“Alice, I don’t have so much patience. Answer me, do you? I want you to answer in person!” Brayden Stewart grabbed Alice with a sneer!

Alice opened his hand, “Don’t force me!!”

Two slaps, Alice was slapped in the face for the first time in her life, her anger can be imagined!

But the strength of the hidden family, she knew, she was frightened, and it was also the reason why she was slapped twice and had not resisted.

The strength of the hidden family is indeed not comparable to her kind.

“Forcing you? Are you qualified to say this sentence?” Brayden Stewart sneered, “You don’t know the strength of my Stewart, or I will tell you clearly!”

Alice did not compromise, she glared, “No need!”

“Just know, so answer me, yes or no! Don’t answer this time, your Luofu family, I will disappear you on the earth!!” Brayden Stewart said viciously!

Alice bit her lip, and finally, she lowered her head, “Yes!”

The intense shame caused tears in her eyes.

“Haha, it’s okay to say if there is any? I can’t bear to beat you, but you are not obedient.” Brayden Stewart laughed.

“Don’t touch me, come and get it in five days!” Alice stepped back, not letting Brayden Stewart’s hand touch her.

In fact, in her heart, since the last time she was with Chuck Cannon, she knew that her body could not be touched by a man except Chuck Cannon.

Including for the fun of this hidden family!!

“Five days later, hehe, do you want to see me again in five days?”

“Stay away from me, I’m still working on that kind of bomb, and it’s not in stock at all! If you want, there are experimental items that may explode at any time, do you want?” Alice said coldly.

Brayden Stewart frowned, how important is his life? How is it possible to use experimental products?

“Don’t lie to me, or you will be miserable!” Brayden Stewart hummed.

He walked out with the bodyguard, and Alice shed tears in grievance. At this time, she felt helpless and needed a shoulder too much.

She wanted to call Chuck Cannon, but she couldn’t speak.

What if he can’t come? She will only be disappointed!

“Mom, what’s the matter with you? Who has beaten you?” Emily returned from practicing fighting. She saw that the house was a little messy and there were slap marks on her mother’s face. She was immediately annoyed!

“It’s okay, I’m okay,” Alice shook her head.

The hidden family, she cannot offend!!

“Why is it okay? It’s all like this? Didn’t Chuck Cannon fight it?” Emily asked hurriedly.

“No, how could he beat me? Others beat me,” Alice shook her head, Chuck Cannon would beat herself?

Alice never believed it.

Because Alice knew and saw that Chuck Cannon was a little afraid to see herself now, so Chuck Cannon wouldn’t fight at all.

Whether it comes or not is a question.

“Then who did it?” Emily was really angry.

How could his mother’s face be beaten like this?

“Don’t ask, it’s okay.”

Alice went back to the room, closed the door, and squatted in the corner by herself, enduring the tingling on her face. Before she knew it, her tears came out…

It was a feeling of suffocation that was oppressed by a powerful force, and could not resist. Because of resistance, then it is devastating!

Emily saw her mother’s expression. What did she encounter?

She couldn’t swallow this breath at all.

She ran out of the house and didn’t know who to look for, but she thought of someone, Chuck Cannon. She wanted Chuck Cannon to persuade his mother Karen Lee to help.

She drove over.

In the room, while exercising, sweating Chuck Cannon was surprised, “What, Emily wants to see me?”

“Well, master, she said she wanted to see you outside.” Betty Bernard said, she also felt strange, why did Emily come over suddenly?

“No,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

If it is Alice, then Chuck Cannon will definitely meet, even if he is a little “scared” with Alice, but he will still meet.

Emily forget it.

“But, I saw Emily’s eyes were red,” Betty Bernard said.

Chuck Cannon put down his fitness tools, “Forget it, let her in.”

“Master, wait a minute!” Betty Bernard turned around and went out, but her beautiful eyes turned, “Master, your muscles have been trained very well.”

Saying this, Betty Bernard’s heart jumped.

