Chapter 687 – 688: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 687: A Joint Attack

In the Xue Domain, there was also a Xuanguang Magic Mirror. From the mirror, Ming Xue saw the battle between the Demon Kris’ army and the Ji Emperor.

“Tell me, what do you think of their battle?” Ming asked his ministers.

“Demon Kris’ army can’t hold up for long. Now is our opportunity. I suggest that we send troops to attack their alliance now.”

The one who spoke was the minister who advocated war. As soon as he stood out, a group of people behind him asked for war.

“Has the Yin Domain sent troops?” Ming asked indifferently. He did not want to send troops. Other than the Feng and Yin Domains, the others were nothing in his eyes. If they won the battle now, they would still have to send a lot of people to garrison.

“The Yin Domain has not reacted to this matter for now.”

“Send an emissary to ask them about their plans.” Ming said.

“It will take several days to send an emissary there now. By then the battle will be over and we will have lost a good opportunity.” The minister who advocated the war said.

“Then have you thought about what the Feng Domain and Yin Domain would think of us if we send our troops now?” Ming looked at him coldly

“This…” He was speechless.

“Now send an emissary out to ask them.” Ming said again, and then stared at the Xuanguang Magic Mirror.

At the same time, Demon Kris, who was suppressed by Emperor Ji, made every effort, but he did not succeed in escaping.

Although Emperor Ji was also shaken by the recoil force, he was able to endure it.

Finally Demon Kris had to ask Yuan Kris for help.

Yuan Kris received Demon Kris’s distress signal at this moment and frowned.

The Treasure of Transcendence was more powerful than he had predicted. At the same time, he also overestimated the power of Chaos Spirit Sword.

With this in mind, Yuan Kris turned into a stream of light and flew towards the Star.

At this time, the Demon Kris’ army and the Ji family’s army were in a fierce battle.

Demon King’s army was less in number than Ji family’s army, but the Demon King’s army was better equipped. Although the Ji family army had more people, most of them were rabble

Now that the victory was decided, all he had to do now was to save Demon Kris.

With the Imperial City close at hand, Yuan Kris took out the Hunyuan Tripod that Demon Kris gave him.

If the Hunyuan Tripod had not been taken to Yuan Kris, it would have been impossible for Emperor Ji to capture Demon Kris.

The big tripod turned into a huge cover and blocked the surroundings. With a wave of his finger, endless cosmic spiritual opportunities built a large formation invisible to the naked eye.

Emperor Ji frowned. He let the Turning Heaven Seal released a little power and attempted to break the formation. However, what Emperor Ji did not expect was that the formation was so tough that it could not be broken.

Looking at the great formation laid by his opponent, Emperor Ji also had an uneasy sense of foreboding. He found the person was stronger than the one who was suppressed by the Turning Heaven Seal, and he was also calmer.

“He’s afraid that I’ll escape, so he’s setting up a big formation? He’s aiming for me.” Thinking of this, Emperor Ji once again took out the orb condensed from tens of thousands of Chaos Worlds.

A powerful force absorbed all the lives of these Chaos World’s spirits, and the Turning Heaven Seal became even more furious.

“The power of this seal is stronger again. The Chaos Spirit Sword can’t hold on any longer.” Yuan Kris thought. Then he flexed his finger and a crystal light bloomed at the tip of his finger. It was a Tao world formed by the power of countless world origins.

Emperor Ji suddenly had a chill down his spine. A creepy feeling flooded his heart. An invisible wall of Qi blocked him.

At that exact moment, the light at the tip of Yuan Kris’ finger burst out. It was the power beyond the Normalization Stage

The light was resisted by the wall of Qi, but it was still colliding. Then little by little, the wall of qi was worn away.

Emperor Ji’s eyes widened. “Is this kind of power really something that the practitioner at the Normalization Stage could possess? We are all at the Normalization Stage, why can’t I release such a terrifying power? Is he the real leader behind the army?”

Fortunately, however, the wall of Qi successfully blocked the blow, but only narrowly missed penetrating the defense completely.

