A woman stocked by a secret family, what does this mean

On behalf of Stewart, he took a fancy to Gracia Stewart

How can you stock people who are not fancy?

This seems to be a kind of stocking, but in fact, it is a kind of cultivation, cultivating the ability of yours.

Now it seems that they are well trained.

“What shocked you?” Gracia Stewart snorted, pushed the heavy glasses on the bridge of her nose, and she sat down again.

“Your experience,” Chuck Cannon said seriously.

“Didn’t you experience it? Didn’t you just say that you are almost like me?” Gracia Stewart asked.

“There are experiences, but it’s too far behind you,” Chuck Cannon said with feeling.

“How do you say the difference is too far,” Gracia Stewart asked casually.

Chuck Cannon talked about his own experiences, including when he was a child, he found Yvette Jordan as a child bride. When he was four or five years old, he had put his arms around Yvette Jordan every day.

Gracia Stewart tweeted his glasses, “You’ve been with a woman so early, no wonder your mind is so impure”

Chuck Cannon admits that he has thought a lot just now, yes, this Gracia Stewart can make money on her own, but also teach these things, how can she do that kind of betrayal thing?

Chuck Cannon felt that what happened in this regard was a sin.

“When I was young, I slept, who knows you understand,” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Don’t talk to me about this matter,” Gracia Stewart shook her head and said seriously, “Talk about other things, then what?”

Chuck Cannon continued. Gracia Stewart could put down the paper in her hand, and there was a hint of curiosity in her beautiful eyes, “Oh, it turns out that this is the case, you are living well, at least one child bride has been taking care of you.”

“So there is a big gap between my situation and yours,” Chuck Cannon said sincerely.

Gracia Stewart re-looked at Chuck Cannon, “The experience is very different, but there is not much difference between inside and outside. It is just a different direction. At least you have no money, just go and bully people. This is because your mother’s training is different from yours. She wants to cultivate your heart, to be as kind as possible, there is no harm, you can still maintain your original intention, it’s okay, it’s enough.”

Chuck Cannon agrees with this statement. In fact, his mother didn’t do it at that time. Maybe Chuck Cannon’s current thinking is definitely different.

A person’s growth requires experience.

“En,” Chuck Cannon felt a sense of comfort as if chatting with people who had shared experiences, they had a lot in common.

This is also a common topic.

Talking and chatting, Chuck Cannon’s purpose of coming over suddenly was shaken by one point or two.

This may be sympathy.

“If it were not against each other, we might be friends,” Chuck Cannon sighed sincerely.

“You and I are not opposed. Brayden Stewart shouldn’t have a subordinate like you, so you are another person.” Under Gracia Stewart’s thick lenses, there is a bright light.

“Oh, you can see it”

“I’m not too foolish, otherwise I would have killed you when you showed up.”

“I don’t like to listen to you, it makes you seem to be able to kill me in seconds,” Chuck Cannon was unhappy, at least he was working hard.

He is also a master of fighting, as long as he is not too powerful, Chuck Cannon has a way to win.

What did Gracia Stewart say? Chuck Cannon hasn’t seen her true strength yet, but with her resilience, her strength is definitely not bad.

“You said it yourself, not me. I don’t talk about it. I have to check the paper.” Gracia Stewart remembered the matter and immediately started to continue.

“I’m talking to you” Chuck Cannon was cold.

“Otherwise” Gracia Stewart shrugged, “Stop talking, I still have to work.”

“Damn, you” Chuck Cannon was annoyed, he was caught by this Gracia Stewart routine

“Why swearing affects my good impression of you like this?” Gracia Stewart beautifully stared.

Chuck Cannon was speechless. He sat next to Gracia Stewart with a dagger. Gracia Stewart hummed, “Don’t bother me, I warn you, I haven’t finished my work yet. When you spoke just now, I have wasted a lot of time. Yes, I can’t finish it all night.”

“Then I will kill you tomorrow. I have time”

“Look.” Gracia Stewart answered simply.

“Then where I am sleeping today, I am sleepy,” Chuck Cannon yawned.

“If you dare to sleep, let you have the sofa to sleep.” Gracia Stewart pointed at the sofa casually.

Chuck Cannon yawned and sat down. He lay down and fell asleep, but touched his stomach, “You should cook a good bowl of noodles for me. Don’t be so salty this time. The soup just didn’t taste good, and the noodles were fine.”

“Shut up, are you my nanny?” Gracia Stewart glared

Chuck Cannon shut up. He might feel tired but actually fell asleep.

Gracia Stewart continued to modify the paper, and heard Chuck Cannon’s snoring sound, so irritated, she glared at Chuck Cannon and snorted, with a slight surprise, “You really can sleep, and you are so courageous for a long time. I haven’t met such a person anymore. You slept so badly. You’re not afraid that I will stab you to death with a knife.

Gracia Stewart slapped Chuck Cannon in the face with the paper. Chuck Cannon woke up, jumped up and almost stomped on the sofa, “Who has beaten me?”

“Don’t snore, it’s so noisy, how can I work? You trample on my sofa, if you don’t give a hundred dollar, I won’t let you go” Gracia Stewart shouted angrily.

Chuck Cannon touched his face and continued to lie down to sleep, “How can I control snoring?”

“Anyway, I will hit you,” Gracia Stewart continued.

After Chuck Cannon was speechless, he covered his mouth and continued to sleep. After a while, he fell asleep again.

Gracia Stewart slapped over, Chuck Cannon was awakened and drove back several times. He couldn’t stand it anymore, “Damn, I’ll help you correct it.”

Chuck Cannon snatched the papers in Gracia Stewart’s hand and was stunned after a glance.

“Hey, pen, I’ll change it for you, but everything must be correct, but I said in advance, I don’t pay you, I don’t have any points, you still owe me thirty.” Gracia Stewart said solemnly.

“I, why are English not Chinese?” Chuck Cannon put it down in embarrassment. This is all a question for elementary school students. If it is Huaxia Primary School, Chuck Cannon will be fine.

“This is the United States. You have nothing wrong with learning Chinese, let’s talk about it. You can’t speak English. What are you doing abroad?” Gracia Stewart shook her head contemptuously, took back the paper, and continued to check it.

Chuck Cannon had no face, so he could only continue to sleep.

It was so dazed that the whole night passed. When he woke up in the morning, Chuck Cannon felt refreshed, but seeing Gracia Stewart yawning, he really didn’t sleep all night, and some hadn’t finished.

She really worked hard.

“You slept well last night” Gracia Stewart pushed the thick glasses on the bridge of her nose.

“It’s okay, but the sofa is a bit broken,” Chuck Cannon said.

“There is a place to sleep, but you are so brave, you can really sleep.” Gracia Stewart looked up.

“I can’t make you look down,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“I didn’t look down on you.” Gracia Stewart shook his head and continued to work.

“At the very least, you let me into the house because you haven’t thought that I will do any sneak attacks. If you trust me, then I must trust you,” Chuck Cannon continued.

Gracia Stewart was stunned and looked at Chuck Cannon again, “You are a bit interesting.”

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