Chapter 695 – 696: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 695: Hero Makes A Quick Decision

In Domain Wang, one urgent report after another was sent to the palace.

“Report: rebel forces riot in Domain Qiongqi, and the chief general requests to send troops for suppression.”

“Report: unknown forces attack Domain Nanyang, half of the domain became dead domain, Your Majesty, please make a thorough investigation.”


Seeing these urgent reports, Lin Wang was indifferent. He didn’t care much about those riots, which were moss scabies for him.

Domain Nanyang was killed by his Fate Luck Separation.

“This kind of feeling is great, killing people invisibly. In all the great domains, he was like entering a no-man’s land.”

The corner of Lin’s mouth tilted slightly, “In this way, isn’t it more interesting?”

Three days later, Domain Ren was attacked by mysterious forces and the whole Domain was slaughtered.

In another five days, the affiliated domains under Domain Zhang’s ruling were destroyed. This time, it reached the appalling number of dozens great domains.

However, this time, Domain Zhang found the suspicious part after all.

“Your Majesty, this is the spirit left by those people, which has been stored in the Treasure Book of Spirits.”

The actions were committed so fast and the means were so fierce, definitely not done alone.

At least they dared not speculate wildly.

“Let Qiantianjian deduct it immediately!”

In the Treasure Book of Spirits, the blood killing spirit smelled very evil. Feeling it for a moment, it was like the maggot in tarsal bones, adhering firmly and eroding.

“By the way, inform other great domains and ask them to send someone over.”


Emperor Zhang was furious. All the other forces were killed by one great domain or half a great domain. When they came here, they directly attacked and massacred dozens of great domains.

But fortunately, Domain Zhang’s people were a little stronger than others. At least the residual spirit was found.

At the time when Qintianjian deducted the location of the spirit, other great regions received the notice from Emperor Zhang.

“Send Qintianjian right away. I must find out the man behind it.”

Emperor Ren said angrily.

Emperor Xuanyuan immediately ordered too, “Send special envoys. Report as soon as there is news.”

Then Domain Jiang received the message as well.

These days, his heart was heavy. The Pingtian Mirror was monitoring the great domain all the time, but had gained nothing.

“Make a copy of it. I will deduct it myself.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

On the other side, Lin also received the message, his face not looking good.

The Spirit Separation absorbed too much killing spirit, which gradually affected his divided soul and his control.

Although the blood killing spirit could greatly enhance the strength, it would also corrode the soul.

What he wanted was a separation completely controllable, not a lunatic who only knew killing.

“Stop, the killing must stop.”

Lin gave the order right away. Unexpectedly, he felt the conflicting thoughts of Spirit Separation.

Was this a rebellion?

“Suppress it!”

Lin’s divided soul quickly launched an attack, and took great efforts to suppress the brutal murderous spirit.

“We’d better get the Spirit by plundering not by killing. Killing is too offensive.”

Lin also had a lingering fear. If the Fate Spirit Separation was out of control, the consequences would be terrible.

Once it grew up, the first thing it would find was himself.

Because the Separation had missing parts and he still had the rest of the soul, it certainly would come back to find himself.

“The murderous spirit is so strong that it leaves traces!”

Lin was worried. What should he do?

While he sent people to Domain Zhang, he was thinking about this problem.

“Got it!”

Lin clenched his teeth, stripped the blood killing spirit off his divided body. In a moment, the Cultivation of the divided body dropped several levels.

Originally, it was infinitely close to Detachment, now it was only half a step Detachment.

But this was the safest way.

He condensed another Separation with the Blood Killing Spirit. When the Separation was about to take shape, it brought him into Domain Jiang.

Although it was a pity that Lin sacrificed much, he also knew that his wings were not mature now.

Plundering the dissipating Fate Spirit from the battlefield was slow, but it was very safe.

The only pity was that the game was forced to stop just half way through.

“But that’s enough. At least, Domain Wang’s suspicion has been removed.”


“We got the result. We have deducted that the spirit is in the southwest!”

In Domain Zhang, Qintianjian’s officials worked together to deduct, and finally got something.

“Come on, pass on the news to Your Majesty.”

The group of people rushed to the palace to report to Emperor Zhang.

Emperor Zhang listened and asked, “Southwest? It isn’t within the ruling of our domain?”

“Your Majesty, the spirit is on and off, but we can probably calculate the distance, which should be within Domain Jiang.”

Domain Jiang?

Emperor Zhang’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Why is it in Domain Jiang?”

Things were getting more and more interesting.

Dozens of great domains had died, about which Emperor Zhang didn’t care at all. Anyway, they were all low slaves.

