Chapter 683 – 684: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 683: Join Hands to Against Feng Family

“It has been seventy-two generations.”

The ancestor fell into reminiscence and said, “In a blink of an eye, it has been thousands of years old.”

“Are you … ready?”

Ming Xue knelt on the ground, “I’m willing to dedicate everything to my ancestor.”

He looked firm and fearless.

However, the trembling little finger concealed his inner fear.

Every emperor will be told to dedicate everything for their ancestors before they ascend to the throne.

Because the ancestor is everything of his family.

As the ancestor’s close relative, the emperor needed to dedicate his flesh and soul to be swallowed up by the ancestor, so as to suppress the Magic Pneuma.

This was what every emperor did for millions of eras.

Don’t be afraid. Ming Xue told himself in his heart.

But in the face of life and death, no one can remain unruffled, let alone he was the Peerless Supreme emperor.

That meant he should give up everything he possessed.

A greedy and bloody look came to Xue family’s ancestor’s eyes, but it soon disappeared.

“You … get up!”

Ming Xue didn’t know what to do, but he stood up anyway.


“Go, it has been thousands of eras, it’s time to end it up.”

Xue family’s ancestors said, “Remember, only Feng family and Ying family are our real enemies in the whole world, and the other Imperial Clans are all ants.”

Ming Xue’s heart beat hard. He answered quickly, “Yes, ancestor!”

“Go, if they ask about me, tell them I’m not awake yet.”

“Yes, ancestor!”

Ming Xue left quiveringly. When he walked out of the forbidden area, he was sweaty all over.

In the face of the ancestor, he had no chance of winning even if he possessed the Treasure of Transcendence.

As soon as Ming Xue left, the ancestor’s hand stuck into his heart like a sharp blade.

He heavily dragged out his beating heart.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! “

His heart beat with inexplicable charm, which was consistent with Tao!

The sudden outbreak of power was enough.

On such a horrible heart, was a piece of debris.

The debris gave out green lights and the magic cyan air flowed.

“It’s been thousands of eras, and it was finally refined. The debris of the Zhongmiao Door is really powerful!”

“The Eternal Domain is nothing, and the Zhongmiao Door is the source of all magic. As long as we gather up nine Zhongmiao Doors, we’ll become eternal ruler, and that is the true immortality!”

Xue family’s ancestor grinned and stuffed his heart back into his chest.

The mysterious Magic Pneuma nourished his flesh, and he back to Closing Door again in practicing Taoist magic art alone. But this time, he can wake up at any time.

After Ming Xue came out of the forbidden area, many people’s hearts beat hard, “You …”

“Oh, the ancestor is still in Closing Door. He asked me to go back later.”

Ming Xue grew more and more fearful after walking away from the gate of hell.

“I see.”

The Eighth-generation Ancestor nodded. “The Ying family sent an envoy. Go and have a look!”

Ming Xue nodded and strode away.

He clenched his fist. No matter what, he shouldn’t die!

“Your Majesty, Xue Emperor.”

“Stand up!”

Ming Xue smiled. “What business have you come here for??”

“Your Majesty, Xue Emperor, this is our emperor’s manuscript.”

The envoy presented it respectfully with both hands.

Ming Xue took the manuscript and glanced at it. An idea flashed into his head. “Go back and tell Experor Ying, I got it!”

“Yes, may I excuse myself!”

The envoy came fast and went back in a hurry as well. He came here this time to present the manuscript.

The manuscript from Ying Emperor was very simple. It only had a few words, “Join hands with me to against Feng family!”

Ming Xue knocked the table with his fingers, and he thought of what the ancestor had said: only Feng family and Ying family are real enemies in the whole world, and the other Imperial Clans are all ants.

Even if they had the Treasure of Transcendence.

As the seventy-second generation emperor of Xue family, Ming Xue knew a lot of secrets.

The Feng family’s ancestor and Ying family’s ancestor both had the power beyond the Treasure of Transcendence!

It was not the ancestor of the first generation who rose to the Upper World among the three families’, but someone else.

Most importantly, all the three ancestors came from a place called Tiangong!

The strongest was the Feng family’s ancestor, followed by Ying family and Xue family.

Joining hands to against Feng family was the wisest choice.

People from the outside world would thought this Imperial War was fierce, but the three families only had each other all the time.

They can control everything whenever they want.

