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Chapter 69 – 70: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 69: Betrayal (1)

Hao Nangong took out his cell phone and quickly dialed a number. It was answered immediately.

“Hello? Is that Miss Xinyou Qiao? I’m Hao Nangong.”

Xinyou, who was lying on the bed applying a facial mask, immediately got up from the bed. She then quickly calmed herself down, filled with happiness, and asked with a demure manner, “Mr. Nangong, what’s up?”

“Are you convenient now? I’d like to buy you a cup of coffee.” Playing with the car keys, Hao said in a gentle tone.

“Sure!” Xinyou was excited to reply, but she immediately noticed that she was too much, so she calmed down again, “Where?”

“Red Rose.”

Red Rose Café

When Xinyou arrived, Hao was already there, and after the two greeted each other, Hao went to order two cups of coffee.

Xinyou looked at his handsome face, feeling excited, but she tried to remain calm. She asked softly, “Mr. Nangong, why ask me out?”

Hao took a sip of coffee and raised a gentle smile, saying lightly, “You’ve got a good score, so I wanted to ask you out and congratulate you in person.”

After hearing his words, Xinyou was extremely joyful, and she smiled gracefully and decently, saying, “Thank you.”

Xinyou was very proud of herself, feeling that she was quite lucky today. Not only did Kerry Ye’ s attitude towards her change a lot, but Hao was so concerned about her!

Hao keenly sensed her pride, so he had an idea and said slowly, “Xinyou, your did a good job. I think you’re a very talented designer, even Kerry has praised you!”

Xinyou looked surprised, feeling now she was the luckiest girl in the world and asked with a pleasant face, “Did Mr. Ye praise my work too? Fantastic!”

“Yeah, he said you had good potential. You know, he’s a guy who rarely compliments others and I can tell he appreciates you!” Hao said gently and smiled.

Kerry admired her!!!

Xinyou continued, “Thank you and Young Master Ye. I’m honored.”

Hao lowered his head and took a sip of coffee, but in reality, he was disdainful. This work obviously belonged to Venus, but Xinyou took it for granted. Also, she felt no shame when she faced others’ compliments. How dare she? “Updated by”

“It’s actually quite a coincidence. When I paid a visit to Kerry’s place long ago, I saw a draft of a design very similar to yours, and he told me that he was looking for the desiner. Xinyou, have you ever lost a draft before?”

Xinyou was stunned, she only had one copy of the original design, so could it be Venus’s…

Clearing her throat, Xinyou raised her head in surprise and said softly, “Oh! I did accidentally lose it once before, then I drew a new copy according to my memory. Is it true that Young Master Ye is looking for the designer?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure. Perhaps Kerry wants to find its owner and return the manuscript to her.” Hao said softly.

“Oh, well.”

After chating for a while, Hao said that he still had something to do, so he sent Xinyou back before dealing with his own business.

Xinyou was still excited and she repeatedly recalled the conversation between them, and there was only one question. She just lied to Hao about the manuscript she had lost earlier, so was it Venus’s or not?

Xinyou took out her cell phone and immediately dialed Venus’s number, saying, “Venus, I need to ask you something.”

Venus asked, “What?”

“Do you still have your own copy of the design that I copied for the contest?” Xinyou was a little nervous about the question.

Venus remembered that she had left it at the hotel and truthfully answered, “I lost it.”

“OK!” Xinyou took a deep breath and smiled with cunning, “It’s okay. I’m just asking.”


“I need to go. See you around.”

“Okay. Bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Xinyou couldn’t stop laughing. A bold idea came to her.

From Hao’s words, she could know that Kerry still didn’t know that the design was actually Venus’s and when Kerry met her today, he didn’t ignore her like he did last time at Ye’ s Mansion, but he praised her work. Did he mistakenly see her as the designer?

If that was the case, she might be able to make good use of this to get close to Kerry!

Thanks God!

However, what made her curious was why Kerry wanted to find the owner of that work?

Was what Hao said true?

According to her understanding of Kerry, he shouldn’t be such a boring man. What secrets did she not know?

Chapter 69: Betrayal (2)

Ye’ s mansion

Venus stroke her chin and pondered for a while. She then picked up a pencil to trace on a piece of white paper. The room was quiet and there was only the ‘rustling’ sound that happened when the pencil made contact with the paper.


“Oh my God!!!”

As she looked up, an enlarged face instantly appeared in front of her, scaring Venus to scream.

“Shh… be quiet. It’s me.” A familiar voice came.

When Venus came back to her sense, she saw Xiaozi’ s handsome face and purple pupils.

Looking at him, Venus gritted her teeth in anger and said loudly, “Why didn’t you make any sound when you appeared? You almost scared me to death!”

