Chapter 69 – 70: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 69: He probably had an affair with other woman!

The hitman turned his head and dodged a punch.

Gerd Ward managed to punch him.

The hitman couldn’t escape this time. He immediately spit out one mouthful of blood. Two of his teeth was off.

Colin Ward hissed. He could feel his pain.

The hitman was beaten for the first time and it hurt his pride a lot.

In an instant, the hitman stood up and kicked Gerd Ward.

Gerd Ward lowered his eyes and caught his foot easily. At the same time, he lifted his foot as well to kick the hitman.

The hitman looked at him fiercely and pushed his body away.

He turned around and ran away.

“Coward.” Colin Ward was relieved when he saw the hitman left. He covered his stabbed stomach. His forehead was covered with sweat.

Doris Lee held him anxiously, “Are you okay? It’s painful, isn’t it? I’ll call 120.”

She grabbed her phone with trembling hand.

Colin Ward grabbed her hand instead, “No. Just hold me for a while.”

Actually, his injury was not that serious. Just now, Doris Lee had been holding him for a while and her body temperature warmed him up. The pain reduced a lot. Besides, it was a rare opportunity. He wouldn’t let it slip away.

Gerd Ward looked at him with a straight face. He said faintly, “Your injury is nothing serious, you weakling!”

Colin Ward looked at Doris Lee guiltily.

“Is it really a minor injury?” Doris Lee asked worriedly.

Gerd Ward nodded and left.

Doris Lee helped Colin Ward to get up and took him downstairs. She called a taxi and took him to the hospital.

After his wound was treated, Colin Ward was sent to the ward. Doris Lee couldn’t stop looking at him.

“Why are you looking at me? Is there something on my face?” Colin Ward actually liked it when she looked at him, but her worried and inquiring eyes made him feel guilty.

Doris Lee said seriously, “Honestly, you’ve become more and more mysterious recently. I don’t understand you.”

His heart hitched and he answered with a quick smile, “Really? I think I stay with you every day except when I’m commuting.”

“Then, why do someone send a hitman to kill you?” Doris Lee was still serious.

“Well…” Colin Ward played dumb, “I don’t know.”

“Who is the man who came to save us?” Doris Lee asked angrily.

“I don’t know…” Colin Ward shook his head and continued to play dumb.

Doris Lee was helpless. She finally sighed, “Okay. Do you have enemies?”

“No.” Colin Ward smiled and shook his head.

“I think I know who it is.” Doris Lee said with a serious face.

“Hm?” Colin Ward wondered.

“Have a good rest. I’ll buy you something to eat.”

Colin Ward hesitated, but he finally agreed.

Doris Lee went out of the door and went straight to the side of the road, stopped a taxi and left.

Colin Ward stood by the window. He felt something was off when he saw this. There were many restaurants near the hospital. There was no need to take a taxi to buy him food.

Colin Ward left the hospital in a hurry. He didn’t even change his clothes. He went downstairs and called Gerd Ward.

“I’m in the hospital. Come pick me up.”


As the heir of the Martin Group, Barr Martin owned two companies, one of which was Martin Steel Company. The company thrived because it was managed by Barr Martin.

Now, he was in the company. Doris Lee called him.

When she arrived at his office, she saw him talking several people including Belle Moore, Colin Ward’s classmate.

Belle Moore’s company was acquired by Colin Ward and the ownership was transferred to Lenard Wang. Now, the company’s doing well and had business dealings with Martin Group.

Doris Lee pushed the door and came in. Belle Moore was surprised.

Wasn’t she Colin Ward’s wife who appeared during the dinner?

Why was she here?

Belle Moore knew Doris Lee, but Doris Lee didn’t know her.

When Barr Martin saw Doris Lee coming, he got up and smiled at everyone, “Okay. Let’s call it a day. I have some private matters to deal with. The specific matters of the cooperation can be done according to the rules.”

People in the room were looking at Doris Lee. They instantly understood.