However, the consequences will be dangerous. Because something bad will happen if it was discovered by the ship!

As for what will happen, Ming Xue had no idea.

On the other side, the envoy returned to the Ying Domain.

Yu Ying listened to the envoy’s report and nodded. “Go.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Yu Ying’s tapped his fingers, and so many thoughts whirled around in his mind. He had possessed all eight Bronze Warriors, and these Warriors will be his greatest reserve in the future.

“The catastrophe affecting the whole world is coming.”

Yu Ying shook his head. Although the ancestor said calmly, he still smelled a bloody smell.

The war will start just after the ship left!

There was not much time left.



Ji Emperor broke the teacup. “What’s going on here, didn’t I ask you to spread the news?”

“We did spread the news, but the public opinion was not what we’d expected.”

The minister said with a sad face: “The outside world thought that there has been turmoil in our imperial dynasty, and the new emperor is about to ascend the throne in possessing of two Treasures of Transcendence, which will make him the biggest winner of this Imperial War!”

Ji Emperor felt ill and he was depressed to the extreme.

As a result, he lifted the stone and dropped it on his own feet in the end.

Things had become more confusing than before.

Even if the Demon King Army from the Later Period came to attack, was it an internal event?

Ji Emperor looked confused sitting in his position. How could things turned out like this?

It was the Demon King Army. It must be the Demon King Army that manipulating public opinion in the dark.

“What did Jiang’s family say?”

“Jiang Emperor joined the Yao League with Ren Emperor!”


After hearing these words, Ji Emperor was utterly depressed!

It was over. No way out.

Ji’s family was now completely alone.

Ridiculously, the Demon King Army became his patron.

He sat there for a long time without talking, and the ministers kneeling in the hall did not dare to move, for fear of irritating Ji Emperor!

“Tell them be prepare to fight.”

Said Ji Emperor.

“My Majesty, grand the Demon King Army’s request please, otherwise …”


The huge golden square seal instantly ran over and killed the minister who induced to capitulate. “Is there anyone who persuades me into surrender now? If so, stand out and I will give him a quick death. “

Ji Emperor’s words made the ministers shrank like quails.

“If no one opposes it, then go to the command!”

Ji Emperor’s murderous words scared everyone out of the hall.

After everyone left, Ji Emperor muttered to himself: “I am the emperor, the Peerless Supreme. Even if I die, I will never lower my head.”

“Besides, it is still unknown who will be the winner!”

At this point, at the League Domain.

Everything happened in the court of the Ji family was sent back to the headquarters by the cadres of the Demon King Army.

A mixture of emotions spreading over Liang Ji’s face. He was abandoned.

Shan Ji was also driven out of the court, and they were completely declined.

Their eldest brother Yuan Ji devoted himself to the country, but he ended up dying without a title.

He himself was captured by the Demon King Army, but Ji family had no intention of rescuing him at all. In turn, his brother was driven out of the court.

Although this was the scheme of the Demon King Army, he was not resentful.

The two sides had different positions, and he will definitely be crueler than the Demon King Army if it was him.

“Join the Demon King Army, and you will see your brothers the next day. I can guarantee that your two brothers will be paid attention and will not be restricted and under surveillance too often.”

Demon Kris said indifferently: “Just like Dong Ji, Tao Ji and Sheng Ji.”

“The Demon King Army has abundant of talents, why you want me to join in? Aren’t you afraid of me betraying you? “

This was what confused Liang Ji the most.

No matter what, he was at least the war minister of the enemy.

“The more talents, the better. As for traitors, they’ll be killed as easy as I turn my palm!”

Demon Kris was never afraid of these things at all, because he had no basis for betrayal.

Soldiers from the Demon King Army were all people with beliefs and ideals. The Demon King Army would never develop into such a powerful army today if they were taken away by others in just a few words.

Liang Ji felt extreme confidence from the words of Demon Kris.

Indeed, he had no foundation here, and even his three brothers will not care about him.

Liang Ji took a deep breath and said: “I want not only my brothers to be safe, but also my family …”

“As you wish, your relatives will come to reunion with you in two days.”

Demon Kris said: “I won’t even force you to kill anyone from Ji Domain!”

Hearing this, Liang Ji breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Demon Kris stood up, “Think about how to deal with others!”

“Yes, leader.”

Liang Ji stood up and soon got used to his own identity.

