Chapter 681 – 682: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 681: Apologize Reluctantly

“You have just a few followers and you are definitely not ministers!”

The captain sneered, “You’d better tell me the truth.”

If wasn’t for avoiding trouble, Shan Ji really wanted to give them a lesson. As the Minister of War, how could he be questioned by those soldiers? It was ridiculous and people in Ji Domain would laugh at him if they knew the news.

“We’re really not spies…”

“Just arrest them.”

The captain yelled and then those soldiers thrust their spears.

Just at that moment, a voice came from behind, “Stop!”

Hearing this, the captain quickly said, “General, you’re coming!”

Xiu nodded and looked at Liang and Shan, “Are you the ministers from Ji Domain to negotiate the peace alliance?”

“That’s right! My name is Liang and I’m the Loyalty Marquis of Ji Domain, he is Shan and the Minister of War!”

“How can you prove yourself?”

“This is the handwritten letter from our King!”

Liang knew this young general, he was the soldier of Demon King Army called Xiu.

Xiu took the handwritten letter, although it was light, it was very valuable.

After opening it, Xiu saw the mark of the Turning Heaven Seal, which was a Treasure of Transcendence.

“Just you two?”

“Right.” Then Liang continued, “Please inform your leader, please!”

“Come with me!” Then Xiu turned around and left, he couldn’t make the decision on this matter. Then the two followed.

After entering the Demon King Army camp, Liang and Shan looked around, their were shocked by the strict military discipline and defense arrangement.

Such a strong army would definitely win the battle!

Inside the Grand Marshal’s tent, Demon Kris was sitting on top, while Yuan Kris, Buddha Kris, North Kris and others were sitting on the side.

Besides, there were many Chen family members and disciples of the Gengu No.1 Sect.

As soon as they entered the tent, they felt a sense of worry.

Those people were all very serious and looked much more terrifying than the dynasty of Ji Domain.

“It’s our honor to see the leader of Demon King Army!” They bowed their hands.

Demon Kris smiled with the handwritten letter in his hands and then he said, “So you want to make an alliance with us?”

“That’s right!” Then, Liang said, “It will be good for both of us!”

“Really? Tell me your reason!” Demon Kris smiled and passed down the handwritten book.

“First, it can reduce the pressure of the Demon King Army; Second, it can form a deterrent; Third, the alliance can create greater benefits; Fourth, the alliance among Ji family, Jiang family and Ren family has stopped, then Demon King Army can take advantage of the opportunity and defeat them! “

“Well, what you’ve said make sense, and it sounds quite attractive.” Then, Demon Kris looked at the others, “What do you think?”

Yuan Kris pouted and replied, “It’s just so so!”

Buddha Kris said, “Since Ji family can betray their former alliance, how could we know that whether they would betray us?”

Then, North Kris said, “The four benefits mentioned by the Loyalty Marquis mean nothing to us, instead, we have to keep an eye on you if we reach the agreement.”

“That’s right, Ji family cannot be trusted, we can’t cooperate with them!”

After looking at each other, Liang and Shan didn’t expect to hear such words.

What made them most furious was that it was a trap set by the Demon King Army. How could they start to blame them? They were very angry, but they didn’t dare to say a word.

“Do you hear that?” Then Demon Kris continued, ” Our Demon King Army can still be the most powerful force without your help.”

“But you haven’t get the Treasure of Transcendence, and without it, the Imperial Clan is invincible!” Then, Liang took a step forward, and said seriously, “As long as the Ten Imperial Clans exist, you will be defeated sooner or later!”

“Well, this is your trump card.”

However, Demon Kris said indifferently, “The trend is defined under the Imperial War, the Treasure of Transcendence is not invincible.”

“Unless you have Transcendence Masters or you can’t exercise the power of the Treasure of Transcendence.”

Kris didn’t know how powerful his original soul was, but he must exceed the Normalization Stage or maybe reaching the level of Transcendence.

Besides, the Kris’s Chaos Spirit Sword had acquired the power of the Treasure of Transcendence, which was very strong.

Kris would defeat them earlier if wasn’t for that they may make an alliance.

