Gracia Stewart showed the map of things in her hand in front of Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon took a look and heaved a sigh of relief. It was a man, but fortunately, it was not Black Rose!!

But who is this man? Is it of Brayden Stewart?

Preventing yourself from being unable to kill Gracia Stewart?

Yes, it must be made by Brayden Stewart.

“I think it’s time for me to leave here,” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

Chuck Cannon was silent for three seconds, “Do you want to take the position of Patriarch with Brayden Stewart?”

This plan won’t work!

If she is allowed to take the position of Patriarch, with her ability and strength, based on the current terrifying strength of the Stewart, she still needs to be improved! !

Then the situation is not good.

“Chuck? You still don’t understand. From the moment I was stocked by the Stewart family, if I lived to the present, I will be the head of the Stewart family!!” Gracia Stewart changed to another person.

Chuck Cannon was silent!

That’s right, those who visit the family, only when they fancy her, will they cultivate her by stocking!

She knew this very early, and it inspired her to live to the present.

“I saw another person just now, and she saw me too, so, whose person?” Gracia Stewart looked at Chuck Cannon.

“Mine,” he said about black rose!

“You are still honest!” Gracia Stewart packed up her things and snorted.

Sure enough, the phone rang, it was Black Rose’s call, “Sorry, I was found by her.”

Chuck Cannon was shocked, but Black Rose actually apologized to him?

“It’s okay.”


The phone hung up.

“Also, tell me honestly, who are you?” Gracia Stewart said.

“You really don’t know?” Chuck Cannon was stunned. Didn’t she check it?

“I don’t know, I didn’t check your information, because it’s not easy to have someone who understands me. I don’t want to find it. Things that make me very unhappy come out. I hope you don’t have it,” Gracia Stewart said slowly, word by word!!

“Yes.” What can Chuck Cannon hide?

After she leaves here, she will definitely find out.

“Yes?” Gracia Stewart approached Chuck Cannon.

So close!

“You are wrong first,” Chuck Cannon said calmly.

“No, there is no right or wrong between families, only… win and lose! Now, I will start playing with you. I don’t know how long you can carry it?” Gracia Stewart turned and left.

“Want to leave so easily?” Chuck Cannon was flat.

What my mother meant was to let Brayden Stewart sit as the head of the Stewart family. He could be the decline of Stewart, but Gracia Stewart is different. Her ability can improve Stewart.

This difference is huge!

“It’s not easy to keep me!”

“I could stab you to death just now.”

“Before you stabbed me to death, I can strangle you to death,”

“I let you go!”

Gracia Stewart turned around, “Then I’ll let you go, how do you count?”

Chuck Cannon walked up and was silent for three seconds, “Cook a bowl of noodles first, I’m hungry,”

Gracia Stewart hummed softly, “When I am your nanny?”

Chuck Cannon followed her home, and she started to clean up, but in fact, it was just a letter to explain so that her students could rest assured.

She cooked two bowls of noodles, one bowl per person.

After eating, she lay in bed to sleep.

Chuck Cannon came out and called his mother to ask about this.

After listening to his mother, he was astonished, “So, what’s the situation with you, Chuck? See you later.”

“Well, I feel that way,”

“You” mother can’t laugh or cry, “It’s okay, you can’t kill if you can’t kill, just come back.”

“Will that affect our plan?” Chuck Cannon was mainly worried about this.

“Yes, but there are other solutions. For example, I’ll come over overnight, do you want?” Mother asked seriously.

His mother meant to let her come and kill Gracia Stewart.

His mother has also suffered a lot, so Gracia Stewart cannot be her opponent.

As long as she comes, Gracia Stewart will definitely die!!

“She seems to be sleeping,” Chuck Cannon glanced into the room.


“Then you come here,” Chuck Cannon thought very much.

“Really? Then I’m here, wait when I arrive, you will go back with me,”

“Well, mom, are you coming over overnight?”

“Yes, overnight, hung up,”

Asking on the phone, Chuck Cannon just turned his head and was startled. He kicked it out instinctively, and with a bang, he woke up just now, and Gracia Stewart who was rubbing her eyes was kicked.

She smashed into the bed, embarrassed!!

“Are you sick?” Gracia Stewart got up.

“I know who your mother is, no wonder, your foundation is so thin, you can tell her how you are now.” Gracia Stewart patted her footprints.

Chuck Cannon didn’t answer.

Because she started to pack things up, “Your mother is here, then I have to hide, I want to go back to your home, I wanted to sleep, but you asked the parents to come over, you are enough.”

Gracia Stewart went out carrying a backpack.

Of course, Chuck Cannon stopped her. Gracia Stewart glanced at Chuck Cannon, “Stopping me?”

“My mother wants to kill you, it’s useless for you to run anywhere,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Maybe, or maybe not.” Gracia Stewart calmly.

“Are you confident?” Chuck Cannon thinks that a person like her is absolutely not at a loss for confidence.

“Don’t tell me, you betrayed me, and I invited you to eat noodles went in vain,” Gracia Stewart shook her head.

“The next time I meet, you will die and I will die! No change, you have done a wrong thing, you shouldn’t have betrayed me!” Gracia Stewart said and went out.

Chuck Cannon did not stop!

When it was daybreak, he was sitting at the door, and his mother and Black Rose came over. His mother looked at this house with a strange expression, “This girl is a bit special and decisive. It is not a fluke to live until now. It is a real deal. Strength……”

“Mom, let’s go back.” Chuck Cannon stayed up all night and left Gracia Stewart last night. It should be okay. After all, there is a bomb in her hand, but she can live till now. It is definitely not that simple to die.

“Well, I missed one thing. This girl has different abilities. Fortunately, Chuck, you didn’t use a bomb last night, otherwise, the problem could have been very big!” said Karen Lee.

She can see Gracia Stewart’s character from the situation in this house!


It is not known who is really going to die. Karen Lee felt that Chuck Cannon might die first.

“En,” Chuck Cannon was absent-minded. There was no life or death this time. He originally came here to kill, but unexpectedly, he encountered a person who met him late.

Chuck Cannon, Karen Lee, and Black Rose left here and returned to the United States. Chuck Cannon called Brayden Stewart.

“Chuck Cannon, did you kill Gracia Stewart? My people can’t get in touch,” he really ordered.

Just in case!

Gracia Stewart he wants to go, he must die!


“Huh, no, do you know what it means that she is still alive?” Brayden Stewart was furious.

“I will immediately help you seize the position of Patriarch, so prepare for it.” Chuck Cannon hung up the phone.

“Where is Gracia Stewart? Have you arrived at your home?”, screamed Brayden Stewart but the phone was already disconnected.

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