Liang Ji’s world view was severely shook staying in the Demon King Army these few days.

Everything was so dreamy in this world that was different from the worlds built by other rulers.

It looked like a dream.

Here, there were strict laws. Everyone was equal before the law. One was not allowed to kill people at will, and anyone who hurts people without cause will even violate the law.

If there was a grudge, it can be dealt on special rings in every big domain, galaxy, and even the planet, and life and death will not be the matter.

All kinds of new things greatly stimulated his senses.

Here, he can hear some strange sounds, but they were rare, which were from nobles and even royalty in the past.

Now they were just one of the ordinary people.

More than 90% of the people supported the Demon King Army, and they were even willing to die in protecting the League.

They were even proud of it.

This will never happen in Ji Domain.

The royal family and nobles in Ji Domain led a befuddled life, and civilians had to grovel and struggle to stay alive just for a bite of food or some resources.

Here, people don’t need to live such a life. All kinds of occupations were rising and greatly balanced the gap between the rich and the poor.

For example, he liked listening to music while sleeping now, and even had a hundred Chaos energy on a certain platform.

Here, as long as you were diligent, you can have everything you want. You can live a rich life and even get ahead.

He took a deep breath. Maybe such a world should be the mainstream of the future.


At the same time, inside the Time Barrier.

The universe in Kris Chen’s body expanded to 900 trillion star fields, and he was one step closer to the Later period of Normalization Stage.

“What is Transcendence?”

This was what Kris Chen had been thinking these days.

Was Transcendence a transcendence to the Chaos World on the Other Realm?

Now, he had forgotten the pleasure of Stage raising since he set foot on the road of spiritual practice.

He was like a ruthless machine of practice.

His inner world was constantly providing him with the Great Tao. One by one, layer upon layer, which gave him a thorough view of the world, and at the same time, made him more confused.

What was he transcending!


Or the world?

Chapter 684: Besiege the Imperil Star

The more he knew, the more he felt ignorant.

“Forget it, it’s too melodramatic if I think too much.”

Kris Chen patted his face and sunk into the Inner Universe.

After he broke through the Normalization Stage, he let go of the Endless Stage. Now there were billions the strong in the Endless Stage of the Inner Universe, which were far more than the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

The Other Realm World had limited potential, while the potential of Kris Chen’s Inner Universe was unlimited.

It was really scary to support one person by infinite beings.

However, Kris Chen had provided them with all the resources before they fed him back .

Practice was like getting to the root of the matter. It was like chicken-and -egg.

Energy must be conserved, so where did those energies came from?

To practice in the end was to trace the source of all things.

For the beings inside his body, he was the source and the only thing that the infinite beings were pursuing.

What about Kris Chen himself?

He felt that he also should pursue the source of all things and the one.

In this way, he was worthy of coming to the world.

The Chaos World on the Other Realm was complicated. It seemed turbulent, but in fact it was calm at the bottom.

He was not powerful enough to suppress everything.

“Without being devoured by the Treasure of Transcendence, it’s much slower to practice. It takes a lot of time.”

“Yuan Kris is not around, so I have to keep an eye on myself. It is indeed a bit boring.”

“Forget it, Yuan Kris has stayed long enough, let him go.”

It was boring to practice and keep watch alone.

Fortunately, he can go into Chaos inside his body to accompany his parents and wife when time permitted.

Compared with the magnificent the Other Realm world, they felt more comfortable living in the Chaos World.

Fighting and killing were not for them.

Thanks to Kris Chen, a bunch of women had promoted their cultivation to Endless Stage.

Then, to run a company and teach the descendants of Chen family in the Supreme Universe. The universe would even turn into an universe with science and technology.

What’s more, his six hundred-generation grandson invented something similar to Bi-directional Foil. Although it can only destroy the intermediate universe at present, it had great potential!

Kris Chen directly took him out of the Self Universe and put him into the space-time with different flow rates to speed up his research.

Once this weapon was successfully developed, it would become a weapon of mass destruction.

If the Demon King Army was equipped with this, they would be omnipotent.

In addition, there were weapons of eradication, which were even worse than the Bi-direction Foil.

Once fired, it can cause a black hole of eradication which was one hundred million times larger than the black hole in the universe. It was said to devour thousands of Chaos Universes, yet it was not powerful enough at present.

While Kris Chen was practicing, the war at the outside broke out again.