“Well, although Ji family is not powerful, it is still useful.” Demon Kris said, “We can cooperate with you, but you have to be our affiliated Domain, or there’s nothing we can discuss.”

Demon Kris said the point without hesitation.

As long as Ji family became their affiliated Domain, he had many ways to intervene their affairs. Then, the whole Ji Domain would belong to him.

“What’s more, you can only have leaders but no emperors.”


Hearing this, Liang and shan were shocked. It was not an alliance but another type of annexation.

“This is really an important matter, can we report to our emperor!” This was far beyond their right!

“He is quite calm!” Demon Kris looked at Liang and thought in his heart. He thought that he was be very anxious when hearing this.

“Just tell your king if he doesn’t agree, then we’ll definitely have a battle.” This was a threat.

“Fine, I’ll tell him.” After saying this, Liang was about to leave. However, at this moment, Demon Kris said, “Wait, I can let him go, but you have to stay here!”

Hearing this, Shan became nervous and said, “It’s none of his business.”

“Don’t be nervous, I just want to treat him for a few days, he looks quite smart.” Then Demon Kris took a glimpse of Shan.

Shan was very angry that his body trembled. Demon Kris was very arrogant that he didn’t care about them and Ji family at all, as if they meant nothing to him.

“Shan, apologize right now!”

Liang scolded softly, “It’s my honor to be here. How can you say that?”

Shan knew what Liang meant, so he lowered his head and said, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

“Well, just leave here, you only have a few days!” Then Demon Kris impatiently waved his hand.

Shan left the tent and went back to Ji domain quickly.

As soon as he left, Demon Kris said, “Announce this handwritten letter to the world!”

“Copy that!”

“Do you know how to deal this, right?”


That Chen family member smiled.

“Well, that’s good!”

Liang stood beside, he knew that the Demon King Army would make use of this handwritten letter. They intended to force Ji family.

Didn’t afraid that Ji family would conduct an uprising? Or did they have a perfect solution?

After thinking for a while, he thought that the Demon King Army may have created their own Treasure of Transcendence for they had occupied 300,000 great domains, which meant they had absorbed 300,000 Treasures of Transcendence!

“The world is about to change, who can stop the Demon King Army with Treasure of Transcendence?”

Liang sat beside with a depressed look.


After returning to Ji Domain, Shan told Demon Kris’s request to Ji emperor, which made him felt very angry. Those ministers and royal families were even more furious.

“They are really arrogant! How can they do that?”

“My emperor, I ask for war, we have to give them a lesson and defeat them!”

“Yes, we have to fight to the death!”

Shan also looked helpless, they didn’t expect such stern attitude of Demon King Army.

The cancellation of King meant that Ji family couldn’t participate the Imperial War. If doing so, their family honor would be erased, and they were no longer the member of Imperial Clan!

If they became the affiliated army of Demon King Army, it proved Liang’s speculation. Did the Demon King Army wanted to unify the world?

At that time, they could easily interfere with the affairs of Ji domain.

After thinking for a while, Ji Emperor decided to adopt Liang’s strategy, which was to attack closer Domains and made alliances with remote Domains.

When he was about to announce the news, an anxious voice came, “Report!”

People were very frightened to hear this and they asked anxiously, “What’s going on?”

The man knelt down with his body trembled, “The Demon King Army announces that our Domain will become their affiliated Domain and posted a handwritten letter with the seal of the Turning Heaven Seal.”


Emperor Ji jerked up and looked at the man, all the ministers were shocked as well.

“The news spreads very fast, perhaps the whole world know this!”

Hearing this, Shan felt anxious.

The Demon King Army was too ruthless, they left no way for Ji family!

No one could agree this deal. However, since they announced this to the world, they could do nothing. Compared with power, plots meant nothing.

“Walk all over us!”

Emperor Ji roared loudly, “We’ll definitely give them a lesson! They are too arrogant!” He still had the Treasure of Transcendence, which could gave them more hope.

“Fight to the death!”

“We’ll definitely support Ji Domain!” A group of ministers made a vow.