During this period of time, Chuck Cannon exercised every day, and the obviousness of that muscle rose rapidly.

Chuck Cannon was happy when he heard this and smiled.

Betty Bernard smiled and went out and let Emily in.

After a while, Emily ran in with red eyes, “Chuck Cannon…”

“What are you doing?” Chuck Cannon continued to exercise, sweating like rain.

Emily blushed with this muscle. It was not the frog muscle, but the muscle with a particularly good line.

Very appreciated.

“Where is your mother Karen Lee? I want to see her.” Emily said directly.

“See my mother? What are you doing?”

“Someone in our house just made trouble to my mother…” Emily stopped.

Chuck Cannon put down his fitness tools and walked over subconsciously, “What happened to Alice?”

“When I went back, I saw my mother had slap prints on her face and was beaten. I asked my mother and she was very wary not to say,” Emily sighed.

Chuck Cannon’s eyes became cold, “I will go back with you and have a look.”

“Good!” Emily breathed a sigh of relief, with Chuck Cannon’s words, which means Chuck Cannon is willing to help.

Sure enough, it was a partner, and Chuck Cannon was willing to help.

The two ran out, Betty Bernard was surprised, “Master, what are you?”

“I am going to the Luofu family to have a look, something happened,”


Chuck Cannon drove and followed to the Luofu family, followed by Black Rose.

When he arrived at the Luofu family, Chuck Cannon went in.

“Mom…” Emily knocked on the door, and Alice was in the room.

Her face is still red and swollen, so she doesn’t want to see people, but how can she not see her own daughter?

She opened the door, but when she saw Chuck Cannon, she was astonished and immediately bowed her head.

“Mom, I brought Chuck Cannon here, who did the fight?” Emily couldn’t control it.

Chuck Cannon also feels distressed. Although the relationship between the two people has developed so suddenly, it can be said that it can’t happen at all, but Chuck Cannon has feelings for the women who has been with him.

So he feel sorry for her like this.

Where does Alice speak? Chuck Cannon came over suddenly, already confused her.

She even felt ashamed, and finally met, but she was so ugly now and Chuck Cannon saw it.

“Emily, let me say hello, is there any drink?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Yes, wait, I’ll get it.” Emily ran out.

Chuck Cannon closed the door.

Walked to her and raised her head, “Does it still hurt?”

Alice dared not look at Chuck Cannon in her eyes, her heart beat a few times, and her grievance came out and moved for a moment, “It doesn’t hurt anymore…”

Chuck Cannon is caring about herself?

“Tell me, what is going on?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Alice is the head of one of the four big families. There are not many who dare to beat her, right?

Lee family? impossible. Mom? Even more unlikely.

Another family?

After the Ouke family was destroyed, the family went into hiding.

He was afraid that his mother will do it to them.

“Don’t tell me, I’m okay, thank you for coming, you go back,” Alice lowered her head, Secret Family Stewart, this is not something ordinary people can deal with.

Alice didn’t want to pull Chuck Cannon into the water anymore.

“I came so far, you let me go back?” Chuck Cannon looked at her.

“I… Chuck Cannon, can you go back, I’m ugly now,” Alice turned around, not wanting Chuck Cannon to see her blushing.

For her second man, she cares a lot.

“You are not ugly if you would have been ugly, how can I be with you…”

“Stop talking,” Alice shook her head.

Chuck Cannon hugged her, Alice trembling, “I don’t want to say, it will hurt you,”

“Involved? So if I can, it should be a hidden family, right?” Chuck Cannon knew, with Alice’s temper, how could it be beaten without saying anything?

Only a powerful hidden family can do this, right?

But which secret family is this, why are they looking for Alice?

Why fight Alice? Chuck Cannon has fire in his heart! After all, Alice is already his own woman. Chuck Cannon must figure out this question. Alice was moved, and she turned around, “No, don’t you ask?”

“Not good!” Chuck Cannon replied simply.

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