This time, the Demon King Army took the lead and Yuan Kris led the army, supported by North Kris and Buddha Kris.

A great army of eighty trillion people marched towards Ji Domain.

Demon Kris held the Chaos Spirit Sword, and he was the vanguard of the decapitation team this time.

Only the Treasure of Transcendence can resist, and Kris Chen even gave him all the Hybrid Spirit Cauldrons.

They were capable of both attacking and defending.

“The latest news, the Demon King Army attacked Ji Domain, it is said to suppress traitors and rebels!”

When Jiang Emperor received the news, he said quickly: “Spy on it, find out the details.”


At the same time, inside the Ren Domain.

“Your Majesty, the Demon King Army moved!”

Ren Emperor nodded. “What did Clairvoyant and Clairaudience said?”

“It’s massive, and maybe they are going to flatten Jiang Domain in this fight!”

“Ji Emperor possesses the Heaven Turning Seal. Even if Ji Domain is overthrown, as long as he has the Treasure of Transcendence, he can make a comeback.”

“Forget it, no matter how they fight, Ji Emperor should better escape. An undisciplined traitor possessing the Treasure of Transcendence is enough to bother the Demon King Army, isn’t it?”

Ren Emperor laughed. “Let them go.”

Xuanyuan Emperor smiled. “Is this a good opportunity to attack the Demon King Army?”

Ren Emperor shook his head. “The enemy only launched an army of 80 trillion this time, and its standing army is about 300 trillion. How should we make a surprise attack?”

It was only possible if the six families fight back at the same time, and each sent a troop with 30 trillion people!

But it was difficult to convince them. The Demon King Army had been fighting for more than ten thousand years ever since the Royal War till now, and they were never defeated.

Besides, the enemy’s informers were all over the Other Realm World, so the Demon King Army should already received the information even before the soldiers were summoned.

This made them angry and helpless.

They felt even more helpless about the decayed intelligence agencies.

The country had lasted for millions of eras, and what should become decayed had long been decayed.

Xuanyuan Emperor shook his head. “The Demon King Army is really different. It developed so fast in just 10,000 years. If we can’t defeat them in the Imperial War, it will be even harder to subdue them in the future.”

“Be it the high-end combat power or mid-level combat power, what they have is no worse than ours.”

“Most importantly, I have studied their system. It is horrifying.”

Saying that, Xuanyuan Emperor shook his head. His Xuanyuan Domain had long been infiltrated by the cadres from the Demon King Army.

Some insurgents were even making troubles in secret, but they were suppressed by violence.

The civilians and mobs underneath were nothing, but they were threatening if they were organized and had disciplines!

You can’t kill civilians once you meet them.

“There is always a way out. No matter what, this war should be an opportunity. If Ji family win, it would be a great blow to the Demon King Army. If they lose, the Demon King Army also needs a lot of time to recover. By then, it is the time for us to fight back. “

“Ren Emperor is right!”

Xuanyuan Emperor laughed.

Royal court at the Wang Domain!

“Oh, the Demon King Army launched an attack on the Ji family?”

Lin Wang realized that this was a good opportunity!

How many people would die in a fight of hundreds of trillions people?

How much Fate can he absorb?

It thought exciting.

“Take the Reverse Bead and sneak into the battlefield. Absorb as much Fate as you can. Remember, take cover and don’t expose yourself.”

A translucent figure aside nodded and accepted the Reverse Bead.

He immediately disappeared.

“Fate is really a good thing. Give me a little more time and I will certainly achieve the Treasure of Transcendence!”

Lin Wang’s eyes flashed a gleam.

Feng Domain!

Feng Emperor looked calm when he knew the Demon King Army launched the attack. “Ask them to keep an eye on it, and remember to report the outcome!”

In addition, Feng Emperor did nothing.

“Supreme Ancestor, the Demon King Army …”

“That’s it!”

The old man in white robe said faintly, “Concentrate on playing chess. The Demon King Army is nothing but a larger chess piece. Fatten them up a little. Isn’t it good to end it up at one time?”

“Yes, thank you for teaching, Supreme Ancestor!”

Wuxie Feng nodded and felt excited. The Ancestor was making a big plan. As long as it succeeded, people of all Feng family can ascend to the Eternal Domain!

It had been ten million eras, and the long-cherished wish of Feng family can finally come true in his generation.


