Chapter 689 – 690: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 689: The Spirit of Turning Heaven Seal Awakened

The three major families seemed to be united, but in fact they were secretly fighting. They also despised the other imperial clans.

They didn’t care who had the bigger territory now, because they were confident that only the three of them would be left in the end.

Just then, the great battle began to reverse. Emperor Ji, who was suppressed under Hunyuan Tripod, directly knocked Hunyuan Tripod away after he threw his thirtieth punch.

The bottom of Hunyuan Tripod was also hit with a dense gap. It might be completely ruined.

Demon Kris and other three people were all knocked away and spitting blood wildly.

After Jian Kris and other six people finished solving Ji family’s masters, they also flew over to support Demon Kris. Once they saw them coming, Yuan Kris and the others were overjoyed.

“We must join forces to set up a big formation, or he will escape.” Yuan Kris said with hatred. This was the first time he had been beaten so badly.

They joined hands to set up the Chaos Formation. They used their extremely powerful magic weapons to make the base of the formation.

Then tens of thousands of magic weapons formed a big formation.

Everyone was amazed at the wealth of the Demon Kris’s army. This also meant that Emperor Ji was in danger again.

“These people are smart. They know that they are not as powerful as Emperor Ji, so they don’t fight him head on, but keep wearing him down.”

“They are so despicable.”

The onlookers were instantly panicked.

Yuan Kris’s plan was simple. He kept wearing down Emperor Ji. As long as they didn’t fight him head-on, they believe they would wear him out.

Although Emperor Ji had reached the Detachment Stage in a short period of time, the power was not his own, but he had borrowed it from elsewhere. So he could not bring out the strength of a practitioner at the Detachment Stage

In the Chaos Formation, Emperor Ji was also anxious.

“You despicable people, fight me head on.”

The Turning Heaven Seal kept striking at the Formation, only to be bounced back.

The Turning Heaven Seal also fell into fatigue again after encountering rounds of attacks.

“I have plenty of blood. You can’t wear me down.” Emperor Ji roared.

“Turning Heaven Seal, you are a magic weapon left behind by my ancestor. Now that the Ji Family is at a critical point of life and death, you must save Ji Family.” He prayed.

He was also crazy. He kept pouring the blood inside the bowl into the Turning Heaven Seal.

Emperor Ji understood very well that blood was vital if he wanted the Turning Heaven Seal to show its overwhelming strength.

“Destroy it.” Yuan Kris said.

Demon Kris shouted and played the strongest move he could play.

Yuan Kris also took Chaos Spirit Sword and started to fuse much Great Tao. Chaos Spirit Sword was only at the beginning of a Treasure of Transcendence, but its Great Tao was much stronger than the Demon-Beheading Sword.

But now the Chaos Spirit Sword had really reached its limit.

Yuan Kris swung the Chaos Spirit Sword, fusing it with his Divine Spiritual Power.

An earth-shattering explosion rang out. Space shattered inch by inch, and even the Chaos Formation trembled violently. If not for the fact that the space inside was forbidden and reinforced by the great formation, it would have surely collapsed long ago.

Yang Buddha used thousands of beliefs to condense a huge whip. It kept beating the wall of Qi.

However it was all blocked by the Turning Heaven Seal. So North Kris released Insect. It felt bored to follow Kris Chen, so it chose to follow North Kris.

It had devoured many treasures over the years. So it learned a kind of devouring aptitude, which was much more powerful than Demon Kris’ ability.

The insect was lying on top of the wall of Qi, and soon the wall was surprisingly bitten out a large gap.

Inside Emperor Ji watched everything coldly. He was still pouring blood on the Turning Heaven Seal

He could feel the spirit of the Turning Heaven Seal was awakening. In this way, the Seal would be able to bring out its full strength. In addition, under the effect of blood, it was even able to exert the power beyond the Medium Grade of Treasure of Transcendence.

They fought with Ji Emperor for so long that Yuan Kris and the other three couldn’t hold on. They were all still injured.

“What should we do? This guy is stronger than we thought. We’re going to lose.” North Kris said.

Demon Kris pulled out his ears. “Don’t worry, we won’t lose.”

Yuan Kris also smiled. “Do you forget Kris? He hasn’t appeared.”

The tighter they pushed, the more thorough the battle power that Emperor Ji exploded. Kris Chen would be happier.

“Keep attacking him!” Demon Kris said and joined them.

Actually, the Turning Heaven Seal was very powerful. The real strength of this Treasure of Transcendence was attack and defense. If Emperor Ji’s cultivation was at the Detachment Stage, he was absolutely invincible.

And he still had a bowl of blood. Even if he can’t beat them, escape was not a problem for him.

“Come back!” North Kris shouted.

The little insect was eating happily. It did not want to come back for the time being.

North Kris had stayed with Insect for so many years. He knew its habits very well, “Come back, this is not the time for gluttony.”

Seeing that North Kris was really angry, insect also realized the seriousness of the matter. It immediately flew away.

As soon as it flew away, an aura of suppression came from inside, as if an extremely terrifying existence had awakened.

The Turning Heaven Seal trembled violently, emitting golden lights

The spirit of Turning Heaven Seal was completely awakened.

