What Gracia Stewart said, Chuck Cannon smiled in his heart, irritating her, it is best to do it yourself now!!

Then I can kill her seriously.

After all, I came here to kill her!

But Chuck Cannon was disappointed. Gracia Stewart just glanced at him and said directly to the handsome man, “You leave, no matter what you do, I won’t accept you, so don’t go on, it’s boring.”

“No, I like you, I love you!” The handsome man knelt before her moving.

The attitude is very sincere.

Gracia Stewart shook her head, “Say, no, you leave.”

She refused, and the handsome man continued to kneel, “No, don’t refuse me, I really like you!!”

Gracia Stewart glanced at him a few times and said to all the students at the door, “Everyone is going back to the classroom!!”

Although Gracia Stewart looked quiet and quiet, when she really spoke, the majesty of the secret family radiated.

All the students returned to the classroom obediently, and Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“What do you like about me?” Gracia Stewart asked calmly.

“I like your kindness.” The handsome man said sincerely.

“I’m not kind, I have killed people.” Gracia Stewart was still calm.

The handsome man was taken aback, “Have you killed someone?”


“unintended mistake?”

“No, grabbed my things,” Gracia Stewart’s voice was still calm, “Do you still like me?”

The handsome man was surprised, “Yes, I still like,”

“What else do you like about me?”

“I like your beauty,” the handsome man’s eyes were hot.

“Pretty?” Gracia Stewart unlocked one of her buttons, and there was a clearly visible scar inside!

Shocking on the skin!!

Handsome man shocked!

Chuck Cannon looked serious, did she ever suffer such a serious injury?

The depth of this scar may be injured when she was eleven or twelve years old.

She might be dying at that time.

“Is it pretty?” Gracia Stewart asked again.

“Pretty,” the handsome man gritted his teeth.

Gracia Stewart opened her waist again, and a stab wound almost cut off her waist, making people scared to see it.

The handsome man turned pale.

“Is it pretty?” Gracia Stewart asked again.

The handsome man became entangled, “Why are you hurt so much? What did you do?”

“I told you, I’m not a good person, still want to keep watching?” Gracia Stewart continued to calm down.

“I won’t look at it, the figure is second. When we are together, it’s okay to not take off your clothes. I don’t mind.” The handsome man shook his head and made up his mind.

“It seems you haven’t seen enough.”

Gracia Stewart shook her head and unlocked the second one. The handsome man twitched his face and yelled angrily, “No! What the hell are you doing? As a woman, you can’t protect your body. What are you doing? A man sees you like this. Still have an appetite?”

“Everything I do is to keep me alive!!” With a calm expression. Her calm was indescribable.

“Do you still like me?” Gracia Stewart calmly.

“Wasting Lao Tzu’s time, you said earlier, what kindness do you think I like you? What I am after is your figure, your appearance, you are now covered in scars, you want to disgust me? You want me to vomit? “The handsome man got up angrily, spit out, and dropped the flowers on the ground!

Gracia Stewart treats plainly!

The handsome man was angrily leading people away!!

However, Chuck Cannon stopped him with a cold face, “You are very superficial!!”

The handsome man was angry, “What did you say? You say it again?”

“You are very superficial!” Chuck Cannon said coldly, staring directly at Gracia Stewart!

Gracia Stewart was surprised by him. Talking to yourself?

“The scars on her body, do you only see nausea? What you see should not be nausea, but a story. Every scar on her body is a testimony to her, to witness her survival and her growth. An endless story, and you…so shallow that you can only see her appearance?” Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold!

Gracia Stewart was stunned, he was actually…

Chuck Cannon’s word for word, that kind of anger, made Gracia Stewart feel a little bit for the first time in so long.

He seems to know herself! Really understood!!

“Fuck you, I came here to pick up girls. All I want is her body. What story do you tell me? I’m not in the mood to listen to the story, so I want her, but her body makes me sick. What’s the use? It’s so disgusting inside, I wouldn’t want it?!” The handsome man is angry!


Chuck Cannon slapped him in the face with an angry slap!

The handsome man fell to the ground, blushing as if he was hit by an iron plate, red and swollen!!

“Do you dare to hit me? Come on, let me destroy him!” The handsome man was furious!

He was beaten by this kid for billions of dollars in his family?

He was angry and unstoppable!

The people he brought over came around, but how can they be Chuck Cannon’s opponent. He slapped them one by one, making them scream and cry!!

The handsome man was shocked!

Chuck Cannon picked him up, caught him in front of Gracia Stewart, “Okay, she is a beautiful woman, and you don’t deserve her!”

“Ah, don’t hit me, I’m not worthy, not worthy!” The handsome man screamed in fear.

Chuck Cannon’s strength was too strong. The few people just now, but his bodyguards, are so easily beaten, it’s terrifying!

Who is this Chinese person?

“Get off!” Chuck Cannon shook him away, and the handsome man fell to the ground in embarrassment. His bodyguard helped him to leave and limped out of here.

The anger in Chuck Cannon’s heart subsided. When he saw Gracia Stewart’s first scar, he was moved, and when he saw the second, he was in awe!

Chuck Cannon knew in an instant that this woman had suffered more than he had imagined!!

“That man is just a man who doesn’t have eyesight, just looks at the middle and outer appearance, it’s unreliable.” Chuck Cannon comforted.

“You…” Gracia Stewart was surprised by Chuck Cannon for the first time, not because of fighting, but because of what he said?

Because he knows her!

The awe-inspiring look she saw when she unbuttoned the button was nothing false. The first time Gracia Stewart saw this look, she was really moved.

Finally someone understands her.

“Don’t you regret it?”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and asked.

“No, you just surprised me a little bit. Many men showed disgusting eyes when they saw my scar.”

“I was a little bit earlier,” Chuck Cannon said.

“not much,”

“Well, it’s only a little bit, because it’s kind of that,” Chuck Cannon told the truth.

“Unexpectedly, the person who understands me is actually you,” Gracia Stewart sighed with emotion.

“Yes, I can barely understand you, maybe your situation is similar to mine!” Chuck Cannon sighed, how to describe it? The feeling of seeing you late.

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