“Pass on the news to other great domains, but don’t tell Domain Jiang. Don’t they want the spirit? Let them make a copy.”


The Qintianjian’s officials were at a loss what to do. They didn’t understand what plan Emperor Zhang was having.

Emperor Xuanyuan received the news, frowning, the spirit came from Domain Jiang?

Emperor Ren was also stunned, tapping his fingers on the table. He seemed to be thinking about something.

After Lin Wang received the message, he couldn’t help laughing. Things seemed to get more exciting.

The spirit was found in Domain Jiang, which sounded almost the same with “the spirit was from Domain Jiang”, but there was a vast difference between the two sayings.

“Issue an announcement that Domain Jiang kills civilians and our Domain Wang is going to fight against injustice today.”

This was the usual method used by the Demon King army, which was occupying the upper hand by publicizing justice. Not it seemed being learnt well.

After embellishing the news sent from Emperor Zhang a little bit, Domain Wang’s cabinet announced the imperial edict to the world.

For a time, the world was shocked.

It turned out that all of these were directed and performed by Domain Jiang itself, a thief shouting to be a thief. The purpose was to frame up Domain Wang.

Domain Wang was shocked. Countless people rushed about telling the news around.

“Domain Jiang is uncivil, we need to fight against it together!”

Before long, Domain Wang issued a second Crusade Order, and Lin Wang sent an order to form an alliance with other great domains, requesting to fight against Domain Jiang together.

After this Crusade of Domain Wang came out, the public sympathy instantly turned to Domain Wang, the victim.

Regardless of the grudge between Domain Wang and Domain Jiang, this time, people all over the world were indignant.


Emperor Jiang was very angry. According to the command of the spirit, his Governance Stage found the figure who was slaughtering in his own territory.

Then Domain Wang’s announcement and Crusade also made him shocked and angry.

After the shock and angry, he was even more frightening, because the envoys of Emperor Ren, Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Zhang had come to him to ask for explanation.

He was now in a state of daze. He knew that he was the victim, but in the end, he had become the villain.

“Quickly, send someone to Domain Dongji. The evil is making trouble over there. It’s better to catch it alive.”

He was carried away by anger. As long as he could catch the devil, there was still hope.

Now Domain Jiang and Domain Wang had some frictions, if Domain Ren and other forces involved, Domain Jiang would have a hard time.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Aware of something different, everyone had a sense of disaster coming.

Imperial city of Domain Yao.

Emperor Yao couldn’t help laughing, “It’s interesting. It’s so interesting. I thought I was the only push-hand behind. I didn’t expect there are others.”

No matter whether Domain Jiang was really behind the killing, which was definitely on their name this time.

It must be fun to fight with the five emperors.

Emperor Yao laughed, “Issue an imperial edict to denounce Domain Jiang.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

On the other hand, the people of Domain Jiang had reached Domain Dongji.

Looking at the all-over red figure, everyone couldn’t help taking a cold breath.

Where had it passed, there was no life at all. It was a blood devil.

The Chaos World of the Other Realm never had a blood devil before. Even if there was, it was a matter of the chaos universe.

The blood devil was terribly scary. It sucked people’s blood spirits. Theoretically, it could expand itself infinitely.

“We could join together to arrange the Array of Subduing Demon. Close the nine orifices. Don’t give him any chance.”

Normalization Ancestor, who took the lead, said.

Tens of millions of elite soldiers formed the Array of Subduing Demon and surrounded the blood devil, forming a perfect encirclement.

The blood killing spirit could pollute soul and mana, which was the first-class spirit of killing demons.

However, they forgot that it was the blood devil.

How powerful was the blood killing spirits of tens of millions of elite soldiers? The blood devil “JJ” laughed, mixed with the blood killing spirits of all the people.

Oh, no, it was supposed to be sucking their blood killing spirits.

“No, the blood killing spirit is useless to the blood devil.”

Normalization Ancestor was shocked and frightened. He quickly threw the Dust Brush out of his hand and trapped the Blood Devil firmly.

Then he took out a big golden clock!

“Suppress it!”

“Others, seal it with mana, the emperor wants it alive.”


Everyone nodded.

When Normalization Ancestor thought that the blood devil had been suppressed, his heart suddenly jumped rapidly.


Dust Brush was eroded by the blood killing spirit, finally, it broke.


The blood shadow struck the big golden clock with one bombarding punch, giving it a violent tremor.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

At that moment, it bombarded tens of thousands of punches.

“Ancestor, we couldn’t hold on any more. This demon is too strong.”

Tens of millions of mana couldn’t block and seal it.