Calling out the Demon-Beheading Sword, the countless Great Tao re-formed into a more powerful formation of Tao. It struck the wall of Qi of the Turning Heaven Seal, and then the wall made a “clicking” sound.

Emperor Ji was shocked. The Turning Heaven Seal trembled violently. It was not that the Turning Heaven Seal was not working, but his strength was too weak to bring out the strength of the Seal.

He spat out a large mouthful of blood on top of the Turning Heaven Seal. As the Treasure of Transcendence of the Ji family, only the blood of the Ji family could make the Turning Heaven Seal unleash the power it was supposed to have.

As expected, the Turning Heaven Seal calmed down after it absorbed Emperor Ji’s blood. Its vaster aura erupted.

Demon Kris gritted his teeth. Yuan Kris was preparing an even stronger move.

“This is not enough. Fortunately, I prepared it in advance!” Emperor Ji roared.

He took out a large bowl from his sleeve. This bowl contained countless Ji family members’ blood.

Emperor Ji did not know how much power Turning Heaven Seal could exert with so much blood.

Just then Yuan Kris’s Great Tao formation blasted out.

After killing several practitioners at the Normalization Stage, Yang Buddha and North Kris came in a hurry. The two of them executed their strongest attacks, shattering the protective wall of the Turning Heaven Seal and striking it.

The Turning Heaven Seal trembled even more. The suppressed space-time showed a hint of disorder. At that moment, Demon Kris seized the opportunity and used the Chaos Spirit Sword to cut open a gap and escape from inside.

The moment he came out, he changed from old age to a youthful appearance again.

However, Turning Heaven Seal that had absorbed a lot of blood broke out with great power. Its forbidden power was also released. The aura of Emperor Ji also grew.

A crack appeared in the space of the Chaos World of the Other Realm. That was the power of transcendence.

Chapter 688: Witnessing a Battle Together

Ji Emperor splayed his fingers and the power of detachment flowed out from his fingertips.

Ji Emperor’s real cultivation is Fulfilled period of normalization stage.

He could not understand the detachment power poured into his body forcibly by the Turning Heaven Seal, but used it very crudely.

Even so, he’s a hundred times stronger than before.

The detachment power is daunting.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The five people were instantly bounced off, and they were injured to varying degrees.

Chen Ye, in particular, was seriously injured.

“Junior, go quickly, or it will be the worse for you.” Demon Kris said.

Demon Kris’s Qi and blood surged in his body, and he felt sweetness in his throat, but he pressed them down abruptly.

After hearing what Demon Kris said, Chen nodded. He knew that his presence was no good and even a drag on them. All he could do was to keep them there.


The array Yuan Kris had set up collapsed in an instant.

Hybrid Spirit Cauldron took a heavy blow, but it sucked it up.


As the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron has refined hundreds of millions of Chaos energy, it is very powerful.

Apart from the lack of Fate, it is no worse than the Chaos Spirit Sword.

Endless divine fire of Chaos Energy flooded out, enveloping Ji Emperor.

The wall of gas was burning and sizzling, and the power of detachment was consumed violently.

“Turning Heaven Seal!”


The Turning Heaven Seal bombarded at the bottom of Hybrid Spirit Cauldron and almost hit it fly.


Each of the three men stood at one side of the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron, with Yuan Kris in the middle.

Buddha Kris imprinted the Eight-word Proverb on the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron.

The power of the powerful suppression kept it firmly in place.

“Lets’ use sealing art together to see if we can seal him!” Yuan Kris shouted.

Fortunately, Yuan Kris had enveloped Ji Emperor by Hybrid Spirit Cauldron. It’s hard to restrain Ji Emperor once he gets out of it.

“Chaos Spirit Sealing!”

“Devil Sealing!”

“Yin-Yang and Five-Element Sealing!”

The four-fold seal firmly sealed the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron.

Ji Emperor, who’s inside the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron and burned by the fire of Chaos Energy, looked more and more sullen.

“Turning Heaven Seal!”


This time, the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron remained motionless after shook two times.

“Am I thus sealed?” Ji Emperor thought.