The Demon King Army march for three days, and conquered everywhere they went. Cadres of the Demon King Army in every large Domain all led civilians to rise up instantly.

Those nobles and royal family had long known that the Demon King Army hated those who exploited civilians, so wherever they went, blood flew in rivers!

The nobles and royal family all fled to the Imperial Star!

At this time, everyone in the Imperial Star was already jittery. Household troops in noble families and royal family were all expropriated, and a troop of one hundred and twenty trillion people was abruptly gathered.

Ji Emperor was dressed in the Nine-dragon Imperial Armor, with the Heaven Turning Seal in his hand. All the nobles and ministers gathered together, accounting for tens of thousands of people.

Senior generals were standing in the outside world, and more than ten thousands of them achieved Endless Stage. There were millions of them who reached Chaos Stage, and the most horrible were ancestors of Ji family.

The ancestors of one hundred generations were all super powerful in Normalization Stage!

“I am here waiting for you to return home in triumph!”

Ji Emperor was the Supreme Emperor, so he shouldn’t take action. The Heaven Turning Seal in his hand also absorbed dozens of precious seals, which was used by his direct descendants.

“Rest assured, your Majesty. Victory is assured!”

“Ji family must win, Ji family must win!”

People all shouted in order, and even the white clouds over the imperial city were scattered.

“Everyone, cheers!”

Ji Emperor took the wine. He drank it in one gulp, and then broke the wine bowl.

“Crack! Crack! Crack! “

The crack of falling bowls was endless.

“Take care, your Majesty!”

“Take care …”

Ji Emperor sat on the Jinluan Palace with a Xuanguang Mirror in front of him. Looking at the endless warships in it, he was bitterly regretful.

If he attack the Demon King Army when it was weak, how can the disaster happen today?

But it was too late now!

What made him angry most was that Dong Ji , Tao Ji and Sheng Ji were the vanguards.

This was slapping his face, and Ji family was completely trampled down.

He knew that there must be informers from other Imperial Clans on the Imperial Stars.

Forget it, now only the Imperial Star was not intruded in the whole Ji family. Once the Imperial Star was breached, the Ji family dynasty will be completely destroyed!

“Kill them! Kill them! Kill them! “

The Demon King Army shouted in unison.

Their shouting sound shook the whole world, and countless stars were shocked into powder.

“Brothers, it’s time to liberate Ji Domain in recent days, go!”


The warships were launched, and every warship was equipped with hundreds of Divine Light Cannons!

Hundreds of millions of warships fired simultaneous, and billions of Divine Light Cannons fired with an energy that can destroy countless Chaos Worlds, and even Normalization Ancestor cannot withstand it.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! “

The overwhelming Divine Light Cannons were intercepted by the white light curtain, which was a large protective array of the Imperil Star, and even Normalization Ancestor can hardly break it through!

“Half-god Light Cannons enhanced the power to the second gear, and the other half covered and launched interactively. The enemy had no time to breathe!”

Yuan Kris issued orders. To a certain extent, Yuan Kris was indeed more suitable to control the overall situation than Demon Kris.

The power of the second gear was ten times greater!

“Boom! Boom! Boom! “

“Boom! Boom! Boom! “

The white light curtain was shaking by the Cannons of the second gear, and even cracks appeared!

“No, the enemy’s fire is too fierce, and the protective curtain can’t resist it!”

“We must resist it even if we can’t!”

The leader was Ji Emperor’s eldest son, the prince of the dynasty, Wushuang Ji!

“Hurry up, you losers, they were firing at our home. When will our Chaos Martial Cannons be ready!”

“Hold on for one hour!”

The minister of Divine Weapon Bureau was sweating profusely.

Who would expected that rebels could really hit the Imperial Star, and they had crossed tens of thousands of Domains in only three days. That was simply incredible!

“One hour?”

Wushuang Ji grabbed him by the collar angrily. “I don’t care how many Chaos Martial Cannons we have now, fire, fire!”

“If you can’t fire, I’ll chop off your head!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The minister felt the sharp threat of death. He was scared the shit out of him, and hurriedly ran to give orders!

The Imperial Star had existed for millions of eras, but barely made 20 million Chaos Martial Cannons.

And less than half of them are still damaged.

“Forget it, fire!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom! “

Chaos Martial Cannons cut through the sky and headed towards the Demon King’s warships!

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