Logan felt that she was thinking too much, but Black Rose didn’t see it. When she had a drink last night, Chuck Cannon asked her to come in and drink with her, but Black Rose directly indifferently refused!

How can Black Rose drink alcohol?

She wants to protect Chuck Cannon!

So Black Rose never got close to the house last night.

She didn’t see it.

“Chuck, you go in first, and I will have a few words with Black Rose,”

“En,” Chuck Cannon got in the car.

Logan came to find Black Rose.

Black Rose was stunned, why did Logan come over to find her?

Of course, she didn’t see anything. Last night Chuck Cannon said she let her drink, she was still angry and didn’t bother to get close to the house.

Just keep patrolling around the house to protect Chuck Cannon’s safety.

If Black Rose knew what happened to Chuck Cannon, whom she was protecting last night, with Logan, she might.

“What are you doing?” Black Rose asked.

Logan breathed a sigh of relief, and it was true that she had thought a while ago, “Nothing.”

“Your injury is not healed? Why did you walk so softly today?” Black Rose was puzzled.

“I… I was drunk and my leg was pressed last night,” Logan made an excuse.

As a killer, Black Rose has superb observation ability.

Some subtle differences can be noticed by Black Rose.

Logan can only tell a reasonable lie.

“Well,” Black Rose said nothing.

That’s no wonder.

Logan returned to the car at ease, Chuck Cannon drove, and the three of them went back.

After Logan arrived home, Chuck Cannon went to find Yvette Jordan, and Black Rose followed, and she said she wanted to rest, but in fact, she wanted to go out to buy medicine silently.

But she met Karen Lee.

“Logan, you want to go out?” Karen Lee was shocked, why was she going out as soon as she came back?

“En,” Logan nodded, feeling embarrassed.

“What do you want to buy? I’ll ask someone to buy it for you,”

“I’ll buy it myself,” Logan was anxious, how to say this kind of thing, how can other people buy it?

“Well, you guys last night?”

“At Du Peixin’s house, Du Peixin may have been alone for too long, so we drank a little wine together,” Logan explained.

“Well, you can just go out and run around,” Karen Lee was relieved, Logan was particularly discreet, and she was relieved too.

“No, then I will go out,” Logan nodded.

Karen Lee rest assured.

Recently, she has to deal with Stewart!

After Logan came out, she breathed a sigh of relief and drove a little farther to buy the medicine, but when she really bought the medicine, she hesitated.

What happened last night may only be one night in this life, then.

If you are pregnant, you can raise it by yourself, of course, there is no problem, you can also accompany yourself in the days to come.

But if Chuck Cannon knows, then.

Logan sighed, take medicine and be safe.

This is not fair to the children, and it is also not fair to Chuck Cannon. After all, if the child comes out, like Chuck Cannon, then isn’t he forcing Chuck Cannon to marry herself?

Chuck Cannon doesn’t like her, how can he do that?

Logan wanted to go, bought the medicine, put it in her bag, and then drove back to eat again.

Chuck Cannon still felt that it was a dream with Yvette Jordan. So when he came back he hugged Yvette Jordan.

“Husband, what are you doing?” Yvette Jordan was surprised.

Why is Chuck Cannon so sticky to her?

Chuck Cannon said just now that he had a drink last night, so he didn’t come back.

Yvette Jordan was also relieved.

Chuck Cannon talked about his dream last night, Yvette Jordan’s face flushed, “Little villain, let you think about it.”

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “I don’t want to.”

“Well, it’s business, husband, you guys will definitely deal with us, then what should we do?” Yvette Jordan worried.

Chuck Cannon showed the phone to Yvette Jordan, Yvette Jordan blushed, “Who did you shoot indiscriminately? Did you break your rules?”

Chuck Cannon smiled and s aid that it was Brayden Stewart, Yvette Jordan was surprised, looked carefully, and felt a little relieved, “That’s good, what will Auntie do?”

Chuck Cannon felt more comfortable when he heard these two words.

“I can only call that, don’t you let me call her name?” Yvette Jordan sighed.

