Chuck Cannon prepared, and said to Black Rose, “Try to let me come.”

“I didn’t intend to help you either, you quickly surpass me, I don’t want to follow you,” Black Rose is indifferent.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Well, I will work hard.”

“Don’t waste time, look for opportunities first.”

Black Rose scolded coldly.

“Have a meal first, or else?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Who wants to eat with you?” Black Rose snorted coldly, but her hungry belly betrayed her before she finished her words.

Chuck Cannon smiled and said, “Let’s go, she has to eat too…”

Black Rose glared at Chuck Cannon, but Chuck Cannon was right. She needed to eat.

Chuck Cannon pushed Black Rose to eat, Black Rose was annoyed, “Don’t touch me?!”


Chuck Cannon was speechless.

But fortunately, during the meal, it was not bad and the atmosphere was okay.

After eating, Chuck Cannon looked for a chance and was going to go to school to have a look.

Black Rose stared from the distance.

Karen Lee’s explanation is that Chuck Cannon should be dealt with as much as possible, and it is best to force Chuck Cannon’s potential.

Black Rose kept her eyes on him, “Can’t you hurry up, you’re slow, it’s annoying to see you.”

Having said that, she still kept her eyes on…

When Chuck Cannon came to this school, he could also see the situation of this school. It felt like a poor school. There were not many teachers, but there were quite a lot of students. Chuck Cannon had been watching for an afternoon. Gracia Stewart is teaching and bringing up. The appearance with thick glasses is really gentle.

Chuck Cannon muttered, this woman is definitely not easy.

When she goes back in the evening, he will do it.

Chuck Cannon was waiting.

Time passed. When the school was over, the students left one after another, and the teacher also left. At 8 or 9 o’clock, Gracia Stewart packed up her things and walked out of the office a little tired.

Chuck Cannon has been watching her.

But maybe Chuck Cannon was too focused. This Gracia Stewart, who was about to go back, was surprised and subconsciously looked towards Chuck Cannon.

The two looked at each other.

“What do you do?” Gracia Stewart asked.

The voice is flat, just like the gentleness of the teacher.

Chuck Cannon approached her. In the darkness, Gracia Stewart saw Chuck Cannon clearly, with a weird look on his face, “What are you doing? This is the school!”

“I know, I’m not here until the students leave?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Who asked you to come? Brayden Stewart?” Gracia Stewart was still preparing to leave and turned away from Chuck Cannon.

“No, no,” Chuck Cannon followed.

“Yes, it’s not, it’s not, it’s ambiguous! I’m not firm!” Gracia Stewart shook her head and opened a dilapidated car door. This is an old antique.

Unexpectedly, one of the heirs of the dignified hidden family was actually so low-key that Chuck Cannon really admired it. Such a person can tolerate it!!

“Do you know who I am?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Is there a difference? You didn’t come to study anyway,” Gracia Stewart started the car, but the car was too old to catch fire for several times.

“You are so calm.” Chuck Cannon shrugged, then she knew she was going to kill her.

Opening her car door and sitting in directly, Gracia Stewart was shocked, “You are brave.”

“Your car sucks,” Chuck Cannon made an evaluation.

“It’s okay, occasionally it won’t catch fire. You got into my car, are you going to go home with me?” Gracia Stewart continued to start the fire.

“I don’t care,” Chuck Cannon really didn’t care.

“Well, today I have my birthday, and finally someone can accompany me.” Gracia Stewart burst into flames.

“Oh, is there a birthday cake?”

“No, a cake here is very expensive, it’s not a good deal. It’s better to save a little,” Gracia Stewart shook her head and drove Chuck Cannon home.

Black Rose here immediately followed.

“Your family test should be almost over, right?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“It’s almost there, but I like being a teacher.”

The car was swaying, and Chuck Cannon felt that she was about to fall apart, but she still drove calmly, not easy!!

“Oh, do you mean let me let you go?” Chuck Cannon narrowed his eyes.

“Why don’t you tell me to let you go?” Gracia Stewart said lightly.

Chuck Cannon frowned, this woman is so calm! It seems an absolute master of fighting!

Drive home.

This was actually a very simple house, my God.

But the inside is clean.

Chuck Cannon went in unceremoniously.