Normalization Ancestor’s heart trembled. He was about to take out other magic weapons.


The big golden clock exploded in an instant.

Countless people were shaken away by the earthquake-like force.


The people in the front row vomited blood.


Normalization Ancestor led out a shout and tried to gather up the blood they spit out, but it was too late.

The bloody figure was like a whale absorbing water, absorbing the blood in a flash.


“What delicious blood!”

The voices full of killing sounded made people shiver in chills.

“Drink blood all over the world.”

At that moment, the blood shadow turned into countless separations, shuttling through the crowd.

All the soldiers nearby were sucked into human mummies. No one was immune.

Their deaths were similar to the deaths of previous people.

Normalization Ancestor was deeply terrified. If it was allowed to suck on like that, could he still control the situation?

He was afraid that he himself would die here.

Upon thinking of this, he quickly took out the back-up tool given by Emperor Jiang to him, the projection of Pingtian Mirror.

“Fix it!”

Immeasurable divine light refracted from the mirror and fix the blood shadow. The divine light did great damage to the blood shadow.

No matter how strong it was, under the force of Detachment, it was going to die!

“Come back now!”

Tens of thousands of elite soldiers had lost half of their strength in a short time.

Millions of people ran away, rolling and crawling.

It was horrible.

While fixing them with the Pingtian Mirror, Normalization Ancestor took out the Bian Pearl, which was an excellent seal material.

At the moment of preparing to seal the blood shadow, the blood shadow suddenly swelled.


The mist of blood all over the sky exploded, and even the divine light was bounced away.

After all, it was just a treasure of projection, so its power was less than one percent.

“Evil beast, no way to escape!”

“Heaven Talisman Array!”

A string of talismans flew out of his sleeve. In the blinking of eyes, they sealed a million miles.

The Pingtian Mirror hung above his head, and the immeasurable boundless divine lights were shrouded in the mist of blood.

Soon, the mist of blood retracted again to form a blood shadow.

This time, the blood shadow spirit had weakened a lot.

The scarlet eyes were opened. The icy cold eyes made people shudder.

Chapter 696: Five Emperors Attack Jiang

“You can’t escape.”

Normalization Ancestor gave out a cold hum and directly threw the Bian Pearl out.

But just then, the blood shadow turned lighter weirdly, and the Bian Pearl directly came through the blood shadow!

“What? It’s impossible!”

Normalization Ancestor’s face colors changed, the Bian Pearl could seal the half-step Transcendence, so there was no reason it couldn’t seal the blood devil.

“Wait, unless he’s not a blood devil at all.”

As soon as he thought of this, the way he looked at the bloody figure changed. If it was not a blood devil, what was it then?

The strong murderous and blood spirit disgusted people, which made it a blood evil in every way.

Or was it just his Aptitude?

The Pingtian Mirror could freeze it, which showed that its strength was not too strong.

Perhaps it was this illusory magic power that kept it from being discovered.

The Bian Pearl could not seal it, what should be done?

“Try this method.”

The projection of Pingtian Mirror connected the 18th Shura hell of Domain Jiang. Maybe those Shura ghost slaves could do certain harm to him.

Open the link channel, countless Asura ghost slaves flew out from inside, flying past with teeth and claws showing threateningly.

The blood shadow froze by the Pingtian Mirror could only struggle to a small extent.

“Stab it!”

An Asura ghost king of Normalization Stage grabbed towards the blood shadow and left five deep marks on the blood shadow’s chest, though the marks disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“It works!”

Normalization Ancestor was overjoyed! He was so delighted that things were better than he expected.

“Come on, take it! See if you can divide it up to eat and suppress it in your stomachs.”

The blood shadow was very powerful. If it could be turned into one’s own use, it would certainly play a very strong role.

Several Asura ghost kings joined hands to control the blood shadow, engulfed each part of the ghost slave, and sealed it in their stomachs.

“It really works!”

Normalization Ancestor nodded and took back those Asura ghost kings.

Thus, a bloody storm was eliminated.

Meanwhile, Emperor Jiang received the news of blood shadow being arrested, and he also knew the cause and consequence of the matter through the Pingtian Mirror.

By some calculation, the blood shadow was known to be born in Domain Jiang.

It made Domain Jiang look bad.

In the face of questioning from several envoys, he could only deny.

“Our Domain Jiang is also a victim. The blood shadow has been killed by us. It’s a natural disaster, not a man-made one.”

Emperor Jiang said: “Qintianjian speculated that there must be too many casualties in the Royal War and the Imperial War, and the hateful souls and ghosts were tangled, so as to form the blood shadow.”