Ji Emperor sneered and said, “You know nothing about the power of Detachment Stage.”

What is detachment? Detachment means detach everything.

“Eternal Divine Fist! Detaching everything!” Ji Emperor said.

Ji Emperor’s hands balled into fists. With the Turning Heaven Seal at the top of Ji Emperor’s head, a constant flow of detachment power flowed into his body from the top of his head. After entering the Mud Pill Palace, the power reached his acupoint.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ji Emperor punched three times.

Though Ji Emperor couldn’t wave his arms to unleash the detachment power, it didn’t matter.

As long as the power of detachment is strong enough, it can overthrow everything.

At that moment, for example, the power of detachment in Ji Emperor continued to skyrocket and was infinitely approaching the Middle period of Detachment Stage.

The huge force shook the four men violently.

There was even a fine crack on the indestructible Hybrid Spirit Cauldron.

“The Demon King Army failed!”

Numerous onlookers shook their heads. Through the eras, nobles come into being and die out, and only the Imperial Clan is imperishable.

Neither the oldest Imperial Clan nor the new Imperial Clan could not be toppled.

The power of the Treasure of Transcendence makes people tremble.

Jiang Emperor smiled and said, “Those four men are the best the Demon King Army has ever had, but that’s they do. It seems that we were a little too cautious before. Although they had the strength to fight against the power of detachment, they could only be suppressed.”

“Somebody, go to other domains to ask when will they dispatch troops.” Jiang Emperor said.

“Yes, emperor!”

The envoy of Jiang Domain left in a hurry.

At the same time, Xuanyuan Emperor said, “I think the Demon King Army has other plans. What’s your opinion, Ren Emperor?”

Ren Emperor moved a piece across separated place and said, “It’s hard to say. As the battle is not over yet, the winner is still unknown.”

“What if the Demon King Army loses?” Xuanyuan Emperor asked.

Ren Emperor smiled and said, “When it loses, that’s when we start a war. Ji Emperor saved the Imperial Clan’s prestige and everything he owns through this battle, but he certainly suffered a great loss of strength. The Demon King Army occupied more than 300,000 domains and everyone envies that.”

“Ren Emperor, you’ve got a point.” Xuanyuan Emperor said.

“Then let’s wait and see.” Ren Emperor said.

Xuanyuan Emperor smiled and put the Tiger Talisman aside. He knew that if the Demon King Army is defeated, the six domains will dispatch troops without hesitation.

The army was already massing, just waiting for the final result.

“As we are all foxes, why pretend to be rabbits?” Ren Emperor thought.

Ren Emperor sneered in his heart. He was still playing chess, but his heart was burning.

“It doesn’t matter if I lose, because it’s just temporary. To a chess player, the process is not important, the result is.” Ren Emperor thought.

“Somebody, assemble the armies at once and wait for my orders.” Yao Emperor said.

“Is the frigate ready?” Zhang Emperor asked.

“Yes, emperor.”

“Good, wait for my order.” Zhang Emperor said.

Supreme Lord called Lin Wang over and asked, “Is there another war outside?”

“Yes, Supreme Lord.” Lin said respectfully.

“Who loses and who wins?” Supreme Lord asked.

“The battle is not over yet.” Lin said.

“I see.” Supreme Lord said.

The old voice stopped abruptly in the darkness. After a while, the voice sounded again. “Come here. I’ll give you something.” Supreme Lord said.

Lin was on his guard in his heart, but he remained calm. “You have been very kind to me and have given me enough rewards. I can’t accept it.” Lin said.

“Ha, ha, you are sweet talker.” Supreme Lord said.

Supreme Lord smiled and said, “Come here. This time I’m going to give you something else.”

“Something else? Bullshit! I don’t believe he will give me a anything good.” Lin thought.

“Supreme Lord, the Reverse Beads are not fully stored. How about you giving me the that after the Reverse Beads are fully stored?” Lin said.

“You have to have it when I give it to you; and when I don’t want to give it to you, you can’t ask me to give it to you. Do you understand?” Supreme Lord said.