Just when they were excited, a voice suddenly let them calmed down, “The Demon King Army should also have their own Treasure of Transcendence!” Shan said.

Hearing this, Ji Emperor was even more depressed. However, he calmed down and asked with a gray face, “Really?”

“I am not sure, but before I left, Liang sent me a message that the Demon King Army has the ability to lift the table!”

Then, Ji Emperor kept silent and all those ministers stopped roaring.

The Demon King Army was already very powerful, if they had the Treasure of Transcendence, then there was no reason for them to lose.

Although they couldn’t kill Ji Emperor, it was easy for the Demon King Army to kill them. All of them felt nervous and depressed, as if the danger was about to come.

Ji emperor hesitated and asked, “Would this news threat other Domains?”


Shan nodded his head.

Many people understood Ji Emperor’s words, if the Demon King Army had its own Treasure of Transcendence, then the Transcendence Master of the 11th Imperial War was in their army.

Naturally, the ticket would belong to the Demon King Army.

Everyone wanted to go to the Eternal Domain.

“Spread the news right now, I want to see if the Demon King Army has the ability to stop all those Imperial Clans.”

Ji Emperor smiled coldly, this was their last chance.

Hearing this, Shan was stunned, then he said, “Emperor, Liang is still…”

Ji Emperor just waved his hand, “Liang risked his life to spy on the enemy of our country, I will grant him as the Loyalty Earl and place him in the Ji clan ancestral shrine!”

He thought Liang had no chance to be alive.

Hearing this, Shan was very angry and said, “My brother is alive!”

Chapter 682: Zhongmiao Door

Emperor Ji looked at Shan Ji with cold eyes, “I have not yet punished you!”

“If you hadn’t negotiated the peace and alliance, how would the Credential be taken by the Demon King Army. Do you know what kind of turmoil this letter would have caused to Ji Domain?”

Shan could not say anything. Indeed, the news announced by the Demon King Army would certainly be a shock to the world!

“Guards, take off Shan’s hat. Shan, you are grounded to think about what you have done until you realize your error.”

Several guards came forward and took off Shan’s hat, “Let’s go, Lord Ji!”

Shan’s face was ghastly pale as he knew that he was removed from the court. This is said to be the old saying–“kill the donkey the moment it leaves the millstone (it means that someone is got rid of as soon as he has done his job)!”

He took a look at Emperor Ji, turned around and left, thinking that Ji family would be eliminated soon!

As the Demon King Army showed the Credential to the world, the news was completely spread.

“I knew it. the Ji family and the Demon King Army are in cahoots. Now that the Demon King Army has become stronger, they are finally not pretending!”

“Ji family is so treacherous. They pretended to go against the Demon King Army and fooled everyone.”

“Good job, Ji family must be primed with good advice.”

There are those who denigrate the Ji family, but there also are also praise.

Whether the Royal War or the Imperial War, they started them just to get more benefits!

They are plotting to get benefits from the two wars. How well they have done!

But what confuses people is the so-called “being a king instead of emperor”.

Is there a huge change in Ji’s court? Is the current Emperor Ji about to be ousted from the throne?

The gossip was spread around.

In Jiang Domain.

Emperor Jiang’s face was pale as they made an alliance to suppress Ji family, but it turned out that the power behind them was the Demon King Army.

Or rather, they actually belonged to the Demon King Army!

Jiang domain had cheated the whole world. And Emperor Jiang himself had become a complete joke!

The emperor’s majesty was reduced to a laughingstock.

“Your Majesty, do we send troops?” A Minister of War came out and said.

“Send your fucking troops!” Emperor Jiang could no longer restrain himself from cursing out.

The minister’s face went pale, “Yes, I’ll go back and send the fucking troops!”

“Send your goddamn troops!” Emperor Jiang was going crazy with anger.

That minister said with a bitter face, “Yes, I’ll go back and send the goddamn troops right now!”

“Get lost!”

Emperor Jiang was furious, “Take off his hat and let him get lost!”

The guards stepped forward and took the minister away.

“Your Majesty, please calm down!”

“Your Majesty, please calm down!”

