Chapter 691 – 692: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 691: The World Was Shocked

“Emperor Ji is dead. Give up your arms!”

“Emperor Ji is dead. Give up your arms!”

The soldiers of the Demon King army roared in unison to let out the grumpiness and excitement in their hearts.

Those slaves who had been exploited by the royal nobles in the past succeeded in overthrowing their ruling.

Chen Ye and others quickly led the soldiers to surround all the people, “Everyone, hold your heads and squat down, put down your weapons, those who don’t do that will be killed!”

“Bang bang!”

No one dared to go against with the Demon King at this moment. One by one, they threw their weapons onto the ground and squatted down with their heads in their hands.

At the same time, Demon Kris and others also flew down from the battlefield over the sky. This time, they were seriously injured.

Fortunately, this time, the original soul made a move to kill Emperor Ji easily and snatched the Sky Seal away.

Everyone knew that the power of the original soul had made great progress.

This kind of power was enough for them to have a firm foothold in the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

Yuan Kris swallowed a large number of healing cures and the essence of chaos, and the injury in his body was suppressed again.

He was the manager this time, so anyone could go, but he couldn’t.

As for Demon Kris and others, they had returned to the army barrack long ago.

Yuan Kris came over, all the soldiers of the Demon King looked at him with their chests up and heads high.

Everyone’s eyes glistened with the light of promising hope.

“We won!”

Yuan Kris’s voice was not loud, but it clearly fell into the ears of every soldier of the Demon King army.

“We won!”

“The Demon King army wins!”

“The Demon King army wins!”

All the soldiers of the Demon King army were cheering. They fought for freedom and for faith, and they won!

“Half of them stay to receive the captives, and half of them go to Imperial Star with me. Who dares to stop, kill him!”


Everyone cried in chorus.

After the great war, all the soldiers had been thoroughly casted with invincible faith.

This was an invincible army.

“Chen, find out the missing fish in the net!”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!”

Chen arched hands. In the army barracks, there was no concept of brothers, only superiors and subordinates.

Nodding, Yuan Kris headed for Imperial Star with more than 30 trillion soldiers.

Chen looked at the captives who were crouching down with their heads in their arms, “I give you a chance. Identify the royal nobles lurking around you could avoid labor reforms and obtain civilian liberties.”

The labor reforms in the Demon King army were horrible. It was said that people who enter there would have their skins peeled off even if they had the chance to survive.

“I report, sir, there is a man here who is a collateral royal member of the Ji family.”

“I report, sir, there is a general Ji hiding here.”

“I report, sir, here…”

Chen signaled, and the soldiers came forward one after another.

Those Ji’ family’s members or generals who had been reported and exposed still wanted to struggle, but Chen killed them on the spot.

“The eyes of the masses are bright. Anyone who attempted to resist the Demon King army and the people will only end up in being swept into garbage dump.”

“I advise you to stand forward honestly. After labor reform, you still have the chance to be a new man.”

“Big brother!”

One of the princes was timid and shivering with fright.

“Shut up.”

Wushuang Ji reprimanded in a light voice, but his heart sank.

He did not expect that the Demon King army should be so despicably mean that it wiped out all and spare none.

He was a crown prince. Was he going to labor reforms as well?

Even now, the imperial dynasty of Ji family ceased to exist except in name, but the dignity of the royal family could not be lost!

“I don’t want to die, how about we stand up for ourself?”

Said more than one prince.

“How dare you! Do you still consider me as your big brother in your eyes? You are the prince of Ji family. How can you have chicken bones?”

“Have you forgotten how our Father died?”

“How have our Ji family been destroyed!”

Hearing Wushuang Ji’s words, the crowd was silent.

But right at this point, a prince stood up, “I report, I am the 38th Prince of the Ji family, I report that my elder brother Wushuang Ji, the Crown Prince of the Ji family, and my third, fourth, and fifth brothers…they are all here!”

“Thirty-eight, are you crazy!”

“Son of a bitch, you betrayed us!”

The crowd of princes glared their eyes.

Wushuang was so angry that his hands and feet got cold. He never expected that he was sold out by his brother, “Damn asshole, I will kill you!”

Wushuang’s strength was better than his. With unparalleled strength and such a short distance, there was no doubt that he would die if Wushuang took an action all of a sudden.

At this moment, a hand pinched his weapon. “KaKa”, the sword was crumbed into pieces directly.

It was Chen who made the move. He patted the 38th prince on the shoulder. “Well, you’re very good. Forsake darkness for light. You have a bright future.”

“Thank you general, thank you general!”

The 38th prince bowed quickly, with unspeakably respect.