“Don’t make me say it again. Don’t forget that I hold your life in my hands.” Supreme Lord said coldly.

After hearing that, Lin’s facial expression changed. Lin wanted to dismember Supreme Lord, but he said through gritted teeth, “Yes, Supreme Lord.”

Lin walked up to Supreme Lord nervously. As he stepped into the darkness, a chill rose from the bottom of his heart.

Lin, who is in Normalization Stage, hasn’t felt this way for a long time.

“Supreme Lord.” Lin said.

“Come nearer. What are you afraid of? I won’t eat you.” Supreme Lord said.

“Can I hold a lamp in my hand?” Lin asked.

Lin’s fingertips lit up with a faint flame. The flame was teetering under the cold breath, faint as fireflies in the dark.

“Keep going!” Supreme Lord said.

Wang Lin’s teeth began to chatter, and the flame on his fingertips went out, just as if someone had given a puff nearby.

Lin released Divine Spiritual Power, and he couldn’t feel anything like a clay ox entering the sea.

There’s no spirit Qi and Taoist laws. It’s a completely unfathomable world.

“Supreme Lord, how far do I have to go?” Lin asked.

“You are almost there.” Supreme Lord said.

“Supreme Lord, the fighting outside is supposed to be over and the allies of Imperial Clan will be looking for me.” Lin said.

After Lin said that, there was a dead silence in the darkness.

After a long time, the old voice came again, “You’re scared. Do I think I’m going to kill you?”

“No. I’m absolutely loyal to you.” Lin said without thinking.

“Ho, ho. I was going to give you a Magic Weapon even more powerful than the Treasure of Transcendence. Now it seems that you don’t have that honor.” Supreme Lord said.

At that moment, Lin felt some weight in his hand, as if there’s something in his hand.

It’s cold and heavy, and it seems to have a smooth surface and thick ends.

After touching it for a while, Lin’s heart sank. It’s clearly Mr. Bone.

“It’s the Mr. Bone of a almighty man in Detachment Stage. It has magical effect and is as good as Treasure of Transcendence. If you are bold enough, you can replace your Mr. Bone with this Mr. Bone. Maybe you will enter Detachment Stage directly.” Supreme Lord said.

Supreme Lord’s voice, sometimes near and sometimes far, seemed be able to evoke the deepest greed of the human heart.

Even Lin lost his mind for a moment.

Lin bit the tip of his tongue and shook his head, saying, “Thank you, Supreme Lord.”

“Replace my Mr. Bone with some else’s? I will do such a thing when I am mad. I don’t know if the Mr. Bone is Supreme Lord’s. What if I grab the flesh of myself?” Lin thought.

Though it’s attractive to enter Detachment Stage, Lin’s got a better plan. If the plan succeeds, he will be the supreme dominator in the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

“You can leave now.” Supreme Lord said.

“Yes, Supreme Lord.” Lin said.

Lin returned by the way he came and he soon came to the light.

As soon as Lin left, there was ghastly laughter in the darkness. “He is cautious, but it’s not that simple to grab the flesh…” Supreme Lord said.

When Lin walked out of the darkness, his heart was pounding.

“Is this the Mr. Bone of a almighty man in Detachment Stage?” Lin said.

Looking at the Mr. Bone in his hand, a sense of detachment came, which seemed to subdue everything.

Lin’s heart beat wildly and there’s voice in his heart, saying, “Just replace the Mr. Bone, and then you can enter Detachment Stage.”

Lin quickly suppressed his greed and decided to seal the Mr. Bone. He would never take it out until the critical moment.

“Treasure of Transcendence is good, but I have to be alive to use it.” Lin thought.

After sealing Mr. Bone, Lin was engrossed in the battle.

“Oh, the situation of the battle is like this.” Lin narrowed his eyes and said.

As expected, the power of Imperial Clan is great, and the strength of Treasure of Transcendence is shocking.

The military capability of the Demon King Army is also good, but it’s inferior to Imperial Clan.

The an idea occurred to Lin and he looked somewhere else, and Lin’s avatar absorbed the Fate on the battlefield crazily.