“You’re awake, Ancestor?” Emperor Ji asked

“How many generations are you?”


“More than three million eras have passed. What’s happening now?” The spirit of Turning Heaven Seal asked.

Emperor Ji told him everything that had happened.

“Oh, it turns out that a few minions close to the Transcendence Realm are causing trouble. Don’t worry. I’ll capture all of them to vent your anger.” The spirit said blandly.

“Thank you, ancestor!” Emperor Ji said excitedly.

He still couldn’t bring out the full power of the Turning Heaven Seal. Only the spirit or the Primordial Ancestor could completely bring out the true power of the Turning Heaven Seal.

“Although this formation is super powerful, it can’t trap me. I’ll show you the true power of the Turning Heaven Seal.”

The Spirit manipulated the Turning Heaven Seal, and instantly blasted the formation to pieces. Many valuable treasures were instantly burst.

“He’s coming out. Emperor Ji is coming out.”

The Ji family’s army, which had lost courage, all shouted in excitement at this moment.

The morale of Demon Kris’s army was surprisingly shaken.

The warriors of Demon Kris’s army were all civilians. It was Demon Kris, Yuan Kris and some other people who liberated them and let them live a free and prosperous life. So they were very grateful to Demon Kris and his brothers.

“Kill all Ji family members.”

The people of the Ji family army were completely dumbfounded. They didn’t expect that these civilians did not compromise, but became even more furious.

Some people even attacked the Ji family desperately, and some strapped bombs to their bodies, trying to die with the enemy.

They were once the most despicable pariahs. Now they were defending their country like heroes

The explosion swept around. Many people were caught up in it.

“Ah… Help. The people of the Demon Kris’ army are all crazy. They’re all crazy!”

The ministers of the Ji family and the sons of the royal family thought that the situation could be turned around with the victory of the Emperor Ji, but the truth was that they were defeated soon

“Kill them. Avenge the dead civilians!”

Even though they were already tired and had no magic power, they could not retreat.

“Today we are going to sweep these high and mighty ministers and Emperors into the garbage can.”

These warriors of Demon Kris’ army launched another fierce attack on the Ji family again.

Chapter 690: The Death of Emperor Ji

Everyone was shocked by the Demon King’s army’s desperate attack.

“Hold on, we must hold on. As long as we withstand this attack, we will win.” Wushuang Ji shouted from behind. At this moment, blood stained his battle armor red.

“Tell them. Shoot to kill those who do not fight but yield, those who try to escape, and those who shake the army morale.” Wushuang ordered.

His orders did make many people not dare to escape.

Looking at Emperor Ji who escaped from the Chaos Formation, Wushuang Ji was overjoyed.

The Demon Kris’ army’s high ranking generals were indeed powerful and the execution of the decapitation plan was successful. Most of the supreme practitioners of Ji Family were killed. But the core of the Ji family had always been the Emperor Ji. As long as he still had the Turning Heaven Seal, they would be able to rise again at any time.

Emperor Ji looked at the crowd, “Now it’s my turn.”

He held the Turning Heaven Seal in his hand.

The Turning Heaven Seal shook off Demon Kris and the other three. They had no power to resist it attack.

Under the stimulation of blood, the awakened spirit played the strength of the Turning Heaven Seal. In addition, Emperor Ji’s strength was forcibly raised to the Detachment Stage.

“I give you a choice. Submit, or die.” Emperor Ji roared.

Now the Ji family super practitioners had been mostly wiped out. If the Demon Kris’ army could be replenished at this time, they would still have a chance to win this Imperial War.

Looking at the few Ji family generals left, Emperor Ji was helpless.

“We need to join forces to attack!” Demon Kris shouted.

They once again brought their power to the limit and struck towards Emperor Ji in unison.

However, Emperor Ji was well protected by the Turning Heaven Seal, and his Qi wall was as steady as a mountain. Their attacks did not hurt him at all.

“It’s useless. Your resistance is all in vain!” He taunted.

Unless their attack exceeded the Middle period of Detachment Stage, it was simply impossible to break the barrier set up by the Turning Heaven Seal.

The eleven people did not pay any attention to Emperor Ji. They were still attacking Turning Heaven Seal.

Emperor Ji was also annoyed. He threw the Turning Heaven Seal into the air. Its transcendent power suppressed the void, causing millions of square miles to become a place of confinement, where spells could not be used and nothing could fly.

Demon Kris and several other people were suppressed. They could not fly out at all. Only Yuan Kris, who was holding the Chaos Spirit Sword, could barely maintain himself.

“You wait.” Emperor Ji laughed coldly. He looked greedily at the Chaos Spirit Sword in Yuan Kris’ hand.

If he could have Chaos Spirit Sword, he could hold the sword in one hand and the seal in the other, and then his power would be invincible.

He crossed tens of millions of miles of space and arrived in front of Yuan Kris. He threw a punch. It seemed light and slow, but it was extremely fast.

Yuan Kris placed the Chaos Spirit Sword in front of his chest, just in time to block Emperor Ji’s fist. However, the tremendous force still hurt Yuan Kris badly. He spat out blood.