“Oh,” Xiaozi stroked her chin, with her purple eyes glowing, and said faintly, “If you were scared to death, wouldn’t we be the same kind…”

Venus recalled what he had said about his own death experience and immediately looked at him suspiciously. Her tone was rather helpless, “I wouldn’t die in this way… It’s too humiliating…”

Xiaozi curled his lips, ignoring her last sentence and said, “How good I am like this. I can fly when I want, come and go when I want and I won’t get sick, or starve.”

Venus was speechless, “But you can’t cry or laugh. What’s the joy of this kind of life?”

“How do you know I won’t cry or laugh?” To make her believe, he made a face uglier that crying.

Venus didn’t know what to say, “Xiaozi, guncu (a Chinese cyberword, which means ‘fuck off’).”

“What is ‘guncu’?” Xiaozi asked curiously.

Venus cleared her throat and said in a serious way, “You lie on the ground, dragging your legs with your arms, and move forward in a circle!”

Xiaozi nodded and said faintly, “Too bad, I can’t go into the earth…”

There seemed to be a generation gap between Xiaozi and her…

How awkward…

Just at this moment, Uncle Wang’s voice was sounded outside the door, “Mrs. Ye, Miss Qiao is here to see you.”

Venus immediately raised her head, signaling Xiaozi to quickly disappear and spoke, “Got it. I’ll leave.”

By the time she finished her words, he had already disappeared.

What a strange man. Coming and going without any notice…

Venus didn’t think much about it. She followed the stairs to the living room and saw Xinyou sitting on the sofa.

Venus was happy to see her and said briskly, “Xinyou, I’m surprised that you come to see me today.”

Xinyou smiled hypocritically and said softly, “I’m not busy today, thinking that you must feel bored at home, so I come to chat with you.”

Venus nodded, then said, “I’m so glad you came today. I love you…”

Xinyou showed her distain, but then back to normal, “Is Young Master Ye not at home?”

Venus said peacefully, “He went to work early in the morning.”

Xinyou was a little disappointed. She had purposely gotten up early, but she still missed it!

Xinyou tried to hide her disappoint and she said with jealousy, “Venus, I can’t tell how much I admire your life. You live in a big house and eat whatever you want. If I could find such a man, I would laugh in my dreams!”

Venus looked upset, not happy at all. Perhaps in the eyes of others, she was living a life of a princess, but who knew the pain she had endured?

Kerry married her was not out of love, but a bargaining chip he used to blackmail his brother!

Venus tried to hide her true emotions, for she didn’t want Xinyou to worry and feel sad for her. she smiled and said somewhat bitterly, “Xinyou, I want you to be with the person you love and he also loves you…”

After hearing her words, Xinyou didn’t agree at all. What was love?

Could love afford a luxury bag, or gold and jewelry? She didn’t see love as anything expensive.

She wanted to live a life that would make all women jealous!

She didn’t want to talk nonsense with her and she looked at her with a calm look, with tone full of curiosity, “Venus, you said last time that you lost your draft. How could you lose it? What the hell was going on? Where did you leave it?”

Venus looked stunned, not understanding why she brought this up, and didn’t know how to answer.

Faced with her silence, Xinyou turned cold and said, deflated, “Venus, do you see me as a good friend or not? I thought you said that good friends should be honest to each other!”

How could she tell this to her?

The fact was that she was sold to others by her ex and she lost her virginity. She was too nervous that she accidentally left her design in the hotel.

She would never be able to tell this!

Venus pondered a while and under her persistent gaze, she said somewhat embarrassedly, “I went for coffee a while ago. Maybe I left it there.”

“Oh, well…” Xinyou said slowly.

After seeing her off, Venus went to the third floor to look for Xiaozi, but she received a call from the school, asking her to come immediately.

Chapter 69: Betrayal (3)

Uncle Wang sent a driver to drop her off, and Venus got off at somewhere close to school. As long as she walked to the door, she saw Xinyou Qiao.

“Xinyou, wait!” Venus Mu ran all the way and stopped in front of her.

Xinyou turned around and asked with surprise, “Venus, why are you here?”

“I got a call from President Sun right after you left and he asked me to come back. How about you?”

“Me too!” Xinyou was furious. If she knew she would come, she should have called her and asked her to give her a ride. She was exhausted on a crowded bus.

When they arrived at the office, President Sun was sitting behind his desk. Seeing the two were there, he smiled gentily and said, “You’ve finally come.”

Venus nodded politely and asked softly, “Sir, is there something we can do for you?”

He habitually touched his black-framed glasses, saying softly, “Well, here is the thing. You two’s competition work was favored by Mr. s Ye of Yehuang Group. Now, you’re seniors about to graduate, so you can go for internship. Tomorrow, Yehuang Group!”