“You people are slow-witted. Dynasty Ji is dead already. Don’t resist stubbornly anymore.”

The 38th prince gave a scornful look and went out excitedly.

“Brothers, let’s fight with them!”

Wushuang stood up, but found that no one listened to him.

“Sorry, brother. The Ji family is dead indeed, our Father is dead. The Ji family can’t have more casualties.”

The second prince Run Ji said.

“Brother, you can relax. We will continue to bear offspring for the Ji family well. Next year, we will visit you at your grave.”

“Wushuang, take it easy and let go.”

The words of the princes were like blunt knives, mercilessly inserting in Wushuang’s heart.

Their eyes were cold. It was said that the imperial family was merciless. These princes had no so-called brotherhood at all. In order to survive, they’d love to wish Wushuang die!

“You…you…” Poof…

Wushuang vomited blood in anger.

Chen didn’t want to look at him. After Emperor Ji’s death, he had captured a nest of Ji’s princes, who were still of great use, so they couldn’t die now.


One punch knocked Wushuang in unconsciousness, “Come on, take him away and put him into strict custody.”

“As for you…”

Chen looked at these princes.

“General, we can help you to identify the ministers and royal members who are hiding among the captives.”

“That’s right, we are very familiar with them, and there are many dark ones hiding in them.”

These people had completely lost their shamelessness in order to live.

“Well, good. I’ll give you an hour. The more you identify, the more possible you could acquire the citizenship of the alliance.”

“Thank you general, thank you general!”

Dozens of princes looked around like hunting vultures.

On the contrary, Chen was at ease to enjoy himself. The scene of dog biting dog was not so common.

At this time, Yuan Kris brought a large army to destroy half of Imperial Star. No one dared to stop him. Countless ministers and nobles knelt on both sides of the street, “Check their houses, take away all the valuable things in their houses!”

The Ji family’s accumulations for millions of eras gave huge benefits to the Demon King army. From today on, the flag of the alliance was planted here, and the Ji family’s imperial dynasty had completely become a thing in the past.

Several years later, it would be remembered that in Imperial Star, there was a Ji Dynasty who had dominated the world.

Soon, the news of the Demon King army’s victory spread all over the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

Numerous people had been shocked.

Most of the troops of Ji Dynasty was captured, and so were the royal families, ministers and nobles,

In the Wind region.

Wuxie’s face was full of shock.

He thought that even the people behind the Demon King army took actions, it would only half the weight of Emperor Ji. Even if Emperor Ji lost, he could not die.

But the reality was another thing.

The people behind the Demon King army didn’t even show their faces. Through one finger and one palm, they killed Ji Emperor, who didn’t even take resistance.

Even the emperor seal was taken away.

“Supreme Ancestor?”

Wuxie looked at the indifferent Supreme Ancestor, “Could it be them?”

“It’s either Xue Region or Ying Region.”

Supreme Ancestor laughed, “It seemed that they are unable to hold themselves back to fight each other.”

“Then we…”

“Not yet, it’s not the right time.”

Supreme Ancestor didn’t lift his eyelids, just playing chess on his own.

In his heart, he was thinking in secret. The person who made the move definitely had the strength beyond Later Period and even Fulfilled Period.

The Chaos World of the Other Realm did not allow such formidable power. Only those who had the wonderful fragments could escape the detection from the “ship”.

“It seems that they have completely refined the fragments, which saves me a lot of time and efforts.”

Supreme Ancestor laughed and didn’t take them to heart at all.

The chess game was still going on, but the outside world had turned upside down.

Emperor Jiang did not utter a single word. He quietly ordered the fully-equipped troops back to the army barrack.

Fear emerged in the heart.

Fortunately, he didn’t do it. If he sent the troops to attack the Demon King army, he might be the next one to die.

Magic Whip, the Jiang family’s Treasure of Transcendence, was a middle-level Treasure of Transcendence. Although its attack was stronger than Sky Seal, it was not much.

The giant hand killed Emperor Ji with one move, which showed how strong the opponent’s strength was.

When did such a strong man appear in the Chaos World of the Other Realm?

Wait, it must be Three Ethnic people who did it.

Emperor Jiang was not a fool. Only the Three Ethnic people had such strength and foundation.

Meanwhile, Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Ren quietly put down Tiger Talismans.

Both of them were shocked to the extreme.

The deadly attacks from the soldiers of the Demon King army moved them profoundly. The middle-end and the high-end combat capabilities were both extraordinarily superb.

Even the top combat capability was brutally savage.

They hid it so deep.

