“Do you want to fight me? Divide life and death?” Gracia Stewart calmly looked at Chuck Cannon.

“Divide, why not, I am here to kill you, I have my own plan,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Must fight!

How does it feel to see each other late?

You can’t forget the purpose of coming here.

“Well, wait until I’m done!” Gracia Stewart nodded, it didn’t matter.

“I want to ask you a question,” Chuck Cannon approached seriously.

“What is the problem?”

“How many times have you been on the verge of death?” Chuck Cannon saw that she was almost dead three times with just a few scars.

She was lucky to survive.

“Seven times!”

Chuck Cannon was silent, “You are great!”

This sentence was spoken by Chuck Cannon in a very serious tone, it is considered experience, Chuck Cannon has self-knowledge but not as good as her.

“Scared? I can give you a chance to roll away, don’t bother me, then I will let you go.” Gracia Stewart went to school.

“No, don’t leave after school, I’ll wait for you!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Sick! Is the kid making an appointment?”

Gracia Stewart went into the school, but Chuck Cannon didn’t go in, and found a place to sit down and waited at the door.

During this period, Chuck Cannon occasionally looked at the school. She was teaching, and she was stern and smiling. Chuck Cannon felt entangled anyway.

Therefore, he simply ignored it.

In the evening, the bell rang after class, students came out one after another, and Chuck Cannon waited outside.

When no one came out, Chuck Cannon went in and looked for her. Gracia Stewart was working, looking over the test paper.

“I can take exams all day, others are not annoying!” Chuck Cannon said.

“It’s none of your business! Wait!” Gracia Stewart continued to work without raising his head.

Chuck Cannon didn’t bother, because he also wanted to divide life and death! !

Twelve o’clock at night!

Gracia Stewart yawned and finally put down the pen in her hand. She took off the thick glasses and rubbed them. These eyes are beautiful and full of stories!

When she stood up, she seemed to have changed.


So cold!

It seems that there are many corpses under the feet!

Chuck Cannon was stunned, “You are Gracia Stewart now.”

“Yes, no,” she tidied up. “Don’t be here. When the blood squirts out, it will be difficult for me to clean it. Let’s go out.”

Chuck Cannon smiled, “You really love to be clean.”

“Of course, don’t linger, solve you, I have to go home to eat noodles, I didn’t sleep last night,” Gracia Stewart had already walked out herself.

Chuck Cannon wanted to do it, and he won’t waste time.

He got out!!

“I’ll ask you again, are you going or not?” Gracia Stewart put down her backpack and got up very casually.

“Are you reluctant to kill me?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“Oh, don’t blame me, I’ve been out for so long, you are my first confidant, even the people in my family don’t understand me, but you know a little bit, I want to let you go, you don’t want to, then forget it , It’s starting,” Gracia Stewart walked over, her movements were very light.

Chuck Cannon was facing the enemy! !

Gracia Stewart has experienced seven lives and deaths, this kind of strength is definitely not comparable to ordinary people!

Chuck Cannon was cautious!

“It’s easy for me to kill!” Gracia Stewart attacked!

Chuck Cannon showed excitement, swam Gracia fighting, and fought hard on the street even more, fast and spicy!

Chuck Cannon resisted with his own fighting!


Gracia Stewart kicked out, and Chuck Cannon flew out, almost fainting.

“Why are you so bad?” Gracia Stewart rushed over, grabbing Chuck Cannon’s neck.

Chuck Cannon got up excitedly, kicked a chain of legs, and Gracia Stewart staggered back a few steps.

“You are not so good!” Chuck Cannon smiled.

But Chuck Cannon knows the gap. It’s really that Gracia Stewart said that his foundation is too thin. If he doesn’t resist, he can’t hold back a few fights when he encounters a body that has been tempered.

A master of combat, killing skills is one aspect, a greater aspect of resistance!

This gap is big!

No way, Chuck Cannon has only six months while for her case since she was four years old.

Gracia Stewart didn’t say a word and rushed over like a rampage. Chuck Cannon was shocked, and it was too late to hide.

Chuck Cannon stopped hiding, and stabbed out with a dagger!

“I will die together? Many people are like me, but it is me who survived in the end,” Gracia Stewart hummed, dazzlingly attacked.

Her arms have been tempered into steel, and her legs have become steel!

Suddenly, she just kicked so cross-legged!

Chuck Cannon was kicked, and as soon as he got up, he had a hand on his neck, a steel-like hand.

“You lost,” Gracia Stewart said calmly.

Chuck Cannon was calm.

“In the past, I shot, you died just now, and your neck was broken. Knowing I didn’t stop?”

“Could not bear?”

“No, I won’t be intolerable to anyone, not to mention that I have only known you for more than a day, let alone not,”

“But I understand you.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Reluctantly understand, but this is not the reason for you to live, give me a reason, I can let you go.” Gracia Stewart said.

“I like you, is that a reason?” Chuck Cannon sketched out a smile.

“No, it’s slick, go to hell!” Gracia Stewart angrily.

Suddenly, she was shocked!

Because there are a hand and a dagger facing him in the stomach, I don’t know when it is facing.

“I’m not too bad, am I?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

Gracia Stewart looked down and was silent for three seconds, “It’s okay.”

“Haha!” Chuck Cannon let go with a wry smile, Gracia Stewart glanced at him and let go of the hand that pinched Chuck Cannon’s neck.

Chuck Cannon fluke!

It was Gracia Stewart who did not kill him just now, so Chuck Cannon had a chance.

Otherwise, Chuck Cannon doesn’t use bombs, not her opponent, Chuck Cannon admits.

“Let’s go!” Gracia Stewart turned and left.

“And many more,”

“Do you want to continue?” Gracia Stewart frowned.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, patted her on the shoulder, hugged her like a brother, Gracia Stewart kicked Chuck Cannon, “Are you sick?”

Chuck Cannon smiled, “I came here to kill you this time, but I didn’t expect it to happen.”

“You have something that you haven’t taken out, and I have it, okay?” Gracia Stewart was significant, Chuck Cannon understands, it turns out that everyone has a triumph card, but she knows what her triumph card is.



Chuck Cannon suddenly heard a familiar voice, and Chuck Cannon was shocked, “Be careful!”


A bullet came from one place and it penetrated into Gracia Stewart’s body.

Black Rose did it?

Gracia Stewart glanced at her shoulder without a trace of pain on her face. She took out a dagger from her body and glanced at Chuck Cannon. There was a cold light in her beautiful eyes!!

Suddenly, she rushed into the darkness.

How is this possible? It is impossible for Black Rose to shoot without her consent. Is she impatient to wait? So she pulled the trigger? Or did she just realized your danger and shot?

For a moment, Chuck Cannon was stunned. Three minutes later, there was a gunshot. Ten minutes later, Gracia Stewart came back with a thing in his hand, dripping with blood. Chuck Cannon was shocked. Black Rose is dead?

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