Chapter 685 – 686: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 685: The Reappearance of Painful Memory

However, the cannonballs exploded in mid-air.

These Chaos Martial Cannons hadn’t been revamped and updated for hundreds of thousands of eras, and they were not powerful as before. They even exploded before reaching the battleships.

It was really ridiculous. How dare they to fight against their enemy?

The Minister of the Divine Weapon Bureau fell to the ground in fear and said, “It’s over!”

As the words fell, he was killed. The blood had scattered all around Wushuang’s sword.

“Traitors should be killed for they have brought miseries to the country!”

Now the whole Ji family had become the laughing stock.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Divine Light Cannon continued the attack. After the tenth round, the Imperial Shield was completely destroyed.

“Stop it at any costs!”

Wushuang yelled! Then a hundred and twenty trillion warriors, king-level generals, imperial generals, ministers, royal nobles, and imperial ancestors all rushed forward!

The crowd array had covered all those Divine Light Cannons!

“Tell them, raise the Cannons to the third gear!”

The Third Gear Divine Light Cannon could only fire ten cannons, and after that it was time to fight without weapons.

“Boom!” The power of the third-gear Divine Light Cannon surged, but the consumption was also terrifying!

“Get out of my way!”


The broadsword in those king-level generals were not split apart when touching the Divine Light Cannon. Instead, it crumbled inch by inch in a fast speed. Then the Chaos Spirit Weapon was smashed into pieces, and directly thrust through the general.

A bowl-sized wound appeared on his chest.

The power of the Divine Light Cannon lied in its extra damage.

The left energy eroded their bodies, sun souls, acupuncture points and powers little by little. Then the general died.

“The shield must be fully opened, the other side’s cannon fire is too strong!”

The first round of Divine Light Cannon killed tens of billions of enemies.

Those who died were all people with lower cultivation. That was exactly their function.



The second round of Divine Light Cannon started!

Yuan Kris was also mobilizing his troops, he divided the eighty trillion troops into eight legions led by young generals like Xiu, Mu Chen, Cheng Chen, Buhui Chen, Wuji Mo and Nan.

Each one of them was a master in the Endless Stage, which was invincible.

“All the generals listen to my order, get ready for the attack and rushed after the tenth round!”

“Rush right now!” Then the sky even shook in a terrifying manner.

At the same time, the Decapitation Team, led by Demon Kris had also assembled. There were tens of thousands of people!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The fifth round of Divine Light Cannons fired in unison.

The battle was tragic.

Tens of billions of soldiers died due to the Divine Light Cannon.

Seeing this, Normalization Ancestor who was the leader of the second generation of Ji family looked quite depressed. They started the attack billions miles away before the sixth round began.

The Normalization Stage had already reached the ceiling of the Chaos World on the Other Realm.

Billions of miles of sky were torn apart, and countless stars were crushed into pieces by the attack.

What terrified most was the Taoist Powers left by the attack. Many soldiers would be torn apart instantly once they touched it.

“Get out of here!”

Demon Kris yelled, and then the Chaos Spirit Sword glittered in golden light, as if a Divine Sword that split the world into two pieces.

The aura of the Treasure of Transcendence was frightening.

“People who walk though the Normalization Stage will have no chance to escape!”

That frightening aura made all Ji family members feel frightened.

“The battlefield of Normalization should be up there!”

Demon Kris, North Kris, Buddha Kris, incarnations of Yin and Yang and Chen were standing in a line!

Behind them were other incarnations of Kris. Although they were mass-produced, they were really powerful and reached the stage of Normalization. The third echelon was masters of Self Chaos.

Actually, the foundation of Kris was a bit weak.

Fortunately, Kris owned many materials which were enough for him to cultivate these incarnations.

Seeing that their strength were equal, those ancestors looked at each other and said, “Coming up!”

Then, each of them had an enemy of their level.

“Go to the hell!”

Then the Second Ancestor started the attack, his palm had covered all the area which was really terrifying.

“Are you comparing the size of the palm?”

Buddha Kris sneered and reached his palm.


The clash of two palms was powerful and even the generals in the lower place were all affected by the wave.


Was it the battle between Normalization Ancestors? How powerful they were. Even the wave could kill king-level generals.

“Not bad!”

Buddha Kris nodded with satisfaction, it seemed that he was praising the Ancestor.

Hearing this, Guang Ji felt furious. Buddha Kris was much more powerful than him.

The most importantly, there were many Great Tao in his palm, it was definitely the embodiment of the Great Tao.