When everyone thought that the Demon King army would surely be defeated, the true leader of the Demon King army made an attack. In an overwhelming manner and an irresistible force, he ran over Emperor Huang to death like an ant.

So to speak, the fall of Emperor Ji and the collapse of Dynasty Ji completely established the prestige of the Demon King army.

At this moment, Emperor Ren thought a lot of things. The Demon King army had grown up and even had the ability to kill and surpass Transcendence Combat Capability.

They could never fight the Demon King alone.

“Come on, send my handwriting letter to the other five emperors!”

Emperor Ren ordered.

Looking at the handwriting letter, Emperor Yao asked, “What do you think?”

“Your Majesty, Emperor Ren’s proposal is very smart. The strength showed by the Demon King army has completely broken the balance of all forces. Further deepening cooperation is inevitable.”

The Minister of War stepped forward and said,

“Yes, currently, our six-emperors alliance is still the strongest force in the Chaos World of the Other Side, even the Wind clan, the Xue clan and the Ying clan are inferior.”

“At this time, we should avoid the Demon King army from finding a chance to break us one by one.”

Ministers, royal members, and even the crown prince had come forward.

Emperor Yao’s fingers tapped with a “dada” sound, and everyone was nervous. They were afraid that Emperor Yao would not agree.

“Let the cabinet draws up a decree, saying that the emperor agrees.”

“Emperor lives viva!”

Watching the crowd all bowing down in front of him, Emperor Yao had no glimmer of joy in his heart. “The Yao clan rose in the fourth Imperial War. It has strong strength. Moreover, it has the high-end Treasure of Transcendence and the Book of Life and Death. Not only that, it had a middle-end Treasure of Transcendence, which is a top secret and only known by the emperors of previous and current ages.”

It could be said that the Yao clan, who had two pieces of Treasure of Transcendence, were in an invincible position.

But this secret could not be made public, at least not at this time.

“The Yao clan will certainly stand on the top of the world.”

Except for to the oldest three emperor clans, Emperor Yao never paid attention to the rest.

Chapter 692: Gossips and Rumors

Domain Jiang, Domain Xuanyuan, Domain Wang and Domain Zhang all received Emperor Ren’s handwritten letter.

Without exception, they all agreed to deepen the cooperation with Emperor Ren.

Through the battle, the Demon King army became the biggest winner. Besides, Lin Wang made a huge profit.

The Ji family had invested 120 trillion soldiers, with 50 trillion soldiers of them died.

The Demon King army invested 80 trillion soldiers with over 30 trillion soldiers died.

A total of 80 trillion soldiers died. The Fate Luck plundered by the Separation of Wang Lin’s Fate Luck was amazing.

Although the vast majority was cannon fodders such as True God, Genesis, Supreme Lord and so on, but there were also many soldiers of Great Supreme Lord and Chaos Stage.

To be honest, those who could practice to the True God all had the foundation of Fate Luck, not to mention Great Supreme Lord and Chaos Stage, definitely with the background of profound Fate Luck.

With a little bit effort, it would come to the Fulfilled Period.

The power emitted from the Fate Luck separation body was terribly scary.

Looking at the gradually solidified Separation, Lin made up his mind on the spot and directly divided one third of his soul power.

Any more, his strength would be affected. In due time, the old man would certainly see it.

“Go ahead, absorb as much Fate Luck as possible. There will definitely be a big war in the future. That’s the best opportunity for us to rise.”

Lin’s face turned pale. The sharp pain of soul splitting made him look ferocious.

“Want to advance and retreat together? No way!” Lin laughed.


“Ancestor, the Demon King army won.”

Emperor Xue entered the forbidden area of the imperial palace.

The Ancestor of the Xue family looked much better than a few days ago, and his lean body was gradually getting plump.

“A hundred years later, my strength will be able to reach the peak. At that time, the Xue family will dominate the world.”

“Yes, Ancestor!”

Ming Xue knelt on the ground, body trembling with excitement.

Ancestor was very powerful. He must have gone beyond the Normalization Stage and reached the Detachment Stage.

Although the Treasure of Transcendence was strong, no matter how strong, it was refined by people.

In addition, without the corresponding strength, he would only end up like Emperor Ji, a dish on the plate for others.

“Go away. You don’t need to come back in a hundred years.”

“Yes, Ancestor!”

Ming Xue left respectfully.

He had an idea in his mind. He also received news about the alliance of six emperors. Although he never took them seriously, he still had to do what he had to do.

“Come on, send special envoys to Wind region and Ying region.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

When seeing the emissary from Domain Xue, Emperor Ying understood what Ming meant. “Go back to tell Emperor Xue that Domain Ying and Domain Xue will advance and retreat together.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Domain Wind was also official, whose reply was the same as Domain Ying.