Xinyou looked very excited. Was she really going to work there?

Then she could meet Kerry Ye every day and if that’s the case…

Venus was startled and a little surprised, also a little panicked. She was already miserable in Ye family and if she entered Yehuang Group, they would meet even more frequently. That would be too bad!

Frowning, Venus said with a respectful attitude, “Sir, I feel that I’m not capable enough, so I’m afraid I can’t live up to Mr. s Ye’ s expectations.”

After hearing her words, Xinyou was extremely happy. No one could tell how much she didn’t want Venus to go.

Mr. s Sun was surprised, staring straight at her through his black-framed glasses, asking, “Venus, you should know this company, the leading enterprise in A city. There are so many people wanting to work there, so why do you want to give up this chance?”

Venus looked calm, “I feel the strength…”

Before she could finish her words, he interrupted her and said in a low tone, “You are too modest. Your work has received praise of four judges. If you refuse to go, then no one in Nanhua is competent enough to go!”


“Stop! That’s the deal.” President Sun was resolute, “Venus, tomorrow, with Xinyou. The internship will be one year. After that period, whether Yehuang decides to hire you or not will depend on your competence!”

After hearing his words, Venus knew that she had no other choice. She was upset now.

Xinyou was also upset. She actually hoped that Venus wouldn’t go with her, otherwise she would become a stumbling block for her to get close to Kerry!

When Venus returned home, Kerry was eating dinner, and when he saw her, he said indifferently, “Why come back so late? Why hanging out all day?”

Knowing he was deliberate, Venus was angry. She said with a tiring voice, “Nonsense. I just got back from school, okay?”

Kerry sneered and said with an indifferent tone, “Well, then President Sun has already told you everything, right?”

“Why do you want me to work in your company?” Venus was puzzled and asked.

Kerry frowned and said coldly, “Of course it’s easier to torture you!”


Venus glared at him, not wanting to hear anymore. Instead, she went upstairs and went back to her bedroom. As she was about to close the door, a powerful thrust made her take a few steps back.

When Kerry was in front of her, Venus’s pupils contracted and her voice trembled, “You… what are you doing here?”

Kerry gazed at her with an indifferent look and said coldly, “Of course it’s time for you to serve me! Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed!”

Venus bit her lip tightly, trembling with indignation. She glared at him and said with a resentful tone, “I won’t!”

Kerry snorted, looking much angrier, “Don’t pretend to be chaste in front of me. You’re just a slut who has been fucked by many men. Bitch.”

Venus was hurt by his words, “Kerry, how can say this? You are too much! Do you even know respect?”

After hearing her words, Kerry only felt funny and his tone was full of disdain, “Then do you, as a woman, know shame? Messing around before you get married?”

Venus’s face turned pale and shook her head, “It’s not like that, I actually…”

It’s just that, she didn’t know how to explain…

She wanted to say she was being forced and she didn’t even know who the man was, but is she said so, he would surely humiliate her more!

Seeing that she was explaining in a halting, Kerry’s face was filled with impatience, so he pushed her onto the bed and pressed her with his strong body, and said with a cold tone, “Since you’re a slut, don’t pretend, otherwise it will only make me feel disgusted!”

Venus gritted her teeth, tears filled with her eyes, but she was keeping them from falling. She knew that Kerry couldn’t hear any of her explanation, so she’d better just shut up, just enduring everything.

Chapter 69: Betrayal (4)

Next day, Venus Mu was woken up by Kerry Ye early in the morning. He said he was going to take her to the company.

Looking at her dark circles in the mirror, Venus sighed. Last night she didn’t fall asleep until about three in the morning, and then she had to get up so early in the morning.

“Kerry Ye, you control freak.” whispered Venus. She was angry.

After eating breakfast in a hurry, Venus followed Kerry into the car. After about half an hour’s journey, the car finally stopped at the gate of a commercial office building.

Entering the hall, they saw the beautifully dressed Xinyou Qiao. She was very excited when she saw Kerry.

“Mr. Ye, good morning.” She softly said.

Kerry glanced at her and nodded.

Then the she and Venus followed Kerry and came to the elevator on the east side of the lobby. They saw the words ‘President Only’ on it, which meant that only Kerry was eligible to take this elevator.

Then they took the elevator to the 28th floor. After the elevator door slowly opened, Kerry walked into his office, but he saw they were still following.

He frowned and said, “The 16th floor is the Clothing Design Department. Someone will show you both around.”

“Yes, Mr. Ye. I will work hard.” Xinyou nodded and said with a sweet voice.