A crowd of ministers stepped forward to console the Emperor.

Emperor Jiang waved his hand, “Stop the troops at once!”


“Let’s discuss what to do about it!”

After expressing his anger, Emperor Jiang finally cool himself down.

“Your Majesty, I think we should join other alliances as soon as possible. the Demon King Army is on many domains’ worry list for its increasing power! I am afraid that a great disaster is going to happen if we delay any longer.”

Indeed, the balance has now been completely broken, so the Jiang family is likely to become the target.

the Jiang family does not fear any one of them, but if several families work together, the Jiang family will be definitely defeated.

This Imperial War is more dangerous than ever, because even the imperial clans are facing the risk of annihilation.

“Which one we should ally with, Feng Family or Yao Family?” Emperor Jiang said.

“Your Majesty, it is better to join the Yao Family!”

Cheng Jiang, the Left Prime Minister, said, “Feng, Xue and Ying Family are the most ancient clans in the Other Realm of Chaos World. They are strong with rich heritage.”

“Yao, Zhang, Xuanyuan and Wang can barely resist them but if we join them, forming five-family alliance, we will be able to suppress the three oldest families!”

“Besides, we’d better bring the Ren family into our team so that we can form an effective suppression to both the Feng family’s alliance and the Demon King Army.”

“Then, we will have an advantage no matter which family we fight against!”

“Good, a good point!”

“I second the motion!”

“I Second!”

The ten emperor clans are also divided into the old and the new one. The old clans look down upon the new clans. And the clans despise each other.

“What if the four families don’t allow us to join?” Emperor Jiang said, “We need a sure card!”

“If Your Majesty is worried about the four families being too short-sighted to accept us, we can join the Feng League!”

“But the prerequisite is that we have Ren Domain work with us. This should not be a big problem as the people of Ren Domain should be smart enough to understand the truth that we share a common lot.”

Emperor Jiang nodded, “Cheng, I’ll leave this matter to you!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Cheng Jiang bowed to show his respects.

“Pass the decree to denounce Ji Domain!” Announcing the last order, Emperor Jiang retired from the court and left.

Although this movement could not cause substantial damage, it was still possible to disgust Emperor Ji.

On the other side, a heated discussion was also launched in Ren’s court.

Emperor Ren issued a decree to stop the army, and a group of ministers came up with a plan.

“Your Majesty, it is better to make plans before it is too late. We should form an alliance with other domains as soon as possible!”

“What did the Jiang Domain do?”

“Your Majesty, Jiang domain also stopped the army.”

Emperor Ren nodded, thinking that Emperor Jiang was indeed not stupid.

The Demon King Army was so powerful that a rash attack would definitely lead to a big defeat.

“Your Majesty, the messenger of the Jiang Dynasty has come for an audience.”

“Quickly, let him in!”

Soon, the messenger of the Jiang Dynasty walked into the Golden Palace, “I is here to pay my respects to Your Majesty.”

“Stand up.”

Emperor Ren said, “What is the reason for your coming?”

“Your Majesty, the Jiang Dynasty has decided to cooperate with you. This is a credential from Emperor Jiang.”

“Present it!”

Emperor Ren examined it. There was the transcendent power left by people at Governance Stage, so it was indeed a letter from Emperor Jiang.

Then he opened and read it. After a long time, Emperor Ren nodded with a smile, “Good, I also have the same intention. Go back and tell him that I agree with the alliance!”

Wang Domain got the biggest surprise in this Imperial War.

No one expected that the remote domain became the twelfth largest power.

Lin Wang read the briefings collected recently in his hand, and smiled, “Interesting, interesting. Let them fight. The more soldiers died, the better!”

Burning the briefings to ashes, Lin waved his hand and then a Spatial Door appeared in front of him.

Walking into it, he disappeared at once.

“Your Majesty!”

“Get up.”

An old voice rang out.

Lin stood up and stood with his hands behind his body.

“How much Qi has the Reverse Luck Bead absorbed?”

Lin said, “Less than a tenth.”