The envoys were speechless. They had a whole new understanding of Domain Jiang’s shamelessness.

“If this is Emperor Jiang’s answer, our Emperor Xuanyuan will be much disappointed. I will report the truth without leaving anything behind.”

With a cold face, the envoy of Domain Xuanyuan took leave.

Then, Domain Ren’s envoy followed to leave.

Domain Zhang’s envoy looked even more gloomy. A large part of the great domain under their own ruling was dead. As a result, Domain Jiang gave such a reply, treating others as fools.

Domain Wang didn’t send an envoy, because their relationship had been completely torn. After an imperial edict and a crusade order, the two parties had completely broken apart.

Emperor Jiang had headaches. Just then, Emperor Yao’s imperial edict of denouncing had spread out.

This imperial edict of denouncing confirmed Domain Jiang’s suspicion, and also gave the final judgement about the case.

For a while, the whole world was cursing and condemning Domain Jiang.

“Emperor Jiang is shameless!”

“Self-directing and self-acting, this sin is no forgiveness!”

“Domain Wang’s crusade order is righteous. We should unite to crusade against Domain Jiang!”

“Go, go to Imperial Star to request for a crusade against Domain Jiang!”

Even outside the imperial city of Yao, many people came to ask Emperor Yao to dispatch troops.

Emperor Yao’s imperial edict of denouncing had explained everything, but they could only stir things up on the side, and they couldn’t do further things, which was not in Domain Yao’s interest.

Two dogs strove for a bone, and a third ran away with it.

At the same time, several envoys came back to Imperial Star.

Emperor Zhang: Domain Jiang thinks the we don’t have talents! Now, deploy 20 trillion forces and send troops!

Emperor Xuanyuan: Domain Jiang is a savage, and we will fight it together!

Emperor Ren: Emperor Jiang is a traitor and returning kindness with ingratitude, Domain Ren will never stand by!

It seemed that the three domains had discussed it and each of them would send 20 trillion troops, which added up to 60 trillion.

As soon as the Crusade was sent, the whole world was in jubilant.

Emperor Yao symbolically dispatched a trillion troops to help them.

While for Emperor Jiang, the great righteousness uneasily established before fell apart in an instant.

It had become a street mouse that everyone shouted to beat.

Even inside Domain Jiang had appeared some disharmonious voices.

“Shame, what a shame. It turns out that we did all this ourselves.”

“No wonder Domain Wang wants to tear up the relationship. We have gone too far.”

“Emperor Jiang of this generation is really poor. He has neither great talent and bold vision nor the ability to accommodate people!”

In the streets and alleys, countless voices rang out, which also spread to Emperor Jiang’s ears.

At this time, Domain Wang also launched an attack in the border area. Attacks from five sides made Emperor Jiang furious.

“Who is it, who on earth is behind me to harm me!”

He was full of grievances. He didn’t do these things at all.

From the beginning to the present, there was a mysterious pusher in charge behind everything, making him a blind man.

“A pressing matter of the moment, your majesty, is to deploy troops from all the major royal families to defense the border!”

“Your Majesty, I suggest you to send envoys to the Wind Clan, Xue Clan and Ying Clan for help!”

Cheng Jiang stood up.

Domain Jiang’s situation was very bad now, so to speak, the most dangerous one in two million eras.

One wrong step was likely to overturn everything.

“Go, go fast!”

Emperor Jiang repeatedly send envoys. If he didn’t know that the Demon King army was in collusion with Domain Wang, he even wanted to send someone to the Demon King army.

After discussing the countermeasures, Emperor Jiang dismissed the courtiers.

He went to the forbidden area of the Imperial Palace and visited Ancestors of different generations, which were thousands of them. It benefited from the Jiang family’s Treasure of Transcendence, Pingtian Mirror.

In the 18th floor Shura hell of the Jiang family, hundreds of trillions of ghost slaves were sealed.

All of them were extracted and refined from each chaotic universe.

If it wasn’t to support Ancestors and devour the ghost slaves, it would be as many as billions.

Actually, he was not in a true panic. The only thing he was afraid of was that the five emperors would attack at the same time.

No matter how strong the Jiang family was, it was hard to resist the five emperors who had the Treasure of Transcendence.

Millions of ghost slaves were the trump card of the Jiang family.

Right at this time, he thought of the blood shadow ate and sealed by the ghost kings.

With an idea in mind, he summoned the ghost kings and unsealed it. Soon, the blood shadow reappeared.

“Still want to fight?”

Emperor Jiang sneered. It couldn’t even move his fingers under the suppression of the Pingtian Mirror.

