Chapter 693 – 694: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 693: Taking the Benefits as an Onlooker

All officials proposed, and generals are also at the same stance.

The descendants of the royal family even asked for fighting.

“Please make a decision, Your Majesty!”

The civil and military officials and the members of the royal family, all kneed down in worship.

Lin Wang narrowed his eyes, thinking that this person was not sent by him. It was so interesting that it seemed there was another power behind this matter.

But it was just as he wished.

Whether it was the Wang Domain or the Jiang Domain, he didn’t care.

Even for the throne under his control, he doesn’t care, neither.

He just wants killing, and keeps on killing.

“No rush. Let’s see what the representative of Jiang Domain says first, since we need an explanation.”

Although he didn’t care in his heart, Lin was very serious on his face.

He knew that the more vicious the repression, the greater the power that would break out.

But this matter would be meaningless with only two families to involve.

He recruited his subordinate, “You go and contact the Demon King army, and tell them that Wang Domain is willing to ally with them. What about them?”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Watching his subordinate left, Lin grinned, “This is so interesting.”

On the other side where Jiang Domain was!

At this time, everyone in the Jiang’s courtroom frowned.

“Your Majesty, there is something fishy about this matter, so there must be a conspiracy.”

Emperor Jiang rubbed his swollen head, and thought it nonsense.

Didn’t he know there was a conspiracy here?

“Say something useful!”

Restraining his anger, Emperor Jiang said, “If this matter is not handled properly, there is bound to be a battle between the Jiang Domain and the Wang Domain.”

“Your Majesty, I suspect that the originator behind this matter is the Wang Domain.”

That general went out and said, “The Wang Domain’s emperor, Lin, is ambitious, and seen from his journey to get the throne, he is an extremely sinister and cunning person.”

Upon hearing this, Emperor Jiang shook his head slightly, “He has no reason to do so.”

“Your Majesty, it is precisely because he has no reason to do so that he is more likely to do that!”

A civilian minister stepped forward, “There must be a power behind the area, which wants to collect greater benefits from it.”

“I have a bold idea. What if the Demon King’s army and the Wang Domain are both controlled by one person?”


At these words, the officials were all shocked.

That’s right!

This matter really looks like the action made by the Demon King army.

How did the Ji family disappear? It was step by step framed by the Demon King army.

“Continue to say.”

Emperor Jiang looked also nervous.

“The rise of Wang Domain is too sudden, similar to that of the Demon King army, so I am almost sure that the Wang Domain and the Demon King army collude.”

“In addition, the Demon King’s army will definitely occupy the moral righteousness when they make a move, otherwise they will definitely not easily send troops, because their system and policies determine that they will not easily attack other forces.”

The Demon King’s army is progressing and so are they. Even the courtiers have analyzed the structure and worldview of Demon King’s army for countless times.

“So Your Majesty, we must not give them this opportunity, but can also take this opportunity to come up for a thorough investigation!”

Emperor Jiang understood that it was certainly not their doing. Even if it was done by a royal member of Wang Domain, they could not possibly admit.

By the way, they took this opportunity to have a power cleansing and solve the infiltration of external forces.

“Good, this is a good proposal.”

“Prime Minister, I will leave this matter to you!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Cheng Jiang stepped forward and said.

“Minister of War!”

“Here I am!”

The three Ministers of War came out of line.

“Deploy troops to prevent the Wang Domain from attacking.”


After ending the court, the Jiang Domain sent out a notorious announcement in the name of its emperor presumably to tell that the matter had nothing to do with them.

In order to prove their innocence, they intended to conduct a thorough investigation on all the members of the royal family, and the noble officials.

When this notice was issued, the world was outraged.

Jiang Domain had been forced to such an extent.

Members of all the great domains were furious.

“The Wang Domain is too deceitful!”

“A soldier can be killed but not humiliated. Let’s go. Go to propose to fight!”

“Let’s go together!”

Many people called for friends and went to Emperor Jiang in groups.

Moreover, the voice was further expanding.

However, in the eyes of the people of the Wang Domain, this announcement was a fully perfunctory statement.

Although the area in Wang Domain is remote and barren, there is still hundreds of thousands of living planets, with a large population.

But now, with just a notice, they would die for nothing!

“The Jiang Domain is bullying people too much. It believes no one in our area would fight against?”