They got up, gave both Barr Martin and Doris Lee a look, and went out of the office.

When Belle Moore passed Doris Lee, she wondered why she came here.

This time, Barr Martin came over and smiled at her like a spring breeze, “Hello, Doris.”

Belle Moore somehow understood a thing or two.

A man like Colin Ward married a beautiful wife, but he couldn’t even control her. She fooled around behind him instead.

She suddenly had some sympathy for Colin Ward. He married her, but what did he get?

Belle Moore walked out of the office with the doubts.

At the gate, Colin Ward was standing with a tall guy next to him.


In the office, Doris Lee didn’t sit down. She didn’t beat around the bush and asked, “Did you hire a hitman to kill Colin?”


Doris Lee took a deep breath and said coldly, “Barr, let me tell you something. I don’t like you. Get over it already. If something happen to Colin, I will deal with you!”

Barr Martin lost his face. He understood and regretted it a little. Why didn’t he kill him directly?

“Doris, I didn’t do it!” Barr Martin stared at Doris Lee and whispered, “Besides, if I were such a person, I would’ve slept with you when you were drunk!”

His words were very straightforward. Doris Lee froze.

She figured it out now. She was drunk that day, but Barr Martin didn’t take advantage of her to show that he was not a mean person.

Colin Ward quarreled with Barr Martin in KTV before. Colin Ward said that Barr Martin was up to something. It stirred her suspicion.

Barr Martin handed her a cup of warm water, “Doris, you really misunderstand me.”

Her mind was so messed up that she didn’t pay a closer attention to the water. She took it and sipped it, “Do you know who Colin has offended?”

Doris Lee was suffocated when she remembered the dagger.

“Well, I don’t think an unworthy person like Colin Ward could’ve offended someone. He probably had an affair with other woman and someone caught him.”

Chapter 70: Let’s Play.

“No way!” Doris Lee denied it immediately without thinking, “Colin isn’t that kind of person.”

Barr Martin was unconcerned, “Doris, how can you be so sure about it?”

Doris frowned, her eased face getting cold again, “He is my husband and I will not allow you to insult him!”

Barr sneered, “He’s not good enough for you!”

“What does it matter to you! I’m the one who can tell if he’s good enough for me, not you!”

After that, Doris was about to leave the office, but then Barr stepped ahead and blocked the doorway with a wicked grin, “Trust me, he really doesn’t deserve you, because…”

“Because I’m the only one who’s worthy of you!”

“What do you mean?” Seeing the changed expression on Barr’s face, Doris couldn’t help but feel a slight panic.

Barr yelled all of a sudden, “Doris Lee, I’m so into you, but how do you treat me?! You don’t even look at me! I’ve been in love with you since college, and if it weren’t for Colin Ward, I’d be with you already! How dare you questioned me like this over that loser?”

As he spoke, Barr pushed Doris down onto the couch.

“You’ve asked for this, you bitch, I’ll see what that fucker can do after I fuck you good!”

Doris was so shocked by Barr’s actions. She tried to get up but suddenly realized that she couldn’t even raise her hand as if she was having a serious illness and had no strength left in her.

She suddenly began to regret that she hadn’t listened to Colin.

Colin had told her that Barr was planning something, but just a moment ago she’d suspected it was only Colin saying that because he was jealous, and she’d been naive enough to think that Barr was a gentleman.

“You…what did you give me to drink?” Doris thought of the glass of water.

Barr snorted as he took off his jacket, throwing it on the floor, “I’ll fucking show you today that I’m a hundred times better than Colin Ward.”

Doris was scared, but she didn’t even have the strength to fight back now.

“Barr Martin! You can’t do this!” Doris shouted with red eyes, “I’m Colin’s wife, you can’t do this!”

“So what?!” Barr scowled, “I told you he’s not good enough for you! I’m the only one who deserves your body! He’s nothing but a piece of shit! He probably wouldn’t dare to say a word even if he knew I’d screwed you! Might even be happy to trade you for some spare changes!”

