Alice was helpless, “Don’t hold me, Emily will come in, and she will see me.”

If this is seen by her own daughter, then she will be really faceless, and even more unable to face her own daughter!

You know, letting her daughter see that she is with a man who is as small as her is enough to make her unable to face it.

What’s more, she also knew that her daughter also treated Chuck Cannon…

She sighed, panicked, and struggled.

Chuck Cannon shook his head, “She will see it when she has to see, what’s there? Shameful?”

Dare to be or not? This is not Chuck Cannon’s character.

Because Emily will know it sooner or later, it is better to know it now.

“Don’t, Chuck Cannon, please don’t let my daughter know,” Alice panicked.

Begged in front of Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon was silent for three seconds and compromised, “Okay, I won’t let her know, but I’ll give you a chance, before Emily comes back, tell me, who hit you?”

“No, I don’t want to say,” Alice was flustered, she didn’t want to hurt Chuck Cannon.

Stewart is a hidden family. No matter how good Chuck Cannon is, how can he be an opponent of the hidden family?

Chuck Cannon will definitely be hurt.

Just bear it yourself, why bother to Chuck Cannon?

“Then you just wait to be seen by Emily.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“No, Chuck Cannon, don’t do this to me.” Alice shed tears.

Even if she was the first man to do this to her, she would definitely get angry right away, and even immediately said go!!

But Chuck Cannon was so “tightening” her, she couldn’t get angry, so why did she get angry? Only pleading, this is a small enemy.

She was at loss!

Chuck Cannon couldn’t bear it, “Alice, I will be helping you. Just tell me. I heard footsteps. Emily is coming back with water.”

Alice heard it too, she panicked, “Chuck Cannon, I don’t want to hurt you, do you understand?”

“Do you like me? So you don’t want to hurt me?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Alice was taken aback, liked it?

She is here, but she also feels confused. Do you like Chuck Cannon?

She was confused for three seconds and was affirmed in her heart, yes, she really liked it.

The unexpected togetherness broke the relationship between the two.

Otherwise, how could he let Chuck Cannon hug her like this?

Still want to hold back, can’t she be angry?

This should be liked.

“I…” Alice hesitated, what can she say? She feels shy.

“Do you like it?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Alice lowered her head, her voice was like a mosquito, “Well.”

She has a charming charm. When she nodded softly, she looked like a girl, like her first love, without any sense of disobedience.

“Then tell me, Emily has come in.” Chuck Cannon said suddenly.

“Ah, no, Brayden Stewart…” Alice was frightened and struggled away helplessly.

After she subconsciously said it, she regretted it very much, because after seeing Chuck Cannon’s mistake, after the accident, her face sank!!

She felt very moved at this moment. Chuck Cannon’s face was cold and angry. She was moved, and she finally had someone to rely on.

She has been in charge of the Luofu family for so many years, no matter how well she manages, no matter how strong she is, she has an indelible fact, after all, that is, she is also a woman, and there are times when she feels to be helpless.

Now, Chuck Cannon gave her this long-lost feeling.

But she panicked, why did she say it!

Can’t say!

This is killing Chuck Cannon!

“It was Brayden Stewart who hit you? Why did he hit you?!” Chuck Cannon was really hot, and it was Brayden Stewart who hit Alice?

“No, I was wrong, not him.” Alice hurriedly shook her head.

“I heard clearly, it’s him, trust me!” Chuck Cannon was very serious!

Believe me, the three words came to Alice’s ears, and she suddenly felt that this sense of security warmed her.

She is addicted to it!!

She hasn’t felt this way for many years.

She nodded in a daze, “Well!”

Chuck Cannon wanted to hug her, but Emily came back with water in her hand.

Alice hurriedly sorted her clothes, which was wrinkled by Chuck Cannon just now.

“Drink, I took it from my room, this is snowy mountains and water.”

Chuck Cannon took it, took a few sips, and it felt sweet. This Emily thought it was that she went to her room to get water for herself.

“Does it taste good?”


“I still have a lot in my room. I’ll bring you a few boxes later,” Emily said. Yes, her room is too big and has everything in it. Drinking more of this water can detox! So she bought a lot and put it in the room.

“No, I was thirsty just now.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He didn’t have any requirements for the water, as long as it was clean. This water looks expensive and unnecessary.


Emily was disappointed but stunned. Why are her mother’s eyes red again?

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” Emily asked concerned.

“It’s okay,” Alice shook her head.

“When will he come?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Five days later,” Alice said blankly, and she regretted it too.

“Okay, then I’ll come in early then,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Brayden Stewart, this guy is looking for death. He dared to beat Alice and threaten her?

Chuck Cannon became angry. You know, Alice, such a woman, dare not say it, it can be seen how wronged she is in her heart.

If Emily is not there, Chuck Cannon would have comforted her.

“Don’t, don’t come over.” Alice shook her head, her beautiful eyes flushed.

“I’ll come over, rest assured, trust me!” Chuck Cannon gave Alice one last look and turned to go out.

Alice wants to chase it out, not wanting Chuck Cannon to face Brayden Stewart!

“Mom, I’ll send Chuck Cannon,” Emily has run out.

Alice hesitated to speak, sighed, and fell into regret. Why did she just say it?

“Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon, who on earth beat my mother?” Emily, who came out, pulled Chuck Cannon and asked.

She was really annoyed. Seeing Alice like this, she must know that since she had the memory, she hadn’t seen Alice like this.

As if being forced to a dead end.

“In five days, you will know.” Chuck Cannon didn’t say much and got in the car after speaking.

Driving away, Black Rose, who was waiting just now, also drove away.

Emily was left astonished.

“Why would Mom tell him, but not me? Why?” Emily was at a loss, unable to understand!

You know you are the closest person to Alice, right?

Without telling me, she told Chuck Cannon what happened when I went to get water just now?

Emily ran back, Alice’s beautiful eyes were red, at a loss, and regretted that she had killed Chuck Cannon.

“Mom, mom!!” Emily yelled at Alice in a daze.

Alice came back to her senses, “Emily, what’s the matter with you?”

“I asked, what did Chuck Cannon tell you just now?” Emily was very serious.

“Nothing to say!!” Alice shook her head immediately, how could Emily know about this?

If she knew it, Alice had no idea how to face her daughter.

“Nothing. But how did you tell Chuck Cannon? Didn’t tell me?”

“I haven’t told you coz I was afraid you will be worried.”

“Then you said to Chuck Cannon but not me.” Emily was angry.

“Stop it, go back to the room by yourself,” Alice shook her head, and when Emily pressed her to ask her, she would definitely show her feet.

“Tell me, who the hell is it.” Emily cried. She was wronged by her mother!!

She suddenly didn’t help at all, she felt very useless.

Alice sighed, “Secret family wanderer.”

“What?” Emily was stunned.

The chin is about to fall, she is the only daughter of Alice, she must know these things, she understands why her mother is still quiet, it turns out that it is because of the secret family!

But why do people in the hidden family do this?

“Mom, tell me, what is going on?” Emily wept anxiously.

Own family, is this offending the secret family?

Now that Alice spoke, and of course she also told the story completely. Emily was annoyed, “How can this be? Why do they want a bomb?”

Emily was angry.

Alice sighed, “To kill Chuck Cannon…”

Emily was stunned, “Mom, how do they think you are not normal with Chuck Cannon!”

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