“Yes, of course, I am so good, so don’t hide it, you have always wanted to be the head of the Stewart family!”

“Yes, I want to be, but you will let me be? Don’t think I don’t know what you want to do.” Of course, Brayden Stewart is not stupid.

When Chuck Cannon said this, he understood what Chuck Cannon meant.

This is to use him to create chaos for the Stewart!!

“So what do you know? Can you refuse? Be careful. I will surprise you.”

“You!” Brayden Stewart was angry on the surface, but joy blossomed in his heart.

Chuck Cannon actually made such a request to his heart. What a pleasure it is!

He wanted to be in the position of the Patriarch from a long time ago, but he didn’t have a good chance. Now he was forced to go to Liangshan, so he had to die and be born again!

This is what he wants!!

As long as he is the owner of the family, what is the handle in Chuck Cannon’s hands can do?

“Chuck Cannon, don’t force me!” Brayden Stewart roared mixedly.

“Install, continue to install! Three seconds, agree or disagree?”




“I agree!” Brayden Stewart ferocious!

“Oh, agree, then how do you plan to seize the position of this Patriarch? Can you tell me? I will cooperate with you!” Chuck Cannon said here.

Brayden Stewart was silent for three seconds, “Now my grandfather is in a serious condition. After a few days he will die, my dad will help me sit in this position, so…”

“So you don’t need me?”

“No! You don’t know the situation in my house. I am not just one of the candidates for the house owner, which means that I have other opponents!” Brayden Stewart smiled silently.

There must be other opponents, the descendants of Stewart, and many of them are outstanding. They are not with Hudson. Heidi Hudson is super outstanding, and Brayden Stewart still has a few opponents.

If Brayden Stewart’s strength is good enough, like Heidi Hudson, then he would have been like a Prince, the true first heir!

“You mean, you want me to help you solve these opponents?”

“It’s up to you, as long as you find a way to help me solve my strongest opponent, then I will be more likely to take the position of Patriarch!”


“I have a cousin!” Brayden Stewart said.

“Other than that?”

“Nothing else, you just need to help me solve my cousin, then I don’t need your help in the future!” Brayden Stewart reminded that he didn’t want Chuck Cannon to intervene too much, otherwise the problem would be serious.

“It’s not your turn to decide. You have to know that I will make you the head of the Patriarch,” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“I know,” Brayden Stewart sneered coldly!

I’ll pull it for you for a few days, and you will feel better at that time!

“Send all the information about your cousin, in detail, I will help you solve it!”

“No problem! But you have to be careful. My cousin has a big opinion with me. She didn’t show up the last time I got married. You should know.” However, before Brayden Stewart finished speaking, Chuck Cannon interrupted him. , “You are too much nonsense, send detailed information here!”

Hang up the phone!

Brayden Stewart was angry, but he gets cold again and finds out the details of his cousin. There is a picture of a woman who is extremely beautiful.

“Cousin, cousin, don’t blame me, just blame you for being a silly cousin, why you became a smart woman? Fighting with me for the position of the head of the house, you are smart but you have been smart.” Brayden Stewart sent the information to Chuck Cannon.

He didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to use any fighting method to kill his cousin, because his cousin was also a master of fighting. He only hoped that Chuck Cannon would sneak close to his cousin and then take out a small bomb like that.

Then it’s useless if my cousin is a master of fighting, she will definitely die!!

Thinking of this, Brayden Stewart laughed wildly, “Chuck Cannon, are you helping me? While you yin to me, you are also approaching hell step by step. When I sit in the position of Patriarch, you will die miserably!”


When Chuck Cannon saw this information, his mother also read it, Logan and Betty both read it.

His mother thought about it and said, “I have never heard of this Gracia Stewart.”

Indeed, she saw the girl in this photo, very strange, it seems that the hidden family like Stewart also has the habit of stocking offspring to increase the ability of offspring!

This Gracia Stewart may seem ordinary on the surface, but once the family test time is up, she will restore her identity!

