Chapter 697 – 698: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 697: All Out War

Wuxie nodded, these rumors must be spread by the Xue family and the Ying family. Upon receiving this message, the Demon King army also ignored it.

Someone wanted the two families to fight against each other.

The rumor began in Domain Jiang, then Domain Wang, Domain Ren…Domain Xue, Domain Ying…

None of these people was easy to deal with.

The Jiang family’s idea was simple. They wanted to shift people’s attention with another big news, especially the Demon King army. They couldn’t let it focus on themselves.

Find some troubles so as to relieve some pressure.

What the Jiang family didn’t expect was that the Demon King army had nothing to do with Domain Wang.

Therefore, the scheme was doomed to failure.

Domain Wang’s idea was also simple: pushing the boat with the current to make a little trouble for the Demon King army. Clan Wind was the imperial clan with the deepest foundation. No one knew what their foundation was, and no one knew how many powerful persons Clan Wind had.

Domain Wang would win this battle!

He needed time to occupy the territory and digest the harvest.

Domain Ren, Domain Xue, and Domain Ying just added fuel to the fire and make it more prosperous.


On the border of Domain Jiang, millions of troops were stationed. The Grand Marshal Zhenglie Jiang was launching a fierce attack on Domain Wang with an army of 30 trillion.

At present, the situation in Domain Jiang was very bad, and the other four emperors were also in turmoil on the other borders of Domain Jiang.

He must solve the battle on this side as soon as possible. No matter how hard it was, he must suppress Domain Wang and send troops to relieve the pressure on other sides.

Doman Jiang’s total military forces had reached 150 trillion, and the number of elite soldiers recruited from various sides was also about 50 trillion.

Two trillion dollars had been collected.

In particular, there were a lot of voices in Domain Jiang. Negative statements were scattered, so that the morale of the army was unstable.

Even his side had been affected.

He even heard that some of the soldiers’ relatives deliver letters to let them surreptitiously surrender.

Foreign and domestic troubles would make the giant ship of Jiang family possibly overturn at any time.

“Bombard it!”

Zhenglie rode on a mythical tiger, pulled out a long knife from his waist and bombarded millions of warships.

Domain Wang had a weak foundation. Although there were many warships, they were all small and medium-sized warships with relatively small strength.

After hundreds of rounds of bombardment, the cannons were almost finished. The other side was also bombarded with half of the warships.


Then there was the tough part of the work, “Whoever kill the enemy’s assistant general, he will be rewarded with 10,000 Original Sources and promoted to a higher official level; kill the enemy’s general, reward 100,000 Original Sources and promote two official levels; kill the enemy’s deputy commander, reward 1000,000 Original Sources and promote three official levels.”

During the wartime, reward was always the best encouragement.

Hearing this, all the soldiers in Domain Jiang went crazy.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Small square arrays of ten thousand people dedicated to it one by one.


The long spear in the hands stabbed out and pulled back, blood gushing out and rolling around.

And vice versa.

The same-level soldiers fought against each other. Achievement Methods bombarded.

The battlefield was pulled up to the air.

“Yan Wang, today either you or I will die!”

“God-Killing Knife!”

Zhenglie waved a long knife. The extremely-terrifying knife cut out.

Even Yan did not dare to face it!

Besides, he would not face it either.

As long as dragging it, Domain Jiang would be defeated naturally.

The longer the five emperors fought against Jiang, the greater the pressure on Jiang.

No matter how angry Zhenglie was, Yan didn’t confront him head-on.

“Yan Wang, you coward, fight me head on. Come on!”

The more furious Zhenglie was, the calmer Yan was. He knew that Zhenglie wanted to provoke him.

“The more you scold, the more that means you are incompetent.”

With a scornful smile, Yan used the shield in hand to block the attack.

The morale of Jiang’s soldiers was soaring, but Domain Wang’s soldiers didn’t give them a chance for confrontation.

The endless retreat made them patientless.

One by one, they saved enough energy trying to kill enemies, but they found that in addition to killing a lot of people in the first round of fighting, killing people in the later stage was as difficult as to climb up to the sky.

More and more, the morale went down.

In the battlefield, morale decided everything.

“Call it quits!”

Yan shouted an order.

The loud and clear bugle sounded, and Domain Wang’s soldiers retreated like a tide.

The fierce cannons were sweeping all over the battlefield.

“Fight next time.”

Urging the horse under his crotch, Yan left the battlefield quickly, leaving the furious Zhenglie behind.

Zhenglie was not a fool. He vaguely understood Yan’s plan.

“It’s really vicious!”


It was unrealistic to rush into the boundaries, and it was not time to launch a full-scale charge.