“That’s too little. I need at least a half to help me get out of trouble!” The old voice said, “Time is running out. I will die when the Imperial War is over!”

“Forget it, give me the bead!”

Lin respectfully handed it over.

A long time later, a sigh came from the darkness, “Remember, time is running out… If I die, you will die either!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Lin took the bead whose Qi had been sucked up, “Please excuse me.”

Walking out of the space, the gentleness on Lin’s face changed into coldness.

He was just an ordinary royal member of the Wang Domain. Although he belonged to the direct line of descent, his talent was strangely poor. He couldn’t reverse it all even after using countless heavenly treasures.

However, when he entered a hole and found this Reverse Luck Bead one day, his fate changed.

Through the bead, he could feel how good or bad a person’s Qi was, and he could plunder their Qi by killing them.

He was in good luck now.

His strength developed, and he overthrew the reign of the old emperor and ascended to the throne in just a few thousand years.

Just when he was ready to make a big splash, the “Emperor” appeared.

He was the true owner of the bead.

Everything the emperor did before was just to control Lin to collect Qi for himself.

He was very strong and beyond the Normalization Stage. Lin could feel his desire for the Treasure of Transcendence during the conversation!

And in a conversation, the emperor said, “These damned invaders all deserve to die!”

It made Lin realized that he had powerful backing!

For thousands of years, Lin also knew a large amount of information through tens of thousands of conversations.

This emperor should be the original inhabitant of the Other Realm in Chaos World.

The current ten emperor clans are invaders, but there is very little information about millions of eons ago. He only finds out that there are aboriginal people in the Chaos Other Realm.

If the emperor is really an aborigine, he has lived for at least ten million eras and was a prominent figure at that time.

The power of the bead is very strong and is able to absorb all the Qi.

It is definitely as powerful as the Treasure of Transcendence.

Lin would not let him grab him by the throat, and let others control his life.

The emperor allowed him to absorb a certain amount of Qi to enhance his cultivation.

Lin did not absorb it, but practiced incarnation.

His strength is superb. And both of his qualification and cultivation are stronger than the original soul.

When he walks on the road, there are treasures falling from the sky.

So his cultivation is even more rapid.

In a thousand years, he broke through to the Fulfilled period.

This was his bottom card and his plan to break away from the control of the emperor in the future.

“The things in the Other Realm of the Chaos World is really complex. Then, what the Eternal Realm is really like!”

Lin put away the bead, “Anyway, I’ll take this ticket to that realm.”

In the Feng Domain at the meantime.

As the oldest emperor clan in the Other Realm of the Chaos World, they were the invaders and the buriers.

“Did you find anything yet?”

The voice was faint, as if it was said next the person’s ears.

“Your Majesty, not yet.”

“Time is running out. Be quick!”

“Got it, Your Majesty!”

The figure disappeared.

An old man in white robes was sitting there, and in front of him lay a chessboard.

The pieces on that chessboard were actually the great domains.

Thousands of living beings were displayed on the chessboard.

“Ten million eras has passed. Where exactly have you been hiding!”

The old man dropped a piece, “I will find you no matter where you are.”

Beside him sat a palm-sized jade tablet. It was broken from the middle and a part of it had been lost.

“Oh, the legendary Zhongmiao Door, if one finds you, he can transcend the Other Realm and go straight to eternity. For you, the Feng Family has stayed for millions of eras.”

“But it’s time to wind up. Your tail has been seen. I will find you soon!”

The old man smiled and brought the door into the Mud Pill Palace, and the mysterious and wonderful breath flowed through his whole body.

Just a hint of breath made space unbearable.

“Xue Family and Ying Family, the ancestor didn’t leave you here back then to let you be equal to the Feng Family.”

In Xue Domain!

Within the imperial palace, Emperor Xue knelt in front of a thin and old man respectfully.

The old man was as thin as a lath and his skin was stuck to his bones, just like a dry corpse.

But his breath was very scary, giving a feeling of vitality.


“Has a million years passed?”

“Yes, ancestor!” Ming Xue said respectfully.

“What generations of emperors are you?”

“Ancestor, I’m the 72nd generation!”

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