Venus frowned and remained silent. She was already sad when she stayed with Kerry at home and now she was internship, she had to see him in the company. She was even sadder.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Please come in.” Kerry said coldly.

Then a woman in her thirties walked into the office. She has a delicate face. Her beautiful eyes add a lot of feminine charm to her.

She wore a fitted black professional suit with a gilt name tag on her clothes, which read “Design Manager Meiling”.

She walked to the desk, glanced at the two girls quickly, then looked at Kerry seriously, saying, “Mr. Ye, what’s the matter?”

Kerry raised his head and said indifferently, “These two students are from Nanhua University, majoring in clothing design. You will be responsible for their internship.”

Meiling nodded and replied, “Okay, I will take care of them.”

“Show them around the company.”

Meiling nodded, turned to look at Venus and Xinyou, and said, “Follow me.”

Just when they were about to leave, Kerry said suddenly,

“Venus, you stay.”

Venus was taken aback for a moment, and then turned to face him. A trace of jealousy flashed from Xinyou’s look, and then she left with Meiling reluctantly.

“What’s up?” Venus asked carefully.

Kerry looked at her indifferently, and said seriously, “I want to warn you one thing beforehand. You are just my employee in the company, don’t put on airs. Unederstand?”

Venus clutched his collar tightly and replied, “I know, you don’t need to remind me.”

“You can go out now.” he said coldly.

When Venus just returned to the Clothing Design Department, Xinyou asked curiously, “Venus, What did Mr. Ye just say to you?”

Venus shook his head and said softly, “Nothing. He just told me to work hard.”

“Is it just that?”


Xinyou pouted and said lightly, “Manager Meiling asked you to go to her office.”

“Thank you. I’ll go right away.”

When Venus arrived at Meiling’s office, she was working. Upon hearing her footsteps, she quickly raised her head, looked at Venus in front of her.

“Mr. Ye has already made a statement to all employees of the company at yesterday’s meeting. You are not allowed to be given any privileges during work.” She said coldly.

Venus took a deep breath and replied firmly, “Yes, I know. You just treat me as an ordinary employee.”

“Good,” Meiling continued, “I’ve read your entries. It’s good. You’re talented. I hope you’ll keep working on it.”

“Thank you. I will.” Venus smiled and said softly,

When it was time for lunch, Xinyou ordered take-out, while Venus ordered buns and porridge from the online Jinfu porridge shop.

Xinyou ordered a black pepper beef pizza from Pizza Hut and two coffees.

As Venus slowly sipped her porridge, she saw Xinyou walking in with a large pile of food bag. When she sat next to her, she was surprised and asked, “Xinyou, you bought so much, can you eat them all?”

Xinyou glanced at Venus with disdain and said, “No, I just want to buy more.”

Venus remained silent, and then Xinyou took her food and was about to leave.

Chapter 69: Betrayal (5)

“Where are you going?” Venus Mu asked.

Xinyou Qiao turned around, looked at her surprised look, and said softly, “I want to go to the commercial building across the street. It has a good dining area there.”

Venus just looked at her back and sighed.

Xinyou Qiao walked into the elevator. Waiting for the elevator doors to close, she gazed at the buttons for the elevator floor and finally pressed the number 28.

As she looked at the constantly rising numbers, there was a smug smile on her face.

She didn’t intend to go downstairs, but went upstairs to find Kerry.

Walking out of the elevator door, Xinyou walked straight to the door of the Kerry’s office. The door was ajar at the moment, and she could see Kerry concentrating on his work through the gap in the door.

Looking at his handsome face, Xinyou’s heart was beating fast. How she wished he was her boyfriend.

After Xinyou knocked at the door, Kerry raised his head and said indifferently, “Please come in.”

When Kerry saw Xinyou, he looked stunned.

“What’s up, Miss Qiao?” he asked coldly.

Xinyou looked at him nervously and asked in a tone with concern, “Mr. Ye, have you had lunch?”

“Not yet.”

Hearing his words, Xinyou was very happy. She slowly stepped forward, fingered the food in her hand, and said, “I just bought pizza and coffee online, would you like to have some with me?”

Kerry would have turned her down, but then he suddenly remembered that she was the woman of that night, so he thought for a while and said quietly, “Thank you. Let’s go to the lounge.”

“Okay.” Looking at his back, Xinyou looked proud to keep up with him.

The lounge was in the inner room of the office, and it was fully furnished. Actually, it was a small bedroom. On the east side of the room was a single bed next to a wardrobe and bookshelves. On the west was a beautiful sofa in front of a fine coffee table.

Xinyou put the food on the coffee table and said happily, “Black pepper beef pizza, coffee without sugar. Do you like it?”

“Good.” Kerry said quietly.