“Today they can kill people in the borderlands. If we don’t react, when they put the sword on our throat and neck, who will speak up for us?”

“Go to the capital and ask for fighting back!”

On that day, countless people knelt outside the capital city, and some cried and shouted, “My Majesty, billions and billions of trillions of people of ask for war. Please give us your mercy and take avenge for those innocent ones!”

“Please send troops to take avenge for our people!”

The waves of voices were higher than one another.

Inside the Imperial City, Lin opened his eyes and was satisfied.

“What did the Demon King’s army say?”

“Your Majesty, the Demon King’s army has refused.”


Lin frowned.

His fingers tapped on the table making a ‘da-da’ sound.

“Quietly release the news that the Wang Domain and the Demon King’s army have reached a cooperation, and remember, make sure no one notices that the news is spread from the imperial.”

“Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“Very well.”

Waving away his subordinate, Lin muttered, “The trumpet of war has been blown. Even if you don’t want to it, I will force you to start the war.”

“Pass on my order that the army is leaving for the borderlands.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

With Lin’s order, the large imperial city became lively.

“My emperor has heard everyone’s voices and agreed to fight. The army has already departed.”

“Long live my emperor!”

Outside the Imperial City, countless people shouted.

But no one noticed that many people quietly withdrew from the shouting.

The scouts in the Wang Domain soon sent the news back to the Jiang Domain.

“The Wang Domain has sent troops. Inform the other emperors that the Wang Domain has disregarded the alliance treaty and sent troops against the Jiang Domain. In order to protect itself, the Jiang Domain has no choice but to counterattack.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor Jiang narrowed his eyes, thinking that the kingdom sent troops meant that the alliance of the six emperors was completely over, but the Jiang Domain had to occupy the moral righteousness and could not be despised by others.

During the Imperial War, everyone was a friend and an enemy, and no one could be trusted.

There are no eternal friends, but only eternal interests.

“Your Majesty, a secret report from the dark line.”

“Bring it quickly.”

The Emperor Jiang picked up the secret report and took a look, and then a cold light flashed in his eyes.


He ruthlessly slapped the table, “The Wang Domain really has an ulterior relationship with the Demon King’s army!”

“Is this information reliable?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Now it has spread all over in Wang Domain.”


Yu paced for a while. If the news was true, then he would be able to get enough supporters.

If a full-scale war with the Wang Domain was started, even if he won, it would be a miserable victory and would definitely be taken advantage of by others.

“Spread this news to the others as well.”

The Emperor Jiang knew that those people must have received this message as well, but it didn’t matter. It was one thing to know, while another thing to make it public.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“By the way, tell the front lines not to start the war with the Wang Domain easily, and to delay it for as long as they can.”


Meanwhile, Emperor Yao, Emperor Xuanyuan, Emperor Ren, and Emperor Zhang all received news from the Wang Domain.

“As for the Wang Domain and the Demon King’s army… I really didn’t expect that these two domains would belong to the same one.”

Emperor Yao smiled coldly. In his opinion, no matter which one, they were all puppets supported by one of the three families.

Reap the benefits as an onlooker. This is too cunning.

He came out with a secret report and a handwritten letter from Emperor Jiang, and thought for a while, “Tell the cabinet to send 100,000 troops to support Emperor Jiang.”

The chamberlain was stunned, “Your Majesty… Your Majesty, are you sure you are sending 100,000 troops?”

“Go if you are told to. What’s the point of all this nonsense.”

A cold glint flashed in Emperor Yao’s eyes, “Do you want to question the decision I made?”

“Absolutely not, You Majesty.”

The chamberlain knelt on the ground in fear, trembling.


“Thanks, Your Majesty!”

The chamberlain rolled and crawled away.

What could 100,000 soldiers and generals do in the Imperial War?

Not even a little chaos could be made.

Emperor Jiang is cunning. He also wanted to play the same trick of driving away the tiger and swallowing the wolf to preserve the strength.

If the Wang Domain lost, they contributed troops and did not benefit at all. What does this mean to the people of Yao tribe?

Several other families must have also received the same letter.

They would understand it.

As expected, when the Emperor Jiang received feedback from several families, he was almost annoyed.

Jiang Domain sent 100,000 troops.

Zhang Domain sent 80,000 troops.

Xuanyuan Domain sent 60,000 troops.

The Ren Domain, which had agreed to work together with the Jiang Domain, sent 50,000 troops.

