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“Okay, I won’t tell you more, I’m going to school for work,” Gracia Stewart shook her head, yawned, and started to pack things.

Chuck Cannon approached her with a dagger, and Gracia Stewart didn’t bother to deal with Chuck Cannon. She didn’t understand where this “sense of trust” of the first meeting was, she might have had a similar childhood!!

Chuck Cannon was speechless. “I think if it were not for different positions, we would have might become brothers from another mothers.”

The feeling of sympathy, well, is this feeling.

“Why not sisters from another mothers?”

Gracia Stewart was too lazy to deal with Chuck Cannon, so she packed her things and went to cook a bowl of noodles for breakfast. Because school work was very busy, she might not be able to eat at noon.

“My bowl should not be not too salty,” Chuck Cannon sat down and waited.

Gracia Stewart was too lazy to deal with Chuck Cannon. She made a bowl of noodles. As soon as she took a bite with her chopsticks, Chuck Cannon took the noodles and even the chopsticks.

Gracia Stewart was annoyed, “What are you doing? Don’t you need money to eat noodles? This is the noodles I bought with money. I only bought it for a week. Will you eat it and make me hungry?”

Chuck Cannon continued to eat, “I said, don’t be so salty, your appetite is a bit heavy… Hey, didn’t you brush your teeth just now?”

“You go to hell,”

Gracia Stewart stared at Chuck Cannon angrily. She didn’t brush her teeth?

The home is simple, and the furniture is not bought at a low price instead picked up from the garbage pile, but all the furniture is cleaned before being put into the home.

It can be said that she loves cleaning very much, and she brushes her teeth when she gets up.

Chuck Cannon finished eating. At this time, Gracia Stewart brought another bowl and took it over and protected it. She hurriedly finished eating. Then she pointed to the bowl that Chuck Cannon had just eaten and said, “The soup should be finished. Things are not easy to come by and cannot be wasted!”

She was very serious because all the soup in her bowl has been drunk. She is the kind of person who has suffered a lot and knows how precious it is to eat.

Chuck Cannon hasn’t suffered so much, but he can feel it.

Chuck Cannon did so and finished the soup.

Gracia Stewart nodded and packed up and went to school. Chuck Cannon got in the car and closed the door vigorously. Gracia Stewart was angry, “You must cherish things.”

“But your car is bad, it doesn’t work hard, it can’t be closed,” Chuck Cannon muttered.

Gracia Stewart blushed and coughed, “Then you have to cherish it. This car is not wanted by others, so it must not be very good.”

“I’ll go to school with you and see, today I still have to make a decision, otherwise I will go to your school to scare your students,” Chuck Cannon said.

“You won’t, the look in your eyes feels like a student of mine,” Gracia Stewart said sincerely.

“Um,” Chuck Cannon was surprised, is there?

“Yes, there is a kind person in my heart, I can feel it, this is what I learned when I was restocked at the age of four, look at people!!” When Gracia Stewart said this, behind the thick lenses, there was that An indescribable plain look!

It seems that everyone is in front of her, with nowhere to hide.

This is what she learned after being stocked for so many years? To see people?

“So, do you see that I am a good person at first glance?” Chuck Cannon was stunned.

Is there such a god?

“Yes, I can see it, so I don’t bother to care about you. If you have experienced everything about me, you will be very accurate in seeing people! Even better than me. You can see how you feel, but you are not a good person because of your eyes. Not so good. Men have a lot of ideas, but they can barely count as good person.,” Gracia Stewart began to drive.

Chuck Cannon was still not quite sure. Based on his experience alone, he is not as good as growing up by himself, and he has seen all the warmth of Gracia Stewart.

Chuck Cannon admits this.

So, if you have this experience, you will also be very accurate.

Chuck Cannon coughed, “This is normal.”

“Yes, it’s normal, so you can barely be regarded as a good man, but you are definitely not a good man!” Gracia Stewart said definitely.

“Uh, how can you say?”

“The look in your eyes, although you have no idea about me but I feel that you have a lot of women. Am I right? Don’t speak? Oh, you are not honest yet,”

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon admitted.

“Normal, standard tall, rich and beautiful, many women are not normal? I think it’s normal,” Gracia Stewart shrugged calmly.

“You can do it anywhere,” Chuck Cannon didn’t expect that she was so enlightened, too, she has been out for so long, who hasn’t seen anyone? What hasn’t happened?

“I’m not as carefree as you, men and women are different! What’s more, I’m not a good person, because I did a lot of things to survive and killed a lot of people. Once I killed a girl who grabbed a bun with me for a bun. She was seven years old, and I was seven years old,” Gracia Stewart’s voice suddenly calmed down, only the rumbling noise of the engine.

Chuck Cannon was shocked, “Seven years old?”

She encountered more things than Chuck Cannon thought, and it was a lot of horrors, killing?

“Then you could have shared it with her,” Chuck Cannon asked subconsciously.

“If you have been divided before, and she will come to grab yours and even let you have no food, what will you do?” Gracia Stewart asked calmly.

“I…maybe,” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

What should he do if he encounters this situation? At the age of seven?

“The only way to survive is to do that, I will not hesitate, so you can figure it out,” Gracia Stewart deliberately looked at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon understands, no wonder she can become Brayden Stewart’s strongest opponent, Brayden Stewart is completely rubbish in front of her!! Not enough!

You really have to deal with it, whether it’s fighting or fighting wits, Brayden Stewart guesses that it is possible to be killed by a spike.

Because Gracia Stewart has no weaknesses, and she will not be caught like Brayden Stewart.

This Gracia Stewart is too tolerable.

Chuck Cannon said a few words to her, and he felt that he was not her opponent?

Of course, Chuck Cannon was not backing down.

How strong, since he came, he will deal with it, and he will never retire!

“You said you really want to fight me now,” Chuck Cannon was sincere.

“I said, I want to work, how can I have time to fight with you?”

Gracia Stewart directly refused.

“Didn’t you say you can kill me in seconds?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Gracia Stewart pushed her eyes, “How can I not say, the foundation is very thin, I can see that, but…”

Chuck Cannon was taken aback. He really had only been exposed to fighting for half a year. Although he trained himself every day but he was still not as good as Gracia Stewart who had gone through life and death since childhood.

This is a must, there is no shortcut.

“But your teacher teaches you very well. You seem to be random in every move, but you are always defensive. You can attack at any time. Fighting skills make up for your lack of foundation. I don’t have a good teacher like you. Who is your teacher?” Gracia Stewart was so curious.

“My mother, and my Aunt Logan!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged.

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