“You’re really welcome.” Gracia Stewart shook her head.

“You’re not your birthday? What do you want to celebrate?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Longevity noodles.”

“Longevity noodles? This may not be suitable.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Birthday, of course, is to live longer. Everyone wants to live longer, don’t you want to?” Gracia Stewart began below.

“Yes, but you know I am here to kill you!”

“Yes, you can also understand that I can kill you too, okay?” Gracia Stewart ignored Chuck Cannon at all, took off her thick glasses and revealed her beautiful big eyes.

These eyes were beautiful.

Chuck Cannon thinks too.

“Is there anything for me? I came home with you.” Chuck Cannon found a place to sit down.

“If you dare to eat, you will have your share,” Gracia Stewart continued.

After a while, two bowls of noodles came over, smelling quite fragrant.

“Is it poisonous?”

Chuck Cannon heard it.

“You can choose not to eat,” Gracia Stewart started to eat by herself, without making any movements to lick her hair, just ordinary women eating, quietly.

“How old are you on your birthday?” Chuck Cannon asked.


“You are only twenty?” Chuck Cannon was surprised, “Why are you so old as thirty-year-old?”

“The way you praise people is quite special, saying that I am young and mature?” Gracia Stewart ate the noodles and put it down to ask.


Chuck Cannon also ate a few bites. It tasted good. Gracia Stewart was taken aback and looked at Chuck Cannon again, “You are really bold,”

“I don’t think you are good at the craftsmanship. You shouldn’t be a teacher. You should open a noodle restaurant.”

“Opened, but closed,” Gracia Stewart said.

Chuck Cannon spouted, and the descendants of the Stewart family would go bankrupt if they opened a store!!

No, are all business geniuses?

Chuck Cannon looked at her in shock.

“Waste!” Gracia Stewart continued to eat her own. “Business is profitable or lossy, normal. Is it necessary?”

“No need, but you’re a traveller, from a hidden family.”

“What about the Stewart people. Don’t the Stewart people die? All will die, so there are good and bad, isn’t it normal?”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, and the restocking was really different.

“Um, what university did you graduate from?” At least it is a world-famous university, right?

“I didn’t go to high school. I fought with my teacher in the second year of high school, got fired, and then started self-study.”

Chuck Cannon almost spit out his old face.

This situation does not matter to Stewart? Really stocking?

This tour is also a talent.

“Have you had a boyfriend?”

“Are you here to kill me or to check me?” Gracia Stewart looked at Chuck Cannon strangely.

“Asking, just curious.”


“I’m actually stocking too, but it’s different from you,” Chuck Cannon recalled. The two people really have similarities. His mother never showed up and kept him poor for so many years.

But the realm of himself and Gracia Stewart are different. Since he was young, he has been growing up under the protection of Yvette Jordan, and this Gracia Stewart, he is afraid that when she came out of a stocking, she did not spend any money from her home, or a bit of strength.

She really grew up on her own, a bit of sympathy!

“Different? I didn’t see it.” Gracia Stewart shook her head and took a sip of the noodle soup.

“I’m different from you, can’t you tell?” Chuck Cannon knew himself well.

“The gender is different, the others…” Gracia Stewart looked at Chuck Cannon again, then shook her head, “There is no other difference.”

“Uh, okay, eat noodles,” Chuck Cannon stopped talking.

“I’ve finished eating, and my birthday is over. I’m over 20, and I’m 21 years old,” Gracia Stewart sighed.

“Happy birthday.” Chuck Cannon said with feeling.

Chuck Cannon knows, why Gracia Stewart is Brayden Stewart’s biggest opponent, and her calmness is not comparable to Brayden Stewart.

The gap is too obvious.

“Thank you, remember to finish eating the noodles, don’t waste it, and drink the soup too, don’t waste it.” Gracia Stewart said.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, he finished eating and his stomach was full. He took out a dagger and stared at her, “It’s almost time, come on!”

“Who is coming with you? Boring.” Gracia Stewart shook her head, took out the test paper by herself, and changed it.

Chuck Cannon was stunned, he pointed at Gracia Stewart, “Stand up!”

“I want to change the paper, haven’t you seen it?” Gracia Stewart lowered her head and continued, completely not taking Chuck Cannon seriously.

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