Although he also had many Great Tao in his palm, however, compared with Buddha Kris, it meant nothing.

“Heaven Turning Seal!”

The Treasure of Transcendence instantly transformed into a square seal and it reminded those generals, “The sky is sealed by the Turning Heaven Seal, and no power and martial is allowed in this area! People who violates this would be killed!”

Each Treasure of Transcendence was born from the Qi of Heaven and Earth, and was recognized by Chaos World in the Other Realm.

Then a Peerless Supreme Will spread across the area of ten million miles, and everyone felt a sense of falling. It was hard for them to use their power.

“Break it!”

Demon Kris narrowed his eyes, and the next moment the Chaos Spirit Sword stroke the Heaven Turning Seal.


The next moment, a crack appeared on the Heaven Turning Seal, and it continued to expand until the last minute.


The seal was broken!

“Go to the hell!”

“Super Cosmic Explosion Fist! The third gear!”


The fist directly headed to Guang who was the leader of Ji family. His death would definitely cause a huge impact on others. However, he didn’t realized the danger and was still in the shock of the broken Seal.

“You are holding the Treasure of Transcendence!”

“Bang!” The next moment, the fist emerged just in front of his eyes.

“The Art of Great Diversion!”

Then, Guang instantly moved a hundred million miles!

“You can’t escape.”

“Just indulge in the world of pain and never come out again!”

Demon Kris gave the punch and the the world was filled with infinite pains!

The strength of extreme pain was still powerful, although Kris had already gained many Great Tao, the strength could still be sensed.

The world of extreme pain composed of countless pain made Guang’s speed slow down instantly. Then he felt a sense of regret and many regretful things appeared in his mind.

Why did he give the elevation opportunity to his brother? Why did he kill his sister-in-law and his nephews? He was really painful now.

Guang clutched his head, and after a while, he bit his tongue fiercely, and regained a trace of clarity! Then he understood that it was Demon Kris’s Magic Power.

It was too horrible!

Just when he was planning to escape, Demon Kris arrived and said, “Just stay here forever and repent for your sins!”

The Fist of Sinking!

A world of countless pains!

“It’s too painful!”

“It’s meaningless for me to live in the world!”

Even breathing and opening eyes was a mistake.

“Be cautious! Guang is failed!”

Seeing this, Ji Emperor narrowed his eyes and held the Heaven Turning Seal in his hand and then throw it to the Xuanguan Realm.

Just at this moment, Demon Kris was nervous, he felt a sense of danger and captured the faint tremor of the wave.


One of ten thousand second later, a shining Seal appeared at where Demon Kris stood.

Even the Universe Void was collapsed, and countless Kekkai Immortal were sucked in.

“A sneak attack?”

Demon Kris’s God Eye had been cultivated to the highest level, he looked at the Imperial Star and smashed many barriers, “Don’t be too hasty, it will soon be your turn.”

It was also in this gap that Guang gained his consciousness.

He was drenched in sweat, after recalling everything that had just happened, he felt very frightened.

This Magic Power was too terrifying, which could make people sink in the pain.

“Thanks, my emperor!”

Guang spoke to the void for he knew Ji emperor could see him.

After retrieving the Treasure of Transcendence, Ji Emperor felt depressed than glad.

How could Demon Kris avoid his attack? This person must be very strong. Besides, Demon Kris also had the Treasure of Transcendence. There must be a battle between them.

“Are you the leader of the Demon King Army?”

Ji Emperor guessed Demon Kris’s identity.

“Strange Domain!”

Guang didn’t hide his power any longer. The most powerful skill of Ji family was the Way of Weirdness. His body gradually became transparent and changed into the Strange Domain. One could only get out when he found his real body.

The sky turned scarlet, and endless weirdness flowed around Demon Kris. Then he felt a sense of absurdity.

Demon Kris nodded his head, and he suddenly knew that why Ji family could be ranked as one of the ten Imperial Clans.

Super Cosmic Explosive Fist! The fourth gear!

The next moment, incredible powers had exploded and countless stars were destroyed in merely a second.

However, the Strange Domain remained fine.

“It’s not bad, even the highest-level God Eye of Brokenness can’t find the real body, it seems that the innate-power stage restrains all kinds of God Eyes!”

“What if I close my eyes?”

Demon Kris smiled and used Yang Spirit Response.

He closed his eyes and his Divine Spiritual Power attached on the endless Cosmic Spiritual Opportunities.

“Well, I find you!”


The next moment, Demon Kris gave Guang a punch, then a wave appeared in the southeast.


