“Emily, what are you talking nonsense? “

Alice was flustered, and her daughter was also smart, so thank you for seeing it all?

She must have shown her feet just now.

Alice’s heart was getting nervous, if she got to know, how should she face her?

No face to face it!!

“Mom, I mean, do you have any other agreement with Chuck Cannon? That’s why he is helping you?”

Emily didn’t think about it, it was impossible to think about it!!

You know that Alice is her mother. She knows that Alice pays special attention to herself. This is a standard beauty and a standard single woman. No man can match her.

Emily wouldn’t think about it at all.

What’s more, with Chuck Cannon?

Two guys wouldn’t make a difference!

Even more unlikely.

So Emily’s thoughts on the relationship between Alice and Chuck Cannon are particularly simple.

Alice breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that her daughter didn’t think about it at all. It was because she thought about it too much.

“Well, there are other agreements. Because of the cooperation, he doesn’t want me to have trouble either.” Alice was guilty.

She actually wants to keep lying to her daughter.

She feels guilty, but she was also worried and afraid. Because of lies, there will always be a day of exposure. What would she do?

“Well, mom, what do you think of Chuck Cannon?” Emily understood.

It seems that her mother, because of cooperation, has slowly begun to change Chuck Cannon.

Emily was also pleased.

“He… Very good.” Alice was silent for three seconds.

“Well, I also think he is very good, Mom, do you know? When I went to see him just now, he heard that you had an accident, so he came over.” Emily said.

“Really?” Alice sighed and moved.

She does not regret the accident that happened with Chuck Cannon that day, because, without that accident, she would never have time with Chuck Cannon.

It’s just that she hurt him.

“En, yes, Chuck Cannon still respects you, mom,”

“Respect?” Alice found it difficult to speak.

“Yes, respect, he has cooperated with our family, maybe you should be respected,” Emily felt normal.

Alice can’t answer.

“But, what should someone from the hidden family come over in five days?” Emily was anxious.

The hidden family is too powerful!!

Alice did not answer either. She asked Emily to go back to the room. She took out her mobile phone and called Chuck Cannon to stop him, but Chuck Cannon did not answer.

Alice was anxious to continue the fight, but Chuck Cannon sent a message with only a few words, “Trust me, go to bed early.”

After Alice saw it, she felt a sense of security in her heart, and she was already in tears. This is the feeling of being touched, it’s been too long…

Alice was nervous for five days. She had asked the base to send a small bomb over. She hoped Brayden Stewart would come quickly, but she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to come.

Emily wanted to be there, but Alice refused!!

Her daughter is beautiful, she doesn’t want her daughter to be beaten by Brayden Stewart.

She waited nervously. Suddenly, the phone rang. She thought it was the bodyguard at home and wanted to tell her Brayden Stewart was here.

However, when she answered, it was Chuck Cannon’s voice.

“Let me in,”

“Chuck Cannon, it’s you? Please don’t come, okay.” Alice’s eyes were moist, full of emotion, but also full of fear. She was afraid that Chuck Cannon would come out for herself and it would hurt him.

“Trust me,” just a few words have already made Alice tears in her eyes.

She was silent for three seconds, then choked up, “Come in!”

Thirty seconds later, Chuck Cannon came in with Black Rose beside him!

Black Rose also knew about it.

So she followed in.

Alice saw the Black Rose, so she lowered her head and forced the tears in her eyes.

Because she can’t let other people know the relationship between herself and Chuck Cannon.

Then it will make Chuck Cannon bad.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and came over, “When will he come?”

“I don’t know, he said today anyway.” Alice shook her head.

“Black Rose, you find a place to hide first.” Chuck Cannon still wanted to be careful and let Black Rose take a sniper rifle. If anything happens, Black Rose can solve it quickly!!

This can be foolproof.

Black Rose was indifferent, “Well.”

She looked around and then found a place to hide.

“I’ll hurt you.” Alice shook her head.

“Trust me, I know this Brayden Stewart too.” Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold.

“You know?” Alice was surprised, too. With Chuck Cannon’s identity, it is possible to come into contact with Brayden Stewart.

However, knowing is of little use, the hidden family completely surpasses many families.

This gap is huge!

How can Chuck Cannon give himself a head?

“Yes, I know, he slapped you twice, I will let him return you twenty slaps until you are satisfied.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“You…” Alice was surprised and sighed.

Chuck Cannon said so, he must be comforting herself.

Brayden Stewart is so powerful, how can Chuck Cannon beat him?

Alice has already decided, and if Brayden Stewart gets angry later, she will bear it all!!

She didn’t want her second man to suffer any harm.

“Don’t worry, trust me!” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Well,” Alice sighed.

Black Rose has found a good position, she looked at Chuck Cannon and muttered, “What are you talking to others? Where do you talk so much?”

Black Rose didn’t bother to look.

At this time, outside the Luofu family!!

Brayden Stewart drove here, this is the most expensive car arguably!

Brayden Stewart drove himself, and there were only two bodyguards in the car.

Arrived at the door of the Luofu family.

He smiled.

“Master!!” A bodyguard asked, staring at the heavily guarded door.

“It’s okay, that Alice is very spineless, but I am a little interested in her,” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, his face also sullen.

You know, if you get the bomb later, then you can take back the handle from Chuck Cannon’s hand!!

Kill him!

Brayden Stewart get off lazily!

Two bodyguards came down, and one of them walked over and slapped a bodyguard at the door with a slap. This slap was too heavy and the bodyguard spits blood.

“Haven’t opened the door yet?”

The bodyguard was angry, but Alice had already confessed that she couldn’t resist.

He opened the door, Brayden Stewart smiled slightly and was about to go in, but suddenly he thought of a funny one. He lazily said to the bodyguard who vomited blood, “Go in and say to your Alice… I have come here, but won’t she come out to meet me?”

“Ah? What, you unexpectedly!!” The bodyguard was annoyed. Alice, the head of the Luofu family, actually wanted to come out to greet him?


Brayden Stewart’s bodyguard slapped it out again, and the bodyguard fainted directly.

Brayden Stewart said to some other bodyguards of the Luofu family, “Not yet? Tell Alice that if she won’t come out to meet me, I will smash her house today!!”

These bodyguards looked at each other, and someone ran in and told Alice!

Brayden Stewart thought it was fun, and Alice came out and he would ask her to kneel to greet her, so it should be a little bit interesting!

Brayden Stewart waited lazily, and the bodyguard next to him received a call. After being frightened, he immediately said, “Master, the master doesn’t seem to be well, let you go back here quickly.”

Brayden Stewart smiled and said, “Oh, not so good? It’s been so many days, why don’t you die? If he doesn’t die, how can I be in charge?”

Brayden Stewart wanted to sit as the Patriarch of the Stewart Family for too long, but it was a pity that Chuck Cannon actually ruined his great future!

So now, if Adam Stewart died suddenly, he could still have a chance to fight, he didn’t bother to watch it.

If you die, die.

What’s the big deal?

The two bodyguards looked at each other, so that’s not good, right?

“Tell my dad that I am in an emergency now.” Brayden Stewart ordered.

“Yes!” The bodyguard called immediately.

Brayden Stewart is actually a little strange. Adam Stewart has a sudden illness and many diseases that he doesn’t usually have appeared. He has been in a coma for a long time and is skinny.

All doctors can’t find why.

what’s going on?

When Brayden Stewart wanted to be excited, the bodyguard of the Luofu family came out.

“Where is Alice? Are you not coming out yet? I’m going to smash it!” Brayden Stewart laughed, and Alice will definitely come out to greet you!

That’s interesting!

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