Once the test of such a woman is over, it must be terrifying!!

“Neither did I.” Logan shook her head.

The same is true for Betty, they don’t know, how could Chuck Cannon know?

However, the information given by Brayden Stewart now shows that Gracia Stewart is the principal of the school, and this job of covering up her identity is good.

There are also specific locations, so what they have to do now is to find a way to solve this Gracia Stewart.

How to solve it?

This is still a master of fighting!

“Let me go,” Logan suggested.

She has recovered well and can fight against this Gracia Stewart.

“You don’t have to go, let Chuck go!” Karen Lee looked at Chuck Cannon seriously.

In fact, Chuck Cannon also has this meaning, mainly because Chuck Cannon needs to use the practice to improve his own strength, this is a good opportunity!!

What’s more, there is Black Rose secretly protecting!

Chuck Cannon needs this opportunity even more.

“Chuck, do you agree?” Karen Lee asked.

Logan was worried, and Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Mom, I am willing to kill this Gracia Stewart!”

“Okay!” Karen Lee nodded with relief.

She also felt that Chuck Cannon would not refuse, and she understood Chuck Cannon.

Logan wanted to say something, but she didn’t say it.

It’s just that the worry is stronger.

“Then you go to prepare for the strategy! It’s best to solve her within three or four days!” Karen Lee said.

“Got it.” Chuck Cannon immediately went to prepare.

“This Gracia Stewart is not easy to look at, I’m afraid Chuck, him…” Logan shook her head, her expression worried.

“This is the process of his training. You can’t help him, and I can’t help. In the end, he’s going to go by himself, right?” Karen Lee didn’t want Chuck Cannon to become a greenhouse flower.

What’s the use of this?

What Chuck Cannon needs now is a rapid improvement.

Logan was speechless, like this, but she was still worried!

After spending a night with Chuck Cannon, Logan was really worried.

“Don’t worry, Chuck will do this well,” Karen Lee was confident. Chuck Cannon’s talent in fighting is extraordinary, and now he is a real master of fighting!!

Logan didn’t say anything, but her worries did not diminish a little, on the contrary, she was more worried.

Chuck Cannon has simply cleaned up here and also called Yvette Jordan to talk about it. Yvette Jordan said to come back immediately, Chuck Cannon said no, let Yvette Jordan not worry.

How can Yvette Jordan not worry?

After Chuck Cannon said a few words to her, Yvette Jordan barely felt relieved. Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and took a plane to this school where he travelled to Clara!

Not on the U.S. side, but also on the U.S. side, his mother has prepared a private jet, Chuck Cannon, and Black Rose got on the plane.

Chuck Cannon carefully looked at the information about Gracia Stewart to study her weakness, so that she could be solved. After all, the strength of the descendants who can be sent by the Stewart family to test can be imagined.

Black Rose said nothing.

This process of flying by plane didn’t take long. After Chuck Cannon studied carefully, he was almost there. When he arrived at the private airport, Chuck Cannon got off the plane.

Drive to this school.

What can he say about Gracia Stewart, she is also a beautiful principal. When he arrived at this school, Chuck Cannon looked at that school with precision binoculars. It was not very good. It felt like a mountain village primary school.

The place where this kind of person is tested is really unique to Stewart.

Chuck Cannon saw that in an office, there was a woman wearing thick glasses with a concave and convex shape writing something, wearing ordinary clothes, but still can not hide her beautiful features and the noble kind of hidden family temperament!

Anyway, Chuck Cannon could see, “The appearance is very ordinary, ordinary people, and even many people can’t see her true identity. It seems that she was released by the traveller since she was a child, and she has been restocked until now…”

“Ordinary? Such people can’t be ordinary!” Black Rose said indifferently.

“I know.” Chuck Cannon closed the binoculars, and the woman with thick glasses was really the same as Yvette Jordan at that time. She was a good teacher.

It’s a pity that she has a secret family identity and is also Brayden Stewart’s opponent, so she still has to die!

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