All together, there are no more than 300,000.

Just 300,000?

They will be gone after a round of battleship cannon bombardment.

But one by one, they replied in a rather good way.

We all know the matter between Jiang Domain and Wang Domain.

Everyone is very supportive of you, and believes that in this matter, the Jiang Domain is the victim.

But during the Imperial War, everyone is not fine. Everyone supports you in spirit, and by the way, send some troops to you to show their support.

In the content of the letter, several were surprisingly consistent.

It made Emperor Jiang had the illusion that the four of them were colluding.


Emperor Jiang was too angry that he tore these handwritten letters to shreds.

The calculations he had played himself had now become a complete joke.

Although the 290,000 troops were very few, Yu did not dare to be negligent.

Because they represent the pride of each big domain.

If they are negligent, they will definitely make them displeased.

At this juncture of the decisive battle, it is better not to cause trouble.

He was upset, and thought he had a good scheme, but it ended up inviting 290,000 army that could not be neglected back for himself.

The stone is smashing his own feet.

But the good thing is that he got the support of everyone, which is not a loss.

“Tell the front line to fight hard. We need triumph first, then negotiation with the Wang Domain.”

Emperor Jiang gritted his teeth, without the support from others, he still did not want to go to full-scale war, unless there is overwhelming strength. Otherwise… even if you win, it will be a miserable victory.

Jiang Domain will definitely not be successor of Ji Area.

And he believed that if the people of the Demon King’s army struck, several others would certainly not stand by.

The Demon King’s army would not do them any good if they involved.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

At the same time, in the Great Domain of the Alliance.

Demon Kris received the secret report.

With an odd look on his face, he passed it to Yuan Kris. After reading it, he sneered, “This is really interesting, we’ve always been the only ones to frame others, but I didn’t expect to be taken advantage today.”

“Isn’t the Wang Domain afraid that we’ll reject?”

“The secret report said that it was gossip, and the Emperor Wang had already come out to explain.”

“It’s okay if we don’t explain. Once we explain, others would rather trust it.”

North Kris said, “This must be Lin’s ploy to pull us down.”

“Lol, he will suffer.”

Yang Buddha said, “Ji Domain’s 30,000 plus large domains have been almost demolished.”

Yuan Kris nodded, “Let’s wait and see first. Doesn’t Wang Domain want to pull us down? Let’s not clarify first, and see what he has in the end.”

Chapter 694: Puzzling

One hundred and thirty years after the Imperial War began, the Jiang Domain and the Wang Domain started a war at the border.

Both sides invested three trillion each in the first round of the battle, which was fought to a standstill, but the Wang Domain was shallow after all and ended the first round with a small defeat.

The loss of soldiers amounted to two trillion, and the Jiang Domain did not suffer well either, losing one point five trillion soldiers.

But the Wang Domain’s soldiers did not fear death. Even if they had to die, they would make killings before that.

Although Jiang Domain won the first battle, the one and a half trillion generals who survived had a vague sense of fear in their hearts for the generals of the Wang Domain.

Jiang Domain sent an emissary to try to talk to Wang Domain.

However, Wang Domain killed the messenger, but also hung the messenger’s head on the city wall.

This also showed that the other side had no idea of talks for peace, and the atmosphere became nervous again.

In the war camp, countless generals were furious.

When two armies fought, they did not kill the envoy. Even if they fought hard, they could not have done such a thing.

” Grand Marshal, the Wang Domain is planning to fight us to the death, so we absolutely cannot make peace, otherwise we will be despised by the people of the Wang Domain.”

“I propose Grand Marshal to write to His Majesty and fight with the Wang Domain to the end.”

“Please propose, Grand Marshal!”

Zhenglie Jiang looked at hundreds of generals kneeling on one knee, and also found it hard. “Get up, this matter has to be considered in the long term.”

If only things were really that simple, he wouldn’t have to be troubled by it.

From the first round of the engagement, the Wang Domain warriors are fierce. In a full-scale engagement, the possibility of victory is between 40% to 60%. Even if they win, that is definitely a miserable victory.

Unless His Majesty, brought the Governance Stage to the front line, and fought with the Wang Domain’s emperor.

This will reduce casualties.

Rationally speaking, this is the best way.

But once Emperor Jiang came, it means that the country has reached the most dangerous time. Like Emperor Ji, even if the Demon King’s army has come to his doorstep, he did not come out.