Now the case could only allow a daring bet. Committing suicide by 1000 and losing by 800 was still a failure.

Once the main force had problems, the other four sides would collapse.

And the Demon King army was watching covetously on the side.

This kind of feeling was suppressing to the extreme.

After drawing up the troops, Zhenglie sat in the camp, and the generals and soldiers below were silent.

But the atmosphere was tense.

“Grand Marshal, we can’t drag on like this any longer.”

A general came forward, “Please let me fight to the death!”

After breaking the silence, more and more generals came forward one after another, “Grand Marshal, please send troops to fight to the death.”

Zhenglie didn’t speak. At the moment, there was not much road ahead of him.

Either win the war to establish victory and then turn back to rescue and support.

Either leave half to guard and then send half to support the others.

If it was just defense, they should be able to hold on for a long time.

But would Domain Wang give the chance?

As soon as he left, the army would pour out in full strength. In due time, the rear area would be on fire, which would make him the sinner of the Jiang family and the sinner of Domain Jiang!

After thinking about it, Zhenglie decided to slow down a little bit. The Emperor would certainly find a way.

If it didn’t work, Zhenglie would launch a general attack to defeat Domain Wang’s main force and then to support.

“Get up first. I wrote a memorial to the Emperor. If Domain Jiang has no reinforcements in a month, we will launch a final attack.”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!”


Meanwhile, the envoys sent by Emperor Huang came back. Every one of them was dejected and despondent, fearful and nervous.

Clan Wind, Clan Xue and Clan Ying all refused to form alliances and sent troops.

In the world, only the Demon King army hadn’t made a statement yet, but everyone knew that the Demon King army couldn’t be on Domain Jiang’s side.

Now, everyone wanted to step on Domain Jiang and speed up the process of Imperial War.

After receiving the news, Emperor Jiang didn’t utter a single word, or he didn’t take that to heart at all.

The first level of the 18th Shura hell had been gobbled up by him.

That blood grudge separation’s strength also broke through to Half Step Transcendence, super powerful.

“This time, I will give you a big surprise!”

Emperor Jiang sneered.

A few days later, Zhenglie received the reply. The content of the letter was very simple, “Assemble and attack!”

Putting down the letter, Zhenglie made a decision, “Pass down my order, the whole army get ready to launch the final attack!”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The war drum was knocked regularly.

Everyone knew what that meant.

“Hurry up, Grand Marshal is going to launch the final attack!”

“Brothers, the decisive battle is today. Follow me!”

Hundreds of trillions of soldiers had assembled.

“All the soldiers!”


Up to the deputy commander, down to the pawns, everyone shouted.

Zhenglie scanned the crowd, “Today, we must break the enemy, or we swear not to return to the country.”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Everyone cried in unison.

“You all know the rules. Fight for your own lordship and fortunes, it’s today, let’s charge!”

“Dong Dong Dong! Dong Dong Dong!”

The war drum was sounding. Zhenglie personally beat the drum. Hundreds of millions of warships came out.

With a large number of troops and a large number of generals, the morale was in full swing. Every one of them held a venging breath.

At this point, Yan was also startled by the amazing sound of the drum.

Lord Chi came forward in a hurry, “Grand Marshal, the whole army of Jiang is out!”


Yan’s face changed. He didn’t expect that the other side was so abrupt. There was no sign at all.

This was to hit him by surprise.

Fortunately, he made preparations in advance, “Pass my military order, the troops assemble quickly!”


With Yan’s military order, the war drums sounded and Domain Wang’s soldiers assembled rapidly.

“Today, we will fight to the death with the ruthless Jiang army!”

“Brothers, kill with me!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The loud cry of killing was shaking the sky.

There was a fire in everyone’s heart. The first round ended up in a minor defeat, and the second round was not properly finished.

This time, they could make the final attack. They believed that the final victory must belong to them!


Soon, the two armies were at war.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The two sides began to bombard each other. Under the cover of artillery fire, the deputy general led soldiers sink into the battlefield below.

Soon, the battlefield below became a meat grinder!

On the other hand, the battlefield above fought ferociously as well. General, Deputy Commander and Commander in chief all fought personally.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Zhenglie and Yan were fighting inseparably.

Both of them were masterminds in the Later Period of Normalization Stage.

Zhenglie had fought to show his ghost face and tusks, which was his Shura body, and his combat effectiveness had improved a lot.

Yan also felt great pressure.

The strength of Zhenglie was really strong.

He had to take out the Projection of the Treasure of Transcendence. Domain Wang was just a human race and had no legend Orthodoxy, so the foundation of Domain Wang was very weak.