“Of course not, I’ll tell you.” Chuck Cannon said what his mother meant.

Yvette Jordan’s beautiful eyes lit up, it turned out to be like this…

“Boss, a few people are here and they said they want to see you!” The Luofu family, Alice answered a call, this is a call from the security of her home.

“Who wants to see me? I don’t know what I said. I haven’t seen anyone recently?”

Alice frowned. She was working on a project to cooperate with Chuck Cannon. Now that she agreed and had a relationship with Chuck Cannon, then Alice worked hard to do this every day.

Hurry up and earn money, then you can quickly make money for Chuck Cannon.

After all, to this day, Alice still thinks that she herself has eaten tender grass. She is guilty of Chuck Cannon, so she wants to make up as much as possible.

Money is the most direct way.

“Boss, don’t be angry, this person only said one word.” The voice on the phone trembled.

“What word?”


Alice was surprised, hidden? What traveller?

She thought it was a mess.

Suddenly, her complexion changed drastically!

“How many people?” Alice asked.


“Invite them in!!”


Hanging up the phone, Alice took a deep breath. As the four major families, how could she have never heard of the hidden family?

Stewart is one of them!

However, the three hidden families have never found themselves. What are they going to do?

Alice wanted to go, but she knew it only after seeing it.

After a while, someone was brought in.

The two men are Brayden Stewart and one of his bodyguards!!

What is Brayden Stewart doing here?

It’s simple. As the largest arms dealer in the world, the Luofu family has many technological weapons from the Luofu family!!

Brayden Stewart wanted to find Alice to make a few bombs, just like the bombs in Chuck Cannon’s hands, they couldn’t be discovered.

Because he felt that his handle was caught by Chuck Cannon, wouldn’t he have to be controlled by Chuck Cannon for the rest of his life? So he thought of a way to see if he could kill Chuck Cannon unconsciously!

Alice has never seen Brayden Stewart, but Brayden Stewart’s aura is strong, she believes it, this is a member of the secret family Stewart.

“It is said that Alice is a charming beauty, and the maintenance is very good. I saw it today, as expected.” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly.

Alice was irritated and disgusted with such words. You are not Chuck Cannon. Why do you tell me such words?

“What’s the matter with you?” Alice asked directly.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal, I want you to do a few things for me.” Brayden Stewart laughed.


“A bomb as big as a glass ball.”

Alice was surprised, isn’t this the bomb Chuck Cannon asked herself to make last time?

She has recently started preparing for production but still needs further optimization.

“Your company didn’t study these?” Brayden Stewart came over.

“No. If you want, I can help you study it.” Alice felt that this Brayden Stewart was particularly annoying at first sight.

Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, holding Alice’s chin in her hand, Alice immediately backed away, annoyed, “What are you doing??”


Brayden Stewart slapped Alice in the face.

Alice bleeds from the corner of her mouth and fell to the ground.

Her beautiful face blushed, and she looked shocked.

“Does it hurt?” Brayden Stewart still smiled.

Alice got up on her own and stared at him beautifully. If she talks about other people, she must have let her own people rush in, but Stewart! This is a powerful hidden family!!

Alice is the head of a family. Knowing the power of your family must also be considered for the family.

Therefore, Alice did not respond to that slap just now.

“Do you think you can hide some of your things from me? I heard that you have a base and there are already such bombs. Are you lying to me? You said you should fight or not?” Brayden Stewart laughed.

Alice was shocked, did he know?

“Don’t be so surprised, forget, one third of the world is my traveler, what can you hide? So, I’ll ask you again! Is there any?” Brayden Stewart approached step by step.

“What do you want those for?” Alice asked warily.

“It doesn’t matter what your business is, Alice Beauty, I want you to tell me, yes or no?” Brayden Stewart laughed.

The hand squeezed Alice’s chin again.

Alice backed away from him and said, “Don’t touch me!!”



Brayden Stewart slapped it out, and Alice fell to the ground. The head of her family was embarrassed at the moment.

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