He left things to his subordinates.

If he really waited for the Demon King army to hit the doorstep, it is a complete war of annihilation.

Winning is a tragic victory, not to mention the loss.

They can only win and not lose!

“This is only the first battle. Let’s realize their bottom line first and see the real strength of the Wang Domain.”

Zhenglie also had to put it off for now.

He did not want the battle across the border.

However, the other side obviously didn’t think so.

Half a month after the cold war, a large domain at the northernmost part of the Jiang Domain was attacked by the Wang Domain.

Half of the domain’s beings died horribly. The key was the extremely horrible death, with each one turned into a human stem.

When Zhenglie arrived, half of the domain was filled with the deadly aura, floating corpses above the star river. After taking a closer look, it is clearly a scene of dense corpse.

This kind of tragedy was really too tragic, since all these were civilians.


Zhenglie roared in anger, drew out the big sword at his waist, and shattered hundreds of stars with one slash.

“Mobilize the troops and fight it hard!”

He was furious. He was really furious!

He didn’t expect the people of the Wang Domain to be so ruthless that they wouldn’t even spare the civilians.

What alarmed him the most was how they had crossed the defense line?

“Could it be that they have a mon their side?”

The moment this thought popped up, he himself was startled.

He must not say that. Once he said that, everyone will be in a panic.

Who knows if they will suddenly pull out a knife and stab their own people when the battle is going well.

The Demon King army. This is definitely the action of the Demon King army.

This matter reminded him of the battle in which the three families joined forces to attack the Demon King’s army.

While fighting, Dou Ji suddenly revolted and killed Yuan Ji with a single slash, causing a total collapse of the battle.

He was afraid that in that scene.

So without changing his expression, he said, “Come back with me and report this matter to His Majesty in a memorial.”

With that, he took the people back.

When the people go away, he found his own subordinate, “Secretly check it. Remember, if there is something wrong, tell me in the first time.”

“Yes, Grand Marshal.”

“Where is the divine dragon scout!”

“Here I am.”

“Inform them to destroy as much as possible in all the great domains of the Wang Domain, so that they will be eager to put out the fire.”


Zhenglie was also a man of means, but he was afraid that the small defeat in the Wang Domain was deliberate. Until his second raid to surprise himself, something really big would happen.

It’s better to let the emperor make the decision.

Zhenglie did not expect that it was not the army that did this, but a person, to be more specific, actually a translucent doppelganger.

Lin looking at the gradually solidifying qi doppelganger, was excited to the extreme.

“Soon, it will soon take shape, and at that time, no one will be able to suppress me.”

“There is no movement on the Demon King’s side of the army, do you want to see what strengths I have? Just wait, my secret strength will definitely make the whole world tremble.”


The news of the Wang Domain’s small defeat to the Jiang Domain spread throughout the world, and the Emperor Jiang was just happy when he received a copy of Zhenglie’s playbook.

When he picked it up and took a look, his good mood was instantly gone.

“Damn it!”

Domain slammed the table, and crowd in the hall knelt on the floor, not daring to look up.

“The people of the Wang Domain are heartless and brutalizing the civilians. Pass the order of the Grand Marshal Jiang to the world, so that everyone can see what the Wang Domain has done!”

No matter which power, no one would slaughter the civilians.

If the power wants to be powerful enough, they must protect the civilians, which are the foundation. Otherwise, there are no other people for the power to exploit.

The nobles? Or the family?

Do you believe that they will rebel against you every day?

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

In less than a day, Zhenglie’s playbook spread throughout the world, so all sides sent strong condemnations, and both sides began to fight a war of words.

The generals of the Wang Domain were even more dumbfounded, because their men did not even leave the military camp.

This was a real slander.

“They are deceiving people too much. The people of Jiang Domain are really shameless, and play such a show!”

“I see. They must have thought that we killed the messenger they sent, so they deliberately p frame us.”

“Grand Marshal, we didn’t do that. If we are labeled as brutalizing civilians, what will others think of us.”

All the powers know that it’s okay to kill landlords, it’s okay to kill lineage families, and it’s okay to kill royalty, but they can not to kill civilians!

Even if they are the ruling class, the exploiters.

As the king of the royal clan, commander, the grand marshal of the army who ruled the world, he saw it more thoroughly than ordinary people.