“Don’t you say that!” Doris retorted loudly.

Barr had reached over to undress her, “He knows what he really is, and so do you!”

Doris, who was too weak to even raise her arm, whimpered all at once, “Barr…Martin, stop! You…No…”

How could he stop when the palatable food was so close to his mouth?

“Ding ding…”

At that moment, the phone in Barr’s office rang. Barr stopped temporarily and went to pick up the phone, yelling, “Not now!”

But the man on the other end of the phone said urgently, “Sir! Someone is breaking in!”

Barr froze, “What do you mean breaking in?”

He then clicked open the camera scene on the computer.

On the screen appeared a man in a hospital gown, accompanied by a strong, big fellow. They were Colin and Gerd Ward!

Seven or eight security guards were lying around the two.

Barr yelled, “Stop him! Get more people! He’s got to be stopped! It doesn’t even matter if you kill them!”

“Yes, sir!”

Doris on the couch saw Colin on the screen as well, and she called out softly, “Colin…”

Ten minutes ago.

Gerd picked Colin up in his BMW.

“Do you know where she is?” Asked Colin.

Gerd nodded his head and sped off to Barr Martin’s office. Colin wasn’t surprised by this at all. Gerd had installed a locator on him since the man was here to protect him and it was basic to keep track of his location at all times.

That was why whenever Colin was in trouble, Gerd would show up in time.

While because of this injury, Colin took off his clothes and put his stuff in Doris’s purse, so the locator was also on Doris.

“By the way, I found Barr Martin bought a drug in the underground market that makes people lose all strength right away.” Said Gerd.

Colin frowned at his words, feeling even more worried and anxious.

When they reached the building where Barr’s office was in, the security guard stopped them, “Who are you people? Register first if you want to enter!”

By coincidence, they met Belle Moore at the door again.

After seeing Colin, Belle greeted him with a smile, but Colin could see the panic in her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Belle asked.

Before Colin could say anything, the security guard jabbed him on the shoulder with the baton, saying with a scornful look on his face, “I said register! Are you deaf or something? Dressing like a fucking psycho, you looking for trouble here? Move your fucking ass if you don’t want to enter!”

Belle Moore was also curious why Colin was wearing a hospital gown, so she asked Colin, confused, “You went to the hospital?”

The security guard continued to yell, “You heard my word or not? Move you fucking ass! I’m telling you, this is the Martin group!”

Colin glanced indifferently at the security guard as he said to Belle Moore, “Stay away, Belle.”

“Huh?” Belle froze, not understanding why Colin was saying that.

Colin pointed at the other side, “so you will not get hurt.”

After then, before Belle could react, Colin suddenly kicked on the security guard in front of.

The security guard who fell on the ground became furious and spoke into the intercom, “There’s a disturbance at the door, there’s a disturbance at the door!”

Not long after that, a dozen security guards appeared at once, surrounding Colin and Gerd.

Belle was pushed to the side but was still stunned. She didn’t expect Colin to lay hands on the security guards at all.

In college, everyone knew that Colin had a good temper. He wouldn’t do anything no matter what the other said or did to him. Rarely getting angry and being particularly tolerant, which was Belle’s impression on Colin.

Now it was a completely different story.

Colin, dressing in a weird hospital gown, didn’t even blink his eyes at the security guards surrounding him. Instead, he walked forward step by step in a domineering manner, completely ignoring them.

That irritated the security guards even more, and then all attacked him with the batons at once.

However, all of them fell, screaming at a distance of one meter from Colin, because Gerd, who had been following Colin, took down everyone who came close.

Those who had already been knocked down struggled to get up again but were still taken down by Gerd once more.

Colin just entered the building step by step.

Just as they were in, a group of people surrounded them, including staff and security.

The one at the head was a long-haired man. The man said defiantly, “Looks like you two are well-trained!”

He then walked up to Colin, “But, I’m at the black belt in Taekwondo, it’s been a long time since I’ve had someone to fight with, so let’s play, what do you say?”

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