When they dined in silence, Xinyou was thinking what she should say. Then she said softly, “Mr. Ye, you said that my work was impressive last time. Do you really think so?”

Kerry sipped the coffee and nodded.

After getting his recognition, Xinyou was very happy.

“I have been worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the finals. Actually, that design isn’t my original draft. I drew it again according to my memories. I always feel that it isn’t as good as the first one.” She said deliberately.

“Why didn’t you use the original draft?” Kerry asked.

With a remorseful look on her face, Xinyou said helplessly, “I lost it and I don’t know where it fell.”

Xinyou pretended that she was that girl of that night and continued to make up story.

Kerry lowered his head. His look was complicated.

“Oh, I see.” He said in a low voice.

“Do I need to order more pizza?” she said gently.

“No, thank you. I’m full.” said Kerry.

“It’s better to eat on time, or it’s not good for your health.” Xinyou said with concern.

Hearing her words, Kerry felt warmed.

“Yes, I’ll keep it in mind.” he said softly.

From that day on, Xinyou would bring take-out upstairs to Kerry at lunchtime every day.

She was glad that Kerry was no longer so indifferent to her and would occasionally say hello to her or talk to her.

Looking at Kerry’s charming face, Xinyou was filled with fascination. Her desire to get him was growing stronger. But as soon as she thought about the fact that it was Venus who slept next to him every night, she hated Venus.

She’d always thought Kerry was hers. It was she who had the right to be Kerry’s wife.

But she didn’t know if Kerry had feelings for her.


On the other hand, Venus turned on her computer after lunch. She wanted to find some design materials and planned to organize the materials into a file for future reference. At this moment, Meiling’s voice came out.

Venus looked up and saw Meiling’s cold look.

She handed a file to Venus and said lightly, “Please send this file to Mr. Ye’s office. I need to go to the warehouse immediately.”

Venus hurriedly took the document and said, “I’ll go right away.”

Having said that, Venus immediately rose from her seat and hurried to Kerry’s office.

“Venus. Thank you,” Meiling said suddenly as she looked at Venus’s back.

“You’re welcome.” Venus turned around and smiled slightly,

Then Venus took the elevator, and directly went to the 28th floor.

When she arrived at the door, she found it half-open. So she walked straight into Kerry’s office. After she shifted her gaze in the direction of the desk, she stood still as if she was struck by lightning.

Chapter 70: Her intimacy with him (1)

Venus Mu saw a familiar back of a woman on the leather seat behind the office. She was sitting on Kerry’s lap, with her slender arms around his neck. Since the woman was sitting on Kerry’s lap with her back to the doorway, Venus couldn’t see exactly what they were doing.

At the moment Venus was trembling. She didn’t know she was angry or sad right now. She only felt as if her heart had been cut by someone with a knife.

She recognized that woman was Xinyou Qiao, who Venus had always treated as her best friend.

Now her best friend she had trusted the most was sitting on her husband’s lap. She wondered if she’d come a little later, she might have seen something even more disgusting.

Suddenly, Kerry had a hunch that there were more people in the room, so he looked up and saw a pale Mavis. She was standing there quietly with an expressionless look.

Kerry was stunned at first, but immediately returned to normal.

Xinyou didn’t know that Venus was here, but she sensed the change of Kerry’s look and tried to guess what he was thinking.

A few minutes ago, when Xinyou watched Kerry handle his work, she couldn’t hold back her desire of becoming Kerry’s woman as soon as possible.

So a thought suddenly came to her mind. She wanted to test if Kerry was interested in her.

She placed the coffee cup on his desk and slowly approached him until she was standing in front of him.

“Mr. Ye, I…..” She said softly.

Kerry looked up, puzzled.

Xinyou bit her teeth. She sat on his lap boldly suddenly, wrapped her arms around his neck, and said in a sweet voice, “I…I like you.”

Kerry looked at her in amazement. Without waiting for him to speak, Xinyou continued, “Please don’t refuse me now. I have feelings for you. If you don’t like me, please don’t say anything, or I will be very sad.”

Xinyou spoke affectionately as the words she had thought of in advance. No matter what Kerry would say, she had already thought of a response in her mind.

Even if Kerry would angrily push her away, she was able to give a perfect response.

That was what Venus saw now.

Only to Xingyou’s surprise, Kerry didn’t push her away. Though his look was complicated, she sensed his acquiescence.

Xingyou was very happy.

Suddenly, Kerry said in a low voice, “Get out of here.”

Xinyou looked panicked and was about to speak, but Kerry shouted again, “Venus, put the file on my desk and get out of here immediately.”

