she found Black Rose’s gaze.

The Black Rose has been outside last night, did she see something last night?

Logan felt a little flustered…

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