The three of them all knew well that there would be a decisive battle taking place a hundred years later, and other people didn’t matter at all.

The Chaos World of the Other Realm had brought about a brief peace. When everyone was shocked by the strength of the Demon King army, the large army had taken over all the affiliated great domains of Domain Jiang.

Sha Mo, the Reform Committee, had led officials to settle in Great Domain. A big reform had begun with great strength and vigor.

For more than ten thousand years, Sha Mo had trained a large number of cadres, who were fully competent for the transformation of Great Region.

Under the intensified suppression of the Demon King Army, die-hard forces collapsed, civilians were liberated, and slaves were naturalized as civilians.

The captured soldiers would break up again, and the die-hard forces would be conducted with ideological transformation.

Open-minded ones would be merged into the barracks and be assimilated.

Wushuang Ji and other princes became the backbone of anti-feudalism and anti-oppression.

They made speeches in various great regions, recounting the crimes and faults committed by the Ji family over the years, as well as the oppression by royal nobles and aristocratic families on common people.

It worked well. With their special identities, the effect was great.

From the initial resistance to the present numbness.

Speeches after speeches, he started to believe in them himself. He even began to reflect on the evil that the Ji family had done.

Others were even more so.

On the other side, Demon Kris and others practiced Taoist magic art alone in Time Barrier.

In addition to recuperation and building up strength, it was more about self-reflection and promoting their own strength.

After Kris Chen got the Heaven-Turning Seal, the Weapon Spirit entreated hard, “Please don’t kill me, don’t erase my will, I’m willing to…”

“No, you can’t do that. My master is in the Upper World. I can feel him. If you wipe out my will, he will surely perceive that. You definitely don’t want to provoke a great power that had broke through Transcendence a million years ago.”

The Weapon Spirit of the Heaven-Turning Seal said in half threatening and half pleading tones.

Kris Chen always preferred the soft ways rather than the hard ways. Threatening him would not lead to a nice result.

The giant hand turner over and killed the consciousness of the Weapon Spirit.

“Fellows, it’s time for dinner.”

The Chaos Sword Spirit engulfed the Weapon Spirit of the Heaven-Turning Seal. A flow of massive Fate Luck was continuously devoured and absorbed. This process had lasted three years in the Time Barrier!

The Fate Luck of the Treasure of Transcendence that had accumulated for hundreds of millions of years was astoundingly powerful.


The Chaos Sword Spirit ate full this time.

Gifts to Kris Chen were also generously rich.

Domain Star contained in the Inner Universe were growing rapidly, 10 billion Domain Star, 1,100 trillion, 1,200 trillion, 1,300 trillion, 1,400 trillion…1,500 trillion!

The Normalization Stage had reached the Fulfilled Period!

The power of cells were also skyrocketing.

The force of Fate Luck washed the cells over and over again.

Normalization Early Stage and Normalization Middle Stage.

The Fate Luck that had accumulated for hundreds of millions of years was really terrible.

Amazingly, all the cells in Kris Chen’s body were directly promoted to the Middle Period of Normalization Stage.

Unprecedented, more powerful than ever.

Kris Chen felt himself a hundred times stronger than before.

The skyrocketing surge of power let him feel hands and feet tied up.

The space was so flimsy and fragile like pasted paper.

If he took actions in full swing, probably no one could block his punches.

In any case, the Detachment Stage and the Middle Period were definitely unstoppable.

Assumingly, the Later Period would be tough, and the Fulfilled Period would be difficult.

In principle, Detachment was the ceiling of this stage. Once it reached this stage, it would soar.

Kris Chen had two speculations.

First, he must achieve detachment on stage, not on strength.

Second, it was necessary to use Ship for extradition in order to reach Domain Eternal smoothly.

If it was the first one, as long as he constantly absorbed the spirit of Treasure of Transcendence, he could make a breakthrough.

If it was the second one, how many people could it take? Could it take people up high?

After thinking about it, Kris Chen continued to improve his strength. If he had an overwhelming power, none of it would matter.

The Ji family had a lot of supernatural Taoist powers and resources preserving for hundreds of millions of years.

Even without the support of Treasure of Transcendence, Kris Chen’s practicing speed was not slow.

The breakthrough from the Supreme Main Universe to the Infinite Universe was impossible in a short time. The world was expanding too fast, which took more time to precipitate.

So, he could only use all the resources to enhance physical strength.

The Chaos Spirit Sword also needed time to transform.

The Heaven Turning Seal had lost its original power. Even so, it was better than the average magic weapons.