Xinyou took a deep breath and slowly turned around. She didn’t look flustered when she saw Venus. She was just looking at her quietly, thinking about how she was going to make up an excuse to explain this to her later.

Kerry hadn’t completely accepted her, and she needed Venus as an intermediary for now. As soon as she and Kerry got closer, she wouldn’t have to pretend to be her best friend and she would break up with her then.

Venus felt sad inside as she looked at Kerry for a moment. There was no guilt on his face, and the first thing he said was to ask her to get out of the house.

Venus, resisting the urge to burst into tears, walked toward his desk reluctantly, put down the papers, and quickly turned away.

The moment she turned around, tears fell down her face.

When Venus left, Kerry gently pushed Xinyou away and said coldly, “You need leave now.”

Xinyou nodded and turned around to leave the room.

After Xinyou walked out of Kerry’s office, a smug smile lifted a corner of her mouth. At the thought of Kerry’s altitude toward Venus and her painful expression, Xinyou wanted to laugh with joy.

“Venus, Kerry is mine. I should be his wife.” Xinyou whispered.


After Venus took the afternoon off, she took a taxi home. She kept thinking the intimate scenes of the Kerry and Xinyou.

Her sadness was not because of Kerry, but because of Xinyou’s betrayal of her.

Although she had married to Kerry, she knew that it was only because of her brother that Kerry married her. So she wouldn’t fall in love with Kerry and wouldn’t feel sad for him.

Apart from her brother, Xinyou was the most important person in her heart. She was sincere to Xinyou and yet Xinyou hurt her badly.

“Why did she have to be with Kerry? We don’t love each other, but we’re married, so why would Xingyou seduce Kerry?” Venus said to herself, “Even if Kerry hates me, why would he use Xinyou to get back at me? I don’t care if he finds other women, so why must he have an affair with my best friend?”

Now Venus was in agony.

“Xinyou, do you know how much my heart hurts. Why are you doing this?” She thought.


Kerry slowly lit a cigarette, the dense smoke blurring his face, his eyes cold and looking ahead.

He kept thinking about Venus. Despite her apparent calmness, her trembling shoulders gave away her emotions, was it pain or anger?

After a while, Meiling told him Venus had taken a leave of absence to go home and she was very said at the time.

Kerry shook the cigarette butt, looked out of the window indifferent, coldly whispering, “Venus, don’t blame me. It is your brother’s fault. You’d better not give in so easily, my torture of you has only just begun!”

“Tianye Mu, where are you now? If you don’t let your beloved sister continue to suffer, you should show up quickly.” He thought.

Chapter 70: Her intimacy with Kerry (2)

At night Venus tossed and turned on the bed, staring at the ceiling with her eyes open, as if she was gnawed by thousands of tiny insects. Her heart was in agony. Just at that moment, her phone beeped with a message.

She took out the phone from her bag and saw that there were new messages on the software. She logged in the software and found many messages from Xinyou Qiao.

Venus quickly tossed her phone aside and lay down on the bed. She was lost in thought.

At the moment, she locked herself in her own space, not daring to know the truth of the matter.

She was afraid to hear the voice of Xinyou Qiao. She was also afraid to hear Xinyou make unnecessary explanations. She had seen Xinyou and Kerry were very close, what was the meaning of the explanation? Would Xinyou’s explanation erase her pain?

Did Xinyou know how much she values this friendship? Maybe Xinyou didn’t know.

She was more afraid that if she heard something that would make her feel sad, then she would end her friendship with Xinyou forever.

The phone kept beeping with messages. Venus picked it up. Before she turned it off, she hesitated.

“Maybe it’s an apology from Xinyou? Maybe it’s not what I think.” Venus thought to herself.

In her eyes, Xinyou wasn’t a woman who would seduce other’s husband.

Venus frowned and pondered for a moment before finally making up her mind to check the messages.

Venus takes a deep breath, then she clicked on those voice messages, and suddenly Xinyou Qiao’s voice comes out.

First voice message: Venus, I want you to listen to my explanation. You misunderstand me.

Second message: this morning, I delivered coffee to Mr. Ye, but I accidentally fell on him. Maybe our posture looks a little ambiguous. Don’t be mad at me, okay?

“Why didn’t you respond to my message? Are you really mad at me? I apologize. Can you forgive me?

“If you’re not mad at me anymore, call me back, or I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”


After Venus listened to her message, she pondered for half a while, and finally decided to give Xinyou a call.

After sending many messages to Venus, Xinyou Qiao got a little angry when she didn’t receive Venus’s reply.

“Venus, you’re putting on airs. If you don’t reply to me, I won’t text you anymore and I’ll never talk to you again.” She thought,

Then she threw away her phone and started to sleep. Suddenly her phone rang. She picked it up angrily and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Xinyou, it’s me.” Venus felt Xinyou’s voice hoarse, thinking that maybe Xinyou was tired from waiting for her news.