He could feel the power of his avatar growing moment by moment.

“It’s good. As long as I keep it like this, I can enter Detachment Stage sooner or later. Supreme Lord is like a sword hanging over my head, but he also gave me a great chance. Just wait, I will give you a surprise.” Lin thought.

“Supreme Ancestor, there is no way for the chess to move.” Wuxie Feng said.

“Don’t be impatient. The reason why you don’t know how to move chess is that you are not far-sighted enough.” Supreme Ancestor of Feng family said.

“The Demon King Army is at the end of it’s rope, and why you are…” Wuxie said.

He didn’t say the following words, because he would be questioning the Imperial Clan if he says that.

Supreme Ancestor took a look at him and said, “If you are asked to dispatch troops to attack Xue Domain, will you attack rashly?”

“No!” Wuxie said.

“As the Demon King Army is capable of occupying more than 300,000 domains in such a short time, it must have some secret that no one else knows about. Do you think the sword is all what they have?” Supreme Ancestor said.

“Supreme Ancestor, you mean there is someone else on the Demon King Army’s side?” Wuxie said.

Supreme Ancestor smiled and didn’t answer that directly. “The world is more complicated than you think. All we have to do is stay where we are. But there is one thing you must remember, that is, Feng family is sure to be the winner.” Supreme Ancestor said.

“Yes, Supreme Ancestor!” Wuxie nodded and said. His heart quieted down.

In Ying Domain.

“Ying Emperor, here is the written message of my Emperor.”

“Present it to me.” Ying Emperor said.

Ying Emperor took the written message over and read it. “Go back and tell Xue Emperor that the matter will be discussed again. We three domains go through thick and thin together. If one has to dispatch troops, the other two also have to. Do you understand?” Ying Emperor said.

“Yes, I see.” The envoy nodded and said and then left.

Ying Emperor knew Xue Emperor’s thoughts. “He simply doesn’t want to dispatch troops. If he really wants to do that, he would have done that long time ago. Since there is a large profit to gain, isn’t it good to seize the initiative. He can inform us after he dispatches troops and no one will blame him.” Ying Emperor thought.

The display of Emperor Ji’s battle power also proved to the world that he himself could not be easily defeated.

Yuan Kris’s eyes glowed with divine light. Each of his divine thoughts was arranged according to the Origin Divine Formation, so his Divine Spiritual Power increased a hundredfold.

Eight hundred Buddhas, three thousand Bodhisattvas, and one hundred thousand Lohans entwined around Yang Buddha. The power of faith transformed into a huge palm.

North Kris sent out his Hunyuan Tao.

They exerted their strongest moves to join forces to attack Emperor Ji .

In the next second, Emperor Ji was swallowed into a great mouth. Everyone was dumbfounded. “Emperor Ji is dead?”

It was no exaggeration to say that there was no practitioner of Normalization Stage who could block this punch, and Emperor Ji was no exception.

“Look guys, there’s someone else there!”

Many people looked to the center of the attack, where a man was standing.

“Emperor Ji is not dead. He was attacked so fiercely, but he was unharmed.”

Countless people shouted, and those noblemen who were loyal to the Ji family cheered.

“Let’s go kill the Demon King’s army.”

“Buddies, the victory belong to us, go to fight them.”

However, they hadn’t taken a few steps when the huge fist crushed them.

Chen coldly snorted, “You overestimate yourselves.”

Seeing Demon Kris and Yuan Kris who were in a battle with Emperor Ji, Chen rushed over to help them out.

He condensed and compressed all the mana in his body and then blasted out. This move was his strongest move at the moment.

But the invisible wall of Qi blocked all the attacks.

The Turning Heaven Seal that had absorbed a large amount of blood completely unleashed the divine power of the Treasure of Transcendence of Middle period. All attacks below the Middle period of Transcendence could not break it.

“Next, it’s time to destroy all of you.” Emperor Ji roared.

He had already been elevated to the early stage of Transcendence by the Turning Heaven Seal imbuement, so he was infinitely confident.

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