“Show yourself quickly. We’re all going to be killed.” Yuan Kris suddenly shouted.

Emperor Ji frowned, “Could they still have people hiding in the shadows?”

He waited for a while, waiting to see what would happen.

“Kill them now. There is no one stronger than them around here.” The Spirit said.

“Are they trying to trick me?” Emperor Ji was annoyed.

Just then, a loud voice rang out, “Ji family has no morality, act in bad faith. It’s doomed to die.”

This voice startled the crowd. A slight chill entered Emperor Ji’s heart.

“Who are you?” Emperor Ji roared, “Get out.”

The emperors of the major imperial clans looked very somber. “Where did this sudden sounding voice come from?”

“We are going to do enforce justice on behalf of heaven today. To liberate the oppressed people, to bring about justice for them. Today I will destroy Emperor Ji.” The voice rang out again.

Emperor Jiang snickered. He wasn’t even sure he could defeat Emperor Ji, and this person dared to say that he would kill him. How ridiculous. He thought.

Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Ren had stopped playing chess. They quietly looked at the picture in the Xuanguan Magic Mirror.

Emperor Ren was cautious. He suspected from the beginning that there was a backer behind the Demon Kris’ army. In his opinion, this backer must come from one of the ten emperor clans. He excluded Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Jiang, and did not think he was any of Yao, Zhang, or Wang. The only people with such strength were from the Feng, Xue and Ying. Who was hidden behind this? He thought.

Just as he was pondering, a huge finger fell from the sky.

The Turning Heaven Seal clashed with that giant palm. The tremendous force generated instantly crushed almost all of Emperor Ji’s bones. He spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“How can it be?” He stared in disbelief.

After the Spirit had awakened, the Turning Heaven Seal was infinitely powerful. With its blessing, Emperor Ji did not believe that he would be so heavily injured himself. The only thing that could explain it was that the Turning Heaven Seal could hardly withstand this kind of power as well.

“Run, just run. His cultivation is unpredictable. I can’t stop him.” shouted the Spirit of the Heaven Turning Seal. He did not expect there to be such a terrifying existence.

A crack spread in all directions. Emperor Ji was terrified to the extreme.

At this moment he understood that the real strength of the Demon Kris’ army was not the Treasure of Transcendence, but the people behind them.

“Quickly, take me to run!” the spirit shouted.

Emperor Ji was very confident. He believed that as long as he himself was still alive and he still had the Turning Heaven Seal, he would have the hope of rising again.

The crowd was shocked as the Turning Heaven Seal was knocked away.

Wushuang Ji’s eyes were widd. His father could not even withstand a finger from the other side.

The morale of the Ji family’s army, which was not easily boosted, also disappeared completely with Emperor Ji being sent flying.

“Run away quickly. The Ji family is going to be finished.”

“The true leader of the Demon Kris’ army has appeared. The Ji family will perish.”

Wushuang killed dozens of people who were trying to escape, but even so still couldn’t stop the fleeing soldiers.

Chen Ye and Nan Chen, Xing Ye and the others looked at each other. They all understood that the war was almost over.

“Buddies, the demise of the Ji family is just around the corner, follow me to kill all of them.”

The trumpet blew.

Everyone in the Demon Kris’ army was excited and thrilled. They had really overturned the Ji Family that had ruled the domain for hundreds of millions of years.

Wushuang was still barely resisting with his brothers. He believed that as long as his father was still alive, they would not be defeated.

“Brother, Father has escaped.” His brother ran over.

Wushuang looked up and saw Emperor Ji fleeing frantically with the Turning Heaven Seal. He didn’t think his father would leave them to escape alone.

“What should we do? Brother!”

Wushuang gritted his teeth. “Run!”

He took off his clothes and changed into the armor of a solider, then blended in with the fleeing soldiers. His brothers also followed him and blended in among the soldiers.

“You want to escape?” The voice rang out once again.

A huge palm covered billions of miles in all directions. Everyone felt enveloped.

“Come on, faster, faster!” Emperor Ji was terrified to the extreme. The high and mighty emperor now ran like a frightened animal

Turning Heaven Seal’s skills are attack and defense, and run is not its strong point. The fact that it can fly so fast was already its superior performance.

“Blood, I still have a lot of blood. No matter how much you want, I can give it to you.” Emperor Ji called out. He kept pouring the blood in the bowl on the Turning Heaven Seal.

The spirit sighed. Now it had already drunk enough. More blood would be useless to it.

It looked up at the large hand that was getting closer and closer, and was incomparably shocked. “He’s already caught up with us!”

Then Emperor Ji was instantly crushed into pieces.

The Turning Heaven Seal wanted to escape, but found that it couldn’t break free of that big hand at all.

“You still want to escape?” The voice laughed. Then he took the Turning Heaven Seal and disappeared.

A cold wind blew by. Those who were watching felt their backs instantly soaked with cold sweat. Emperor Ji had been crushed to death just like that? They thought.

Wushuang and the others who were hiding among the soldiers were even sadder. Their father died

Ji family that ruled the Ji domain for millions of eras was completely wiped out. They, the Ji family’s generations, now were as panic-stricken as stray dogs

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