After hearing Venus’ voice, Xinyou changed her tone quickly. Then she said with a gentle voice, “Venus, please don’t be angry. It was actually a misunderstanding. Let me explain this to you.”

Then Xinyou told Venus what happened in Kerry’s office this morning.

After hearing Xinyou’s explanation, Venus felt much better.

“I believe you. I was just really afraid that our friendship would end.” Venus said calmly.

Xinyou mocked Venus’s simplicity in her heart. She’d never thought of Venus as a friend. She used to be friends with Venus to satisfy her own vanity, now she was doing it for Kerry Ye.

Xinyou replied gently, “We’ll always be good friends.”

Venus felt warm in her heart after hearing her words and softly said, “Yes. I do believe.”

After the misunderstanding was ended, they two talked a lot. Venus reminisced about their old times and Xinyou listened to her patiently

As the night grew later, Xinyou began to yawn one after another. She was too sleepy to keep her eyes open, but Venus was still talking. Xinyou didn’t want to hear any more about the past, but she couldn’t hang up the phone. So she put her phone which was still on the phone on the nightstand and then went to sleep.

As Venus excitedly finished her story about the past, she noticed that Xinyou kept silent all the time.

She looked at the time and realized it was late at night.

“Are you asleep?” Venus asked.

But Xinyou didn’t reply.

Then Venus said, “It’s too late today, I’ll hang up.”

She waited a moment. After making sure there was no reply, Venus hung up the phone.

Then she lay down on the bed and fell asleep immediately

Chapter 70: Her intimacy with Kerry (3)

After this, Venus Mu’s relationship with Xinyou Qiao didn’t estrange, but it made Venus cherish her even more. She later recalled the scene that Xinyou didn’t really have any other actions other than ‘accidentally’ sat on Kerry.

She couldn’t help but be a little afraid that her lack of trust would make her lose Xinyou.

Xinyou knew what she was thinking about, but she was even more. She always went to Kerry’s office whenever she had time, trying her best to bring them closer.

Because during this process, she gradually saw the problem between Venus and Kerry and she was surprised to find that they didn’t live in peace and it could be said cold. His attitude towards Venus was worse than the attitude towards his employees.

Did Kerry marry Venus not because of love? So, What’s the reason?

Xinyou looked at him, hesitating for a moment and said in a gentle tone, “Kerry, Vivian hasn’t been looking good lately. I’ve asked her, but she wouldn’t tell me. Do you know why?”

Since they have spent a lot of time together all these days, what Xinyou had done finally paid off. The biggest improvement was that she changed the name of ‘Mr. Ye’ to ‘Kerry’.

As expected, as long as Venus was mentioned, Kerry’s attitude was not good.

He looked indifferent and said, “I don’t know. Don’t mention her during the meal.”

“OK.” Xinyou looked calm, but she was extremely happy inwardly. She carefully analyzed Kerry’s meaning, so did it mean that his appetite would reduce while talking about her.

Oh, so funny…

Venus looked at the empty seat next to her and Xinyou was still not there. After eating, she took out her manuscript paper to design.

As a designer working for Yehuang’ s clothing industry, Venus’s task was to make clothing design drawings, and then after they were discussed by the planning department, the company would invest funds to produce samples. If the market brand effect was good, the company would invest more.

Venus’s ideal is to become a good fashion designer. Whether a set of clothes could receive the popularity depended entirely on the designer, so she studied hard to realize her dream.

“Venus, come to my office.” Suddenly, Meiling He’s voice came.

Following her into the office, Venus asked with a gentle attitude, “Manager He?”

Meiling looked at her and said, “Venus, I can see that you are very diligent and I hope you keep it up.”

Venus looked stunned, but them said with gratitude, “Thank you for your approval.”

“Summer is coming and the company will soon launch new summer clothes. Pay more attention to fashionable clothes from last summer. I’m looking forward to your work.”

After hearing her words, Venus was quite happy. She nodded and said, “I will.”

This weekend, Venus didn’t need to work, so she thought about Changrui Mu. She called him and asked about her brother and the photo. Once the call got through, Venus looked a little nervous, saying with hope, “Uncle, is my brother getting better?”

Changrui was impatient and said helplessly, “Venus, you don’t have to be so anxious. Tianye Mu was badly injured and he needs a long time to recover. Don’t worry.”

Venus frowned and she continued to ask, “Did my brother receive that money?”

“It’s been sent to America.”

“And has the picture of my brother been sent home?”

As for the photo, Changrui looked a bit sarcastic and said in a rather helpless tone, “Not yet, but I’m already pushing for it.”