He remembered that Chen Ye had a brick in his hand. If it was given to him, it would be very useful.

Domain Eternal, Taoist Palace.

In a place of seclusion that had been quiet for thousands of years, a pair of golden eyes opened in the dark.

“The Heaven Turning Seal is out of touch. Is something wrong in the Lower Stage?”

“Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for the Lower Stage. Maybe when I break through that stage, I can go down.”

“But it doesn’t matter. Is my treasure so easy to take away? You’re dead!”

He left a back-up move on the Heaven Turning Seal. No matter where that person was, he would sense it in the dark!

Rising from the Lower Stage was the Early Stage of Detachment at most. However, he was a Fulfilled Period.

Even to the extent that half a foot had already stepped into the Taoist king.

In the Early Stage of Detachment, it could be killed in a palm turning.

With that, the golden eyes closed, and the practicing room fell into quietness!

Meanwhile, after more than 30 years of peace in the Chaos World of the Other Realm, there was a gap between Domain Wang and Domain Jiang.

The main reason was that when the garrison of Domain Jiang was buying drinks in Domain Wang, they killed a general guarding the city.

After this incident broke out, Domain Wang and Domain Jiang instantaneously became nervous.

Emperor Xuanyuan, Emperor Ren and Emperor Zhang successively sent special envoys to persuade the two emperors respectively.

Domain Jiang also beat the killing military staff with thirty sticks, after which this incident made the situation completely a big deal.

There was a saying in Domain Wang that the life of Domain Wang’s general was cheap, which was only worth thirty sticks.

That saying made all the officers and soldiers of Domain Wang indignant.

In addition to those who had agendas, many people submitted requests to ask for fights.

Emperor Jiang was depressed. Just killing a small general guarding the city? Weren’t they making a storm in a teacup?

Domain Jiang also had different voices.

“Your Majesty, I’m wronged. The truth is that the generals of Domain Wang provoked us first, and they challenged us with swords first, after that, we had to defend us.”

However, under the persuasion of Emperor Ren and Emperor Xuanyuan, the soldier who did it was abolished with Cultivation and sent to a dungeon.

When everyone thought that the incident was over, some gossips and rumors emerged from Domain Jiang.

These gossips and rumors spread at an unexpected speed.

Domain Jiang’s generals and officers also requested to make wars.

Until now, Emperor Jiang realized that it was not easy.

Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Ren also felt that there was something suspiciously wrong. After checking for a long time, they didn’t find anything useful.

Just then, the fellow soldiers of the general who was killed in Domain Wang attacked the border of Domain Jiang.

With the slogan of revenge for their brother, they killed tens of thousands of Jiang Domain’s soldiers.

This battle completely ignited the anger of all Domain Jiang’s generals and soldiers, and also broke the peace lasting decades of years.

Everyone thought it would be the Demon King army that set off the war, but the result was surprising.

The alliance between Domain Wang and Domain Jiang was placed in jeopardy, even endangering the alliance of six emperors.

There were Wind Clan, Xue Clan, and Ying Clan coveting fiercely like tigers, and there were also the powerful Demon King army. If the alliance of six emperors was defeated, the world would fall into scuffle again.

Therefore, they couldn’t have chaos at least not for decades.

Emperor Yao received the handwritten letters from several emperors and sneered, “How could Imperial War be so quiet, the fire is not strong enough, then let me add some fuel to the flames!”

After sneak attack by Domain Wang’s soldiers, Domain Jiang kept restraint on the surface and suppressed the soldiers.

Domain Wang was going to severely punish the soldiers who did it.

But just then, a galaxy on the border of Domain Wang was brutally massacred.

For a while, Domain Wang was in a panic. No one knew who did it.

Because the people who did it was very powerful, and did not leave any trace.

However, wild geese left marks, no matter how carefully it was done.

Domain Wang had a magic weapon called Backlight Mirror, which could reverse time and space to a certain extent and trace back to source.

Through tracing the source by the Backlight Mirror, it was found that the person who did it was from Domain Jiang. Although the person was wearing a mask, he used the strongest Asura Tao in the Ghost Tao of Domain Jiang.

As everyone knew, only the royal members of Domain Jiang were qualified to practice Asura Tao.

As soon as the news came out, Domain Wang was in great shock.

“These people are really despicable. On the surface, they are restraint. In fact, they send people to secretly kill the men of our Domain Wang.”

“Domain Jiang’s ambition was clearly exposed. Your majesty must not be deceived by their appearance.”

“Send troops, we must let Domain Jiang know our strength. No die, no stop!”

“Yes, no die no stop!”

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