It was not projection but original body.

After some investigation, Emperor Jiang finally found out what it was. “It was a blood devil but not a complete blood devil, it was a grudge ghost but not a complete grudge ghost. Half devil and half ghost? No wonder the Bian Pearl couldn’t sealed it.”

“Good thing!”

With a smile, Emperor Jiang wiped out the consciousness of blood shadow with the Pingtian Mirror, and then injected his own consciousness into it.

After some refining, Emperor Jiang grinned.

Looking at the ghost king on one side, he showed a ferocious smile.


In the garrison station of the Demon King army.

“Has the general staff deducted who is the leader behind?”

“It has been deducted.”

North Kris said: “Domain Wang is the mastermind, the Yao Clan is the accomplice, and the Ren Clan is involved as well.”

Upon listening to it, they all laughed.

How interesting!

The Demon King army didn’t move. In fact, they had been gathering intelligence, and then do the summary. Through big data, they screened out the most likely result.

This method was very useful, even better than deduction to a certain extent.

In other words, this was the enhanced deduction.

“The thief shouted to catch the thief! These people know how to play well!”

Demon Kris smacked his tongue. After such a drama, a lord became a murderer.

“Shall we do it?”

“Do what, we do nothing!”

Yuan Kris said: “At least not now. Isn’t Domain Wang trying to pull us into the dirt? As he wishes, Domain Jiang are bound to lose. Then we just need to do this… and then do this…”

After hearing this, they all laughed unkindly.

“The Feng, Xue and Ying clans need to be guarded as well. Maybe they will come out and pick peaches. Especially the Yao Clan, they played too many roles in fueling the fire behind this matter.

“It is OK. Our intelligence ability is the best in the world. Every great domain has long been laid with chess pieces. Everything will not hide from eyes.”

Demon Kris said confidently.

At the same time, in Domain Wind.

“Imperial Ancestor, will Domain Jiang last and survive?”

Asked Wuxie.

“Fifty-percent of possibilities!”

Wuxie did not understand, “Why do you say that?”

“The Jiang family has a profound foundation. Don’t forget how the Jiang family makes the first fortune.”

Imperial Emperor said lightly. Then, he shut up and turned to play chess.

The Jiang family was a good chess piece, but unfortunately, it lost this game!

But they hadn’t lost completely. They still had cards.

Anyone who dared to look down on the people of the Jiang family would pay the price.

Wuxie pondered for a long time, and then suddenly realized, “Grandfather, I understand that the Jiang family really has the ability to turn the tables. Unless the five emperors join hands, otherwise, Domain Wang will be defeated!”


In Domain Xue, Ming Xue thought that the five emperors fighting against Jiang this time was intriguing.

“No wonder Ancestor said that this Imperial War maybe for the last time.”

Ming Xue murmured to himself, “It seems to be true. It’s time for the world to be unified.”

“Carry out my order, denounce the Jiang family!”


If the Yao people’s denouncing edict was the last straw to crush the camel, then Ming Xue dug a hole to bury the camel in the soil, fill it with earth, and finally step on a few feet.

After listening to the minister’s report, Emperor Ying couldn’t help laughing. This thing was kind of fun.

“Do you think we should issue an imperial edict to denounce Domain Jiang?”

Some said they should denounce, others said they should not.

But in general, denunciation was the mainstream.

The system of the world was very strange. During the Royal Wars and Imperial Wars, the great domains fought so fiercely that blood was shed like water. After all, the purpose of this voice was to serve politics.

The upper class didn’t care about it, but the lower class cared much about it.

It was for their own people, and also for others to see.

It was impossible to send troops, but launching a war of words or maltreating an injured person were possible to be done.

Soon, the imperial edict of Dynasty Ying for denouncing was issued.

Now the only two that hadn’t made any statements were Domain Wind and the Demon King army!

Subsequently, the Chaos World of the Other Realm appeared with strange sounds.

Some people said that the Demon King army was a force supported by the Wind clan.

It was also said that the Demon King army and Domain Wind secretly reached a cooperation agreement.

The situation was in a growing trend.

The Wind Clan was the oldest of the ten imperial clans. The Demon King army was the super power rising from the 11th Imperial War.

It had the strong strength to destroy one or two imperial clans alone.

How would the two strongest forces react when they united?

Was there anyone in the world who could stand in their way now?

“You see, there are small bugs who can’t keep quiet anymore, trying to mix pearls with fish eyes!”

“Don’t worry, only the weak ones care about it!”

The Imperial Ancestor of Wind Clan said: “You have to remember, any conspiracy is a joke in front of absolute strength!”

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