The space was destroyed by the force.


Guang spat out a mouthful of blood, his face was full of shock.

How could it be possible, how did he find him?

Was it because the Divine Spiritual Power?

It was impossible, the innate-power stage of Ji family restrained all kinds of divine eyes. Even Divine Spiritual Power couldn’t capture his real body.

How could this happen? He didn’t believe this! Then Guang took out his Magic Weapons, which was a beautiful lantern.

The handle was extremely white and delicate. However, when seeing closely, it was exactly a bone! Besides, there was a face appeared on the lantern.

These lanterns were made of the skin of his sister-in-law and nephews.

Their souls were trapped in the lanterns, and their flesh and blood were made into lamp oil, while the sun soul was the wick! Besides, there were countless weirdness.

“Eat him and then you’ll be full.”

Chapter 686: Who Will Win the Battle?

Suddenly, numerous laughter sounds came from the lantern. One after another figure flew out from inside. This made the weird field even weirder.

Gradually Demon Kris realized that something was wrong. He even felt a domineering force was affecting his memory, which seemed to keep filling him with other memories.

“Get the hell out of here. I don’t have time to play games with you.” Demon Kris shouted. The Hunyuan Sword was trembling. Suddenly, a strange movement came from the southwest.

Numerous miserable sounds rang out, and then disappeared after the sword was swung. With that the surrounding fog dispersed and the blood moon in the sky disappeared.

Demon Kris saw the human skin lantern that was split into two halves. Guang Ji was vomiting blood.

“Please… don’t kill me…” Guang Ji begged for mercy.

Demon Kris swung his sword and the weird world instantly collapsed. Guang who was in the Fulfilled period of the Normalization stage died.

It was not that he was weak, but Demon Kris was stronger.

“Guang is dead.” Emperor Ji clenched his fist, his eyes full of hatred. “I must avenge him.”

At this time, there were tens of thousands of battlefields in the starry sky above, which was no weaker than the starry sky below.

Demon Kris made his sixth attack. Endless power was released from his fist. This punch surpassed the limits of the Normalization Stage. If his power of this punch was released to the battlefield, it would be a pure killing machine, and no warrior could resist it. It was no exaggeration to say that after hundreds of punches, no one on the battlefield would still be able to stand.

“I’ll go straight to the attack on the palace first. See you later.” Demon Kris said.

“Go ahead.” Yuan Kris said confidently. He was beware of the other forces making a sudden move. But for now, the other domains had no intention of joining the fight.

In fact, Yuan Kris didn’t mind them joining this battle at all, and even kind of hoped that they would join it because then, their war would be more reasonable.

Chen Ye passed over the enemy along the way, and no one dared to stop him. He also did not make a move against these ordinary soldiers.

Wuwei Jin was also a strong person at the Normalization Stage. He and thousands of warriors who were at the Endless Stage were guarding the entrance of the palace.

Chen made his most powerful punch. A huge deep crater appeared in the imperial city. Wuwei and all his soldiers died under this punch.

“Emperor Ji, come out and fight.” Demon Kris stood in the air and roared.

Then Emperor Ji walked out from inside with the Turning Heaven Seal in his hand.

“Who gave you the confidence to dare challenge me?” Emperor Ji’s gaze was deep as he coldly said.

However Demon Kris didn’t respond to him. He made his attack. However his power crashed into the Turning Heaven Seal and their powers actually cancelled each other out.

Demon Kris looked serious. Emperor Ji was not easy to deal with. He was purified by the transcendental energy of the Turning Heaven Seal and carried a trace of Transcendental Power.

Emperor Ji just tested Demon Kris’ power from that punch just now, “You are strong, but you can’t defeat me. Your sword can become the Treasure of Transcendence, but it has not yet grown to its peak.”

“Your defeat is doomed. I’ll give you a chance to concede defeat to me,” he continued.

“You’re kidding.” Demon Kris interrupted him directly. “The war has been fought so far, and the Ji family’s victory is no hope.”

If Kris was there, he could have suppressed it with one punch. It was just a pity that he thought that there should be someone else operating behind the Other Realm of the Chaos World, so he did not want to expose himself too early.

Although Demon Kris was Kris’s doppelganger, he was more impetuous. In his opinion, no matter what conspiracy and trickery, he would directly destroy them with a punch.

The armor worn by Emperor Ji rushed out nine nine-clawed golden dragons. The strength of each dragon was comparable to practitioners in the Later Period of Normalization Stage.