However, Domain Wang’s Treasure of Transcendence was still very strong. Although it was only a rudiment, it was much better than the ordinary Spirit Weapon to be used to fight.

It was a big golden knife.

It was said that it was called Chopping Tao!

Chopping Tao, a domineering name, even could cut off the Great Tao.

As for the Pingtian Mirror, it was needless to say.

The biggest ability of the Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence was to absorb the spirit of resentment and transform it into the Shura ghost slave.

Moreover, it also could reflect a certain degree of attack.


The extremely powerful chopper cut it from Yan’s hand.


The Pingtian Mirror projection easily rebounded the Chopping Tao.

“This is the Treasure of Transcendence of your Domain Wang? Not so impressive!”

Zhenglie disdainfully turned his mouth. Without the Ancestor ascending to the upper world, the Treasure of Transcendence was not that strong.

Yan was silent, just constantly attacking.

“You talk too much.”

Yan gathered five million Great Taos, and now displayed the strong power to the extreme.

The Sturdy Energy cut through the sky, the starry sky was broken, and even the space had a tiny crack!

Zhenglie held the Flat Sky Mirror, and directly rebounded his attack to the battlefield below.


This attack directly killed or indirectly injured tens of millions of soldiers of Domain Wang.


Yan was angry.

“What is mean? It’s called treating others with their own way!”

Zhenglie snorted. Holding the Pingtian Mirror, he was already in an invincible position. Unless he could release an attack beyond the Pingtian Mirror and destroy the Pingtian Mirror by force.

However, he should not have this kind of strength, whether it was himself or the so-called Treasure of Transcendence Projection in his hands!

“So many grudging ghosts!”

The Pingtian Mirror in Zhenglie’s hand bloomed out ten thousand divine splendors. The dead grudging spirits were continuously absorbed by the Pingtian Mirror as if they were guided.

In the blink of an eye, a million was absorbed.

Through the transformation of the Pingtian Mirror, Zhenglie soon was surrounded by more millions of Asura ghost slaves.

“Come on, tear him up!”

Chapter 698: Failure of Jiang Army

The ferocious Asura ghost slaves turbulently stormed away.

Without saying a word, Yan Wang drew out his knife to kill them one by one!

If it went on like this, he would lose.

He originally thought that Domain Jiang didn’t dare act rashly and blindly. Even if the war started, it would only be a small-scale battle, and impossibly a large-scale war on the whole line.

But he did not expect that Zhenglie Jiang should be so bold.

In the middle war zone, the warships of both sides were bombing each other.

After hundreds of rounds of bombardment, the Jiang army had gradually gained the upper hand.

The war zone below was still in sticky fighting, hard to decide who was winning.

The Jiang army’s fighting capacity and combat effectiveness were very brave, but the Wang army was more fearless of life and death.

When their feet broke, they used their hands. When their feet and hands both broke, they used their mouths!

Even if they were going to die, they would bite off a piece of bloody flesh from the enemy.

However, nobody noticed that a virtual shadow shuttled through the war zone.

“What a wonderful taste! It’s the feeling of strength soaring.”

“Kill! The more you kill, the better. The more they die, the better!”

The virtual shadow shuttled through the crowd, even quietly helping Domain Wang’s soldiers.

In this way, it would not be infected with too much blood killing spirits, which would affect the spirit separation.

After this battle, Lin Wang felt that the strength of the spirit separation should be infinitely close to Transcendence.

Transcendence was too difficult. Once it was crossed, it was a whole new world.

He would break away from the barriers of this world and go to a new world.

Half a day after the battle, everyone was tired, and the warship’s stockpiled cannons were exhausted in bombardment after bombardment.

“Zhenglie Jiang, admit defeat, your men have lost!”


Zhenglie cursed, but his eyes were a little anxious. The Jiang army in the war zone below had gradually shown a failing trend.

How was that possible?

The soldiers of the other side were inferior to them in both overall strength and equipment. Why did they fight to this end?

Wasn’t there an overwhelming situation in the beginning?

At this moment, Zhenglie thought of a possibility.

Could it be that?

He quickly dispelled this terrible idea, impossible, he had done a comprehensive check in the barracks. There could be no spies.

In addition, he put in secret agent in the barracks. Once something went wrong, they would immediately spot the enemy spies.

In an army with million trillion of soldiers, two or three trillion died in the blink of an eye. What a huge casualty! Even if it won, it was a miserable victory!

“Grand Marshal, Grand Marshal, urgent report!”

A messenger came from a distance in a panic, looking flustered.

“What’s the matter?”

“This is an urgent report from the palace!”