“Venus, I have a meeting later. If you have time, come back. Your aunt and Yiyao Mu miss you. See you.” Changrui said in a concerned tone.

Yiyao would care about her?

Venus smiled somewhat sarcastically, thinking to herself that it had been some days since she had seen her, and wondered how were she and Zihang Lu.

She couldn’t think too much about Zihang, otherwise she would have bad luck.

Hanging up the phone, Venus stayed in her room, designing the drawing. Just then, someone knocked the door. Venus said softly, “Please come in.”

“Venus, don’t you feel bored? You only know how to design every day, but you don’t know how to enjoy life at all!” Xinyou said with a somewhat disdainful tone once she saw Venus who was concentrating on drawing.

When Venus heard Xinyou’ s voice, she was happy, but Uncle Wang didn’t even come to tell her.

But Venus didn’t care about that, “I don’t know what to do except for this.”

“That’s why you only deserved a poor and ordinary life!” Xinyou said to herself.

Chapter 70: Her intimacy with Kerry (4)

Xinyou Qiao stepped forward to hold her arm, complaining, “I’m not coming to see you working. I left last time when there was something with my family, so I haven’t had a chance to visit the scenery of Ye’ s mansion, so this time you can accompany me for a good visit.”

Hearing her words, Venus stood up and said with a clear and harmonious voice, “OK.”

Venus showed her around and they walked while chatting. When they reached that huge swimming pool, Xinyou was shocked and said with an envious face, “The swimming pool here is so big…”

Venus froze, recalling the pen stuff. She actually didn’t want to see the pool, for it’s the place she almost died.

Venus just wanted to leave here quickly and said in a gentle tone, “Xinyou, there is not only a swimming pool. Let me show you more.”

Hearing what she said, Xinyou became curious. She nodded, “Okay, let’s go then.”

Following the swimming pool to the east, there was a beautiful garden filled with gorgeous peonies. The air was filled with a pleasant fragrance and a unique pavilion was in the middle of the garden.

Venus held Xinyou’ s hand and said with joy, “Let’s go to the pavilion.”

Xinyou was about to say ‘yes’ when she suddenly looked thoughtfully to a certain direction and discovered something. Then she smiled, as she was planning something and said briskly, “OK.”

There was a round stone table in the pavilion and four stone chairs.

Venus was about to sit down when she was stopped by Xinyou, whispering, “Let’s switch seats. I don’t like my seat.”

Without thinking, Venus agree.

Looking at her face, she raised her voice a bit, “Venus, Zihang Lu wen to me.”

Hearing the name, Venus frowned and said in a cold tone, “Why?”

“He told me he still likes you, and even though you’re married, he still wants to be friends with you.” Xinyou smiled ambiguously and said softly.

Venus was quite helpless, “We’ve…”

Before she could finish, Xinyou continued, “I felt he was sorry and he told me that if you hadn’t married Mr. Ye, you’d be with him now and you might even have a child!”

Venus was even more disappointed and she didn’t want to hear any more and wanted to stop Xinyou, but Xinyou interrupted her, “But Venus, you don’t have to care. Although you two used to be together, but now that you’ve married, you don’t have to care what Zihang says!”

Venus lowered her head and said with upset, “I know.”

Ever since Zihang betrayed her, she was heartbroken and had no love for him. After knowing it was him who sold her to someone else, she cut all the feelings towards him.

He didn’t deserve her.

Xinyou looked at her with concern and said in a gentle tone, “Venus, forget him. Mr. Ye is so nice to you. Even I’m jealous of you.”

“Jealous?” Venus was confused and looked lost, “There are things you don’t know. Now I often want to go back to my childhood, with my parents and my brother by my side, but I know that I can’t go back…”

Xinyou held her hand and pretended to care about her “Don’t worry, everything will be fine!”

Since you didn’t like the life you were living now, why not give it to me?

Venus nodded and now she was peaceful. She should believe that life would get better.

Xinyou suggested, “Venus, let’s go.”

Venus stood up and they left.

After they left, there was an upright figure appearing, with blue eyes glowing.

Then Venus saw Xinyou off and returned to her bedroom and at that moment, the door was instantly pushed open by someone, whose power was likely to destroy the door.

Looking at Kerry who was slowly approaching, Venus became nervous and she could feel his anger.

Kerry came forward and dragged her by the hair, which made her hurt, but he seemed to ignore it. He forced her to the bed and press against her with his strong body, condescendingly staring at her. His tone was cold and indifferent, “Isn’t it a great feeling to know that your ex is still in love with you?!”

Venus trembled and looked incredulous. She asked, “You eavesdropped on us?”

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