“Tear him apart!” Emperor Ji ordered.

“Very well, I can try out my newly developed move.” Demon Kris thought. Then he threw a punch that was ten times more powerful than before.

As a result, those nine golden dragons were directly beaten into worms.

“The power is not bad. It just consumes a bit too much and puts a lot of pressure on the flesh.” Demon Kris said to himself.

This tenfold power was achieved through the Smelting Art. When people threw a punch, the power was instantly increased tenfold. Of course, this was limited to that momentary burst of power.

Emperor Ji’s face changed. The Turning Heaven Seal in his hand flipped. At this time, thousands of orbs appeared in his hands.

Demon Kris took a closer look and found that the orbs were the Chaos World that had been refined. There were infinite living beings in there.

“He used living beings to sacrifice the Turning Heaven Seal.” Demon Kris was a little shocked. What he despised the most was to sacrifice other people’s lives to obtain short-lived powerful power.

Suddenly the Turning Heaven Seal vibrated, as if it understood Emperor Ji’s words. Infinite life was sucked away by it. Countless living beings became its food. Likewise, the power of the Turning Heaven Seal was strengthened.

Then mysterious energy was released from the Turning Heaven Seal, suppressing the universe and time.

In that instant, Demon Kris felt his life passing by at a rapid rate.

After reaching the Normalization Stage, a practitioner’s life was nearly infinite, but he now felt his life dwindling. His physical body and even her primal spirit also began to wither. In just a few seconds, Demon Kris aged instantly.

“Is this the power of the Treasure of Transcendence?” Demon Kris marveled.

He hurriedly summoned the Chaos Spirit Sword, and then the flow of his life slowed down.

At this moment, Emperor Ji’s face was flushed and his aura became more powerful.

Demon Kris narrowed his eyes and looked at the subdued time. He understood that within the time of the Turning Heaven Seal, everything had been tampered with and everything was at Emperor Ji’s disposal.

Demon Kris’s Chaos Spirit Sword trembled violently, apparently unable to hold on any longer.

Releasing thirty times the power was the strongest power Demon Kris could have at the moment.

His fist had just exerted its power and dissolved into nothingness before it touched the Turning Heaven Seal.

His power beyond the Normalization Stage could not even break the barrier set by the Turning Heaven Seal. This meant that the power of the Seal was much stronger than his.

Demon Kris then gripped the Hunyuan Sword, gathered all his Great Tao and attacked the Turning Heaven Seal. But the Seal shook a few times and quickly calmed down.

“It’s useless. Although your sword is a Treasure of Transcendence, but it’s far inferior to my Turning Heaven Seal.”

Emperor Ji was smug and slightly relieved. As long as he killed Demon Kris, the others were nothing in his eyes.

At this time, the scene of Demon Kris being besieged was also spread back to the major domains by the others. For a while, the chiefs of the major domains were discussing this matter.

“Emperor Ji is really powerful.” Emperor Xuanyuan said. “It seems that the Demon Kris’s army is going to lose. The Ji family has surprisingly become the biggest gainer.”

Emperor Ren shook his head. “The winner has not yet been decided. It’s too early to say that.”

He knew what Emperor Xuanyuan meant. If the Demon Kris’ army lost, they would definitely send troops to attack the alliance, and the army without a leader could be destroyed easily. When the time came, the power of each domain would redraw their spheres of influence again.

“Demon Kris is really stupid. Does he really think that the ten imperial clans are that easy to be defeated?” Emperor Jiang said disdainfully.

However, in their eyes, dismantling Demon Kris’ power was easy, but they had no power to stop Emperor Ji. He held the Treasure of Transcendence and could come and go as he pleased. No one could defend against him.

Emperor Yao and Emperor Zhang were also waiting. Once the Demon Kris’ army leader died, they sent their troops.

At this moment, Lin Wang was leisurely drinking. A good-looking woman was lying beside him. No one expected that the biggest gainer of this great battle would be him.

His doppelganger was absorbing pneuma of fatality on the battlefield. Every time someone died, his doppelganger got a little stronger.

“The one who reaches the stage of transcendence this time will definitely be me.” He said smugly.


On the other side at Feng domain, Wuxie Feng said, “Do you think the Demon Kris’ army will win, or the Ji family will win?”

Supreme Ancestor stroked his beard. “Maybe Demon Kris’ army will win this battle.”

Wuxie was slightly surprised. “Judging from the current situation, Ji Emperor will win.”

“Then we just wait and see what will happen.” Supreme Ancestor smiled, and continued to play chess.

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