Zhenglie’s face changed greatly after he took the handwritten letter and glanced it in a hurry.

If it wasn’t for the smell of Governance Stage in the handwritten letter, he would think that the messenger was fake.

Four sides failed, Emperor Huang asked him to hurry back to defend Imperial Star as soon as possible!

It was fine a few days ago, how come all of a sudden there were failures!

Zhenglie clenched his teeth. Yan Wang on the side, who was also aware of something happening, rushed over with the chopping knife.

“Grand Marshal, has something happened to Domain Jiang?”

Zhenglie didn’t say anything, but beat Yan away with one blow. Then he gave orders to withdraw troops!

“Dong Dong! Dong Dong! Dong Dong!”

Sending troops was three in a row, and withdrawing troops was two in a row.

Hearing this sound, the Jiang army, who had already presented a failing trend, left like the tide recedes.

The Wang army, who had killed like monsters, followed up closely with hot pursuit.

“Get out of here!”

The Pingguang Mirror linked to the eighteen layers of Shura hell. Hundreds of Asura ghost kings led hundreds of millions of ghost slaves to rush towards Domain Wang’s soldiers.

He wanted to save the soldiers as much as he could now.

“Yan Wang, I’ll leave you dog live today. In future, I will cut off your dog head.”

As saying, he flew away from the battlefield above and protected the retreating soldiers behind.

“Go, go, go, speed up!”

Vice marshals and generals all gathered around, “Grand Marshal, what happened?”

“Imperial Star has some disturbances. Now back for defense. Gather up the soldiers and go back in full speed.”

“What shall we do with the materials in the base camp?”

“Take as many as you can.”

Zhenglie was so anxious that he didn’t know what the situation of Imperial Star was now.


Domain Wang blew the horn, not to attack, but to withdraw.

Yan Wang knew that a beast forced to the corner was the most terrible.

Something tremendous must happen in Domain Jiang, otherwise Zhenglie would not pull out in such a hasty and flustered manner.

The chopping knife was waved to kill all the Asura ghost kings and ghost slaves.

“Grand Marshal, why don’t you take advantage of the upper hand to pursue them and kill them all?”

“Something happened to Domain Jiang. The real final attack is about to begin. Write to the emperor quickly, assemble the soldiers and take the armaments!”

The deputy commander heard this and his face brightened with joy, “Yes!”

Was the war against the emperor about to begin?

Zhenglie took the defeated soldiers back to the base camp. They took away the materials from the base camp, and then headed for Imperial Star without one minute hesitation.

“Grand Marshal, the Jiang army had all evacuated, and they were evacuated in a panic. There are still a lot of materials and supplies in the base camp that have not been removed.”

Lord Chi came forward to report.

“Pass it to the whole army quickly. Take away all the things that the Jiang army didn’t take. Start up the warships and let’s chase them!”


All the generals and soldiers in Domain Wang didn’t expect that this battle was so easy to win, which was unbelievable.

No one knew that a virtual shadow was watching on the side.

Lin Wang smiled. The final attack was about to start. It was time for the original soul to show up.

On this day, Lin Wang handed over the Reverse Luck Bead reserved full with spirits to Imperial Soul. Imperial Soul said, “Not bad, this time, the reserved spirits are full, but…compared with Treasure of Transcendence, it’s still a long way off!”

There was a faint dissatisfaction in his tone.

Lin Wang said quickly, “Imperial Soul, please don’t worry. The emperor-destroying war is about to begin. With the treasure you have bestowed to me, I’m sure that we will win!”

“Great, I’ll wait for your good news!”

Imperial Emperor’s laughter was ugly. Lin Wang nodded and turned to leave.

Coming from the inside, Lin Wang made a decree to take away the main force of Domain Wang, who were all royal children.

“Guard our home and wait for me to come back in triumph.”

“Emperor will win!”

Ministers were kneeling on the ground. If Emperor Jiang could be killed in this battle, the strength of Domain Wang would be greatly promoted.

Even Lin Wang may get a ticket to the Upper World!

By then, Clan Wang would be the real imperial clan.

Everyone’s heart was full of fire.


In the Demon King Army station!

“Oh, Domain Jiang can’t hold on so soon?”

Yuan Kris laughed: “It was time for us to go and see a good play.”

“Just the few of us?” asked Demon Kris.

“Oh, take 30,000 soldiers.”

Yuan Kris thought for a moment, “Except for the Treasure of Transcendence, I’m not interested in anything else. No matter how big the territory is, it is useless. 350,000 great domains are the limit of our defense.”

One third of the great domains had been taken by them. What else did they want?