If this matter is proved true, things will definitely become more and more troublesome.

Those who get the right way will receive more help, while those who lose the right way will receive less help.

“Immediately submit a petition for His Majesty to make it known to the world, and ask Jiang Domain to produce evidence.”

There is a very obvious loophole in Jiang Domain’s playbook. That is, there is no evidence, not even an evidence.

They need evidence.

Who knows if they designed that.

Yan Wang wrote thousands of words and commanded, “Take to the emperor as fast as possible.”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!”

After fighting the war for so long, Yan felt tired for the first time.

This kind of verbal war, on the side of kills people in the invisible.

The most crucial thing is that the bottom strength of the Wang Domain is too shallow, that the Treasure of Transcendence is weak.

And there is no immortals that ascends to the Upper World in Wang Domain.

It is easy to be demolished in one battle.

So the more sensitive this matter, the more we can’t take it lightly.

“Tell the soldiers to strengthen the defense. Don’t give the other side a chance to cross the boundary.”


The generals nodded their heads and said yes.

At this moment, Lin also received Yan’s playbook, “Yan is quite smart. Make the playbook known to the world.”

His qi doppelganger was invisible and colorless, so even if he did it, it would be difficult to leave traces.

That’s why he dared to kill so recklessly.

And the qi doppelganger after killing becomes stronger after the combat power, stronger than pure absorption of qi. The absorbed blood energy can even strengthen the doppelganger in the qi doppelganger.

He understood in his heart that the ‘Emperor’ was not likely to let go of himself, and this physical body would have to be given up sooner or later.

But now was not the time to be reckless.

“Let’s stall for as long as we can. The more we kill, the better! Only two people are involved now. There are few people and fun! Then let’s play a big one.”

Lin’s face was full of madness.

Three days later, in Ren Domain, specifically in a subsidiary great domain, there was an appalling scene. Countless people were sucked into dry bodies.

This time an entire large domain’s people died.

When Emperor Ren received the news, he hurriedly sent people to investigate.

Even the use of the God Beating Whip failed to find out the truth.

To be able to silently wipe out a whole big domain, this murder must be a supreme fierce devil.

Not only that, people of all the great domains in the Ren domain became terrified.

“You loser!”

Emperor Ren scolded the officials, “For three days, three whole days. There is still no finding of the murderer, not even a trace. What are you guys doing?”

“I know I’m wrong, Your Majesty, don’t be angry!”

The courtiers knelt down and admitted their mistakes.

“Your Majesty, this matter has something to do with Wang Area!”

“That’s right, it’s definitely Wang Domain who is behind everything.”

“Are you all fool?”

Emperor Ren was furious and cursed, “Wang Domain has shallow roots and is still at war with the Domain. What favor does it do to offend us? Are you finding a scapegoat?”

Everyone was silenced, because the emperor was right.

“If it’s not the Wang Domain, then it’s the Demon King army!”

Someone said.

This time Emperor Ren did not cursed, but sat on the dragon chair and fell into deep thought.

This matter, might be done by the Demon King.

Only they had the motive and strength.

They provoked the six emperors alliance, so as to give them the opportunity to break down one by one.

But the key thing now is that there is no evidence.

And before they get the result, any great domain that was not attacked is suspect.

It could be the Xuan Domain, it could be the Yao Domain, and it could be other Domains which deny it.

So far, the bottom strength of the Wang Domain has not been revealed, so even though Wang Domain is also suspected of committing the crime, but is the least suspicious.

As for the three clans, they are equally suspicious, so they have to watch out for them!

Then how to say?

You can’t just frame a power, right?

Just as Emperor Ren was thinking, noisy voices came from outside, “Urgent news!”

“Quickly call him!”

A scout ran in quickly and knelt down on one knee, “Your Majesty, an urgent report from the front line, the Xuan Domain is under attack, and one of the subsidiary domains has become a dead domain.”

“What? That power has gone to scourge the Xuanyuan Domain again?”

Everyone was shocked.

What was the purpose of doing so?

“Check it again!”

Emperor Ren frowned, things were getting more and more confusing. It seemed like another power behind this was trying to muddy up the whole situation.

He even vaguely guessed that the person behind it was trying to get the entire world into a chaos so that they could muddle through and collect even greater benefits.

If Lin knew Emperor Ren’s guess, he would have applauded and said, “The one who knows me is Emperor Ren!

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