Gracia Stewart was really looking at the student’s test paper carefully and took out her thick glasses. Chuck Cannon was confused and annoyed. He walked over and stuck a dagger on her desk!!


The dagger given by Alice was of special material, so sharp that it pierced the table directly.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want a sneak attack. This was not the purpose of his coming. If he wanted to kill her by any means, then Chuck Cannon wouldn’t follow in after Gracia Stewart entered the house just now. He would have taken out a small bomb and threw it into the house.

With the explosive power of that kind of bomb, the entire house would have been blown into rubble. What if you are a master of fighting?

Certainly must die!!

But Chuck Cannon thought, he can’t do it, what he wants is an opportunity to improve himself!!

Therefore, he wants to have a good fight with Gracia Stewart!

“You’re too much, I asked you to eat noodles, and you still smashed my ten-dollar table?” Gracia Stewart looked up, a little angry.

“I’m here to kill you, don’t ignore me, I’m very dangerous!” Chuck Cannon was expressionless, with cold frost on his face!!

“You are really too much!” Gracia Stewart was angry, took the test paper and went to the bedside to continue the correction.

Chuck Cannon frowned and pulled out the dagger.

“Don’t overdo it, I have class tomorrow! The test paper must be typed out, don’t disturb me, you have finished eating, you can leave.” Gracia Stewart glared at Chuck Cannon.

“If I don’t kill you, how can I leave?” Chuck Cannon said coldly, “You think I am too active, so you can do it with me!”

“You’re really boring, didn’t you see that I am busy?” Gracia Stewart continued to look through the student’s test paper, ignoring Chuck Cannon who was surrounded by the cold.

Chuck Cannon was on fire and kicked her bed!


Gracia Stewart was shocked when her bed stepped on.

“You’re too much!! The second-hand bed I bought for twenty dollars, you actually kicked it out, where would you let me sleep? Sleep underground?” Gracia Stewart stood up angrily, her beautiful eyes behind the thick glasses annoyed!

“Continue!” Chuck Cannon shrugged if it was the effect.

“Pay me 30 dollars!” Gracia Stewart reached out!

Chuck Cannon was surprised, “I didn’t bring cash,”

“Without any money, what are you doing with my table? Why are you kicking my bed? Are you sick?” Gracia Stewart was in a rage.

“You’re going to die later, thirty dollars, I’ll go back and burn it for you,” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

Giving is a waste.

“Burn your head! Don’t overdo it, there is nothing in my house to spoil for you… Hey, let go! That’s my washbasin, ceramic, and trash dump… Hey, that’s not good, my house is just three chairs, you kicked it, would you let me go to the second-hand market again?”

“Don’t you have a sofa?”

“You pick up another sofa like this for me, can you pick it up? The original price is 10,000 US dollars, can you pick it up for me?” Gracia Stewart was furious.

“You mean, looking at the most expensive sofa in your home, you picked it up?” Chuck Cannon was really taken aback. The woman in front of him is the biggest heir of the hidden family traveller.

After stocking to twenty years old, many things are picked up at home?

If Chuck Cannon hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe it!

However, Chuck Cannon suddenly understood why the secret family can be passed on for dozens of generations and can stand upright. If only this kind of talent is raised, the family can’t inherit it.

Sure enough, it is reasonable to exist, but Chuck Cannon only knows now.

“Yes, I picked it up.”

“But someone else has used this one. You are a female, don’t you mind?” Chuck Cannon asked. Many females, even males, are not willing to use second-hand ones, right?

She is a member of a secret family, doesn’t she mind? Chuck Cannon suspected that a person like Brayden Stewart would spend enough money in a day to live like this for a lifetime.

“Why do I mind? This is good. Even if someone loses it, it can be used. It can be done, it can lie down, and it looks good. Why can’t it be used?” Gracia Stewart pushed away Chuck Cannon’s feet on her sofa.

Chuck Cannon suddenly had nothing to say.

This woman was so frugal that Chuck Cannon was ashamed, even ashamed.

“Don’t spoil the things in my house. I have to open and check the test paper. It may not be finished until dawn. Don’t bother me, okay? Just as I ask you to eat a bowl of noodles, you reward me, don’t bother me.” Gracia Stewart continued to sit down and continued to seriously modify the test paper.

Chuck Cannon also felt that this was a bit too much, but he was here to kill Gracia Stewart!

How to kill if this continues?

“You are the principal at school, and you have a lot of money in a month, right?” Chuck Cannon asked, too frugal!

There is no quality of life.

For today’s birthday, she didn’t actually buy a cake or anything, it was too shabby.

“No money,” Gracia Stewart shook her head.

“How is it possible? You must have a salary when you work?”

“You work for yourself, will you ask for your own salary?” Gracia Stewart asked.

Chuck Cannon was stunned, “You mean, the school is yours?”

“Yes, mine,”

“Then you are even richer. With so many students, the annual tuition is a lot!”

“They are all orphans. Where can I get the tuition? It’s free,” Gracia Stewart sighed.

Chuck Cannon was shocked!!

Free school?

“Then what do they eat?”

“I give,”


“I give.”

“Where did you get the money? Stewart gave it to you?” Chuck Cannon couldn’t understand. She applied to school full-time, and she didn’t have enough time to sleep to check her papers at night, so she had no chance to do other things, right?

“I came out of Stewart at the age of four, and I have never used a penny from Stewart. When I came out, I only had one dollar in my hand.” Gracia Stewart seemed to think of a sad time.

There is actually a memory on her pretty face.

Chuck Cannon was shocked again. How did she survive? Only four years old?

“How did you survive?”

“Eat what others leave, wear clothes that others don’t want, live in a corner, in a park, or under a tree. It’s easy to survive, but it’s not as difficult as you think.” Gracia Stewart was particularly calm.

In her eyes, this past event is a small memory, a part of life.

Chuck Cannon was only shocked. She was so young and she actually knew how to survive?

In Chuck Cannon’s heart, there is a kind of admiration!

Chuck Cannon admired this woman who was raised by the traveller’s family and survived so much!!

“Then where did you get the money to maintain the school?”

“At work, I have a part-time job. I work as a waiter, distribute flyers, and do a lot of work. As long as I pay, I do everything.”

Chuck Cannon was suddenly weird, and Gracia Stewart glared, “You look in your eyes, don’t tell me, are you thinking about it at this time?”

Well, when Chuck Cannon heard “Give money, do everything,” he did subconsciously want to bend it.

After all, she is an ordinary dresser, if she changes into clothes, such as jeans, she is an absolute beauty.

Chuck Cannon felt that he was not a human being, and he actually tarnished such a good girl’s behaviour. He said, “I’m sorry I just thought about it.”

“You are really sick, so girls can’t do everything? Tell you this, you just think, what do you take me for?” Gracia Stewart was really angry.

“Be a…a woman who shocked me!” Chuck Cannon muttered to himself, this woman, he admired…

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