“Brother, I’m going too!”

Chen Ye stepped forward.

“And me too, uncle.”

Nan Chen and Wuji Mo also stepped forward.

“And us!”

Xiu Chen, Mu Chen, Cheng Chen, Buhui Chen, Kun Chen…

“All right, all of you can go.”

Yuan Kris nodded.

Up to now, no one knew that Yuan Kris, Demon Kris and others were separations of Kris Yang.

They all thought that they belonged to the Yang family.

It was not that Kris Chen didn’t explain, it was that he was too lazy to explain.

Anyway, the art of myriads of changes had fundamentally changed their breaths.

That was fine.

Knowing that these people were all the separations of Kris Chen, they would feel embarrassed!

After all, it was hard to imagine that a person had so many separations.

Their appearances had gradually changed over the years.

The group of people followed the channel opened up by the Demon King army and quietly sneaked into Domain Jiang.

At this time, the whole Domain Jiang was being eaten away step by step.

Domain Yao, who originally sent only one trillion troops, also increased the number of troops by 20 trillion.

Now was the time to eat meat, who would like soup?

Three days later, Zhenglie Jiang returned to Imperial Star with tens of billions of soldiers, plus temporary arrangement, he managed to scrape up 100 trillion.

Even worse than Domain Ji.

After all, Domain Ji was not besieged by the five forces.

The Legion of the Five Dynasties, which was quite distinct from each other, surrounded the tremendous Imperial Star tightly.

Hundreds of billions of cannon muzzles were aimed at Imperial Star.

It was no exaggeration to say that as soon as three rounds of cannons were fired together, Imperial Star could be beaten to the ground.

The huge shield enveloped Imperial Star.

Zhenglie took the Jiang family’s members at the forefront. The second team was Ancestors of practicing Taoist magic art alone of the 18th floor Shura hell.

There were thousands of Normalization Ancestors, and the weakest one was Middle Period. What a profound foundation it was.

The third team was 10 billion soldiers.

The fourth step was tens of billions of Asura ghost slaves!

From this point of view, the combined strength of the five forces was only over 200 trillion, which did not have any advantage!

Was this the true foundation of the Jiang family?

After many people saw it, they couldn’t help taking a cold breath.

The time when the Jiang family became an emperor clan was a million eras later than the Ji family, but its foundation was deeper than the Ji family.

Everyone knew that this battle was dangerous. If they didn’t win, the Jiang family would certainly launch a fierce retaliation.

They’d come to this point and couldn’t go back! There was no way to retreat!

Domain Xuanyuan sent 35 trillion troops, Domain Ren 35 trillion troops, Domain Yao 21 million troops, Domain Zhang 40 trillion troops, which was the most!

Plus 120 trillion of Domain Wang, it was 251 trillion in total.

“Don’t be nervous. Those Asura ghost slaves look fierce, but in fact, their combat effectiveness is not as strong as ours, and their combat means are single!”

Yan Wang said.

At this time, a commotion came from aside, and Lin Wang, wearing a black nine-dragon suit, appeared in front of Yan Wang.

“See your majesty!”

Yan Wang got down on his knees in a hurry!

Seeing Yan Wang kneeling down, others also knelt down one after another, “See your majesty!”

“Get up!”

Lin Wang said lightly.

This time the main force was Domain Wang, so he must come. Among the five forces fighting against Jiang, in fact, he was the only emperor who came here.

Of course, it didn’t rule out that they had done it secretly in the dark.

But Lin Wang was fully prepared. He didn’t need anyone to do it!

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Yan Wang got up and felt both respect and fear for his younger brother!

That was right, Lin Wang was Yan Wang’s younger brother.

Yan Wang had taken care of Lin Wang when he was a piece of waste.

But he never thought that Lin Wang would be the one to revitalize the royal family.

He even wondered for a time whether Lin Wang was the man of Transcendence in the Imperial War.

Besides, this idea had become more and more frequent as time went on.

If they could successfully kill Emperor Jiang this time, Lin Wang must be a man of Transcendence, and Clan Wang would become a real imperial clan.

It would sweep everything.

“Why hasn’t the attack begun yet?”

Lin Wang asked.


“What do you mean by “soon”?”

Wang Lin frowned, “They dare not fire the first shot, let us fire the first shot then!”

They were already here, what were they afraid of!

“Send the order, fire! Tear off the shield.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Yan Wang stood up straight and immediately pass down the order, “Your Majesty orders to fire!”


The order went down the levels, stretching thousands of miles.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Almost at the same time, Domain Wang’s warships sprayed flames, and the powerful cannonballs tore up the sky. The bombing started.

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